A Proposal


I Miss You.
My love, My partner, Now a part of my whole existence
I find thoughts of you creeping in at every instance
Life seems to be missing something when you are away
You are my inspiration, my conscience, and my reward
You chase away the shadows that bring desolation

I Love You
The kind of love that brings deep fulfillment
Patience emerges in waves that wash away frustration
The fire within warms my weary soul, bringing with it hope
Never have I known selfless emotions to be so self-nurturing
Self-absorption dissolves when I hear of your pains
As I reflect I see how my love for you have blossomed
And promises to continue to grow, strengthening the bond that distance cannot dim

I Need You
Reality reminds me that I would continue to exist without you
But life would lack the fulfillment that our relationship brings
You know the path to my soul
The overwhelming fears are now bearable because I have you to share them with
With tremendous relief, I now have the strength and perseverance to grow
I have my best friend to share all with, strengths and weaknesses
Some of the simplest things gratify, like making you smile

I Miss You…. I Love You…. And I Need You.
My soul reaches out to you now when days apart seem forever
With you there is a wonderful future to anticipate
Experiences of joys and disappointments that never have to be endured alone
Thank you for being you, and for being mine
I Treasure Us

Will you marry me?

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