tagLoving WivesA Pirate's Threat

A Pirate's Threat


Yes we know who you are and want to ravish you. You may be a married woman but we know everything about your life. It was so easy to find out lots about you, probably because you are a stunningly gorgeous creature.

Pirates have uncontrollable urges to ravish an enticing wench like you; whether you see yourself as a 'past it' married woman or a still very gorgeous woman. Get ready, yes you; married woman who thinks no-one looks at you any more - are you ready to sail away with me on an adventure to lands unknown? We'll be ravishing your body, over and over again, until you can't take it anymore. Licking, sucking, rubbing, pounding, slurping, biting, and caressing your body's flesh to drive you wild with desire.

This is a simple warning for you. Our lust for you is likely to exceed what you might believe to be really possible. Even if you don't see it, we know just what a voluptuous and seductively rewarding woman you are! So once I have you tied down and on my ship, I may find it difficult to restrain my crew from taking liberties with your gorgeous body. They are men after all, and being at sea for long periods plundering and searching for treasure, they are very difficult to control when they are presented with a beautiful wench like you.

Any cheeky comments or attempts at insolence on your behalf will cause you to be punished. I will have one of my crew rip your knickers off and give you a good spanking for not following my orders as I have given them. Don't let any transgressions happen again or your will be even more severely punished!

We know who you are and we are searching for you even as I'm telling you this. You will make yourself ready for me so that I can have my crew grab you whenever I can arrange for them to take you from where you are, including your home.

We are willing to oblige you and to prevent embarrassment to you. You will simply tell me when you are ready for my crew to come to your home and bring you to my ship. I expect you will put up some resistance but remember you will be outnumbered by a group of ruffians who will be looking for any excuse to take pleasure in your body before they deliver you to me.

I must insist that you sort out your affairs now and quickly, because you will be away at sea with me and my crew for some time. Remember it will make things much worse for you if you should decide not to tell me where I should send my men to capture you.

I can't imagine why you think you can avoid my crew finding you. Really, don't you appreciate that by failing to heed my warning you risk living out your life as the pleasure toy of a crew of perverted ruffians? Now you have only a short time to do as you have been told, tell me where you are so that I can send my crew to take you as my bounty.

Pirates are always serious whether it's about their pursuit of treasure and ravishing a gorgeous woman like you. When you are taken by my crew you will be blindfolded so you won't be able to recognise our ship. I cannot be concerned for your safety because my crew wish to look after you so that you might respond well to their ravishing of your elegantly seductive body.

Once you are spanked for your insolence of taking too long to contact me to tell me where you are, I am worried that you will not reach me without being pleasured so many times by my insolent crew that it may take some time for you to recover. We will ensure you recover so that you are available for continuous bouts of on-going and dazzlingly joyous sexual delights. You will tell me where I should send my crew to gather you as my prize right now you insolent woman.

Now you have upset me! I expect to be told where to find you immediately. Pirates, especially the captain, have a very busy life leading a crew of ruffians, villains and perverts. I was lying in my bed playing with a something I'm sure you take some pleasure in enjoying yourself. Then I noticed the cabin boy looking in. How dare he? I had an initial intention to have him flogged for looking in my cabin when he didn't even ask. But who would clean and run around after me if I did that?

Then, perhaps I should tell you, I had to watch as two sailors we had captured yesterday were made to walk the plank - I insisted they do it naked to bully them further and embarrass them greatly. It's so much work watching the sharks eat a tasty snack like that!

It's only now that I have had time to check up on you. Ah you must be severely punished because you are not taking my orders seriously and you are not doing what I tell you to. A pirate captain needs his orders followed exactly as they were issued, or the ship is a big mess.

Again I remind you, you haven't told me where my crew can find you. I knew you would be a difficult wench. I'm warning you though if you don't come quietly when we find you, my crew of perverted ruffians will have to take you by force. And I don't think that would be nice for you because I'd have to give them permission to do anything they wanted to you. In order for them to capture and subdue you quickly they may have to take certain unexpected liberties with your body. Who knows what they might do to you, what types of things they might get up to with different parts of your body.

Pirates tend to be private as their exploits promote them into the notice of many authorities who want to punish them. I'm not too keen on being flogged myself so I keep to a quite life as a pirate captain. You can find out something about my exploits as a ruffian and villain in the way I care for my crew.

I do love to ravish wenches and I can't apologise for being like that! And I love to watch wenches being ravished so I'm sure my crew will make sure you body is given all the attention it deserves. I will make sure that I send some wild men in the crew who capture you, yes those who don't mind shoving their cocks in all sorts of holes. I must send a group of them so I would expect they will all make sure they give you the pleasure you deserve - they'd love to hear you screaming in bliss as you enjoy them taking liberties with your lovely body.

My orders are that you be spanked soundly for taking so long to tell me where you are. You could be spared some even worse indignity, and make things easier for me by telling me where I should send my ruffians to find your magnificent body to ravish.

Honesty, as pirates, my ruffian don't need your home address. No matter where you are, they will find you. Forget trying to hide, no matter where you are, they will find you. Pirates are gifted at finding suitable attractive wenches - especially those who are gifted at giving them seductive and exotic pleasure. And when they do eventually find you, oh how they shell enjoy themselves with your delightfully intoxicating body.

Over the last week I have been busy sorting out my plunder and the treasure that includes a moon stone. We captured most of this treasure from a ship with a crew of weakling sailors who were more interested in jumping into the seas than fighting my crew to their death.

You may be safe for a little while. Over the next few days my ship will be visiting a number of tropical islands off the coast of Fiji. It is not possible for my crew to do anything to capture you until we return in the middle of next week. There is no point in running away to join a nunnery, we will find you no matter where you hide.

I'm based close to the ocean so I can anchor my boat there. It must remain a secret location because I have so many authorities who would like to see me flogged and then hung. When I'm on dry land I prefer to stay in Portsea.

I'm well hidden amongst the ultra conservatives who have no idea they are hiding a pirate who is wanted the world over for his plundering and ravishing escapades. I'm sure I can organise my men to come and take advantage of you tomorrow week - they will be back from Fiji and ready for some exotic fun after such a long trip.

The longer it takes for you to tell me where you are the worse things are going to be for you when you are captured. You need to tell me where I should send my crew today. You know how to contact me so what excuse have you got for not doing it sooner? Sending me pictures of parts of your naked body is not acceptable as it could lead to misunderstandings where my crew of perverted ruffians might mistakenly try to capture the wrong woman and thus take advantage of some other poor large breasted wench who is as stunningly gorgeous as you are.

Ah, it is so frustrating for a pirate to be sailing the seas when he would rather be taking advantage of his captured prize of a strikingly beautiful and desirable woman. I have issued my orders and you are to be taken from where they find you to the ship where these fifteen ruffians are to ravish your body. You are to be forced to satisfy all these crewmen. I can't apologise for their disgustingly smelly and dirty bodies. Some of the weapons they possess are ugly and huge but most are well schooled in how to use them on a good-looking wench.

I feel I should remind you, they are wild men who must often be at sea without the opportunities that soft and weak land loving men often treat themselves to in terms of gently taking advantage of desirable women.

My crew have been frustrated and wildly horny just recently, and I know they are in need of some serious entertainment and erotic relief. I think I should reward them with you as their prize. With your stunning beautiful and seductive body, you will be suitable entertainment for these disgustingly wild men who are struggling to contain their urges to use their huge weapons.

A pirate captain must sometimes make sacrifices and these men need to take pleasure in your gorgeous body, and I'm willing to stand back and enjoy the sight of them ravishing you. You have revealed that you are a wench that will enjoy herself as these many horny ruffians gain gratification for feasting on your delightful body. How I long to watch as they take great delight in defiling your naked flesh will depend upon how busy I am with other duties.

You should be well aware that right now my crew is searching for you and nothing will stop them in their search, looking at the naked breasts of every woman in your area is exactly what my crew will need to do if they are to find you. It will be fun for them.

Pirates have a strict code. There is no attacking ladies, men are fair game and should be careful that they suffer a fatal injury at the hands of my crew. For while my crew are forceful in the pleasures they will take from your body they would be careful not to injure a lady with such a gorgeously seductive body. My crew should discover you soon. It is best if you make sure you have some rum, so that you are relaxed when you are captured and pleasure taken in your body; otherwise you might become overwhelmed by the pleasure that awaits you.

You need to be severely punished for teasing a pirate captain by not offering yourself to me as I have instructed you. It is outrageous and I've had two men flogged just to vent some of my anger at your insolence. So while I may be quite capable of controlling my anger, my crew on-the-other-hand have been leering at the naked photo your friend sent me of your body. Many of my crew are becoming furious that they cannot possibly look at the breast of every woman near you to find you.

The act is the treacherous act. Your friends wants to tease a group of wild and furious villains who like nothing better than to pay back this kind of behaviour with reprisals of lecherous debauchery. I cannot repeat the things they have been saying about you and what they want to do to you. It is obvious to them that you have arranged this and that you are a naughty teaser!

Take care though, once the band of ruffians I have sent do find you, you will be spanked and then they will ravish your body in retribution for your teasing of them. You have no-one but yourself to blame for what is going to happen to you.

Your warning that you have friends who can protect you is pointless. I can see now that my crew will need to be more cunning when they capture you. Then they should take you to a quite place when they take their pleasure in your body. If you are an expert in self defence, I will ensure my crew are prepared to disable you, well before you are able to inflict an injury on any of them - before they start to take liberties with your body. I can see now that it would be much safer for everyone if you were tied up before your body was ravished by these pervert ruffians.

It is difficult to make any kind of promises to you about what my crew of perverted ruffians will do to you. Captains are careful what they promise. Pirates live lives that are unpredictable and wild. Nevertheless you should know that it is difficult to promise I can stop my men from mounting you from behind.

It is true you might be injured by one of their large weapons. Unless you are a wench who often enjoys the pleasures others deny themselves, and you are able to accommodate large weapons, I think it best to assume that you will provide my crew with something to use on you when he ready to ravish you.

I'm sure there is a crew member who might be small enough to help out with your arse. But knowing how things can go awry and the size of the weapons most of these ruffians have in their pants, it seems somewhat likely that you may be surprised at what happens to your delightful arse. And when it is my turn for some pleasure, if you believe you can cope, I'm happy to take my pleasure from you in whatever way is desirable to you.

Allow yourself to welcome what is going to happen. When you accept and embrace all the wild debauchery that will be conducted on your body, you will not need any relief. As a gorgeous horny wench you stand out from the crowd and you are well suited to being ravished by my crew of unkempt wild perverted ruffians. I've told you my ruffians will do all sorts of depraved acts to your body and you certainly wouldn't need any further self satisfaction relief after they take pleasure in your body.

No evidence must exist of your capture and the depravity that will surely take place when my crew enjoy the delights of your body. My crew's wickedness needs to remain hidden. When captured, you definitely need my crew to spank you don't you!? You can't help yourself, I know how much you need my crew to defile your succulent body; a body that invites delightful sexual bliss. Oh the pleasures my crew of perverts will give you, live on in hope that you might embrace all the horny delights that you cannot deny yourself.

We have a photo of you now. It shows all of you. I have checked your photo for clues many times - a pirate captain's duties are never finished. My crew have begged me to look carefully at your photo to see if I can find anything that stands out for me so that we can quickly locate you. Unfortunately staring at your naked photo has had a very strange affect on me. Looking at your gorgeous body, I have had to go back to my cabin. Hopefully no-one was watching as I played with myself.

I'm furious that after all this time I can't see anything except a gorgeous naked body. Still given how hard you made me, I'm blaming you and you're going to be severely spanked for causing me so much lustfulness.

When you're away at sea for long periods of time fantasizing about a stunning attractive woman like you, it becomes a way of life. Pirates must make do with what they can lay their hands on. That's why my crew are so difficult for me to predict when they capture you and have your gorgeous wench body at their disposal. I worry that it will drive them wild with uncontrolled lust and they won't be able to control what they are going to do to your desirable lovely enticing flesh.

Well as you must be aware we now have a photo of who you are – full body shot including your face! Oh wow you are truly dazzling in your strikingly attractive beauty. I don't think it's a good idea to send my crew anywhere near you as they may never come back after they get their eyes feasted on you. Only joking, you cannot escape our capture.

I must reward my crew and you are the perfect wench to do that. Remember ruffians forced to go for long periods without sight of a gorgeous woman are so excited at the thought of being given the opportunity to take pleasure in your body.

Even if you were a kick boxer, you will have no chance of keeping all those ruffians from successfully ravishing your gorgeous body. We know all about your seductively glorious body. Around were you live you are definitely known as a wench worthy of unrestrained ravishing!

You should know no matter what you do to us when my crew are capturing you, we will never scream for mercy. It's our code that we take the pain that comes with the role of searching for treasure, taking whatever others have, and helping ourselves to the pleasures that await us.

It must be expected that these pirate things are taken by force or shrewdness. And, while you may try your best to make my crew scream for mercy, I believe we will capture you easily.

Then after my crew are finished taking full advantage of your delights, you will have very little energy left to make anyone scream for mercy. But I'm willing to take my punishment if it should happen that you are a woman of your word, and you manage to inflict pain on me. In my experience as a pirate that it will be normal to expect that you will be the one who is begging for mercy.

I think you should be prepared for a situation where you are the one who is begging for our compassion, when you beg for the mercy of more pleasure. If you are a wench who knows her own capabilities all the better for a pirate captain who will take pleasure in you too!

Sadness for the crew. And, well it's your lucky day. We must be away for a few days so we will not be capturing you today.

Tonight I must check everything is in readiness for my ship to set sail tomorrow. I must check our supplies and that all the crew are fighting fit. As an old sea pirate captain I know the value of being well prepared.

My crew know all the tricks we need to evade capture and to plunder along the route we will sail. Think of us my beauty as we sail along without any gorgeous women, and know that upon returning to where you live next week, my men are excited beyond all expectations to find you and ravish your body.

I was slightly horrified by some of the things these ruffians have told me they intend to do to your body when they capture you. But from the things we know about you, I believe you will completely enjoy the time they spend ravishing your gorgeously inviting body.

Your friend has made me so many promises about your sexual capabilities, but it is difficult to know if you ever could actually satisfy a whole pirate crew with a lustful unrestrained appetite. I'm inclined to hope that your friend is right and as a wild wench you will be able to keep my entire crew satisfied.

And if you are exhausted after you have satisfied my crew, I am a patient man and I can always wait around for my own turn of taking my pleasure in your body. You should know that I can, and will, take my pleasure in your gorgeous body again and again.

Talking about appetites reminds me of my dinner. My cook prepared me a plain meal as we are all busy readying the ship for its voyage. In the middle of my meal I had to decide what to do with two aberrant crewmen. In the end I threatened them with flogging if they use their cocks on another woman in that way again. It took me some time to appreciate the flexibility that the poor woman would have needed to satisfy their degenerate desires. I didn't realise it was possible for two men to have anal sex with a woman at once.

Truthfully I didn't have them flogged for their degenerate desires because I did somewhat admire their ingenuity. Pirates are compassionate when they need to be. It also is possible it may be something you would like to happen to you, and when I mentioned this to them they seemed entirely enthusiastic by that idea.

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