tagGay MaleA Prom Worth Remembering

A Prom Worth Remembering


High school dances and proms were never on my list of favorite things. There was always too much drama and pressure to be seen with the right person and that was a double whammy for me.

I was about as non-descript as it came and anything but a part of the popular cliques. I wasn't a hunk, a jock, a skater, a geek, or even a brain...just pretty much a mostly invisible, eighteen-year-old guy trying to get through the last few months to graduation day. Part of being a senior though, is all the social events and how you are expected to join in almost every one of them lest you not have memories on your death bed of that final nine months of twelve long years of school. Even my parents pushed me to go to every one as if life wouldn't be complete otherwise. I could have been just as happy sitting at home playing Wii. "But you have to go, Zachary. It will mean so much to you later," was their typical point of view.

I was always self-conscious about trying to find a date for dances. Sure, I had filled out nicely from my adolescent skinniness, and thanks to a growth spurt, my height finally broke through the six foot mark the summer between my junior and senior years. Girls I had dated said my deep blue eyes were gorgeous, but I didn't allow many to get close enough to see them very well. My hair was thick and a nice shade of deep brown, but I wasn't one of the hunks or pretty boys that the babes fawned over. I also found that I was becoming less and less interested in impressing chicks anyway and spending much more time noticing their boyfriends. I knew I wasn't ready to deal with the word gay, but it was definitely on the list of possibilities in my mind. But then my being a total virgin may have a lot to do with that too. Pretty much anything sexual made my dick hard.

As much as I let it be an occasional late night whack fantasy, I knew that I couldn't expect to have the long-legged captain of the swim team ask to take me to the senior prom. I also wrote off the chances of the hunky quarterback of our championship football team picking me to come out of the closet with. Hell, if it wouldn't blow my parent's minds, I would probably have been willing to go with one of the openly gay dudes we did have at James Buchanan High instead of playing the game with a girl I really wasn't that into. I was sitting in sixth period study hall and closed my eyes to enjoy the thought of me and Collin...a cute skater that had been out since he was a sophomore...and me walking into a decorated gymnasium, hand-in-hand, wearing matching tuxes. Unfortunately, I was neither that brave, nor was he available since it was already all over school that he and Jason...the editor of the yearbook...were going as a couple. Actually, that was what finally spurred me to find a date because I didn't want to miss that groundbreaking event for our little backward town.

Since I wasn't confident enough about my own sexuality to join them in making history, I sought out a more traditional date...one with large, rounded tits and smooth, long legs instead of furry thighs and hard pecs. Regrettably, I had waited long enough that it wasn't easy to find someone that wasn't already taken. Of the first three girls I approached, two said they would have told me 'yes' had I asked a month earlier; and the third rolled her eyes at me before walking away shaking her head from my even asking. That's what I get for asking a country club bitch though. My dad wasn't a doctor or lawyer. I drove an old beater. The cash in my pocket came from a part time job at the Publix near our house...not a $50 a week allowance. I played pick up games of basketball at the park, so my tan came from that and swimming in the river; not from playing tennis or laying beside the pool at the expensive private club that type belonged to. I probably wouldn't have been a consideration even if she had still been available.

I was ready to just say the hell with it, when my best friend made me an offer to both fix me up and make it an interesting evening too, by offering to split the limo he had rented. There weren't that many available in town and showing up at prom in one guaranteed you jealous looks. It also increased the odds of a good shot at a piece of pussy or even just a blow job on the way home. With only a couple of weeks to go before the annual insanity, Brandon had saved what little social standing I had when he said his date had a cousin at one of the county high schools that would be willing to go with me. I don't know whether I agreed simply to get my parents to stop asking me if I had a date yet, or because of the possibility of losing my virginity.

* * * * *

Two weeks later, I was standing in the middle of our living room dressed in a rented, dark blue monkey suit; complete with a giant white rose boutonniere to match the color of my velvet bow tie; and being subjected to my mom's determination that she was going to use up an entire roll of film on the four of us. Brandon and his date Britney were standing to the side snickering constantly as they watched Ashley and I being ordered into a dozen different poses after she had gotten photos of the group. All I wanted to do was get going.

Thankfully after enough silently pleading looks at my dad, he convinced mom to chill out with the camera. That lasted only long enough for her to catch sight of the long Lincoln Town Car filling up half the length of the driveway. Mom's shutterbug fixation surfaced again and we all had to go through yet another half roll of pictures getting into it. Even our chauffeur for the evening wasn't spared her attack with the camera as she demanded to get shots of him helping the girls into the stretch limo and then holding the door for us. He looked to be only a few years older than Brandon and me, and took it all in stride with a smile. We finally escaped when dad reminded mom that we were going to miss the entire prom if she didn't let us go soon. A few minutes later; Drew, our driver; had us rolling down the street in style and headed for the high school.

I should have been paying total attention to Ashley, but it was my first time in a real limousine and I couldn't help but check out all the amenities of it. I opened the small refrigerator underneath the built-in bar and was surprised to find it stocked with sodas and mineral water. Ashley scrunched up her nose when I turned on the television to the right of the bar and acted like I was going to watch the episode of 'Family Guy' that flickered on the screen. She was even less happy when I held up a copy of 'Cars' and suggested we pop it in the attached DVD player.

The stereo system was next to catch my attention since it looked better than anything I had in my bedroom at home. Brandon half pissed off Britney when he broke the lip lock she had him, to show me all the features. Girls just didn't understand the fascination cars held for teenaged guys and this was one hell of a vehicle.

After playing with the moon roof a little, we grabbed Cokes from the mini fridge and toasted each other to what we all assumed was going to be a great evening. I was already feeling better about going, but honestly could be just as happy spending the night riding around in luxury and making out, as being on a dance floor with a couple hundred other people too. From the looks of the way Brandon and Britney were again trading spit, I think they would vote the same way.

Ashley wasn't quite as amorous as her cousin on the way to the high school, but she didn't push me away when I slipped my tongue in her mouth either. When she dropped her hand to the inside of my thigh, I moved mine to a breast...and had it quickly removed along with a 'not that kind of girl' look. Fucking high school chicks were so hard to figure out! The rest of the ride to the dance was with a chasm slightly less wide than the Grand Canyon between us.

* * * * *

The prom theme was 'Moon Over Miami' and the decoration committee had done an exceptional job. One entire wall of the gym was covered with an art deco skyline that duplicated post cards I had seen of South Beach. The shorter wall it adjoined, had plywood cut outs of the ocean complete with blue waves rolling in. Even the official photography area kept the same focus and included a couple of palm trees and real white sand to stand in. We got the required couples photographs out of the way right off, staked claim to a table, and then headed for the dance floor.

The DJ was mixing it up well as he switched back and forth with songs from Lady Gaga and The Wanted, to disco hits by The BeeGees and Gloria Gaynor. Like so many other high school classes before us, we kind of adopted a love of both current music and also reaching back twenty or more years to classic hits. My parents had even said their own prom was a mix of 'Saturday Night Fever' and something called 'Beach Boys' music.

After a long set on the dance floor, Brandon and I finally convinced the girls to hit the refreshment tables and take a break. After we were relegated to collecting plates of things to nibble on and plastic cupfuls of what was sure to be bad tasting, un-spiked punch; our dates disappeared to the bathroom. Watching them walk away, the greatest mystery in the world was once again brought to my mind: Why is it that females can't ever go pee alone? That and 'Is the Loch Ness monster real?' had to be the two biggest unanswered questions of all time.

Brandon's voice brought me back from my daydreaming as we sat down at a table to wait. "So dude...what do you think of Ashley?"

"She's okay, I guess," was my almost completely non-committal answer back. "I tried for some tit on the way over in the limo, and got my hand spanked."

He laughed and said Britney had done her own share of cock teasing during the ride too. "She was grinding on me during that last slow dance like she wanted fucked behind the bleachers, but I know better. It's all a game they play to make us think all the money we spent on the tuxes and the limo and corsages will get us blown at least on the way home."

My mind did a quick shift and I was surprised that I was close to suggesting to my best friend that maybe we had better odds of doing each other in the limo, than getting more than a parting crotch rub from these two. I swallowed what was on my tongue and instead said that my date had done everything she could to succeed in boning me up during the last dance also. Brandon only grinned and added, "Well, I either get a hand job at a minimum, or Britney can walk home!"

"From what Ashley is already pulling with me, I think the only thing she intends to do, is see how much jizz she can get me to leak on the inside of my boxers."

"Better not get any stains on those rented pants," came with a butt pat that I never expected from Brandon. "They charge extra to dry clean white spots that aren't mayonnaise or cookie icing you know." He was grinning, but I didn't answer since my mind was busy trying to deal with why my cock had sprung back to life from nothing more than a glancing touch to my ass from my buddy.

* * * * *

The girls busied themselves with picking at the plate of bite sized sandwiches and desserts we had for them when they rejoined us. They also seemed to be keeping a certain distance along with conversation that was about as bland as the food. Brandon and I shot each other 'What the fuck?' looks but didn't ask for an explanation of what had evidently changed so quickly with them. Britney pulled away from Brandon when he tried to kiss her neck, and the look I got from Ashley said: 'Don't even try with me right now.' As Brandon slid his chair up against his date's and draped his arm around her shoulder, Ashley grabbed my hand and whispered, "Let's dance again. Now!" The serious look on her face and eye brows that were suddenly up under her bangs, said not to argue.

We locked arms around each other and started to sway to a slow Bruno Mars tune. About half way through the song, I noticed my friend getting the riot act read to him back at the table. "What the hell is going on, Ashley?" I asked. The words guys never want to hear; especially on prom night; were the answer.

"Her time of the month just started." Nothing more. Nothing less. Just a look that said if you need any more explanation, then you are a Neanderthal. I knew right then, that the rest of the evening was shot for both me and Brandon. At least as far as the girls were concerned anyway. When it comes to periods...they stick together.

When we got back to the table in the corner, the discussion that was going on was anything but nice and was already attracting attention from other people. "You just want in my fucking panties, prick!" were the first words I heard.

I cringed when Brandon came back with, "Well maybe if you hadn't been rubbing on my cock while you had your tongue checking out my tonsils in the limo, I wouldn't have thought that you wanted it so bad!"

Ashley yanked away from my arm around her hip and jumped into the fray with, "Why do you guys have to be such hounds? Just go jack off and get over it." I was standing there trying to mind my own business when the wrath was next directed at me. "And you best never grab my tit again either, asshole!"

It was my turn to have my eye brows crawl up to my hairline and my mouth to fall open. Before I could recover and come up with any kind of answer to that, Brandon jumped up and yelled loud enough to be heard through most of the gym. "Fuck both of you! Find your own way home then!" He grabbed my arm and all but dragged me from the table as he issued his final missive at our dates. "We aren't paying $250 for your asses to smell up that limo. Hitch hike home for all I care bitches!"

The next eight or ten minutes was like a scene from a bad episode of 'Gossip Girl.' First was the glass of the red punch splattering Brandon's tux. Then it was the half eaten plate of finger food that nailed his rented outfit. His temper got the best of him and he scooped up the pile of mini sandwiches at his feet and heaved them back at Britney's long white gown. Just as he picked up a glass of the punch to pour over her head, he was tackled by Rocky Simms from the football team...and Britney's ex-boyfriend.

By the time a few teachers that were chaperoning finally got involved, a lot of swings and kicks had connected between everyone. What was bad was that Brandon and Rocky were both pretty bloody. What was worse, was the siren outside hadn't been an ambulance. Devastingly prophetic was the two cops that came rushing in that obviously weren't much in the mood to be polite with two high school guys still throwing punches. It only took a few moments before both Rocky and Brandon were sprawled face-down on the floor. I cringed as I heard the distinct 'click-click' of the hand cuffs being slapped on my best buddy. As only he could have done, he looked up at me and managed to grin with a busted lip and bloody nose and muttered: "The limo's paid for till 2am...take those teasing cunts out and fuck them both if ya want!" The swift kick to his nuts by Britney said it wasn't a good suggestion for him to have made.

* * * * *

Ten minutes after watching both Brandon and Rocky being hauled away in a cruiser, and Britney and Ashley giving me one last full combined ration of shit, I was leaning up against the front end of the long Town Car commiserating with Drew and smoking the Marlboro I had bummed from him. "Dude! I know what you are saying, but how the hell do I salvage anything out of this night at this point?" It was my latest comment on the way things had turned out as I inhaled the final drag deep into my lungs and flipped the butt of the spent smoke into the parking lot.

"All I am telling you, Zach, is that it's only ten o'clock. At least let me drive you around and stare at the full moon and stars if you aren't going back in to the dance." Drew did a quick double take around the car to make sure no one was close enough to hear the next comment. "I will even break the rules and grab us a six pack of Bud and we can go park up by the lake and catch a light buzz if you want. Live out whatever 'rich boy' fantasy you have while you have me and the limo." The offer being coupled with the wide smile on his face and glittering of his eyes, seemed to be a combination of someone trying to be a friend and someone trying to seduce you. I wasn't certain which one I was most interested in at the moment, but time at the lake with Drew was definitely a better idea than hanging around stag at my senior prom for another two hours.

"Let's roll, Kato," slipped from my lips in agreement to the beer and lake idea.

The rear passenger door being opened for me and "Okay, Mr. Reed," from Drew said he must have seen some of the same ancient 'Green Hornet' reruns that I had on ScyFy channel too. We both laughed and I crawled into the cavernous interior of the Lincoln.

A quick stop at the first 7-Eleven we saw, stocked us up with a six pack, some chips, and a couple of those overpriced sub sandwiches every convenience store sold. Drew wouldn't take any money from me for the party supplies. "Your buddy already tipped me $50 for the night...this is his contribution actually," was a suitable answer for me. I stowed the brew and sandwiches in the mini fridge and then dropped the dark glass panel that separated the passenger area from the driver's compartment so Drew and I could talk on the way.

It turned out that he was twenty-three and had just started college last fall after a hitch in the Navy. The driving job was his way to supplement his GI school benefits. I watched his face as much as I could, in the rear view mirror as he drove and caught the gleam his bright green eyes gave off every time an approaching car's headlights hit them. He had ditched the black chauffeur cap and let his thick, blond locks fall free to his shoulders which made him look a lot like a California frat rat ready to go on a surfing weekend. The uniform he wore showed off a nice build and the talk between us of mountain biking and rock climbing gave an explanation for it. The only discussion of females before we started around the road that circled the lake, was him offering his empathy that my prom date had ditched me.

I commented on what an expert he was at navigating the huge limo through the winding wide path that was considered a real road, but not truly designed for such a vehicle. His temptation back was almost too blunt. "Wait until I show you where I usually wedge this big thing in between a stand of tall pines when I have a couple that want to get it on with the moon roof open."

"Does that really happen?" was all I could think to reply.

"Oh yeah. More often than you would think and people of all ages too. I even had a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary have me find them a special spot one night." He paused as he concentrated on slipping the big Lincoln off the main road onto what looked like a fire road cut through the woods. "Gets a little tricky back in here, but the view is worth it. Plus, if I could manage to snug the Blue Angels' precious planes in between thirty-five other jets and copters on a flat top and not scratching the paint, worming this big thing through the woods is no big deal." As I looked up into the rear view mirror again, I noticed how white his teeth were in the total darkness we were suddenly in.

"But what do you do while they are...well...fucking back here?"

"Anything from go for a walk, to finding a buddy to call or text with, to just sitting on the bumper like we were back at the gym." His eyes lit up in the mirror as he added one more thing. "I've even been invited to join in a time or two. And before you ask; no. I don't limit myself much when it comes to sex, but three-ways just aren't my thing." He so nonchalantly tacked on, "I can go either way, but like to be able to concentrate on one person when I do," that I nearly gasped out loud.

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