tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Reluctant Nudist Ch. 01

A Reluctant Nudist Ch. 01


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From my now, rather more knowledgeable experience of life, I've discovered that it's not too unusual to find that the full erotic significance of a particular incident or situation that occurred some time in the past, was not always fully appreciated or even realised at the time in which that specific episode happened. However, on a few occasions when we sit back to recollect and further analyse some of those memories, usually at a time and place a lot further down the track, the true erotic content and latent value of that moment can sometimes resurface, at last enabling us to truly recapture that moment and finally fully appreciate it for it's original worth.

Thus, after contemplating these memories with hind sight, it can conceivably enable one to again, more fully realise and understand those instances in a much more complete and satisfying way. They then become not just some vague, grey memories stored away in the back waters of our minds but much more like the meaningful, colourful experiences that they actually were and should always have been considered to be. Real life instances to be savoured and replayed over and over again in the virtual reality of one's conscious mind. These are the accounts of just some of those all too rare but now cherished moments.

Without doubt, the one most consequential episode that comes to mind occurred early in the Australian summer of 1974. Only having very recently arrived in Melbourne after migrating from England and making good use of one of our first free week ends to explore the northern beaches of Westernport Bay, south east of the city, Helen, my wife of just a few months and I, came across a beautiful stretch of beach near a small town called Somers. Getting down on to it required some considerable effort as it involved a hike down a fairly rough track from a makeshift car park and a further fifteen minute walk along it's length to the area of beach that the owners of the many parked cars had painstakingly sought out and chosen to patronise.

Coming from conservative England, the sight of so many completely naked bodies stretched out on the sand, in the dunes and splashing around in the calm blue water came very much as a shock to the senses. Both looking straight ahead and fearing to make eye contact with any of these nude people, we walked a short distance past the last over exposed body on the beach to a point where we sat ourselves down and had a bit of a laugh about it.

"Well, what are we supposed to do now?" I asked.

"If we just walk straight back past them, it will look as though as if we were only going past to check them out and if we stay here we will look a bit odd if we don't strip off too, and to be honest, that doesn't appeal to me very much."

Helen suggested that we move up into the dunes where we could not be seen directly from the beach and sunbathe there for a while, which seemed like a good compromise.

On finding what looked like a secluded spot and after laying down our beach blanket, I got changed, somewhat awkwardly, putting on my bright, liquorice all-sort coloured swimming costume with the help of a towel wrapped around me. Helen, without showing quite as much modesty as me, removed her dress and underwear and sat nude momentarily as she quickly put on her metallic green bikini which she had brought over from England with her.

Watching her apply sun lotion to herself, I appreciated just how lucky I was to be married to such an attractive girl. At a tender twenty one years of age, Helen was truly stunning. At close to six feet tall with long, redish dark brown hair, lovely ice blue eyes and a gorgeously well proportioned figure, she looked like she could easily have been a movie star. With her hair cascading down over her ample but firm breasts, she was truly a vision to behold. The curvy lines of her narrow waist flowing on down to those beautiful but lightly sculptured hips and then on down again to those long, slender legs which seemed to go on for ever, confirmed my belief that every part of her was indeed in perfect harmonious proportion. Even her skin was perfect, very fair and smooth, the only blemish being that of her many sexy facial freckles that gave away the subtle clue of her Irish ancestry.

"Would you put some lotion on my back where I can't reach?" She asked.

Kneeling down in front of me with her back to me, her long dark hair falling forward over her shoulders, I rubbed in the coconut smelling lotion all over her back. Hesitantly, I untied her top bikini strap so that no area would miss out, half expecting that she might get upset by this. I was pleasantly surprised when she reached behind and undid the main strap herself and took the top off completely. Then resting back on her hands, whilst turning towards me, she teasingly asked me if I could also rub lotion onto her front as well. After looking around to make sure that no one would be able to see us, I did as she requested using both my hands to apply the lotion. Feeling her normally large nipples starting to shrink and at the same time go nicely erect as they pushed against the soft slippery skin beneath my palms, I began to get an ominous feeling down the front of my togs.

"Being a bit brazen aren't we?" I said.

"What the heck, we're on a nudist beach, no one is going to take too much notice of little ol' me just showing off my titties, are they?" She replied, raising both eyebrows.

"In fact whilst in Rome, why not do as the Romans do?"

With this she slipped her hands down to each side of her hips and undid both side ties simultaneously, completely removing her bikini bottoms in one quick forward motion. She then took the sun lotion from me and started to rub the cream all over her backside and then after kneeling up a bit straighter and turning to face me square on, around her pubes. Now, embarrassingly there was a definite reaction in my togs that there was little chance of hiding.

"Come on, you as well, if I'm game to do it, then you should be too." She said.

I took a while to think about it and then with some haste, after turning away from her, took off my togs and immediately laid down on my front in an effort to conceal my now swollen appendage. Helen knelt down over me, straddling the back of my thighs and started to massage the cool lotion all over my back. When she had finished she asked me to roll over so that she could do my front, which I did reluctantly. A big smile appeared on her face when she saw the effect all this was having on me and she took me by complete surprise when she firmly grasped my now fully aroused penis and started to rub lotion all over it as well. Looking up at her now kneeling over me, I couldn't help myself, and by placing my hands on the cheeks of bottom, pulled her slightly forward so as to be in a better position to couple with her. She seemed to be offering no real resistance to this move, so I took myself in hand placing my member below her whilst gently parting her lips with my other hand.

Normally it would have taken at least ten minutes of foreplay to moisten her enough for penetration, what with her usually being so tight down there, but either the sun lotion or the excitement of the moment had lubricated her more than enough for me to ease all the way into her as she responded cooperatively by lowering herself down onto me. Usually when we made love, I was the one on top, so it was kind of strange for me to be looking up at her this way, her outline framed only by the cloudless blue sky as she knelt over me. Watching her glistening breasts sway gently as she moved to and fro mesmerised me somewhat, making me almost forget the fact that we were doing it out in the open where anyone might have been able to see us. Whilst not normally very proactive during sex, Helen obviously enjoyed the freedom of movement that being on top gave her. She didn't hold back at all, not being in the least bothered by the fact that she was out in the open or now doing all the work by herself, lifting and lowering her lower half at an ever increasing pace. With her eyes now firmly closed and her breasts heaving up and down as she moved, she brought herself to a shuddering climax much more quickly than I had ever witnessed before. I could feel by the way she was still having some involuntary contractions, even after she had stopped moving, momentarily slumping forward, that her orgasm had been both very strong and extraordinarily intense.

At this point, we were both distracted by some rustling noises coming from further back in the dunes and Helen reacted very quickly, rolling off me, still with the presence of mind however, to think of throwing a towel over my still hard member.

A nude man, of fairly heavy build, looking like he was aged around in his mid forties, appeared from between some bushes behind us and proceeded to walk along a track, parallel to the beach but further up in the dunes, one that we hadn't been aware of.

"Nice day for it." He said as he smiled and continued walking.

I waited until he was completely out of sight before turning to Helen.

"Do you think he saw anything?" I asked.

"I'm not sure." She replied.

"But to be honest with you, it doesn't really worry me at the moment, I just can't get over coming like that. It was probably the strongest I've ever come in my whole life and you know something, it just felt so exhilarating doing it here like this, you know, right out in the open, in fact look at me, I'm covered in goosebumps and still trembling."

Although I had not come myself and had maintained my erection, Helen was not game to get back into it in case someone else came along so we just layed there face down in the warm sun to see if we could get a bit of a tan to cover up our all too obvious white bits. It did start to bother me a bit after a while though, that even though Helen was laying down naked in front of me, that I soon had become quite flaccid in the downstairs department, even though I had not ejaculated. Maybe the shock of nearly getting caught doing it had affected my mood. Thinking it over though, having passed literally many dozens of men of all shapes and sizes on the beach with as many nude female partners, I had not seen one sign of an erection between the lot of them, so maybe it was not all that odd after all and perhaps being flaccid all the time was generally a more normal state for nudists.

The sun was becoming really quite hot so after a while I suggested we go for a swim to cool down.

"You go and I'll catch you up," said Helen.

I put my togs back on and started to walk down towards the beach, having to start running before I got very far so as not to burn the soles of my feet on the extremely hot sand.

This beach, being located in a part of the bay which was protected by the centrally positioned Philip Island, didn't have much of a swell and only very small waves lapped the foreshore so it was more like swimming in a large pool than in the ocean. The cool water felt soothing on my now slightly tingling skin and I swam around for a while, subtlely checking out the scenery.

Many more people had come along the beach and quite a few had spread along to not far beneath the dunes where we were camped. I hadn't originally seen these people when first leaving our spot to run down to water so I felt relieved that I had had the foresight to put my costume back on.

After swimming back into the shallower water, I looked back towards where I had come down from. I caught a glimpse of Helen who was now standing up and looking like she was about to join me. Unlike me with my costume, she had not bothered to put her bikini back on and was still totally nude. I was about to call out to her, to warn her of the people below when I realised how silly it would have sounded, what with everyo

ne else there being nude also, so I just smiled and waved to her so as to let her know where I was.

When she started on down, she too quickly increased her pace, either because she had seen that there were now people below or possibly, like me, she had also felt the burning effect of the hot sand. Either way it didn't take her very long to get down into the water with me. Once under the cover of the cool water, she soon started to relax and as if some kind of teasing game, continually kept raising her upper torso out of the water and shaking her breasts at me as if to rub in the fact that she was somehow misbehaving and being just a bit naughty. In a poor imitation of her mother's Irish accent, I pretended to scold her in a tone that I knew she would have used, had she been here to witness her daughter's lewd antics. Helen always appreciated this type of humour from me and we both laughed and joked around as we frolicked about in the refreshing water. It didn't take too much longer for her to become even more daring and after a little while she started to stand right up out of the shallow water to reveal herself full frontal to me as well, exhibiting herself in an effort to impress me as to just how cheeky she could be.

After some time, which included a good portion of it with me having to scold her for continually showing herself off to all and sundry, I told Helen that I would get out first if she wanted me to, and go and get her bikini for her, just to save her any embarrassment when walking back up the beach to the dunes.

"Funny enough I don't feel at all embarrassed," she said. "I expected that I would do, but what with every one else the same way it just doesn't seem to matter about not having anything on. Does it really bother you, you know, people seeing us in the all together?"

I replied, after a short while thinking about it, that I supposed it didn't really, mainly so that I didn't seem too prudish, and for myself, I guess it was half true but the thought of others seeing Helen naked did in fact bother me a quite a lot as I had always been very conscious about other guys checking her out all the time. Her attitude though, did come as a bit unexpected as I would have hoped that she would be displaying a bit more reserve and modesty in a situation such as this. She had always been very conservative in her choice of swimming costumes and had never even dared to go topless on a beach before, including when on our honeymoon at St Tropez where most of the women didn't bother with tops.

"Well then, if it doesn't bother you either, then take your's off too." She replied, standing there up to her knees in water with her hands on her hips in a most challenging manner.

In a show of solidarity but still remaining below the surface, I pulled off my togs and threw them up on to the drier sand. Then mimicking her challenging pose, I also stood up in the shallow water to reveal myself in all my glory, proclaiming.

"Voila, No togs!"

Laughing, we swam into deeper water and floated around au naturel for quite some time. Although I wouldn't have expected it, it actually did feel so much more comfortable and freer than swimming with your costume on. Surprisingly, the almost undetectable current had soon pushed us some distance along the shoreline so we swam back to close to roughly where we thought we had got in and paddled around in the shallows for a while longer.

Eventually Helen decided that she had had enough so she stood up and casually walked out of the water and on to the dry sand.

"Come on lets go and get dry." She called.

I followed her out and we both walked hand in hand up the beach. Funny enough, no one seemed to take any real notice of us, one couple just nodding a gentle acknowledgment as we walked past them up into the dunes. Strangely, in some small way I felt slightly disappointed, believing that our state of nudity should have been greeted as far more of an important event in the whole scheme of things than it obviously had been.

When we had reached our chosen spot, I realised that because we had got out of the water about fifty yards short from where we had got in, I had forgotten to recover my togs which were still sitting back there on the sand at the waters edge. Helen said not to worry and that she would go back and get them for me. Gratefully accepting her offer, I grabbed a towel and I started to dry myself off.

As I stood there watching her going back to fetch them, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. It was almost as if the girl I was watching, was someone else and not my own, usually prim and proper wife. Thinking that I should make a record of this moment for prosperity, I quickly got out my movie camera and filmed her as she walked down from the edge of the dunes to the water. When she had retrieved them, she made no attempt to hurry back but just leisurely strolled back up over the dunes to me, stopping for a short while to chat to the couple who had acknowledged us before. Even though she was nude, she looked so natural and relaxed as she chatted to them that I had to ask myself, why in all honesty should there be any reason for her to feel ashamed of being seen without her clothes on? I had never seen her naked from this distance before, especially in a situation where she could also be seen by others as well but it occurred to me that by having a partner as attractive as Helen, the situation was not too dissimilar to that of someone who was in possession of a rare work of art. One that they kept hidden away from the world in a vault or such like which no one else ever got to see. Why was it that I had always felt so protective towards keeping all this beauty hidden away, selfishly guarding her physical charms like some personal treasure, keeping them all to myself and never wanting to share them with anyone? Contemplating this notion a bit further though, it did occur to me that the very opportunity for Helen to show herself off like this had never actually arisen before and in all probability, might never happen again, so I was probably being just a little bit unfair to myself with all this self penitent examination. If I had to be totally honest with myself though, it was probably only natural for any young man like myself to have a few of these little insecurities, considering that in these days of so called free love, it wasn't too unusual to lose your partner to someone else. I had even seen it happen to a couple of close friends of mine only recently before leaving England. Yes, this would be my main concern, a well justified and natural one at that, a genuine apprehension that most men with attractive partners would surely feel at some time or other. However, having considered this conundrum, whilst continuing to film, I couldn't help but feel just a smidgen of almost smug pride as I watched her showing off her natural attributes to others because I knew that anyone with an eye for an attractive women would also be appreciating seeing her this way also.

Considering that neither of us had ever exposed our bodies in public before, well not to this extent anyway, Helen seemed to have overcome any shyness or self consciousness very quickly. Even so, it occurred to me that she might still be a bit upset with me when she saw me with the cine camera filming her naked as she walked back towards me. To the contrary and to my surprise, when she got back to our spot, she just smiled and stood there brushing her long dark hair, not even making a comment about it as I continued on with my seemingly daring cinemagraphic activities.

After doing some more sunbathing for a little while, we heard some people talking as they came along the track behind us. Although we both quickly rolled over on to our fronts to conceal ourselves, there came a voice from behind saying,

"G'day, how you both going?"

I turned over to reply only to find that it was the same man we had seen earlier (and who might also have seen us!). He was with another man who looked a bit younger than him, maybe in his late thirties. Both were nude and both had good all over tans.

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