tagBDSMA Pirate's Kiss

A Pirate's Kiss


The night air felt cool to Jasmine as she ran from Jared's cabin. Since Jared had kidnapped Jasmine from her ship, he had warned her that she would be his woman. Seduction was his weapon, slowly eating away at her senses, making her long for this rogue. No one had ever kissed her so wantonly, sealing his power over her senses with just a passionate kiss leaving Jasmine feeling heady and unsure of her own loyalties. She belonged to Lord Willows and despite the 25 year age gap and the lack of passion she felt for the man, she had promised her family to continue with the union.

She stepped up to the railing of the rolling ship and looked down into the blackness, barely seeing the swirling water below. Besides the moon and some oil lamps on deck, the night was dark. She leaned her face into the misty air and took a deep breath. His kiss had been so consuming and so...words failed her.

Captain Jared's men stood and watched the raven haired lass at the railing as he stepped onto the poop deck. He lit his cigar and the spark of light caught her attention. Twirling around toward him, her hat securing her waterfall of curls, was caught in the evening breeze and flew downward into the racing waters below. She looked at the white hat and watched it for a moment and realized that her only escape could be a jump into the swirling water.

"Come," he said simply.

She looked over her shoulder at him. It was decision time. Death in the freezing water below or life as a strumpet for the Captain? What would happen if she chose his cabin? Fear and indecision froze her as he stepped up to her.

"I can only hold back the lust of my men so far. You disobeying my order openly can lead to mutiny, Miss. So if you wish to be the play thing for them all, I say stay here on deck. But if you wish, to be my slut then come back to my cabin."

Her eyes grew wide at his words. Could he have meant what she heard? Chewing on her lip, she wondered at what to do. She looked back to the water and then slipped her finely gloved hand into his.

He closed the door behind them. A wicked grin formed on his lips as he strode past her to the chest at the end of the bed. He opened it and pulled out a black sash, a riding crop, and two pieces of rope. Closing the lid with his foot, he said, "I think it's time for you to submit your body and desires to me, slut."

She looked at the things on the bed and then back at his wicked sneer and whispered, "What do you plan for me?"

"I need a fulltime slut, my dear, and since I met you on that ship, I knew you were to be mine. I have been very patient, dear girl, but since you disobeyed me, I must punish you."

She shivered as he said, "Strip down to your pantaloons and nothing else."

"What, milord?" she asked shocked.

He grinned evilly and whispered, "Now or else I'll invite every man on board to take his turn with you."

She started to tremble but managed to untie the lacings and wiggle out of her dress and slip off her corset, leaving her in chemise and pantaloons. Slowly she slipped off her chemise, exposing her silky white breasts to him. He pulled out a few more toys from his box. He pulled out a wooden dowel that was at least six inches in length and a inch wide; two chains each with metal clips attached at each end; another rod that was two and half inches wide and shorter with a base at the end that looked square.

He looked over at her and told her not to cover up her breasts as she started to slip her arms around herself. She did as asked and he smiled at her. "You look at absolutely stunning, my dear. Come over to the bed."

She walked over to the end of the bed and he kicked his toy box out of the way. He told her to grab the two posts of the bed and he wrapped a piece of rope around her wrist and then tied her to the post. He repeated with the other wrist. He gently kicked her legs apart more and to keep balanced she leaned forward causing her ass to pop up.

He gently placed the black sash over her eyes. He whispered in her ears, "By the time we are done here tonight, you'll be begging for release, my sweet."

She shivered outwardly and waited for his next move. He was enjoying the scene she made with her beautiful breasts jutting forward and jiggling as she took deep breaths. His pants already grew tight as he picked up the crop. He sliced it through the air and she jumped.

"For jumping, you get five more lashes, slut. You will thank me for each lash and count them out. Any jumping and you get 5 added to the total."

He smacked her ass and she moaned passionately. He raised a brow when she didn't speak and whispered hotly in her ear, "Maybe bare assed you'd feel it more?"

"1 and thank you."

"Thank you, Master," he corrected as he smacked her ass again and watched it sway beneath the cotton material of her pantaloons.

"2..thank You Master," she hissed between clenched teeth as she turned her face toward him; her ass stinging as she bit down on her lip.

He gently rubbed his hand over her back and down her spine. He laced his arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest as he whispered in her ear, "This is your punishment for disobeying me, sweet slut. Soon, I will give you so much more. Pain and pleasure can be blurred."

"Just get it over with," she hissed, squirming to free herself.

He smacked her ass with his open hand and she gasped out loud at him. "Ouch," she hissed and then said, "Thank you, Master 3."

"No," he whispered, "that was a smack to get your attention and to get a feel of your ass. I think it's time to see it."

Tears gathered on her lashes and she begged, "Please Sir don't do this. I beg of you not to dishonor me further."

He kissed the shallow of her neck and nibbled on her ear and she shivered again. He whispered, "I bet you're getting wet?"

"Sir?" she whispered not sure what he meant.

He grinned at her innocence and then asked, "We're you not married to Lord Willow's cousin who was killed last spring?"

She nodded her head and then said, "But he never bound me to the bed and spanked me. I have not known such ways between a man and woman."

"Did he deflower you?" Jared asked, reaching up and tweaking her nipple and she whispered, "Yes but only in the dark and it was quick. He would climb on top of me and be done quickly with his lust."

Jared laughed and asked, "Did you not get pleasure?"

Jasmine's cheeks grew rosy and she whispered, "Very little."

"He was not a smart man not to get his little slut warmed up and used properly. You have such lust, my slut. I see the passion in you and when I'm done with you, you will know passion."

"Arrogant Bastard," she hissed and he hit her ass again. The burning was electric to her. She felt herself becoming aroused, a burning unlike she had ever felt started between her thighs and she turned her head and he kissed her hard as His finger captured her nipples, tweaking them and twisting cruelly until she was moaning. She whimpered into his hungry kiss when he clipped one nipple with a metal clamp and then moaned when he repeated on the other. The pressure made her pussy ache and drool as she started to pant softly.

"Do you like the clamps, slut?" he asked before smacking her ass with the crop again.

"Thank you, Master, 3" she whispered huskily.

He noticed the sexual purr in her voice and grinned to himself. He leisurely pulled on the chain between her breasts and she moaned sensually; her neck craned back her mouth open and her breathing quickening. His fingers drew circles down her belly and she whimpered softly and he stepped back and smacked her ass again. She moaned out, "Master, thank You...ohhhh...4," she moaned.

He slipped his hand down her pantaloon and grabbed the flesh of her ass and kneaded it passionately. She moaned more and pulled against the rope, gently gyrating her hips against his hand as he slipped his finger over her anus and pushed it inside. She gasped. "Oh."

He bit on her neck again and worked his finger in and out of her ass before taking it out and slipping it down her slit. He traced each wet lip and then pulled his hand out. She was visibly shivering and he said, "Tell me to fuck you, slut and I will give you such enjoyment."

She panted and shook her head over and over. He pulled down her pantaloons and the smacked her ass with the crop again. He noticed how red her ass was from the crop and sunk to his knees to lick the stripes. She grabbed the posts and her body shuddered as his mouth danced over her sensitive fleshy bottom.

He stood up and took the dowel from the bed. He gently inserted it into her pussy as he licked passionately her cunt from behind after he bent her over the bed. He eased the dowel in and out slowly. He felt her start to tremble and push her hips so his mouth was closer to her clit but he stopped and stood up. He took out the dowel and said, "I'm done with your punishment slut. Now we can leave you on edge of release or I can give more to you. You decide?"

He dropped his pants as she moaned, "Please Master, fuck me."

He eased his cock into her wetness and started to thrust in and out softly at first, gaining speed quickly. She rocked with him. In and out he fucked her. His cock dipping in deeply and she moaning out loud. He kissed her neck and pushed into her deeper. She was riding with him and begged, "Can I...Master..can I?"

"Cum, slut for me," he whispered and felt her release, squeezing his cock as wave after wave of electricity hit her. He yanked off the metal clips and the pain was so exquisite that the she screamed, "Master, fuck me!"

He grinned and fucked her harder and filled her with his seed. Kissing her neck before he unlaced her bindings, he said, "Did you enjoy slut?"

She fell face forward onto the bed and said, "Yes, Master, this slut loved it."

He merely grinned at her when he took off her sash. "You're mine."

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