tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Poet: A Warrior

A Poet: A Warrior

bySolar Dragon©

Good poets are warriors ….
For they fight the ridiculous heavy hand.
Poets bare the presence of those who would mock intangibles.
Poets explore and write about feelings.
Some would attempt to squash a feeling before it starts and gains momentum.
A feeling begins sometimes in a painful birth.
A poet makes pain his companion.
A poet knows empathy is the double-edged sword….
It’s needed to live in a world with no escape
It can also cut into ones sense of self.
Empathy can rearrange sanity as it can rearrange a world.
A poet probably loves classical music….
This one does.
A reasonable understanding of the word classic and you’ll know why.
All music is classic that was born in the soul.
Just like the feelings expressed by those shining in colors of pain and pleasure.
People will pay their bills with poetry when the rearranging begins.

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