A Pirate's Threat


Your photo caused quite a commotion here today. The cook took the photo and was looking at your naked body while he was pleasuring himself. When the cabin boy told me I immediately went and confronted him about it. He admitted it all - told me that he'd never seen such a gorgeous wench and that his cock had sprung to life; and he had to stroke it to satisfy his lust.

It's impossible to have the cook flogged because he controls my meals. So after yelling at him and cursing him for taking the photo, I promised him he would be able to take his pleasure in your body when the crew capture you and return you to the ship.

Given the excitement when I showed off your naked photo I think you can assume you will be pleasuring my crew of ruffians and perverts for many days. I'm sure you will be well reward with many large weapons of joy over the time you spend with us.

I had the cook ask me about whether I thought you would be willing to play with his cock. I laughed at him and said I thought you'd do whatever he wanted you to, if you were tied so you couldn't escape. We'll be back for you very soon.

Pirate cooks are a strange bunch; he told me he wanted you to have two big cocks buried inside you as you played with him. He wants to watch what you do to entertain the two men's cocks as you tease his cock to climax. Apparently he'll cook me a special dishes of oysters and triple brie cheese soup if I let him do that to you. It's my favourite. I'm sure you'd love to share it with me, after you've been shared around amongst the crew.

Those pictures your friend sent through to me have been so popular with lots of the crew – they've been drooling over your gorgeously horny body. You've such enticing breasts that a couple of the crew refused to give me back the photos until I screamed at them and threatened them with a flogging. You've made a captain's job even harder, and when they eventually ravish you I'm sure your will be treated as you deserve; a horny wench.

Your friend is adamant that you are a wild wench, and that you would you be able to keep up with a whole crew of pirates no matter what they did to you. It is certainly strange that a married woman has friends who think of her as a sex toy for a crew of ruffian pirates to use as they wish. We are all looking forward to spending time with your body.

The cook is really horny for your body. Well my cook takes special delight in sticking his most enormous cock in a horny wench's arse. It's so huge and ugly that we usually would want you to be blindfolded before we let him anywhere near you. He's a big hideous brute which even a wild pirate captain like I am finds grossly repulsive. His dreadfully huge and hairy balls are a wonderfully disgusting to see, but I suppose his revolting bent and twisted knobby cock is what every one of my crew remember after we've watched him take his pleasure in a wench.

Predictably he has already expressed his delight in offering you his repulsively gross and pulsating but magnificently large cock right up your arse whenever you think you are ready for him. The poor cabin boy is worried for your well-being and has promised lick your arse clean before he smears lubricant all over you arse and inside it too. He wants to see the cook shove his horridly large cock up your arse but he thinks it's unfair if you suffer too much. I think it's a ruse, I think the cabin boy will do it for you simply because he thinks if you suffer too much you won't beg for more and more, and the crew knows the cabin boy loves wenches begging the cook to do their arse over and over again. I'm looking forward to seeing your painful performance myself; it should be fun to watch.

The crew got so turned on by what the cook was saying he wanted to do to you, and about what his performance would be like, that they asked permission from me for them to give you a cum bath. It's one of those special pirate treats that we like to indulge in every now and then. Being a wild bunch of perverted ruffians it just comes naturally to pirates to do things that many others would think totally gross. It's that others would think it's gross that really turns the perverts on! So when they begged me so passionately I felt I had no real choice but to agree.

So when the crew capture you in a few days and the cook has finished with your body, I have agreed that all men in the crew that want to, can gather around your naked body and then play with their cocks; by rubbing them all over your body, until they stimulate themselves on your body and spurt the creamy love juices all over you. When each man finishes a new man steps into his places and begins again to rub his cock all over you until he can't control himself any longer and shoots huge amounts of cum all over you. It finishes when the last man has cum.

Well okay, it doesn't finish there! Then it's the cabin boys job to lick your pussy while the rest of the men take turns to rub their cum in all over your body. After you have climaxed the men then drag you away to rest before they start on some other new form of fun with you.

Smile it is not too long before my crew will be capturing you. You may be feeling bored at home now, but just imagine that in a few days your body will be ravished by a huge crew of perverted ruffian pirates. Oh, what fun you will have, as we all take our pleasure in your body.

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