A Reluctant Nudist Ch. 09


I was now in a position that meant I could slip forward slightly and slip my member between those lovely plump and now smooth lips quite easily. Looking down on her big lips engulfing my hardness only made me want to push up as hard as I could but I hesitated, looking over to Helen for her approval. Making eye contact with her and receiving a nod in the positive, I saw that Helen had handed her two ended vibrator over to Sarah who was sampling the delights of this marvelous little invention herself whilst she had taken a very small one out of the box and was experimenting with it, not by inserting it but by rubbing it around above her clit area. As they both seemed content in what they were doing I eagerly rammed my cock all the way up Sue's now very moist pussy and started to thrust very hard. I was now at last able to take possession of her huge breasts and pull hard on her erect nipples whilst bouncing and squeezing her tits in my hands. With not one iota of disapproval, Sue was taking both of us at the same time and the fact that I was not being very gentle with her tits or fanny did not seem to upset her in the least. Although wanting to save myself for longer, the raw sexuality of the moment got the better of me and this time it was us guys who managed to synchronise our climaxes with a rather loud yelp from Brian whom I presume had felt the pressure of his wife's teeth take hold a bit more aggressively than he would have preferred.

Sue maintained her grip on Brian's appendage and licked every last drop of cum off of it before giving one final swallow. Having all reached a point of not only sexual but perhaps spiritual satisfaction, we ended up swimming around in that lovely warm pool until almost mid night before retiring to our beds. Sue's attempts to get me hard again were to no avail so I guess it was just as well.

Next morning, after an amazingly deep and sound night's sleep, I awoke alone with a horrid taste in my mouth and a bit of a headache. I put the taste down to not having cleaned my teeth the night before as I always usually did. I put the head ache down to too much grog and to all the uncharacteristic smoking we had done. After taking a shower and noticing that everybody else was already up and relaxing around the pool in the courtyard, I joined them downstairs. We all eventually sat down to a lovely cooked breakfast with each other around the pool and chit chatted about unimportant things as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred the previous night. Only the fact that all three of the girls were now nude again, with not one stitch of clothing between them would have indicated that this gathering as anything other than a normal suburban breakfast get together. Sue did make reference after a while to the fact that both her and Brian had enjoyed our activities the night before ever so much and had both agreed that they would really like us all to stay for at least the rest of the day, if not another night. As we had almost the whole week left to get back to Melbourne we thanked them for their extended invitation and agreed to stay until Monday at least.

Sue said that they had no plans for today but if we wanted to see the centre of Adelaide, they would be pleased to take us all in and show us around, after which we could spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool. This sounded great to me as I had no idea what there was to see around town and it would make a change for me not to have to drive.

After changing into more suitable attire we left for town in the luxury of their beautiful Mercedes. This was also my first ride in such a car and I was particularly impressed by the air conditioning and lack of engine noise as we glided along, definitely a bit different to our hot and noisy Kombi van. Brian gave us a very professional tour around town, pointing out the many things of interest not to mention the plethora of churches that had given Adelaide the unofficial title of "City of Churches". The monument fountain to the three rivers that the town was built around was a good place to stop and take some photos and as usual, Brian did not fail to impress us all with his very expensive looking Nikon SLR camera which from my recent studies, I knew to mean Single Lens Reflex. For such a nice down to earth couple, they certainly had the best of everything.

It seems that Brian had inherited his father's fortune which included an engineering works situated in a town called Elizabeth just north of Adelaide.

Although not too involved with the day to day running of the company himself as he had some good managers working for him, his main role was to prepare tenders and get work from prospective clients at which he had obviously been very successful. This alone gave them a sizeable income and Sue didn't have to work which suited her down to the ground.

Returning to their lovely home, it was soon into the pool with cool drinks being served all round. Helen said that she could easily get used to this sort of life style which saddened me just a bit wondering if I would ever be in a situation to provide it for her. At least Sarah had enjoyed herself here and she looked so relaxed and at ease, more so than the previous week driving here. With all of us au naturel again, Sarah was the only odd one out with a triangle of white skin below her navel where we had shaved her pubes. Sue although now the same way, was tanned there as well because of the fine nature and colour of her hair and the difference in tan marks was hardly even noticeable. Sue asked Helen why her lips were now together and not parted as at the beach the day before and Helen just laughed and was soon demonstrating her little party trick to her. Sarah joined in this time, not having the impairment of the day before and soon all three of them were displaying their inner selves in all their glory. Whilst it had now become possible for me to be amongst naked women and not immediately get a hard on, it was difficult to prevent it when a women's sexual equipment was on full view for all to see and both Brian and I were soon starting to firm up somewhat. Brian asked the girls if they would all like to have their photos taken as they were all looking so sexy with only my sister not looking quite as at ease with his request as the other two. He had his camera bag still out from our sight seeing trip and quickly set up his Nikon on a tripod. As the pool was built in a rectangular shape, he got them to sit next to each other along the opposite long side with one leg each dangling in the water and the other leg raised and knees bent so that their feet were flat down on the pavers. In this position, we were afforded an excellent view of three nicely open fannies with all lips spread accordingly. He asked them all to arch their backs slightly so as to throw out their chests a bit more and hold their tummies in at the same time. I think this instruction was probably aimed more at his wife than Helen and Sarah as their's were already very firm and naturally tucked in anyway.

Never the less it did improve the overall effect of the shot and Brian took three or four shots of the same pose, getting them all to turn slightly after each shot to get a different angle. The total effect of the three of them like this was very erotic and my member was now standing right up to attention in equal proportions to the night before. Brian suggested that I now get in the shot and unlike the girls my willingness was not quite so evident. I argued that I couldn't do it as I was temporarily embarrassed but the girls all gave me a hard time and shamed me into swimming across the pool and joining them. Sitting between Helen and Sue who had been in the middle, Brian asked us all to assume a similar pose to the one before and with one arm around Helen and the other around Sue I managed to blend in whilst Brian clicked away. Seeing me jokingly cupping Helen's breast in my hand, Brian told me to do the same on the other side and I had no problems at all taking possession of Sue's generously proportioned titty and giving each of their nipples a pull whilst squeezing both breasts. In retaliation, I soon had a hand from either side take hold of my upright stalk, squeezing it equally as hard and Brian continued to click away.

Brian, possibly thinking that my sister may have felt left out, got her to stand behind me which put her lovely opened fanny now just above my head as I turned towards her. Bending her knees slightly, she got it even closer to my mouth and by using her fingers to stretch herself open even wider, got her clit to protrude out enough for me to reach it with my eager tongue. He then told me to instead of holding the girl's breasts, to touch their fannies which I did, inserting a finger in each one at the same time.

This certainly would be one for the album, if that is, he could ever get these printed. Feeling that this session may already have gone beyond the point of no return, I disengaged myself and flopped forward into the pool whilst he took some quite innocent, except for the fact that they were nude, shots of the girls together and individually.

After taking a phone call, Sue informed us that Brian's nephew and his mate were going to drop by in about forty-five minutes to pick up some cosmetics for Brian's sister. It seems that as well as having the engineering works, Sue and Brian also had three pharmacies in Adelaide that they owned and gave family and close friends wholesale pricing for any cosmetics or pharmacy products that they needed. Sue said that as Troy, their nephew was only eighteen and his best mate the same age, when they dropped by she normally would at least put her bikini bottoms back on although not always bothering about her top. She confessed that she thought that this was the main reason why they always managed to make time to come by and pick up, stuff though, just to check out her boobs. Sarah got the hint and went to put her black one-piece swimming costume on. Helen, seeming put out, almost begrudgingly put her white cheesecloth dress on but no undies. I, taking Brian's lead stayed as I was but encouraged Helen to at least wear some pants or her bikini bottoms underneath but she bluntly refused saying that as she was shaved, you couldn't see anything anyway. This was only partially true as when she stood with the sun behind her, the outline of her fanny beneath the almost transparent material, was very easy to make out. Never the less she was adamant that she was more than respectably dressed and took no notice of my request. When Sue returned, she also was wearing a full sarong so this time she was obviously bothering just a bit more than usual.

When Troy eventually turned up, more like an hour than forty five minutes later, Sue got a bit of a surprise when instead of being with his normal male friend, his accomplice today was a young lass instead. Rather than giving Brian and I a bit of a warning, she just brought them both right out to the pool. Caught out I asked Helen to pass me my togs from her bag but the young girl, speaking with a distinct South African accent said not to worry as Troy had already warned her that his aunt and uncle were nudists and not to be too shocked if they weren't wearing anything as usual. She looked about the same age as Brian's nephew, about five feet two and very attractive. She had shoulder length, wavy blonde hair and had a good suntan. She had wire braces on her teeth which was quite unusual to see in Australia as the only place that you would normally see these was again in American movies. She had a trim little figure and wore a short mini skirt and matching floral top that was made of a brightly orange coloured material that looked a bit old fashioned compared to what Aussie girls were now wearing at this time. Brian had made no attempt to cover up so I felt more inclined to stay as I was as well.

Sue introduced us three to her nephew and his new friend and soon more drinks had been brought out and we were all chatting away merrily. Troy's friend's name was Marny and we learnt that she was an exchange student from Cape Town, over on a three month visit and staying with Troy's next door neighbour. Although the neighbours kids were now grown up and off their hands, they volunteered to take her in as there were not enough Australian families to go round and besides that, Marny's older sister had also stayed with them some years before. The fact that Brian and I were au naturel didn't seem to worry her too much but she obviously felt very self conscious about the fact that she had the braces on, awkwardly trying to smile without showing her teeth.

She was from a fairly well to do family from just outside Cape Town and told us that her family ran a vineyard over there producing multi prize winning vintages. She had been brought up with a coloured nanny and servants and was surprised that Sue and Brian did not have any to look after them as they had such a large house. It must have been hard for her to realise that not the whole world treated their indigenous population as they did in South Africa. Still, she did have a point though regarding the ability of just one person to tend clean a home of this proportion and Sue eventually, after pretending that she did it all by herself, did let on that she had a cleaning lady come in twice a week to do some housework for her which I'm sure made Marny feel a lot better about the work load situation.

Neither Troy or Marny showed any sign that they would be leaving soon and Sarah and I decided that we would have ourselves a swim to cool down a bit. Sue joined us, removing her sarong to the obvious delight of Troy who couldn't keep his eyes off her now exposed breasts. He removed his tee shirt and rubber thongs, the footwear of choice for most young Aussies, and dived in the deep end, leaving just his surfie type shorts on. This left just Helen and Brian still reclining in the loungers whilst Marny sat alone at the table, taking advantage of the shade afforded by the large attached sun umbrella and helping herself to copious amounts of the cool white wine that she obviously approved of. Helen had only done some of the buttons up on the front of her dress, leaving the top part gapping open to show most of what she had up top. Although being quite polite about it, Troy had not let this go unnoticed either as his gaze had been continually directed at her liberal show of cleavage. Being in the pool and looking up to the loungers, it was now possible to see that the dress was not only gaping at the top but also at the bottom and as Helen still had her gum positioned, as I suppose all three of the girls had, Troy's keen sense of visual awareness also soon located it's desired target. I must admit that sometimes when something is hidden just a bit, your desire to see more is definitely enhanced, often to the point that the word `titillation' really makes you aware of it's true meaning (and there's no pun at all intended here). Helen, not unaware that she was again in her favoured position as the centre of attention, made the most of it as she leisurely stretched her arms out and placed her hands behind her head in that superior body language type of way. In the same motion, she casually, although very deliberately, swung her legs over either side of the lounger, now leaving even less to the imagination as the bottom part of the dress parted conveniently to reveal even more of her nicely separated lips. From where Marny was sitting she could not have seen what those of us in the pool could see and probably unaware of what had attracted Troy and my attentions, asked if it was okay to join everyone in the pool, explaining that she would have to wear her two piece though as she had not brought her proper costume along. Sue, of course, told her that it was perfectly alright and for a short while, Helen lost her star billing momentarily while as we watched with interest as Marny unbuttoned her top to reveal not a bikini top as I expected but a thin, white cotton bra underneath. Taking off her skirt, she had a matching pair of white briefs on and now with only these two rather scanty articles about her person, she dived into the pool from the side. Other than being neighbours and about the same age, I don't know if Troy and Marny were involved in any more of a relationship than just being friends but so far not once did they touch or show any obvious sign of affection towards each other whilst they had been here.

However, he had been equally as interested as I in Marny's disrobing and kept his eyes on her as she dived below the surface, coming up through the leg hole of the floating chair. She managed to twist and sit herself down perfectly in one smooth action but came down with a slightly rude noise that could have been mistaken for something quite different as her backside located the wet inflated plastic.

The very thin cotton of her bra did nothing to stop her pert little pink nipples from showing through and her briefs didn't do much better in restricting the very nice view we all now had of her curly blonde pubes, some of which sprouted from each side of the gusset. Nobody made a mention of this total transparency thing, we all probably thinking not to, just in case it would embarrass her, what with knowing just how self conscious she was about her dental brace. So perhaps it was good timing that Helen now decided to regain the attention she had temporarily lost. Standing up and in the same manner that Marny had used, she politely asked if anyone would be offended if she were to remove her dress to have a swim also and before anyone had a chance to object to her doing so, and I'm sure no one would have, she had already finished undoing the last few remaining buttons and had slipped it off. It was not only Troy's eyes which were now glued to this most beautiful and sensual spectacle in front of us all as she slowly walked down into the pool, stopping and very deliberately splashing some water over her exposed fanny lips before they got wet and making sure that her firm breasts got the same treatment before completely submerging her body into the cool water. There was no getting away from the absolute feeling of exuded sexuality in her performance but at the same time also the aesthetic value of seeing her perfectly formed body like this could also not be overlooked. I suppose that because I was so used to now seeing Helen without clothes I had probably got used to it more than I realised, but seeing her like this, perhaps appreciating her just as Troy was now obviously doing, I could realise just how lucky I was to have such a stunningly beautiful partner. Most of the women who I had seen naked in the last year or so had some unique and outstanding points of beauty, but I had to admit that Helen probably had the nicest all round body I had ever seen. Starting from the top she had that lovely long dark hair framing that beautiful face that didn't need any make up to enhance it. A good sized, firm pair of breasts with those large chocolate brown nipples that pointed slightly upwards and would harden at only the hint of anything sexual or tactile. A beautiful thin waist, tapering down to those slender hips which encased those protruding and exquisitely exposed fanny lips, not to mention those lovely long legs that seemed to go on for ever. Without doubt, I was certainly a very lucky guy and I probably wasn't the only one there to now be sporting a stiffy of considerable firmness. When a pubescent lad, just the sight of a female nipple would get me instantly hard and that was just seeing it in some well passed around Health and Efficiency nudey mag that we would all share at school. Even in these, any hint of pubic hair would be air brushed out so that we didn't have a clue as to what a real fanny looked like. Most of us thought that the word `cunt' referred to just the pubic hair part of the female anatomy and this misconception would have still been true for me today had Helen not enthusiastically taken up her new smooth and pubeless style. I had probably been a bit spoilt but I now believed that a women never looked completely naked if she still had her fanny covered by hair and I truly appreciated that the `cunt' word referred not just to that magic triangle of hair but more so to those beautifully contoured morsels of soft flesh that lay below and between.

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