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A Perfect Universe


My name is Rakhor and although I have the appearance of a tall, good-looking black man in his early twenties, I am actually much more than that. I am the God of Balance, Justice and Travels. A Trickster who acts as a force of balance on a cosmic scale. When I look at the world these days, I find myself disgusted. Seriously. Women are getting out of control and men are doing nothing to stop them. Women are the fastest-growing group among prison populations. I've got mixed feelings about that.

On one hand, it's good to see female criminals getting jail time like they deserve. On the other hand, why are they going crazy? It's because men do nothing to rein them in. Four decades of radical feminism and political correctness have weakened men. And women, since deep down they're all manipulative, wicked and evil, have taken advantage of that. Well, no more. This ends now. I will not permit such wickedness to go unpunished in the universe which I call my own.

I have seized control of magic and set about reshaping the universe the way it ought to be. even though I am a God, I faced much opposition. The other gods and goddesses from the Pantheons of a myriad religions fought against me. I found a Doomsday Weapon at the Dawn of Creation and used it to destroy all the other gods and goddesses. I am now the only Pagan deity in the cosmos. I set about transforming the universe. I altered history. Watch what happens. I descended upon the planet Earth and found things exactly how I knew they should be. Men are once more the masters of the universe. Women have been put in their place. The entire world is ruled by a group of two thousand of the world's smartest men. The planet Earth has become Paradise.

The wickedness of women has been brought to an end. You see, after extensive research, scientists have discovered that women are genetically inferior to men. By average, women's IQ scores were lower than those of men. Men are smarter than women and also, men are stronger than women. Women compensated for their lack of IQ and strength by creating a sense of false mysticism around themselves. They created a virtual mythology and fed it to men for thousands upon thousands of years. Women had a plan for world domination.

It worked perfectly. In the twentieth century, women declared themselves not men's equals but men's superiors. They took control of the colleges and universities of the world as well as the advertising industry. They created commercials depicting men as useless dimwits and thus waged psychological warfare against men. Also, they instilled anti-male bias in the justice system and turned the law against men. Women almost always got away with murder when they were brought to justice. They made up excuses, citing this syndrome or that one. Also, they fooled juries, with the help of the female members of the jury. It was a scheme and the women were all in on it. The men were duped. Women actually showed their daughters more love than they did their sons. They sided with their fellow women against innocent men.

It was gender warfare at its worst. Women never wanted equality. They always wanted special treatment. They never believed in working hard to achieve anything. They only achieved power and status through manipulation, deceit and whoring, all under the sacred banner of progress and political correctness. The innocent men of the world were duped. The women they thought loved them eagerly betrayed them.

Women made false allegations of rape to get innocent men in trouble. Women made false accusations of sexual harassment to cause smart men to lose their jobs. Women were quite adept at manipulating the system. They've compensated for their lack of real smarts with dirty tricks, schemes and treachery. And men, like the good- natured dupes that they are, simply never saw it coming. Well, no more. I changed all that. I taught the men of the world the truth. Many of them didn't believe me. Most of them thought the women in their lives loved them. I showed them women's lies. How many men have died protecting the women they loved? Too many to count. Just look at what happened on the Titanic. How many women have died protecting the men they loved? Zero. Not since the dawn of creation has a single woman put herself at risk to save the life of a man she cared about. Do you ever wonder why that is? It's simple, really.

Have you ever noticed that women seldom feel remorse for anything they do? That's because they cannot feel remorse. They don't have a conscience. Science calls people without conscience sociopaths. Well, guess what? Every woman you have ever met has been a sociopath. I'm sorry if this shocks you. I hate to burst your bubble. They're all like that. I wish things were otherwise. But take a look around you. In every commercial on television, women are making fun of men. Women actually brag about abusing the men in their lives, bilking them for their money and then discard them like disposable goods. Yes, that is how women view men. They view men with the same contempt humans view cockroaches. Being a man-hater in the modern world is a fast way for a woman to make money and achieve power. Men's tax dollars actually pay for anti-male and pro-feminist campaigns and men don't seem to realize it or care. Yes, those are the hard truths of the world in which men lived, until I came along.

Well, no more. Today, there are no more wars. The world is in the hands of its rightful rulers. And like I said before, women have been put back into their place. Are they slaves? Of course not. They enjoy all of the same rights that men have. However, the law no longer unjustly favors them. That means that a police officer showing up at a household knows that while men can be violent toward their spouses, there are lots of violent women out there who abuse their male lovers. There is no more gender-based favoritism. The system is no longer unfairly tilted toward women. Men get to choose whether or not they become fathers.

When a woman gets herself pregnant out of wedlock, she and she alone is responsible for the financial well-being of the offspring. When married couples divorce, joint custody is the law. The offspring spends half the year with the father and half the year with the mother. Any woman who interferes in these custody matters or tries to manipulate the system against the innocent man will meet a swift reprimand, as would any man who did the same. There are mandatory sentences for both male and female criminals. Any judge who gives a female offender less jail time than he or she would give a male offender for the same offense will be stripped of his or her judgeship. All offspring born to society are considered true human beings the moment they are conceived and abortions are forbidden unless it has been established that the life of the mother is threatened. Men and women worldwide enjoy the same rights. Public colleges and universities must admit an equal number of male and female pupils, otherwise they will face reprimand from the state. Any college with a surplus of pupils of either gender shall forsake them or lose its accreditation. Female teachers who have relations with those under their tutelage will face prison time, as would male teachers who did the same. Those who make false accusations against innocent people, be they male or female, will be incarcerated. Such is the law in the universe which I rule.

What do you think of the world which I have created? A world where men's health issues receive funding equal to women's health issues. A realm where an equal number of men and women attend college. A world where male and female offenders receive the exact same punishment for the same crimes. A world where gays and lesbians along with their families enjoy the same rights and protections as heterosexuals. A world where Blacks, Asians, Latinos and Middle-Easterners enjoy the same rights as Caucasians. A world where true justice and equality are absolutely established. A perfect world. It's under my dominion, and shall remain so until such time as I see fit to destroy it.

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