tagBDSMA Punished Wife Ch. 04

A Punished Wife Ch. 04


My Dear Readers,


What I write is fiction/fantasy/fairy tales for adults. None of my characters are real, no one was injured during the production of my stories and just like on T.V., they all get up when the scene is over, have a beer, remove the makeup and go home, ready to return in the next chapter, all the boo boos healed.

Some spelling and grammatical errors are mine, however some are intentional. Which is witch, I leave as an exercise for those anal enough to care.

Votes and comments are as always gratefully received. E-mail will get personnel response if you remember to leave me a return e-mail address.


Dom Woolf


Rodger had had enough! After months of trying to correct Carol's behavior, he had reached the end of his patience. It was time for drastic measures.

Carol had been gone for a week visiting her sister, (a thoroughly irritating bible thumper that Rodger couldn't stand) and was due back tonite.

Rodger had been busy the whole week, working with a couple of buddies to install and setup his little surprise for his loving wife upon her return. So when he heard her car pull into the driveway he grinned and went to open the door and help her in with her luggage.

"How was the trip, love?"

"Oh God. I am soo glad to be home. Lauren was her usual opinionated self and her wimp of a husband was as usual no help. Her brats run wild and she of course does all the politically correct time outs and talking about their feelings when what the brats need is a good spanking."

Rodger smiled at her comment.

"Darling why don't you go take a long shower and get relaxed. I have something to show you after dinner. I think your going to love it."

Carol knew better than to ask what it was. Rodger loved his surprises. She hurried upstairs and tossed her travel clothes into the dirty clothes basket. She stopped to check her naked form out in the full length mirror.

At forty five, she still looked good. Daily exercise kept her body trim with just a little pooch of a stomach. She still had long dancer's legs and toned muscles. True the big tits sagged a bit more then they used too but hey, gravity was a bitch even exercise couldn't cure. She had to dye her hair nowadays to cover the strands of grey that were trying to creep in, still in all, the deep dark red looked good and wasn't a big change from her natural brunette.

She turned a bit in the mirror to see her ass cheeks. To be honest there was a bit more ass back there than she would have liked but it was firm and tight. Rodger's games helped keep it in good condition, nothing like a good cropping to force the muscles to tighten up.

Carol stepped into the shower and adjusted the water. She picked a body wash with a cinnamon scent that Rodger loved and began to soap up her wet skin letting her hands slip over and around her massive mammarys and down between her pussy lips just enough to get her juices started. She shaved her legs, armpits, and pussy leaving the landing strip that Rodger liked but trimming it to a neat short cut with the scissors she kept in the shower just for that purpose.

Carol rinsed off carefully and thoroughly before stepping out and wrapping herself in the big beach towel to dry off. She was not surprised to see an outfit laid out on the bed. Rodger liked to decide on her clothes especially when he had some type of play in mind. She was a bit surprised to see that the dress was a snap front with a squared off top, not his usual style. The bra had pull away cups, Velcro stick-ons and the panties were the usual split style offering instant access. High heeled fuck me pumps and stockings and garters were normal fair if they were going out.

Carol dressed and combed out her hair, then took care to do her makeup before stopping once more in front of the three sided full length mirror. She looked good.

Dinner was a lite affair of breaded fan tailed shrimp on a bed of rice and a Caesar salad, after which Rodger blindfolded Carol and lead her upstairs. She knew she was taken into the small bedroom that had been the kid's room but was now used mostly for storage. Rodger led her to a rolling chair of some kind, it felt like an office chair.

She felt him apply leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles that she could feel were attached to some sort of chains. Not having been told she couldn't she stretched the chains to find she had a lot more freedom of movement then Rodger usually gave her when they played these bondage scenarios?

Rodgers voice came from somewhere behind her.

"Carol, over the last few months you have spent way too much time online. You have been neglecting housework, dinners have been late, and you have missed appointments because of your obsession with these social networks..."

Now Carol was getting nervous. She had been slacking off, even missing her daily exercises to go on the web and talk with her friends.

"I decided that since you're so enamored by the web, I might as well use it to punish you. Remove your blindfold."

Carol slowly pulled the blindfold off and blinked at the lights all focused on her. She began to take in the newly arraigned room. Walls were hung with toys, whips, paddles, and ropes. A cross was fastened to the wall across one corner. There was a bondage table with tie down points every few inches, a doctors table with stirrups, and a triangle sawhorse. Everywhere she looked were cameras and one wall had flat screen monitors each feeding from one of the many cameras.

Directly in front of her was a computer setup and on the screen was a web site dedicated to... (Oh my god that's me on that web site.) Carol could see that the site had down one side galleries of still pictures and video's. Carol could see by the thumbnail pics, the were all of various times she had been filmed while doing bdsm scenes including the mock rape and punishment session by her neighbor and pool boy along with the gardeners.

There were member logins and buttons for visitors and even a section where galleries or video tapes could be purchased. In one corner was a countdown clock with the lead in, (Carol punished live in 4 minutes and 32 seconds and counting.)

"Rodger darling, you have got to be kidding. What if someone recognizes me?"

"Now dear you wouldn't want to disappoint your fans and paying members. You have 4,000 members signed up and since we are giving away this live performance free, well, there has been a lot of interest. As a matter of fact you already have 3600 people online at the moment."

Carol stared at the screen as it dissolved to a live shot from the camera directly above the screen.

"Smile and wave at the folks, dear."

Carol weakly smiled and waved. It was disconcerting to say the least to see herself waving back from the flat screen.

"After tonight's session there will be a live chat via the web and then you will be online everyday for at least 6 hours a day. I have arraigned with several of our friends to drop by and play with you at different times all through the week. Cameras are being placed all through the house so you can be seen all day every day. In the shower, the bedroom, the kitchen, on the back patio."

Rodger put a hooded mask on and touched the enter button on the computer keyboard. His voice boomed from the screen as the countdown timer hit zero.

Welcome friends and members to 'It's a submissive life"

"I'm sure by now you all recognize my wife and submissive Carol." She smiled at the camera. "Carol has been my submissive for our entire married life and at times that has resulted in her getting punished for... shall we say transgressions of the rules. Tonight we are starting something new, online and vary public punishments."

Rodger typed a few lines on the keyboard and hit enter. A box opened up on the screen.

"All week we have been running a pole to see what you our viewers wanted to see and the pole closed a few minutes ago so let's see what the results are, shall we?

Carol has been a bad girl and needs to be punished. What would you like to see as her punishment?

The choices. Pick one and mark the way you want to see it from the drop down menu.








3.Fucked live on camera13%

4.Have her give a blowjob on camera25%

5.Bondage and torture session live. 9%

6.All of the above.26%

7.Other _________. 1%

"Looks like all the above has it. Carol's in for a long night." Rodger walked up behind her chair. "Thank everyone for voting, Darling."

Carol looked at the camera as Rodger began unsnapping the front of her dress. "Thank you all for voting, I hope you enjoy my punishment."

Carol watched the computer screen as her dress slowly popped open snap by snap exposing her lace covered breasts and then her stomach and finally her pussy. Rodger spent a few moments panning the camera up and down her body before he pulled her from the chair and removed the rest of the dress.

"Crawl over and get the paddle."

Carol dropped to all fours and crawled over to the wall where the paddles and whips were hung. She knew Rodger was filming her backside as she crawled showing off her nylon covered legs and garters. She knew the split panties were showing obscene glimpses of her pussy and ass-hole as she moved and that her big tits were swaying side to side with each movement she made.

Carol took down the paddle and placed it in her mouth to hold it as she began the crawl back to the chair. She could see the computer screen as the camera focused in on her big juggs swaying back and forth staying right on the cleavage.

Once she got back Rodger sat in the chair and had her stand in front of him, her back to the camera. Then he had her slowly take down her panty's, exposing the soft globes of her ass inch by inch. She pushed them down her thighs and dropped them to her ankles.

"Take them off and hand them to me."

Carol knew as she bent and lifted each leg to remove the scrap of cloth, that the camera would have a perfect shot of her cunt, up close and personnel.

She handed the panties to him and he guided her around to his side and bent her across his lap. He spent a few moments rubbing her ass cheeks before he locked his left arm across the middle of her back.

With the remote Rodger was able to activate several cameras each showing up in a box across the bottom of the screen. One focused in on Carol's face, one across the room showed a perfect shot of her exposed and about to be paddled ass, neatly framed by the nylons below and the garter belt above and of course the camera on the computer showed her semi nude body stretched across Rodgers legs as he prepared to administer her punishment.

Rodger bent down and whispered in Carol's ear.

"By the way I emailed an invite with a free membership to everyone on your face book, my space and twitter accounts."

Carol froze in shock. "Oh My God!" then she screamed as the paddle landed across her upper thighs compressing her ass cheeks and instantly turning the skin a nice bright red. Rodger landed swat after swat each waiting just long enough for the sting to really soak into her ass cheeks before the next one hit.

He slowly administered 25 swats, then sat, and rubbed her red, black, and blue ass until Carol was able to get her breathing under control.

He stood her up, pointing her bruised and blistered butt at the camera.

"Now since floggers and single tails tied, I'll let Carol choose which she would rather be whipped with." Carol dropped to her knees again crawling across the floor but this time her naked and abused butt was prominently on display.

Carol knew the single tail was her favorite toy, she just loved the sting of the leather as it wrapped around her and the marks it left would take days to fade away, but she also knew the flogger was her husband's tool of choice. He loved the heavy thuddy sounds as it slammed into her back and butt. Since this was supposed to be a punishment session she decided to bring back the heavy leather flogger with it's twenty strands of half inch wide thick leather and take her punishment.

When Carol dropped the flogger at his feet Rodger smiled. He had hoped she would pick it. He stood her up and locked her wrist cuffs to the chains he lowered from the ceiling. Once he had her spread out, suspended and just barely able to touch the floor, he locked her ankle cuffs to chains that he passed through a couple of inset rings on the floor and spread her legs wide apart.

Rodger unbolted the chair and moved it out of the way so he had plenty of room to swing the flogger. While he was setting up Carol had plenty of time to observe herself in the computer screen.

Her arms were spread over her head and her legs splayed apart. She could follow her legs up from her six inch spiked high heels, up the nylon covered legs to the garter belt straps clipped on a few inches below her naked and exposed cunt lips. A small strip of hair above her pussy pointed to the garter belt across her lower belly, then it was nothing but skin up to the bottom of her lace incased tits hanging heavy on her chest. She could see her nipples were tight and standing out. The lace highlighting the mounds of flesh that made up her cleavage. Her hair covered her shoulders and framed her face as the tears from the earlier paddling left streaks on her cheeks.

Rodger pressed up against her hot and sore backside, reaching around to rip the tear away cups from her brassier. Now her big udders popped out and his fingers caught her nipples stretching her tits until they were pulled as much through the bra as they could go. He slipped a couple of Velcro straps around each one and tightened them until her juggs bulged out like overfilled balloons.

Rodger stepped back and Carol knew he would stand there and wait as the blood trapped in her breasts slowly began to turn them a dark purple. Carol knew that the longer he waited the more sensitive they would become and she dreaded what was to come next. She could hear the swishing as he loosened up the flogger and warmed up. She could feel the movement of the air behind her as the whirring noise began to sound faster and faster.

Rodger's first hit was a crowd pleaser, up between her legs so that the tips of the floggers straps snapped up from underneath to slap against her cunt, clit and lower belly, suddenly marking her in angry red lines.

Carol screamed out her pain, twisting and lifting herself off the floor as she fought the chains binding her in place. The next set of hits was criss cross across her back and shoulder muscles, slamming her back down and as far forward as the chains would allow. Rodger came around her sides, first left then right to slap the hard sharp edged leather across her stomach muscles.

Carol twisted, trying to move her pain racked body away from each stroke but thwarted by the chains stretching her body and holding it in place.

Again he slapped the flogger up from below igniting her cunt and clit in ribbons of fire that seemed to burn its way deep into her cunt. Carol felt herself get wet as her body reacted, each slap causing an inner fire that was hotter than the one on her skin.

Carol didn't notice when he stopped the flogging, barely registering as he spread her cunt lips to the camera. She felt his knee press into her burning ass cheeks as he used his body to push her out and open showing her cunt to the world. The he jammed the floggers leather covered handle with it's hard leather knob into her wide open pussy and fucked her for the camera with his finger flicking her clit with every stroke.

It didn't take Carol long before she was shuddering and gasping and finally screaming out her orgasm flooding the leather with her juices.

She hung in the chains, totally spent, her pussy dripping it's fluids down her thighs.

She felt Rodger lowering her to the floor but was too far gone to do more then collapse into a puddle as she came down from where the session had sent her to, subspace.

Rodger pulled an oblong couch over in front of the camera. He picked up Carol and laid her down on the couch on her back, her still strapped and darkly purple tits pointed skyward. He locked her ankle cuffs n such a manner that her legs had to stay spread open. He positioned her on the couch so that her head hung over the edge then he tightened a chest strap just below her tits. Finally he pulled her arms above her head and ran the chain through a ring pulling until she was stretched tight.

He reset several cameras then placed a large heavy duty vibrator/massage unit attached to a stand just above her clit. Rodger unzipped his pants and pulled out his already rock hard cock. He walked around to Carols head and slapped her face with it. Carol moaned and her lips parted as Rodger rubbed the head of his prick across her lips.

He reached out, slapping her right tit hard watching the mound of her flesh bounce. Grasping the tab of the Velcro strap he pulled it off watching her heavy breast flop back onto her chest. Carol screamed as the blood so long held back rushed into her tit and the nerves flashed their pain across her entire chest.

Rodgers cock choked off her scream of pain filling her mouth and pushing deep. He began to fuck her face pulling her hair to position her head so his cock could go even deeper. He kept his thrusts slow and even pushing as deep into her mouth and throat as he could go then pulling out until just the head of his cock was in her mouth.

He kept it slow until Carol recovered enough to begin gulping at his dick, sucking and swallowing as he fucked. He reached out and pressed down on the vibrator as he flipped the remote and switched it on.

Carol had so many sensations flashing through her body she couldn't think. Muscles were pulled and strained, her ass and back were on fire and every scrape against the rough fabric of the couch sent fresh waves of pain through her. Her right tit was a mound of tingling agony as the blood flowed back inside, her hair was being pulled, her mouth was stretched around a hunk of hot meat, her cunt, and clit were screaming from the heavy vibrations of the industrial sized machine pressed against her clit.

She couldn't move any part of her body except her pelvis and the only movement she had was to press up against the hard vibration that was already sending her over the edge.

Rodger watched his wife's body and when she reached that trembling edge he knew so well he shoved his cock deep in her throat, slapped the strap free from her left tit, and grabbed it as he came. He twisted her nipple as she came screaming around his cock and passed out.

Rodger reached over to the computer and hit a shortcut key he had built in earlier.

The screen went blank on his end and all the members saw a message.

Thanks for watching. Carol will be back tomorrow.

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