tagErotic HorrorA Pirate's Tale

A Pirate's Tale

byJack T. Ladd©

I had no choice, not after the horrible crime I had done. It was either run - or be caught like a rat 'an dragged screaming and a kicking to the gallows. I'd seen too many a good man strung up, victims of the King's justice, eyes poppin out of their 'ead's, black tongues lolling from slack jaws as they swung for the crowd. Not for me that fate, oh no – my neck may be scrawny, but I value it too much for it to be stretched by no bastard 'angman!

So I ran, I did. Ran as hard 'an as fast as a fox with the hounds of Hell upon his tail! Hid here and there I did until at last I found myself at the coast - with nowhere further to run. Just eighteen I was, already a thief and condemned man for want of bread to eat. Aye, I stole bread to eat, and for that - the King's men would hang me if they could catch me. We all gotta eat, ain't we? Starvin I was. Some crime!

So I headed for the coast where I hoped to find a ship to carry me away from here; I didn't care where, just anywhere, away! It were nightfall when I got to the port and here I skulked and hid within the sea fog that cloaked the harbour in a cold and damp embrace. Then I saw her. The ship was just an outline, ghostlike and dark against the grey mist swirling around its slack rigging, but I could hear her call...

The gangplank lay open, unguarded, it tantalised and invited me aboard with no one around, but me senses warned against taking its easy seductive offer. Instead, I found a mooring rope and slowly did I climb aboard, silent as a snake, quickly I found a deep rigging box and climbed inside where I fell asleep, safe... or so I thought.

I awoke to rocking, of dreams sweet. With a crash, the riggin box was opened and rough hands disabused me of any such dreams I might be havin! From the sleep of the saved I was thrown into the terror able hands of savage men! Now I did hear the cries that sent me knees weak with fear!

"There be a b*****d stowaway!"

"He not be takin' my rations!"

"Kill 'im!"

"Throw the runt overboard!"

Faces snarled at me, fists pummelled and punched me as from man to man I was tossed and thrown, until at last I was pushed against one huge man with a dreadful scar down the length of his face. He grabbed my shoulders and shook me until I looked up and stared into his face.

"Hold fast mates!" he snarled, and the men stopped their blood baying as if shot. Then he turned to look at me with a glare that made me shake and then he slowly smiled. Arrr, that smile be worse, far worse than ever a snarl.

He looked back to the men and grinned an evil grin. "Tie and drag the varlet avast!" Immediately thick rope was wrapped about me.

"Mercy!" I begged only to hear raucous laughter answer my desperate plea.

"You be fish bait, boy!" the scarred face whispered to me gleefully, and I heard the men laugh as they picked me up and threw me overboard!

I fell for what seemed an eternity before the cold hard sea knocked the wind from my lungs as I plunged into the arms of the briny. Down I sank, white water turned blue then black and dark as deeper I went. A sudden harsh tug, and I was pulled up from my watery grave and just as suddenly dropped back into the sea's waitin grasp. Again I felt the tug from the rope. They were dragging me behind the ship as she sailed! Gasping desperately for air but breathing salt water, I fought to live, to survive. I did not last long, I had swallowed too much sea, I began to feel what only drowning men do feel, the pull of Davy Jones to his dark and cold locker! I saw Davy then - saw his face calling me and I went to him.

Do you know that Davey Jones has a scar upon his face just like the man who had cast me avast? And he was grinning, just like him! Then he spoke.

"We don't like stowaways, boy!" he said to me.

It was not Davey Jones but scar face. I was alive and back onboard! I must have passed out. The crew were crowded around, grinning, as I lay helpless and coughing and a spluttering - a half-dead creature from the deep. I dragged blessed air back into my tortured lungs as I heard him say, "Take him below!" and that was the last thing I remembered from that awful first day. But what dreams!

I lay on a rough bunk bed of stuffed straw, exhausted and beaten by the terrible experience, my young body bruised and sore. Now soft hands did play across my chest - sending shivers down to the depths of my loins - and I felt myself stir below, despite my injuries. I opened my eyes to see the young face of the cabin boy watching me. It were his fingers that caressed and soothed yet inflamed me.

"What the name of all that's sinful are yee doing?" I whispered in a dry voice, shamed at my arousal from the hands of this lad.

For an answer he just smiled, his large eyes sparkling within his grimy elfin face. I struggled to rise, to get up and away, but I was weak and he pushed me with ease back upon the bed. With one hand he held me motionless as with the other he loosed his shirt. My eyes fair did pop out me 'ead as I saw two wonderful female breasts revealed then to me in all their glory He, or rather she, then put one finger to her lips to silence my confusion.

"Yes, to all but the Captain, I am the cabin boy, but I have the heart of a man and can kill like the best of 'em," in a flash, she placed her hands around my neck and squeezed hard, her eyes suddenly hard and cold as they stared into mine. Then they softened and relaxed back into a smile. "But I have the desires of a woman..." She kissed me then, and the softness of her lips left me in no doubt as to her words!

I watched helpless as she gently and slowly removed my clothes, sliding her hands across my body, feeling my skin rise beneath her touch. "Oh, you are so young and fine..." she breathed as she explored my body.

My buckle fell away as my breaches were gently pulled down, then at last I lay before her naked, my awakened desire hard, throbbing above my stomach, eager now for her to take me. Her hand encircled my cock, tested its hardness with a firm squeeze, and gave me a long firm stroke from base to head. I lay back and groaned, closing my eyes to the pleasure. I felt her breath wash over my sensitive skin and I groaned again at what she was about to do. Then I gasped as she surprised me yet again! With one hand firmly and slowly stroking my cock, her lips gently kissed my balls, then encircled one and sucked it within her mouth. I groaned as she rolled the egg with her tongue, sucking and pulling upon it, before letting it slip out. Her attention went to my other ball, which had the same delicious treatment.

I was writhing now; her lips and stroking were a painful, torturous pleasure. She nibbled between my balls at the very root of my cock, then working her way up its hard length, coating my tight skin as she sucked and licked her way up to the crown of my bursting cock. One hand stroked me faster and faster while her other hand rolled and pulled mercilessly at my balls, squeezing and tormenting them. I could feel the remorseless climax rushing upon me as my spunk churned under her fingers as she squeezed and urged the milk from them.

I felt it burst out from my balls, drive in a wave up along my cock as it rushed to escape, pushing against the hard grip of her hand, forcing its way to a hard eruption. I cried out as the first blast tore from me - then cried again as I felt her hot mouth clamp over the spurting sensitive head of my cock as she sucked hungrily the remaining shots of come from my very depths. I convulsed as a bewitched man as she drained me of everything that I could give. I fell unconscious with the feeling, as dead I were, and slept the sleep of the saved.

Well, me hearties, somehow I had survived, and because of that, I was accepted - was now one of them! No ordinary crew this though, no ordinary captain either. They were they told me, freelancers, but to others, they be pirates! The man with the terrible scar was Cap'n Daggard, a fierce man who ruled with an iron fist. For he had no fist, just an iron hook...

I worked hard to earn my keep, to stay alive, stayed out of trouble and learned. We sailed for three months to the far side of the world, to a place few men had been, a terrible place of strange creatures and rich pickings! During this time I learned to fight, to use a sword and cutlass, and to kill. They were hard but good teachers. I would need these skills sooner than I imagined. Two ships we pirated, coming upon them by chance, and here I learned my deadly skills. Maybe I was still a boy, but now I was more a man than most men twice my age, and more than that - I was now a pirate!

At the end of the three months sailing, we found the river that be our destination, and we were awestruck! It flowed as if some monstrous animal were lapping its dark brown tongue into the blue of the briny. The men fell silent, joking replaced by suspicion. Aye, we knew we were in a place no man from home had ever been. We sailed down this river, working our way into the forests that closed around us, that held dark mysteries that made even the Cap'n nervous. One poor unfortunate fell overboard and no sooner had he resurfaced, than he began a terrible screaming! Quickly ropes were thrown to him and we hauled him back as his screams died.

What we dragged back was only half a man. His body were torn and eaten to sheds from the waist down, where now instead of flesh, bare bones glinted. His screams had died quickly as he was eaten alive by the thrashing monster fish that had ripped him apart in seconds. No man fell overboard again.

After that, the crew remained silent, without a doubt, this place was cursed. But the Cap'n drove us onward. Deeper we sailed, deeper into that strange dark jungle until we could sail no more. Cursing, the Cap'n turned the ship, to try another inlet, one with a deeper passage, and this time we saw them. Just shadows on the shore at first. Fleeting shapes that were human. Natives. Then one by one they came out to stand on the river shoreline, staring at us as we stared at them.

"Blast and Hell!"

"Would you look at that, mates," came the muffled and awed expressions from all fifty men that saw a sight never to be forgotten.

The crew lowered their cutlasses as to a man they gawped in wonder. Here were tall women, half-naked, standing openly along that shore without an ounce of shame - brazen and challenging. What our faces were like Gawd only knows, but I knows that my mouth hung open at that sight like a gutted fish!

They was all armed, armed to the teeth with spears and bows, but what struck us most, what sent a prickle of unknown fear down my spine if not the men, was that each woman had but one breast! The right breast of each was missing! Only later, much later, when it was too late, did we learn that these were warrior woman who had removed their right breast the better to fight and to loose deadly arrows!

The men did not care, drunk at the sight of such nakedness. They neither knew nor cared that these women looked upon men - men such as us - as their right, much as we take women for pleasure in battle, as a prize! The Cap'n tried to urge caution, but the men would here nothing of it, being at sea for three months, they could only sense carnality and pleasure and rushed headlong to their fate.

I was as ready to go with them when the cap'n held me back with a hard hand upon my shoulder. I glared angrily at him, lust in my heart, my loins afire, all doubt and fear forgotten in my desire!

"You stay here boy, or I'll cut off a part of yee that will forever make you a girl!" The Cap'n never said nothing he didn't mean, so I swallowed my anger and resigned myself to remaining on board. I cursed him then as I bless him now.

Just me, the Cap'n and three old sea dogs were left aboard the ship as the men rowed to the shore, whoopin and hollering - to where the devil women waited. They all vanished into the jungle and we were left alone. I sat down, disconsolate at missing such imagined carnality, staring at the jungle that now hid undreamt dreams.

One man told me the tale. Told me what happened afore he died. The women had quickly disarmed the men and took them prisoner, stripping them naked. The high priestess went along them, slowly inspecting them, cupping balls and feeling their weight, testing the hardness of cocks - which were all now fully and eagerly erect - with a fierce grip. Then, choosing the prime examples of maleness only, they were led away. Half the crew, the inferior half, were taken to watch as the chosen few were led to a clearing. Here, the warrior women took them one by one, as tied to the ground like pigs, they arousing them to ultimate hardness before then impaling themselves upon the men's desperate erections.

They rode the men to climax with cries and screams, as one after the other the women used each man until every one was drained and exhausted and flaccid. Their usefulness finished, they began to slaughter their captives! The others, watching from the side rebelled and fought their way clear, desperate to flee their fate. That were the time I heard the screams. Not the screams of pleasure, but of fear! I jumped to my feet as men burst from the jungle in terror! Some men tried to launch the boat, but others just ran screaming for their lives as hard as they could, diving into the deadly water, forgetting in their fear what lurked within the deadly water, as they were instantly eaten alive by the horror fish that swam there. Maybe they were the lucky ones! Their mates were cut down and dragged off by the marauding women perhaps to a fate far worse than death!

We fired musket and ball to defend the men, but the women unleashed their arrows towards us together with small darts they blew from long poles. These thudded into the woodwork all around us like hail from Hell. Outnumbered, the Cap'n gave the order to withdraw, and the few hands that had escaped to the ship or had remained aboard, struggled to hoist sail and depart this dreadful place.

We got away but at terrible cost. Every man Jack of us bar me had been hit either by arrow or dart. One by one the men succumbed to the poison, their bodies expanding, their skin bursting, all falling gruesomely dead around me. The Cap'n was the last to go, and I held his fearsome head in my lap while he died, leaving me the last survivor. I dumped their bodies overboard.

By then the ship was almost at the estuary with open sea beyond as I desperately helmed her, knowing I could no more sail this ship alone than walk on water. I was a dead as the rest of them, aye, dead. For days I struggled to steer the ship to some safety, until I also succumbed, falling to exhaustion.

When I woke, I was in another place, another ship, by luck another Pirate ship! When they asked what became of the crew, as no body could be found, I told them I had tossed them overboard, and I told 'em my terrible tale to guffawing laughter as I tell yee all now, and like you, they laughed! But they did not argue, taking the Cap'ns treasure for their own, they were happy to let me be. But as barnacles grow, it were all true I tell 'ee! As true as I be standin 'ere, aye! That were only the start of me adventures...

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