tagErotic HorrorA Restless Week

A Restless Week


William was exhausted. This was the third day in a room he was barely able to drag himself out of bed. The very thought of all the work involved in dragging a razor across his face left him listless. So instead he sat there staring at his bowel of cold cereal, rubbing his cheeks and feeling the sandpaper texture of his skin.

'You look like shit,' his roommate Rob had just come out ready for work, 'are you gonna make it to class today?'

'I think so, I just can't seem to get any rest.'

'Still not sleeping?'

'That's the strange part, William interjected, 'I DID sleep. The damn deepest sleep I can recall having, but then I wake up feeling like I have just spent eight hours fucking, swimming.' William had added swimming as an afterthought, in all honesty eight hours of fucking is exactly what last night felt like. His head had been filled with sexual fantasies, and his sheets showed all the signs that this was not confined to his mind. The oddest aspect of the whole thing was that he could really not recall, in any great detail, who he had dreamt about. Usually William's sexual fantasies were something he knew well and could recall again for future use, if he needed, but this week he could only vaguely remember scenes. These small glimpses of a face or a breast that teased him with the contents of his unconscious were all he could remember.

'Well, I gotta get going if I am gonna catch the train, so see ya tonight, and hey, at least shave, man.'

William moaned as his head sunk into his hands covering his eyes.

'Will... William... Oh God I need you William.'

William's eyes shot open. He looked at his bedside clock, twelve-twenty; he had been in bed for only two hours. 'I must of started dreaming again,' he rationalized, 'I swear it sounded as if there was someone here.' He listened, eyes peering around his dark room. Nothing, not a sound, not a movement. Must have been dreaming, he thought and his eyes closed.

'Oh William, I need you inside of me!'

William's eyes again opened, he knew he had heard something this time! He felt a strange weight upon him, like someone had draped a lead blanket across his entire body. The longer he lay still the heavier it seemed to get. Just then, he saw what seemed to be green lights shining directly in front of him, on the ceiling. They narrowed and focused; as they did a face seemed to form around them. Green eyes and a cute face with flowing ebony hair framing her seemed to be floating above his bed. William felt a warmth flow through him as the face slowly lowered toward him. As she decended he began to see more of her. He could move nothing but his eyes as they greedily took in the fantastic body. She was complety naked and, although floating horizontally above him, her breasts were pert and round. Her left hand caressing her firm taught abdomen as her right was extended toward him. Her hand felt down her stomach then back up to her breasts she cupped them and squeezed them causing her nipples to stiffen. Her hand then led his eyes back to her stomach and then lower still as she slowly began to massage the swell of her pubic bone. Her fingers began tracing through the small dark curls of hair.

His cock began to stir and swell as he watched this amazing spectacle descend upon him. With a wave of her hand his sheets flew from his body yet the feeling of weight upon him grew. He could not even lift his hands to caress the object of his desires. She grinned coyly and the air filled with a flirtatious giggle, though her mouth seemed to move no more than her tongue seductively licking over her lips. He felt her hand touch his jaw and slowly follow the curve of it to his neck. Her hands seemed so soft as she began to lightly rub his chest with both hands. As her fingers grazed his nipples they began to harden with excitement, she traced over them again this time quickly flicking them with her nails.

William gasped for breath as his member surged to full attention. He felt the erotic tickle as his head swelled and rubbed across the trail of hair on his abdomen. The woman opened her mouth again, this time to lick at William's lips. He opened his mouth slightly to invite her tongue, but she refused, instead teasing his lips before trailing her hair down his face as her mouth sought other destinations.

He could feel her hands grasp around his swollen cock as her tongue found his nipple. She flicked it several times and then bit lightly and tugged at it. She released only to do the same to the other side. Her hands skillfully pulled at his cock and he knew she would make him cum much faster than he wanted to. She suddenly looked up at him, smiled and then began sucking in air as if she could quench a thirst William didn't understand. Her mouth hovered above his cock and she sucked hard but did not touch it with her mouth. Her hands were skillfully at work faster and faster as she moaned and continued to inhale.

William was powerless as his hips bucked violently into the air! He felt himself explode as she continued to use her hands on him. As he looked down, William swore he saw what seemed to be mist or vapor shooting from his cock along with his seed. The vapor was being inhaled as his semen splashed onto his belly and the bed.

When he had finished he again heard laughter, this time less innocent, more menacing as the woman slowly faded out of sight staring into his eyes.

'I swear to God, man, you are one fucked up guy. I mean come on, what man in their right mind allows a wet dream where she won't even go down on you?'

'I am telling you, Rob, this is different. I know a wet dream when I have one, I am 27 years old already! This was too real. Too vivid to be any stupid dream.'

'So, you really did have a magic floating woman who sucked, what, vapor from your dick last night?'

'I don't know, all I know is that I realized this is the same woman I have been dreaming about all week, and every night she does something like this, and every morning I feel more weak and exhausted then the last day.'

'Want to trade beds tonight? Sara hasn't given me a good tug in weeks, Rob joked.

'Don't be stupid, I'm sorry I even told you.'

'Me too,' Rob grinned 'now I know what I missed out on when I let you choose that room.' He laughed.

'Alright, fine, you want to belike that? I dare you to trade me rooms!'

'Deal, I gotta get to work, but tonight, I am sleeping in your bed.' Rob began to walk out the door. 'Oh, do me a favor today, will ya?'

'What's that,' Asked Will, still angry.

'Wash the sheets first, ok?' Rob laughed as he walked out the door and down the corridor.

William, lay awake in Rob's room. 'Am I going crazy? I mean, come on, now I am scared to sleep in my own bed? It's just a dream after all.' He lay there wondering to himself and wishing he could just sleep and not dream. Suddenly he heard the voice again, 'William... ' she faintly called to him, 'Oh William, I want you, now!'

William opened his eyes awaiting the appearance of the eyes, the body, the raw sexuality his mind was torturing him with. At first he saw and heard nothing. He still felt the weight on his body but it was more lulling and comforting then it was constricting. He then heard a low moan, followed by several more. Oh, God damn it, it's just Rob messing with me, William thought. As Rob's moans got more intense William realized he really was enjoying himself. If that perv is wanking off in my bed, I am gonna kill him, thought William as he listened closer.

Suddenly William head a hiss, like a snake, but so loud it shook the alarm clock on Rob's desk. Then a scream from Rob, the sort of scream that makes your blood run cold. William tried to get up but was still held down by the invisible weight that blanketed him. After that, all was silent and William lay there frozen in fear.

Excitedly, Rob settled into William's bed. It felt a little odd at first, but soon exhaustion from the day took hold, and he drifted off to sleep. His head sunk deep into William's soft pillow and Rob felt so relaxed he could almost swear someone had draped chain mail or something like it across his whole body. He couldn't move, and didn't really want to try.

After what seemed like only moments, Rob was awakened by the sultry sound of a woman's voice in the room. He opened his eyes tentatively and glanced around. At first, he saw nothing, but soon he could see the green glow of two eyes and a woman's face above the bed. She began to smile as her perfect naked body lowered itself toward Rob. With a flick the sheets flew off the bed and across the room. As Rob watched the woman she began to rub her body all over, she moaned and her head fell forward as her hand found her warm center. Rob could hear her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy and the smell of her filled the room like musk. Rob's cock began to engorge as he watched the woman rub herself between her legs faster. She looked at him seductively and licked the glistening fluid from her fingers.

Her body rotated as she continued her decent and in moments Rob's face was buried in her scent. He could feel her warm lips rub up and down his face and he begged his tongue to move but all he could do was lay there and moan with pleasure. He felt her hands rub up his thighs and join again at his balls. She tugged them lightly and slowly with one hand while with her other hand she delicately fondled his hardening erection. She tapped on his shaft and encouraged it to fill by rubbing her wet pussy hard onto Rob's face. By now he was moaning deeply. She hunched her back and slid up his body until her mouth hovered teasingly above his throbbing cock. She lightly licked the tip of his penis teasing out a stream of precum. It stuck to her lip as she lifted her mouth away. Then she returned but took his entire penis inside of her mouth and sucked hard and long. Her tongue wrapped around his head and made quick circular laps around his member while her hands massaged his balls.

Suddenly, as if by sheer will, she was facing rob her glistening cunt rubbing his member. As she looked down at him, her smile quickly changed to a sneer. She hissed at him loudly, 'This night you come with me.' Her voice was deep and rasping and her tongue seemed to split in to a fork as she hissed. She impaled herself on his dick hard taking him all the way inside her. As his cock pushed through her velvet-like entrance he screamed. She sat up on his cock and her skin changed into a blue leather-like texture. Her back ripped open as two dark black wings, like a dragons, spread out and stretched along with her out stretched arms. She looked at him and he felt his eyes burning as she stared at him with bright green eyes. The demon leaned forward and as her hands passed over his chest it opened as if ten razors had slid down his body. They both faded into darkness leaving an empty bed and no trace that either had been there.

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