tagBDSMA Pony is Broken Ch. 02

A Pony is Broken Ch. 02


Emotionally drained, he walks up the stairs to his office. Putting the baby monitor down on the desk, he takes a seat at his computer. His computer screen comes alive with a shake of the mouse. Over the baby monitor, he hears her cry. As he logs into his computer, the screen fills with a picture from their trip to Mexico. It is of her on the beach at Balandra. The irony is not lost on him.

Opening his email, he begins reading the email they have shared over the past two years. They had met online. She was smart, educated, well-spoken, well traveled, and beautiful, very much a princess. She had been in several D/s liaison in the past and she desired it again, only different. More complete: committed, romantic, sexual, friendship, and trust. A relationship. It is difficult for her to admit, even to herself, that she wanted to be dominated.

There was a dark side to her, which she revealed to him. There were things in her past, which had left her believing she was worthless. This was not the first time he has come across a woman with this belief. Revealing this to him was not easy. Others had judged and made assumptions based on her past.

Moving to her computer, he logs in and opens her user folder. It had been easy for him to find her emails and IMs. He knows she is smarter then this and assumed that on some level she wanted him to catch her.

There were anonymous email exchanges between her and various men. However, she had sent graphic pictures to some of the men, pictures of her bound and gagged. At least she had obscured her face in the images. He leaves her computer with her email and IM up and running.

This was a clear violation of their relationship. Honesty and trust was paramount between them. At least he believed so. He told her from the beginning he reserved the right to read her email. Several times over the last month, he walked in on her chatting with someone and acting a bit guilty. She had claimed it was someone from one of her classes.

He has managed to cull 32 or so email and screen names of men she has interacted with over the last couple of months.

This sense of worthlessness had left her acting out and looking for men that would repeat the negative patterns of her past. With him, he hoped that she could experience someone that would support her, protect her, control her, give her structure and focus and show her that she had value as a person and as a woman. In return, all he required from her was honesty, she must go to therapy, and she has to work towards her degree.

Turning up the baby monitor, he hears nothing. She has fallen asleep.

With the discovery of her deceit, he realizes that she must be truly punished. Getting up from the chair, he grabs the baby monitor and he returns to the basement. He retrieves the items that he will use to punish her: a black leather belt, a blindfold, a pair ankle restraints, a spreader-bar, a bottle of lube, and a cane. He could spank and flog her all night and she would enjoy it. However, the cane she truly feared.

He takes the items and heads back up stairs. Securing the spreader-bar to the back legs of the chair, he attaches the ankle restraints to the bar ends. He lays the cane out on the desk adjacent to her computer.

Returning to the basement, he turns off the lights, opens the door and enters the bathroom where she sleeps. Shutting the door behind him, he takes a seat next to her on the floor.

"Princess. Wake up."

She starts to move a bit.

In a louder voice," Come on. Wake up. We need to talk."

The sound of chains fills the bathroom as she struggles awake. Moving across the tile floor, he grabs her by the hair. "Fuckin' wake up" he shouts.

"Are you ready to talk about what is going on?"

"Yes. But please don't yell at me." She clears her voice. "I am not sure what's the problem."

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do. Why do you ask?"

"Why do you love me?"

"Why are you yelling at me?"

"Just answer the fuckin' question."

"Ok. I'm sorry. You are kind, loving, demanding, and protective. When I told you of my past you did not run or judge me. You've seen more of me, the real me and you believed in me more than anyone. The question is do you still love me?"

"I will always love you. Never doubt that. On my last day, I will think of you. But, the issue is will we be together."

"Please don't say that."

"Explain to me why you are acting out?"

"Acting out. Wearing panties is acting out?"

"I am not a fool."

"What are you so mad about? You are scaring me."

"I found your 'PrincessIsASlut' email and IM archive. Why are you still doing this shit?"

"I am scared." She trembles as she pleads. "Please release me."

"No. Answer my question." He insists of her.

"I am scared."

"What are you scared of?"

"You treat me well. You love me. The way you look at me. It can't last. I am scared. I am afraid you are going to leave me."

"Have I done anything to make you think I am going to leave?"

"No. But, that doesn't mean you wont. I will do anything. I just want you. Your love." She sobs. "Please, I will do anything. I am sorry."

"I have been nothing but supportive. Why do you do it?"

"Because I don't deserve to be treated well. You deserve better."

"Yes, I do, and I expect better of you. I need to be able to trust you. I told you whatever happened in the past doesn't matter to me. I told you to come clean on everything ."

"You don't understand." Through her tears, "You can't. No one can. I am shit, I am damaged."

"I know your past. The chaos it can causes you. You're right. I can't understand it. But, you can't solve it by sabotaging our relationship."

"Please don't give up on me." She pleads as she cries.

He places the blindfold on her and turns on the light. He proceeds to unlock the chains, releasing her. Unbound, she attempts to hug him.

"Not yet."

Taking her by the arm, he escorts her up stairs to the office, where he proceeds to restrain her. He positions her standing behind the chair facing the desk. Securing her ankles with the restraints attached to the spreader-bar, he takes the black leather belt, places it around the chair back and her waist, and tightly secures her to the chair.

"Bend over at the waist and put your forearms on the desktop."

She complies. He removes her blindfold, and she is staring into her computer. The only applications running are email and IM.

"What's this and why the cane." She states.

"You are going to email and IM all of the men you have contacted as 'PrincessIsASlut.' You will explain what you did was wrong and if they have any issues with it they can contact me."

"Why are you doing this?"

"You said you would do anything."

"Please not this. I don't want to be caned."

"You said anything. First, I want you to write the letter. You will use the same message for both email and IM'ing."

"What do you want me to say?"

"What do you think you should say?"

"That it was wrong of me to have contact with them behind your back."

"How are you going to explain who I am?"

"That you are the man in my life and that you possess me.

"What else are you going to tell them?"

"I don't know. Um, That the 'PrincessIsASlut' screen name and email address are dead."

"Good. But, I will be monitoring them for a while. And what else are you going to say?"

"That if they have any issue with this they are to take them up with you."

"Very good. Now write the message."

She opens the word processor begins to type:

"In the past you have interacted with me. You know me as PrincessIsASlut. The interactions where without the knowledge of the man in my life, I am his possession solely and I love him dearly.

This will be the last message you will receive from me. From this point on PrincessIsASlut is no more.

If you have an issue with this, I am more than happy to forward it to the man in my life.


"Now bring up your email account for 'PrincessIsASlut' and IM."

She complies.

"You will receive a strike of the cane for each name in your address book and for each screen name in your buddy list. Bring up your address book."

"How many names are there?"


"Now count the number of screen names in your buddy list."


"OK. That makes 32 strikes."

"Please, I don't want this."

"And I wanted you to be honest with me." He scolds her. "I will give you a choice. You can take the strikes of the cane or pack your stuff, walk out of here and my life. You choose."

"I never thought of you as a sadist." She begins to cry.

"I'm not. I'm not enjoying this."

Through her tears, "I will take the cane."

"Good. I don't want you to leave me. But, I must maintain my boundaries. Now compose the email."

She creates the email; her hands tremble as she copies, and pastes the body of the message from the word processor into the email. "This is going to take a while to do this for each contact."

"Then just add all of them to the 'to' list."

"But, they will see each other's email addresses."

"I don't care, maybe they can jerk each other off."

She adds all the addresses to the 'to' list and sends the email.

"Good girl. Now the IM. This will be slower. Sign in invisible."

She brings IM forward on the desktop and signs in invisible. Several of the contacts appear to be online.

"Ok start from the top and work you way down."

She starts messaging from the top down. A couple of the contacts that were online message back: "Sad to hear." "You stupid bitch!" "Want me to kick his ass."

"What should I do?"


She finishes messaging the contacts.

"Can we talk about the caning?"

"There's nothing to talk about."

"Pleassse." She begs.

Still restrained to the chair, she takes hold of the arms rest with her hands, gripping them as if it was her first time behind the wheel of a car.

"Count them out. Remember 32."

He strikes her on the ass with the cane.







Again, he strikes her.

With spit dripping from her mouth and crying, "Twenty nine." In pain, her ass is crimson and full of welts.

Again, he strikes her.


Again, he strikes her, only much harder.

"Thirty One."

And now the last.

"Thirty Two."

She breathes a sigh of relief through her tears.

"Please. Release me. I have done what you asked."

He slides his hand between her legs. She is wet and arches back as he probes her.

"Your pussy is soaking wet. Pleasure, pain, and punishment. Again what a complex mix."

Releasing her from the restraints and bindings, he pushes her to the floor. Looking down, he can see she is quivering and shaking. "Do you realize how much your deceit hurts us?"

Scared and shaken she nods yes.

Straddling her ass and on his knees, he forces her on to her belly. He pulls her hands behind her back. Her wrists are so thin he can hold them with one hand. With his free hand, he pulls his belt from his Levis. He wraps the belt around her crossed arms until he his able to buckle the belt tight.

With her secured, he pulls his cock out from his Levis. Taking the lube, he pours it on her ass. The lube flows down to her pussy. He knows he must break her. With her on her belly, he thrusts his cock deep into her and she moans. With out regard to her pleasure, he takes her, fucks her, and breaks her.

He senses that she is close to coming. He pulls his cock from her, takes some lube from her ass, and strokes it on to his cock. He plunges his cock rough and hard into her ass. She screams and the sound simply pushes him harder to the edge.

By the hair, he forces her to arch her back and in her ear he whispers, "I love you with all my heart. But, I will rip you from my life if you deceive me again. You don't want to test me on this. Do you understand?"

She nods yes and he comes deep into her.

He presses his body against her. "Never again."

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