tagGroup SexA Police Woman in Complete Control

A Police Woman in Complete Control


My name is Angie, I've been a police officer for six years with the Las Vegas Police Department. I have been fascinated with law enforcement as long as I can remember.

I'm twenty seven years old now and in the best shape of my life. Las Vegas has always been my favorite City so it was a natural choice as I applied for jobs around the country.

I work out every morning in the gym with the other officers, always being the center of attention as I'm not your typical police woman. I'm five feet six inches tall, weigh 120 pounds and solid as a rock. I am very fortunate to be blessed with nice 36D's, very firm and full. I'm not your typical dumb blonde but I do have blonde hair and blue eyes. You would never guess my occupation when I'm not in uniform.

I guess you could call me attractive though I'm really uncomfortable admitting it. My fellow officers say I'm a ringer for Pamela Anderson and I suppose we do share a resemblance, only my tits are real.

As a child playing cops and robbers with the neighborhood boys I was always the cop. I enjoyed playing this game as my body continued developing as a child. I had C cups in the eighth grade and enjoyed the attention my tits drew from the older boys.

I was never really a slut throughout school but did have a few boyfriends along the way. I never wanted to get too attached to anyone as I had a goal of becoming a career police officer at a very young age and definitely didn't want to fuck that up by getting pregnant or having a man telling me what to do.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the lesbian type. I have lesbian friends, it's just not my thing. I love men, just don't want one claiming me to be his. Few men can handle their wife or girlfriend being a cop so I had no relationship plans in the future.

Do I like to fuck? God damn right I do, especially when I'm in total control of the situation. I love cock, I just refuse to be controlled by it.

I attended college at Florida State and received a degree in criminal justice. I was then accepted into the criminal justice academy in Las Vegas. I graduated with honors, applied for a job and was accepted to to begin my career with the Las Vegas Police Department.

I have a wonderful apartment just outside of the City in Henderson, Nevada. I love living in the Las Vegas area, it is exciting with something to almost any hour of the day or night. The men in Vegas are absolutely delicious with many being high rollers.

The work is challenging in Vegas as it's a mecca for criminals. I've had some close calls and been in many interesting situations. I do mostly traffic stops and I usually work alone, I prefer it that way. I have many interesting interactions with the general public, some very interesting

Needless to say, I've had my fair share of men coming on to me, even in uniform. I must say these uniforms really do little for a woman's sex appeal but I always did my best to look lady like. Unlike a lot of the female officers, I wear make up and always keep my hair looking nice. I even have my nails meticulously manicured a few times a week. I still love to look like a lady, even in uniform.

I am constantly being made fun of by the other female officers but very popular with the men. This really pisses off the other ladies so let's just say I have few female friends at work. They're all a bunch of jealous cunts as far as I'm concerned. Most of them think they have to act like a man just because they're in a man's profession.

I think almost every man in our unit has flirted with me, especially the married guys. It was my policy never to mix business with pleasure. I have never fucked a fellow cop. You might say I was constantly beating them off with a stick.

I think one reason I always wanted to become a police officer was that I liked to be in control, most cops do. I know, you'll never find a cop who will admit it but it's true. I loved to control men, not the way you're thinking. I enjoyed manipulating men in custody or civilian men during traffic stops.

It didn't take me long to figure out that most men I stopped would check me out and flirt with me hoping to get out of a ticket. I love having men beg me for mercy. I also get very turned on by it finding myself wanting to fuck a few of these guys.

Now for my confession, begging for mercy sometimes works for the very nice looking studs. When I'd notice a real sexy guy driving along I would follow him until I could find a reason to stop him. If you follow someone long enough, they will do something wrong. Even if it's something I have to make up. Again, I loved the control thing.

As I saw a reason to stop these guys I'd make sure to unbutton a few extra buttons on my uniform before exiting the cruiser. If the men were real hot, I'd even let my hair down as I followed them, knowing I'd soon have a reason to pull them over.

I always made certain to lean into the vehicles, exposing as much of my tits as possible without getting arrested myself. I'd always take a peek to see if I could get a rise of the the offender. Most men would take the bait, begging me for forgiveness of their infraction, some even propositioning me. Those were the guys I really liked.

I had to be very careful not to lose my job by making the first move so I'd always entice my chosen men with ample cleavage and a little flirting.

I didn't have a steady boyfriend, I was having too much fun with my career and had no intentions of having a man spoil my fun. Oh, I've already said that once.

On occasion I've had the opportunity to pull over a celebrity or rock star, always using my power to get what I wanted.

My first few years as an officer with the department I behaved being a constant professional. I always wondered what it would be like to use my power over these guys. How far did I dare to take this? I remember the first day that I acted upon my urges.

I spotted a limo doing 65 miles per hour in a 45 zone. Limos usually meant important people were aboard in Vegas so I hit the lights and siren. We were a few miles out of town in a very remote area as I pulled them over.

As I approached the vehicle, the rear window went down in the limo as a very famous musician appeared asking, "Is anything wrong officer?"

Damn, this guy was fine, rich and famous. I knew who he was instantly and have always been attracted to him. He was one of those guys every woman had dreams about, you know, guys like Tim McGraw and Brad Pitt.

"Well sir, your driver was doing twenty miles per hour over the speed limit." I said.

I looked in the Limo noticing he was alone in the back. Maybe I should put him in cuffs? No, that's too obvious.. It was time to turn up the heat and see how far I could take this.

"You were also in a school zone sir. It's considered a felony offense as school was in session. The speed limit is only 15 miles per hour when the yellow lights are flashing."

"Exactly what does that mean officer?" asked my sexy rocker.

"It means I may have to take you in and impound your car. You were actually 50 miles per hour over the speed limit." I said as I leaned in exposing my two best assets.

I could tell he had never seen tits like this on a cop before as he couldn't take his eyes off them. This turned me on so I knew that this could be fun. This could be my big chance to live out a fantasy.

"Is there anything I can do to take care of this officer?" he asked as his eyes were still on my cleavage. "I really don't want to go to jail. I have a show tonight."

"Let me check, I'll be right back," I said as I returned to my cruiser.

Usually we do background checks or check the registration of the vehicle. Not this time, I checked my make-up, let my hair down and unbuttoned a few extra buttons before I exited my cruiser. I could see his facial expression change as I approached. He was really into me.

"Well, I am going to have to give you a written warning Sir. Would you like me to slide in next to you as you sign it?" I said as I discretely licked my lips.

The door to the limo opened instantly as I sat next to him. His eyes were all over me now as mine were him. I couldn't help but notice the bulge growing in his pants. Hey, maybe guys have fantasies of fucking a cop too.

"You're the sexiest cop I've ever met," my rocker said.

"I see your excitement Sir," I whispered as I stared at his crotch.

He rolled the window up and closed the blind so the driver was now unaware of what we were saying and doing.

"Driver, take a break. The officer and I need to discuss this."

"I may be able to let this ticket go, I could punish you myself for the offense," I whispered seductively.

His hands were all over me in a heartbeat, He had his hand in my bra, undoing my uniform top before I had the chance to react. His mouth went immediately to my tit, sucking me hard as he kneaded the other the other tit. This guy wasted no time.

"Sir, I am going to have to punish you now," I said as I undid his pants releasing his cock. God, this guy had a great big fat cock and he wasn't even hard yet. I went right for it, devouring it as I took him all. He was hard in an instant. His cock was big, must have been eight inches long as it sprung to attention.

He continued sucking my tits as his hand was now unzipping my pants, pulling them off me. I removed my top and bra completely and sat naked before him as he removed the remainder of his clothes. I still had his cock in my mouth, slamming down on it. I was taking him all, gagging each time I slammed him down. Damn, I loved doing that.

There was a lot of room in this limo as he crawled between my legs, lapping at my pussy. He wasted not time plunging his tongue into me as I started to cum, quivering as I held his head tightly against me. I wrapped my legs around his head, holding him there as a I came hard.

I reached for his cock as a rolled a condom onto his cock, can't take chances with these rockers.

"Fuck me," I whispered as we consumed each other like two high school kids in the back seat of daddy's car. Nothing gentle or romantic going on here, just a good hard fucking. I got on my knees as he mounted me from behind. I could feel him push the head of his cock into me, just the head. He withdrew and slammed it in to the balls. He meant business as I felt his balls slap my ass. I could tell this guy didn't believe in romance.

I reached under myself, grabbing his balls, fondling them. God he had huge balls. They were slapping against my ass as he pounded my pussy. He was fucking me hard and fast. I was moaning and screaming, surely the driver could hear us. I didn't care. I was fucking a famous rocker and was loving it.

I bet this was the first time he'd ever fucked a cop too. He was as turned on as I was. We were both going at it like animals.

He continued driving his cock in and out as I tensed to cum again. I could feel his body stiffen as well as he was surely ready to cum,

"I'm fucking cumming!" he grunted as he continued slamming into me, his balls actually slapping my ass. I could feel his cock begin to spasm as he filled the condom. He kept cumming as he gripped my hips tight, forcing himself deep into me.

I felt him relax as I knew he had finished, both of us trying to catch our breath as this had been such a fast, violent fuck. I fucking loved it!

He withdrew and disposed of the used condom, kissing me on the lips as I started to get dressed. We wasted no time in the limo. He gave me what I wanted, a good, hard, fast fuck. He got a get out of jail free card and great sex with a cop as a bonus.

After I finished dressing and putting everything back in it's place, trying to look official I said, "Your offense is forgiven Sir. Please cum again."

"I will speed through Vegas every time I'm here hoping you'll stop me," said my rocker friend with a smile, looking exhausted.

I exited the limo returning to the cruiser as if nothing had ever happened, totally satisfied with a new excitement for my job.

That was the first time I'd used my authority to take advantage of a situation but I don't think the offender complained much about it later. I had a world of new adventures ahead now, I just had to be careful about this and who I fucked on the job. This could get me fired if I ever got caught, unless I fucked my boss to make things even. This could be the perfect job for a slut like me who wanted no commitments or boyfriends.

In the months ahead I didn't get another chance like the one I had that day, but a few months later I spotted a gorgeous guy driving a nice new black Mercedes Benz. He looked to be about forty five, very distinguished and rich. He was sexy as hell.

He was cruising along I-15 totally obeying the law, shit. I stayed a few car lengths behind hoping for a reason to stop him, nothing. I followed him for over ten miles, still a perfect citizen. I just knew he had to be a married rich guy with a stiff bitch for a wife, probably never had her lips around his cock.

Just the thought of conquering this guy had me turned on and anxious to get to him. Come one, do something wrong!

Then it finally happened, it always does if you follow long enough. My gorgeous offender failed to signal as he changed lanes. I hit the siren and lit up my lights. Being the good citizen he was he immediately pulled over, I'm sure he had no idea he had done anything wrong.

As I pulled in behind his Benz I undid three buttons on my uniform and let my hair down as I sat my uniform hat in my front seat. I wanted this guy's attention and interest as soon as he set eyes on me. A quick check in my rear view mirror verified that I looked just right.

I exited my cruiser walking up to the driver's side door as he rolled down the window. His eyes practically seduced me as he looked me up and down, I knew he liked what he saw.

"Good afternoon Sir, are you aware of why I stopped you?" I asked in a somewhat official way glancing into his car checking him out.

Hew was definitely worth stopping, what a hunk. Tall dark and handsome with just a touch of gray hair at the temples. He was a George Clooney look alike, very attractive.

"I have no idea officer. What did I do wrong?" he asked as he finally noticed my ample cleavage staring him in the face.

I leaned in just to make sure he got a good look at my tits, searching for a reaction seeking his interest. I noticed a wedding ring on his finger, just as I though. Perfect! His eyes met my tits as he couldn't keep from staring.

"You made an abrupt lane change without using your turn signal Sir. You nearly caused an accident. I could actually site you for driving to endanger as well." I explained as I tried to make it seem more serious than it was.

"I'm so sorry officer. Do I get a ticket for that?"

"Not necessarily Sir, where are you going today?" I asked as I looked at his crotch, trying to be a bit seductive. Just then I notice his growing interest in me.

"I'm actually on my way to my office at the next exit," he said as he was now making no attempt to conceal his interest in my tits.

"It's Saturday, aren't most offices closed?" I asked now really looking him over. He had to know I was interested now.

"I own the company though. I'm just going in to do some extra work. The building is closed," he said as I thought he might be baiting me for attention.

"Well, I guess I could overlook your violation this time. I'm sorry I've interrupted your day and made you late," I said as I licked my lips seductively yet a bit discrete. I was wondering if he took it as flirting or not. How could he not?

"I'd be happy to give you a police escort in order to not have you delayed any more Sir," I said in a low sexy voice. He had to catch on now, he looked like he'd been around the block a few times.

"Why that would be wonderful officer. My office is in the Harrington Building at the next exit if you know where that is," he said now grinning ear to ear with a bulge definitely growing in his pants. I found myself staring, couldn't help it.

"Follow me then Sir," I said as he shook his head up and down nervously in agreement.

I drove to his office with him following closely behind. As we arrived, we were the only two cars in the parking lot. This was working out well as planned. I got out of the cruiser and met him at his car as he exited and locked the door.

"Would you like to escort me to the office too officer?" he asked now knowing exactly what was going on, I think.

"I'd love to, I've never been in this building before." I said as I followed closely behind. "I'd like a tour of the building."

He unlocked the front door, disabling the alarm system as we walked in together. We walked down a hallway to an office at the very end of the building. As we entered the office the first thing I noticed was the oversized couch in front of the large oak desk. Damn, this was perfect!

"This is a wonderful office Sir," I said as I sat on the couch.

"Thank you officer, I think it's quite comfortable. If I may say you're the prettiest police officer I've ever seen," he said as if testing me for a reaction. He was already thinking the same thing I was.

"You're the nicest looking man I've stopped in a very long time sir," I answered and I made sure he saw me looking him up and down.

"I really appreciate the escort and your kindness in understanding my error in judgment on the highway. Again, I apologize for any trouble I may have caused."

Enough of the small talk and bullshit I thought as I stood and looked him in the eyes, saying nothing now. I was trying to give him my fuck me look so he'd pounce on me at this point. My eyes moved to his crotch as I noticed his growing excitement. That's all it took, he got the hint.

He moved toward me, tentatively just in case he was reading me wrong, after all I was a police officer with a gun on my hip. He paused close enough that we could fell each others' breath.

I made my move reaching for him, throwing my arms around his neck as we kissed. Not a tender kiss, a passionate kiss. The kind of kiss that could only mean one thing, fuck me. We now both understood each others' needs and desires. I could feel his manhood grow against me.

He was unbuttoning my uniform, exposing my bra as I had his belt buckle open, unzipping his pants. We continued kissing, more like consuming each other. His hands went for my bra clip as he freed my tits, now out for his viewing.

He bent over as he took my left breast into his mouth, sucking my nipple hard as he caressed my right tit. I knew he couldn't wait to get his hands on my tits. I slipped my shoes and socks off, slipped out of my pants and dropped my panties as he continued devouring my tits.

I stopped him long enough to lift his shirt over his head exposing his muscular chest. Damn, this guy took car of himself. As he kicked his shoes off and removed his socks I removed his pants and underwear. His cock stood at attention. He had a very nice cock, probably six inches long standing straight in the air.

I couldn't resist it, dropping to my knees shoving it down my throat easily. licking his balls as I held my position with his cock completely in my mouth.

I looked up as I saw his head tipped back in ecstasy. I was a great cock sucker and knew it. Men loved their cock's consumed by a cock whore like me. I had devoured many cocks in my lifetime, this was was easy.

I continued shoving his cock down my throat, gagging as I pushed down all the way knowing how men love this. Men love the feeling of throat fucking, forcing the woman take it all. He was still busy with my tits but lifted me off his cock to carry me to the couch. He lay me down on the couch, spreading my legs and he wasted no time hungrily going for my cunt with his mouth.

He was masterful at the art of eating pussy bringing me to orgasm almost immediately, as I clenched his head between my thighs I shuttered and came. I was ready for his cock, needing a good fucking.

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