tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Physical Encounter

A Physical Encounter


"Can you turn that off please," Megan said. "I'm trying to study here."

For about the billionth time the freshman coed wondered what sort of dorm mate matching algorithm State was using. After all, any one with half a brain could write a script that would avoid putting a social work major in with a computer science major. A few choice question...like "Do you prefer Jersey Shore or Myth Busters" would work in a pinch.

Jersey Shore? Who could compile a C++ with that nonsense blaring in the background? Worse, who could keep their sanity and IQ watching kids that were so obviously stupid?

"No - it's just getting good," Samantha said, turning the volume up even louder.

"Very funny," Megan said. "Now turn it down please."

"I can't hear you," Samantha yelled. "What was that?"

"Turn it down." Part of her wanted to laugh, but part of her was equally furious.

"Keep it down over there," Samantha yelled. "I can't hear the TV."

"I said turn it down," Somehow, and Megan wasn't quite sure how, for she'd never done anything like it before. Nevertheless, she found herself out of her seat and next to her dorm mate, futilely attempting to tug the remote from the girl's firm grasp.

Megan was a slight bookish girl, very slim, and pale. The only sport she ever tried was cross country track, but that was only to pad her college application. However, when the tugging match had given way to a wrestling match, she considered that her education in the physical arts was sorely lacking.

Because wrestling with Samantha was like trying to wrestle a spider. It seemed as if a hand or leg was everywhere Megan wanted to move. Her humiliation was made worse because her roommate just laughed at her efforts to take the remote and continued laughing when she gave up and settled for simply getting loose.

"I haven't had this much fun since I left home," Samantha laughed. "Me and my younger brothers would watch UFC and then try out moves on each other."

And then it felt as if someone were trying to wrench her arm out of its socket. Megan had never known such a thing was even possible. "Ouch..Ouch..." and then the words came out that are lodged in the back of every head, even those that have never had the reason to use them.

"I give. I give."

Laughing, Samantha said, "I used to make my brothers cry auntie to rub it in that they'd been beaten by a girl."

It felt like her joint was about to pop loose. Megan didn't even have time to think.


"That was called an arm bar," Samantha said, as she freed her roommate. "Once you are caught in it, there really isn't a way to get out, other than to submit."

She picked up the remote, examined it briefly, then tossed it to the bed. "You knocked the batteries loose. Find them and put them back."

That wasn't very nice. Not when Megan's shoulder hurt so bad, she wondered if she'd suffered some permanent harm. But, she supposed she did cause the batteries to fall out. Swallowing a bit of indignation, she commenced the hunt for the two AAA batteries, found them and put them back in the remote. Finally, she could get back to her assignment, this had wasted far too much of her valuable time.

"And make up my bed," Samantha said. "All that wrestling messed it up."

That was taking things entirely too far. First of all, Megan was the victim of the wrestling match, not the instigator. And most importantly, the bed had been a mess for the better part of a week.

"I'm not your maid," Megan said, and strode back to her desk.

Only she never made it. She'd only taken two steps before Samantha was on her, striking like a cobra.

Samantha had been waiting for an excuse. She resumed wrestling with her dorm-mate. She'd wrestled her brothers many times. She was older, but they were boys and were physically superior, and yet Samantha was smarter and a bit more ruthless. It was fun. It was a challenge, and Samantha won more than she lost.

On the other hand, this wasn't a challenge for Samantha. It was a foregone conclusion. Not only was Megan a weakling, the girl had no idea of how to fight back at all. Wrestling the little nerd shouldn't be fun. It should be boring.

But it was anything but boring. It was...


Samantha' nipples had hardened to bullets. Her loins were all warm and fuzzy.

In truth, it had been a little exciting wrestling her brothers when she could feel the occasional press of an erection, knowing how much it embarrassed them. A little tingly feeling whenever she made the cry auntie.

But this, oh yes, this was ten times better than that. Samantha wrestled her roommate. Pressing her sex on the girl. Working her over.

"Auntie," Megan panted breathlessly. She was so tired, it was impossible to fight back. She felt like she couldn't breathe.

"You can't just submit. I don't even have you in a hold yet." Samantha said as she grabbed a leg, putting her legs around the girl, taking the ankle and giving a twist. Just so.

"Auntie!" Megan squeaked.

"That's called an ankle lock," Samantha lectured as she let off the pressure, but didn't let go. "Are you gonna make my bed now?"

"Yes..." Megan whined.

Samantha put a bit of pressure on the girl's ankle once more. "And clean the floor and put away my clothes."

"Ummph...okay." Megan panted.

"This is fun," Samantha exclaimed, as she grabbed the girl again. "I wonder what else I can make you do."

"I said I'd clean the floor!" Megan protested to no avail.

The wrestling continued. It was a very one-sided affair. Poor Megan was exhausted, but she made a valiant effort to escape her roommate's clutches, though she'd long given up on out-wrestling the girl.

"You are so puny," Samantha continued with her commentary while she tried one move and then another. Not even bothering with submissions, just trying to see what sort of position she could put her roommate in. The Boston Crab. Her loins blossomed with heat when she looked down at Megan's posterior. Her nightshirt had ridden up, and the position had caused her panties to bind into the crack of her bottom. Samantha could even see a bit of the girl's puckered hole due the wedgie she'd been given.

Poor Megan could feel the cool breeze on her bottom, but there was nothing she could do about it, but try to keep her back straight. There was even less she could do about it when her pony tail was pulled back. Her back arched and she was forced even further back on her haunches. If she wasn't in so much pain, the humiliation of her position would have been much even keener - though it was already positively mortifying.

"Auntie," Meagan panted. "Auntie-auntie-auntie."

"You're not even trying," Samantha said. "I'm beginning to wonder if you like being manhandled."

"I don't." Megan whined. "What..what are you doing?"

What was Samantha doing? Megan tried to roll over, but Samantha was planted on the arch of her back. In her weakened condition, there was no way that Megan could shrug the girl off. And the worst? The worst? Poor Megan could feel fingers grasp the band of her panties and they were pulling them down.

"Stop that," Megan plead. By now, the panties were long since out of her reach. all she could do was to try to open her legs to keep them from being totally removed.

Such feeble efforts were not going to deter the stronger girl. Not for a moment. Samantha shifted her weight to Megan's thighs, and then abruptly stripped the girl of her panties.

"Give those back," Megan said. And then in a trembling voice she added. "I mean it."

"Now, are you going to at least give a little bit of effort?" Samantha asked. Her nostrils flared. God she was hot. And staring at the smooth moons of her roommate's bottom, was making her even hotter. "Are should I take off something else?"

"I'll keep going!" Megan exclaimed. Oh she'd put in just as much effort as she could possibly put in. For there was something extremely embarrassing she wanted very much to hide from Samantha. But soon she had other things to think about.

Smack. Smack. Shit that stung. The nerve of her roommate. To steal her panties and then to spank her! Oh she was going to make the girl pay...some way. Some how.

Smack. Smack.

But first Megan had to get loose.

"Show me what you got." Samantha said, and then delivered four more spanks. She could see her hand prints outlined in red on her roommate's ivory flesh. Fuck she was hot. "Come on. Wrestle me. Weakling."

"Arghhh!" Megan cried in defiance, her anger driving away her exaustion. She wailed around like a trapped raccoon. She kicked. She pulled hair. She scratched. She squirmed. She struggled.

Yet she still lost. Not just the wrestling match, but her nightshirt as well. She was naked. Her face was red from exertion and from being pressed so hard against the tile floor. She'd only come close to escaping Samantha's grasp twice. But each struggle seemed to expose more of her body and tire her out even more now that the burst of adrenalin had vanished.

"Come on Megan, move. Don't just lay there." Samantha urged the prostrate girl, delivering a few more spanks. The spanks she delivered had ceased being hard. But they were quite varied. She took careful aim, making sure to turn ever centimeter of Megan's formerly perfect ivory skin to a deep shad of red. Equally as important, Samantha had her mons pressed up tight against the swell of her roommate's bottom, so that every struggle was transmitted directly to her hot sex. She prayed her Megan couldn't smell her musk. The scent was very strong.

Poor Megan had long since given up on her roommate discovering the state of her very wet sex. She was dripping. She could feel the air cooling her. She'd never been wrestled and spanked. She'd struggled one final time, once again trying to throw Samantha off. At least that's what she told herself.

However, her struggles didn't budge Samantha. He struggles only caused her thighs to spread, so that her hot sex now slid against the cold floor. God. She was leaving a track like a slug. It felt...God if felt divine. She'd never live this down.

"Ugh." With a grunt, Megan's hips pumped. God, she couldn't believe she was doing this.

"God Megan," Samantha said. "You are soaked."

Megan's cheeks burned with humiliation. Her secret shame had been discovered. Worse...oh dear God. Megan could feel a finger probing her wet sex. She had no secrets left after such an examination.

"Do you like being spanked?" Samantha teased. "Is that it Megan? Does being spanked turn you on?"

"No," Megan lied. She didn't have the will to attempt to move the probing fingers. They felt too good. Far too good.

"I think you do," Samantha said. "Your pussy sure does, doesn't it?"

"No..." Megan moaned. God, the girl was driving her crazy.

"I think you like it too," Samantha said. "Let's find out."

Oh God. What now? Megan thought as felt Samantha mysteriously shifting her weight on top of her before she was abruptly rolled over.

It was then she discovered what Samantha had been doing. She'd taken off her panties. Megan could see her roommate's bare bottom when the girl straddled and sat down on the upper part of her chest, her shins pinning Megan's wrists to the floor.

Samantha licked her lips as stared down at the helpless and very naked body of her nerdy roommate. "I think this needs a thorough investigation."

"Stop it," Megan panted. She had no idea what a thorough investigation entailed,but she wanted no part of it.

However, Samantha had exactly that in mind. The parting of it. She spread open Megan's engorged pink lips.

"Wet and plump." Samantha said. "And look at this clit. It's practically begging for a stroking."

"No it isn't." Megan protested in a squeaky tremulous voice. Her thighs closed briefly in defiance.

"I think it is," Samantha stroked Megan's wet slit. Running her finger up and down her pink gash.

Megan gasped and her thighs they opened, offering up the sweet plum between her thighs.

Samantha smiled and kept up her ministration, stroking Megan's clit every now and then. Working the girl up to a fever pitch.

She's going to make me come, Megan suddenly realized. A girl was going to make her come. She'd always heard stories of girls experimenting in college, but she'd never reckoned that she'd be one of those girls. But the heat inside her loins convinced her otherwise. But then those soft sweet fingers were pulled away, leaving her hovering on the brink. Stroking her ever so gently then hovering just out of reach.

Megan's mind was still a jumble. It was one thing to be brought off while trapped beneath another girl, her arms pinned, unable to move, but quite another to...lift her slim hips, seeking that sweet touch. It mean she was participating. Before she could have tried to report her roommate for the liberties she'd taken. Now she was...lifting her hips, seeking Samantha's touch..higher and higher ... there....ahhh...right there.

That's it, Samantha said to herself as she coaxed Megan's hips up, and she made them begin to thrust and pump as best they were able in such an awkward position. Come to me. You are going to have to come a lot further before I'm done with you.

"I told you it was begging for it," Samantha teased, giving a light squeeze to Megan's engorged clit. "It is, isn't it?"

Poor Megan's loins were beginning to ache with need. She raised her hips until her abdomen was trembling, but it wasn't high enough to bring her in contact with Samantha's fingers. There was nothing she could do - but admit the truth.

"Yes." Megan moaned breathlessly.

Slap-slap-slap. Samantha swatted Megan's sex, spattering her nectar all over in the process.

Megan's hips shot down. The sensation wasn't painful, but it had been shocking. Worse, it had chased her orgasm away. It was disappointing, but it was just as well. The feeling of need she'd experienced and her helplessness had scared her deeply. It had - oh God, what was that dreadful girl doing to her now? She was rubbing her again. Rubbing her just the way she liked it. Making her thighs open of their own volition. Making her sex tighten up inside. Making lightning dance through her loins. Making her heart race.

It was then that Megan realized that she could see her roommates tight bottom hole and her slit pressed against her chest. She could feel the wetness dripping down her chest. She could smell the musk of sex.

If she could free her hands, she would be willing to stroke Samantha, in the hopes the girl would quit teasing her and perhaps finish pleasing her.

But Samantha had ideas of her own. She was well aware that Megan was helpless beneath her, and equally aware of the affect that her teasing was having. She was just as aware that ever so slowly she was moving her bottom closer and closer to her roommate's face.

Megan always had grades near the top of her class. She was bright and smart. She considered herself to be a deep thinker, but for the first time ever, she was having a difficult time thinking. Heat flowed through her loins and her sex ached with need. Samantha's bottom was right there. Just centimeter's from her lips. Megan found her lips pursing.

Samantha's nostrils flared as she felt those first tentative kisses. Ah yes. It felt nice, though she desired quite a bit more stimulation. She'd have it before all was said and done.

"Do you like my pussy?" Samantha asked, as she leaned forward, and blew her hot breath over Megan's aroused sex.

"Yes," Megan whispered, spreading her legs, eager for Samantha to lick her...down there.

"Lick me," Samantha ordered. "Lick my pussy."

Megan could feel the breath from every word. Samantha was so close. So close to licking her and bringing her off. She was certain other girls probably experimented like this. It didn't make her gay. She didn't even know if she was going to enjoy this. Her tongue snuck out and made a tentative questing probe. It wasn't so bad. It made another, a bit more determined this time.

"Oh yeah, that's it," Samantha said in a husky voice. "Lick that pussy. Faster. Oh yeah...just like that."

Lick me too, Megan wanted to say. But her mouth was now otherwise occupied and Samantha was sitting back up, so that Megan literally had a mouth full of pussy by now and her nose was - she didn't even want to think about where her nose was planted.

"You kinky girl," Samantha purred. "Are you teasing my asshole too? Mmmm...it feels good. Do you want me to tease your asshole?"

"Nuffff..." Megan protested. No. No she didn't even want her nose where it was much less to be touched..back there. But by then a honey soaked digit had been abruptly pushed past her sphincter. It was foreign to have anything in there period, but even more foreign to have something pushing in, when the direction had always been out. She didn't want to be invaded there - at least she didn't think so. It left her feeling even more helpless. Oh God...so very helpless struggling to breath, licking, being finger-fucked in her bottom.

She was not supposed to be treated like this. And she certainly wasn't supposed to be so - damned hot as a result. She shouldn't be licking a girl. Much less a girl who had been so mean to her.

"Right there...right there....right there...oh God...oh God.." Samantha moaned, her hips riding the helpless girl trapped beneath her. Reaching down - grabbing the girl's nipples between forefingers and thumbs and pulling up. Feeling the girl's anguished protest drowning in her cunt. Loving the agile tongue that sped faster than humanly possible.

Only a b-cup, Megan wasn't very endowed in the boob department, but what she lacked in girth, she more than made up in sensitivity. And having her nipples tugged like that hurt! Even though the experience also shot bolts of pleasure directly to her sex. It was still too much. Far too much. She licked Samantha for all she was worth, hoping to bring her climax quickly to an end - along with the torment to her nipples.

"Oh yes, yes, oh ye-esss." Samantha moaned, her movements drifting from intensity to a languid motion as her orgasm peaked and began to subside. Hips making a small corkscrew as she used her roommates nose to pleasure her asshole.

"Now it's your turn," Samantha said. "Do you want to come for me?"

"Yes." Megan admitted. Not only did she want to come, she deserved to come after all that she had endured at this girl's hands.

"Mmmm..." Samantha purred as she outstretched her fingertips and them down the girl's slim body. Slowly making her way to Megan's wet sex.

"What a dirty and naughty little pussy you have," Samantha said, as she spied something in small open cosmetic bag by Megan's bed. She picked it up and pushed the power button. She could feel the vibrations up to her fingers. "I think it needs a good cleaning."

Megan had no idea what the girl was talking about. She could hear a familiar hum, but couldn't place the sound.

"Oh!" Megan gasped when she felt the first electric touch, her hips squirming to escape the overwhelming sensation. But soon she realized what she was feeling and she also realized how good it felt. Fuck. Oh fuck.

It was her toothbrush. Samantha must have stolen it from her cosmetic bag. Christ...she didn't have a spare. She was going to have to...oh Jesus. She was going to come. So fucking hard.

It was an involuntary reaction to the stimulation, and Megan pursed her lips and kissed what was in front of her lips and that happened to be her roommates well-muscled bottom.

"Oh baby, that feels so good." Samantha purred. "Have you ever had anyone fuck this pussy? I mean really fuck it?"

"mmmphhh" Megan moaned and spread her legs as wide as they'd go.

"Slow down baby," Samantha said. "We have all night."

Samantha used the toothbrush on Megan's nipples and then sliding it up and down her slit. But not enough to send the girl over the edge. She smiled wickedly. She was getting good at this.

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