tagBDSMA Promising Start

A Promising Start


His wrists were lashed to the top corners of the bed, the Velcro straps firmly anchored tight, leaving him no room to wiggle. His ankles were likewise pulled against the bed frame, leaving a small indentation in his flesh. It would leave a mark, but one that would disappear in a few hours. Other marks from tonight would prove more permanent.

He rocked his ass against the sheets, squirming to no avail. I told him that he would be better off if he lay still; I make fewer mistakes that way.

First things first: the hair had to go. I put warm washcloth over his pubic hair, and a new blade went in the razor. A dollop of shaving gel in hand, I worked it in to his cock hair, letting it foam on contact. I started on his balls first – a swipe over his nut sack left a trail of skin behind and a cluster of hair in the razor. After rinsing out the razor, I'd take another swipe, widening the trail of bald skin. A dozen or so strokes later, his wrinkled skin was left with no cover, save a few bits of shaving cream that were left behind.

I moved up higher, and started to clean out the forest above his dick. This hair was a bit tougher, but the shaving cream had softened the wiry thatch. As before, it was no match for the new razor blade as it stripped away the pubes, his pride in Junior High School.

Rinsing out the rough washcloth, I rubbed the course fabric against his smooth skin, cleaning up the bits of hair and shaving cream I'd left behind.

With my nose inches from his clean cock, I inspected my work, looking for any hairs I'd missed, dispatching them with another swift swipe. While not fully erect, his cock head was drooling precum. So I licked the slippery salty substance up, then sucked the balance out of his slit.

Moving on to his nipples, I repeated the process – warm washcloth, creamy shaving gel, sharp razor – leaving a bald chest to go with the bald cock. Then I disappeared into the bathroom to wash my hands with antiseptic, put on some gloves, and grab my other supplies.

As I returned, his eyes grew wide and he whimpered quietly. The ball gag ensured I'd have no screams to alert the neighbors, and I had quite a bit of work to do. With the antiseptic scrub and iodine solution, I scrubbed his nipples and cock. I followed that with some EMLA cream, my analgesic of choice, dabbing a bit on his nipples and cock head. I smiled while I worked.

"You said you wanted to experiment with bondage, and see what it was like."

He seemed to relax a bit.

"I don't experiment with bondage. I take control."

His eyes widened again. The temporary relaxation was replaced with fear.

"And when I take control, I leave no doubt. I will mark you. You are mine. You are my fuck toy, and you will always know it – when you sit down to pee, when you take a shower, even when you go out in public, there will be signs for everyone to see that you are my fuck toy."

With nothing else to be said, I became quiet, concentrating on the tasks ahead.

I put a clamp over his left nipple, and drove the piercing needle through. Sharp and sterile, it cleanly split his flesh apart with barely a trace of blood. The bar followed the needle, and I secured it with a rose-colored titanium ball. The EMLA cream had done its magic; a slight grunt and a flinch were the only signs he gave that his virgin nipple had been violated for the first time.

Then I moved over to his right nipple. The clamp held tight as I rammed the needle home. This time, however, I put a metal shield under the bar before I secured it. The shield would make the nipple stick out against his shirt, and the outline of his bar and nipple shield would be obvious to everyone.

"Your pierced nipples will show through every shirt you wear. Some people will think you're kinky, and some will think you're gay. Others will know better, though – they will know that you are someone's property – and those that know you well, they will know that you're my property."

I slipped a black velvet hood over his head.

"Now I need to work on that bald cock of yours. You won't know what I am doing – but you will feel it. And if you want that bald cock to work properly when I'm done, you'll lie still."

Pulling his nut sack up and out of the way, a fresh needle opened a hole at the base of his balls, only to be filled by a shiny steel ring. He cried out briefly, since I had used no EMLA down there, and then remembered my stern warning and lay still.

By now, he was soaking in precum and his dick was a slippery mess. I used an antiseptic wipe to clean him up, then pulled his cock down, and used my marking pen to place two small dots on his pubic area, just above the base of his dick. A fresh piercing needle cut him open again, but this time I followed up with a surface bar, secured with two large stainless steel balls. After he healed, I planned to rub my clit on those puppies when I mounted him.

A ring in his cock head would be the fifth, and final, piercing for today. I shoved a tube down his piss hole, pressing the tube's opening against the thin skin below the meat of his cock head. With my nose a mere inch from his drooling dick, I hunted for an area with few blood vessels, then drove the needle through. This time, I followed with a taper, opening his new hole up for the larger, thicker ring, which I secured with a ball closure.

By now, the adrenaline coursing through his veins was the only pain killer he needed. I left him without a word, and disappeared into the closet. I slipped the neoprene bra over my D-cups and the cock harness over my sopping bald pussy. I opened my box of toys, and found a molded 12 inch black cock that the box claimed was a replica of a famous actor, attached it to the harness, and lubed it up properly.

Back in the bedroom, my obedient fuck toy was lying patiently where I left him. I rolled him over on his stomach and spread his legs, and used my leaking pussy juice and his precum to lube up his waiting asshole.

"If you are going to be my fuck toy, you are going to need to learn a few things. For your first lesson, I will fuck you in the ass. And you will learn to like it."

Obediently, he did not flinch or try to resist. I pushed my slippery fingers up his ass, opening him up for the first time. Then I positioned the massive dildo behind his sphincter, and eased the rubber shaft into his poop chute. As I pounded his ass, he slowly relaxed and accommodated the massive dick, moaning in pleasure as it tickled his prostate. The cock harness pounded my clit at the same time, as my strokes grew longer and more earnest. I reached around, fondling his pierced nipples and turgid pierced cock.

As my fingers clasped his hard, sore dick, he lost control, and with a stifled cry began to pump his white sticky goo over the bed and onto my hands. His pulsing shaft drove me over the top as well – with a shrill scream, my cunt clenched and released, its juices running down the inside of my thighs.

I just might keep him.

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