tagLoving WivesA Real Sale

A Real Sale


I met Harold as the result of an ad he had placed in our local paper, advertising his car for sale. Since Linda needed one, I called the number listed and told him that I would like to have him come over and see if it was what she wanted.

I wasn't home when he brought the car over, but Linda had made him feel right at home with a glass of iced tea on one of those hot summer days. They were laughing together when I walked in. She hadn't expected him to bring the car over that day. She was still in her robe when she answered the door and had Harold wait outside while she put on her usual skirt and blouse combination she wore around the house. Her white blouse was very thin and she usually wore a camisole beneath it when she expected to be out, but obviously had put it on hurriedly when Harold knocked at the door and had forgotten the camisole. As she sat in the sunlit living room, I could see her bra was one of the new ones I had gotten her that was very lacy and almost see through. Harold got up and shook my hand, introducing himself. He was impressive. Good looking, well built, and very friendly, he had suggested to Linda that, when I came home, the three of us should take the car out to try it. After a long day, I wasn't really in the mood to make a test drive and suggested to Linda that she and Harold should take it out for a spin and let me know if she wanted it or not. I asked her if she wanted to change before they left and she shook her head saying that they wouldn't be that long.

I watched as the two of them got in the car, with Linda at the wheel and Harold beside her. She was laughing at some remark he had made. Both still carried their tall glasses of iced tea since Harold had told her that the car had cup holders and that it would taste good even with the air conditioning. I didn't know until the next day what had occurred during that test drive. This is what she told me then.

"We were out on the boulevard and the car felt quite nice. Then, when we got just north of here, Harold suggested that we take it out on the desert and try it on the gravel roads out there. Well, you know how bumpy those roads are, but it was handling them quite nicely. No sharp bumps, just a slight swaying as we went through some potholes, then we hit one that I hadn't seen until the last minute, and the tea I had been sipping wound up more on me, than in my mouth."

I had seen the stain when they returned. It covered her blouse almost completely down the front and even over the front of her skirt. By that time it had dried though, and I didn't know until she told me the rest of the story.

"I stopped the car, and began trying to wipe it off my front. The cold caused my nipples to swell and I realized that Harold, who had given me a cloth he carried in the front seat, had a pretty good view of my tits. I held my blouse away from my body because it was cold, and was wiping it frantically until he took the cloth to 'help me.' He was pressing so hard that it put some strain on that button that is always a little loose and it gave way. Now he really had a view. I suggested leaving it like that, but he could see there were still tea droplets on my breast and the next thing I knew he had his hand inside my blouse wiping the left one. You know how hot it makes me to have some guy playing with my tits, and Harold wasn't an exception. I took the cloth out of his hand and continued wiping, which only opened the blouse more. I was about to quit when I looked down at his lap and saw a big bulge right where his cock should be. That's when he took the cloth out of my hand and opened my blouse all the way so he could 'clean up the other one.'"

"He cleaned it up alright. But by that time I was so horny I wanted him to do a much better job. He must have been a mind reader because he tossed the cloth on the floor and began licking my breast. That felt so good that I unhooked my bra and told him he had missed some. That's when he changed from licking to sucking. I held it up for him while he sucked until he took my hand and put it on his cock. I gave it a squeeze while he sucked and stroked my nipple with his tongue. Since he was using both hands now and I wanted to see more, I unzipped his fly and reached for his cock. I couldn't even get it out at first it was so hard, but I finally managed to get it out so I could see it. Of course you know all about it now, but I was really getting hot seeing that monster and feeling it throbbing in my hand. I said something about it being a nice one and he just laughed and said wait until I felt it. He was all over me by now, with my nipple in his mouth and his hand underneath my skirt. Of course I was wet and when he put his fingers inside me, it made me cum. He had pulled me over him and was going to screw me before I could tell him that it was too hot out there and that we should go back home. He got it in me just a little bit and I came again. It felt great and I knew I wanted him to fuck me, but I pushed him away and told him we needed to go home."

I remembered how when they had arrived back at our house, Linda's blouse was still open and I could see hickeys on her tits before Harold even got inside good. She told me immediately that they were going into the bedroom and that I could join them if I wanted to. Well, heck, who wouldn't want to be in there watching her get screwed? Harold was hanging back, looking very apprehensive, but Linda had told him that I knew all about her liking to be fucked by other men and liked to watch as well as join in. That was all it took for both of us to take her hands and lead her into the master bedroom.

I let the two of them go in first, and watched as Harold took Linda's blouse off. Her nipples were already hard, or had remained hard as they returned from their little jaunt and she groaned with pleasure as his mouth fastened over one that he had pushed out of its cup. I unfastened the waistband of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She had no panties on, and her lovely, chestnut colored muff was already covered with the milky whiteness of dried cum, so I knew Harold had already gotten his cock into her. Harold pushed Linda back onto the bed and she was reaching for his zipper while I unfastened the few buttons on her blouse that hadn't already been opened. Her bra and blouse were stained with the tea that had spilled, although I wasn't sure what it was at the time, and even her skirt had a large still damp spot on it with the same dark stain. But that wasn't what was so interesting at the moment.

Linda had Harold's cock out and was kissing the end of it, letting his pre-cum connect her lips with the tip of what was at least eight inches of thick cock. She could barely contain it in her small hand, but she opened her mouth wide and took it in without even a pause. That was unusual, because Linda didn't like to suck a dick often, although she was great at it as several of her male friends had told me and to which I could agree from the few times she had let me enjoy her oral talents. Harold had to release his mouth lock on her left breast as my wife inhaled his cock. He groaned and put both hands behind her head and pressed me majority of his length into her hot mouth then slowly began fucking her mouth.

I watched with fascination. It was something I had seldom had the pleasure of watching her do, but it was what came next that really surprised me. Harold thrust hard into her mouth, holding her head still and I could see Linda frantically swallowing as she tried to get air through a mouth suddenly filled with hot cum. Harold relented when he saw her difficulty, but only a bit, just enough that allowed me to see the white globs of his cum in my wife's mouth, still being swallowed. Not all of it made it to her stomach though, and several rivulets leaked from her lips which were now once again tightly closed around that hard dick.

They fell on her breasts which I immediately spread over her very hard nipples and the fullness surrounding them. I love eating cum from my wife's hard thrusting nipples as she is being fucked. She didn't disappoint me, holding the left one up high so I could get as much of that lovely DD cup fullness into my mouth as possible. I felt the bed moving as Harold spread her legs and slowly, ever so slowly entered her pussy. He hadn't lost much of the hardness that Linda wanted inside her again, and I could even see it stiffen as it went deep into her hot cunt. Linda wanted it all and her legs crossed behind Harold's back as she pushed upward with her hips, begging him wordlessly to fuck her.

I love to watch my wife being fucked, and Harold was doing a terrific job of it. Instead of fucking her hard and fast, he was easing his cock into her until it was balls deep in her cunt, then he swiveled his hips ensuring that the total length of his dick was sweeping the inside of my wife's hot pussy. He repeated this over and over again and I felt her shuddering as she went from one orgasm to another, almost without stopping. I was enjoying the taste of her nipples, stroking them with my tongue and feeling them swell to new heights as Linda got what she wanted too. While he fucked her, Harold wanted to get more of her tits. I moved aside until he was able to suck her other breast, pulling it high with the suction of his mouth. Linda was almost glassy eyed with the pleasure she was receiving.

Occasionally her eyes closed and she groaned with the delights she was feeling. Still it surprised me when I felt her reaching for my throbbing cock, causing me to slide up on the bed until she could reach it with her mouth. It felt wonderful for those warm lips to close over the head, then to feel them slide down until her nose was buried in my pubic hair and I had the full length inside that marvelous, hot mouth that still groaned with each rotation of Harold's prick deep inside her tunnel of love. It didn't take long for the sight and sensations I was experiencing to make me cum and to my surprise, Linda took all of it and swallowed it down without a drop escaping her lips. Her smile of satisfaction as she then wrapped her arms as well as her legs around Harold was a thrill to me.

I knew then that Harold would be there for a long time even as I saw his nut bag swell and the pulsing jets of cum filled my wife's cunt for the second time in less than two hours. And still Howard wasn't finished. Rolling over on his back, he pulled my wife over his body. She smiled at me, knowing that I would be pleased to see her fucked through the night and she realized he wasn't through with her yet. That was perfect for her, because she loved the long, passion filled days and nights that her best lovers gave her, leaving her full of their cum and worn out from the exuberant expenditure of their combined lust.

Her cunt had not released Howard's cock, and she rose on her knees until only the head was inside her, and then slowly lowered her hips until their pubic hair joined in a passionate marriage of lust. She especially liked being on top of her lovers so she could control the speed and depth of their penetration of her. I even liked it, although it limited my participation to playing with her tits, because I could get behind both of them and watch my wife's cunt being stretched each time one of her more well endowed boyfriends pushed up inside her, then I could see those lovely pleasure giving lips being pulled out as Linda rose for another down stroke.

That was truly a beautiful picture, watching those loving lips being pushed into her hot pussy, then being stretched downward each time she rose, coating the rigid shaft inside her with glistening evidence of their pleasure. On top of that, she liked leaning forward and feeding her lovers one of those massive breasts, groaning with pleasure as their mouths sealed around one of her hard nipples and pulled it to its full length. Howard was no different. He had one breast in his right hand, squeezing it until the nipple was pushed out to its limit, and the other in his mouth. My wife enjoyed that and was holding it against his mouth as she pressed it deeper into his suctioning maw.

She squirmed against his crotch, driving his dick deeper into her cunt, wordlessly begging him to fuck her harder. I heard her soft moan of pleasure as Harold's teeth grated over her slick nipple and saw her press it deeper into his mouth. Then, with a giant shudder, she came. From my position behind her, I saw that frothy white circle of their mixed orgasmic juices forming around my wife's pussy and flowing slowly over Harold's pubic hairs as she continued grinding out her pleasure on his cock.

Linda wanted more than that though. She wanted his cum, lots of it and I knew right away that she was going to get it from Harold. Until this time, Harold had only had a sample of my wife's other talent, sucking cocks and I wanted more too. Knowing how seldom before she had sucked one of her lovers off and swallow his cum, I wanted her to get more of it and obviously Harold did too as he swapped ends and went into a sixty-nine with my wife sucking his still hard cock and he lapping the accumulated juices from her totally open cunt as he ground her clit with his thumb.

An hour or more later, Harold rolled off my wife's belly, with a groan of contentment as Linda finished swallowing his cum. No sooner had she done that than she looked at me mischievously and suggested to Harold that he spend the night.

The next day, the two of them worked out a mutually beneficial sale of Harold's car to my wife. The price was good, but what both she and Harold liked better was that she was going to pay for it in weekly installments, and Harold had to come to our house to pick up the payments. I wondered if he was going to be able to sustain that pace, but knowing Linda, she would do what she could to help him. It took him three years to get his price, then Linda reminded him that she needed to pay the interest.

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