tagIncest/TabooA Reunion Ch. 01

A Reunion Ch. 01


Chapter 01
Together Again

A loud thud and the screech of the tires woke me up from my deep slumber. Rubbing my eyes and looking out the window, seeing the plane had just touched down. “I’m finally here, I can’t believe I really came.” I said to myself. The plane landed in Tokyo after a 15 hour flight. “I’m gonna see him again, I wonder if he hates me after what I said to him 8 years ago.” I asked myself. As I waited for my luggage, I couldn’t help but think of the events that happened over the past 8 years.
My mother who died of a car accident when I was only 5 months old; my mom and dad never married. My dad was just starting college back then and couldn’t take care of me so I was took in by my grandparents; dad’s parents. They raised me with all the love and care in the world. I grew up with hardly seeing my dad as he only came to see me on holidays. But those visits were the best times of my childhood; as he spent every minute with me talking to me, cuddling me, hugging me and listening to all my stories. I always dread the day he would leave back to attend his college; I would beg him to stay with me and cried my heart out every single time. He finally came back into my life for good when he finally finished law school. It was the happiest day of my life when he told me that he was taking me with him and we would move to our own house. It was the best birthday gift i ever received, turning 7 years old in just a couple of days after moving into our new house just outside Boston, a few miles away from my grandparents house. I adored my dad, but I didn’t really knew him since the only times I spent with him were those brief holiday visits when he was still in college so I was afraid of him too. The first few months living with him were hard for both of us, as we adjusted to living with each other, but he was the best dad in my view, he was always there for me, he’d drop anything he was doing when he heard me calling for him; I loved that about him. He showered me with all the love and affection I could ever want in the world.
Until one day, I was 11 years old a week away from my 12th birthday when my dad came home from work with news telling me we were moving to Tokyo because of his job. My dad worked as a corporate lawyer.
“Dad I don’t want to move to Tokyo!” I screamed. “Darling, I won’t force you if you don’t want to go there, but I must go. It’s my job dear.” He replied. “I will give you two weeks to decide darling, but I would really love it if you came with me.” He continued.
My dad gave it all out for my 12th birthday the next week, but I wasn’t happy at all, coz at the back of my mind all I could think about was in a few days my dad would be leaving and living on the other side of the world. I decided to stay in Boston, where I grew up, and live with my uncle and his wife and my cousins while I continued my studies.
The day my dad left I was crying my heart out; as he left for the door the last thing I ever said to him was; “I hate you dad! I don’t ever want to see you again!” He only looked back at me and I saw the deepest sadness in his eyes hearing those words from me. He closed the door and was gone. I cried till there were no more tears coming out of my eyes. I felt like it was the days when he left back for college when I was still little, but this felt more painful than those times.
I really hated my dad for leaving me even though I begged him to stay with me. He emailed and called me every day, but I never replied the emails or take his calls. Eventually the calls stopped and the emails became once a week then once a month then nothing. I hated him even more coz I felt that he really did abandon me. I continued with my studies even with all the heartache I felt, always getting straight A’s and even graduating from high school with honours. I have to admit I was a lil nerdy, guess I got it from my dad, he was really intelligent and you could ask him anything and he’d have an answer.
I started college that fall and eventually met a wonderful guy, or so I thought after a few months of dating he proposed, I was so happy of course I accepted, I was so in love with him. A week before thanksgiving I had the world crumble under my feet when I caught him in bed with no other than my best friend. I ran away crying, my heart breaking into tiny pieces. I called my aunt that day, I grew close to her when she and her husband; my dad’s older brother took me in after dad left. They treated me like I was their own daughter. She asked me come home for thanksgiving and I said yes; as I knew staying on campus with my broken heart would only lead me to sulk in my apartment and feel even more depressed.
On the drive home to Boston to spend thanksgiving at home, I started to think about every man that I ever loved had always left me and break my heart. Then pictures of my dad and all the happy memories I had with him flooded my head, I felt the warm flood of tears running down my cheeks, as I realized that it was me who abandoned him, me who pushed him away. That’s when I decided that I’d do anything to have my dad back into my life, I missed him so much. When I got home the 1st thing I ever said was; “Momma, do you still know what’s dad phone number is?” Momma is what I called my auntie. “Yes dear, let me get my phone. But why do you ask?” she said. “I want to talk to him, I miss dad so much.” I replied.
After giving me dad’s phone number, I immediately called him, on the 6th ring, he finally picked up. “Hello?” a groggy raspy voice coming from the side of the line. “Do you even know what time it is, this better be important!” it finally dawned on me that it was early morning there in Japan. “Hello dad.” as I finally got up the courage to say something. “Lyndie?” was the only thing he said in response. He gave me that nickname when I was 4, it was his term of endearment for me, and he is the only person to ever call my Lyndie. Then I started hearing him crying on the phone. “God I miss you dear! I thought I’d never hear from you again.” He finally said sobbing. I started crying too. “I miss you too daddy!”
“How are you doing dear? I’ve always wanted to call you, but you never take my calls or answered my emails, I thought I’ve lost you.” He said still sobbing. “I’m doing ok dad, just came home for thanksgiving. Daddy can I see you please?” I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth. “Of course dear, I would love that, but you know I can’t go back there anytime soon. Would you like to come here to Tokyo?” He replied no longer sobbing, I detected that he was smiling saying those words. “Can I really come? Wouldn’t I be a bother with your work?” I asked. “You would never bother me dear. I love you so much and you know you’re the most important girl in my life. If you want I’ll make reservations for you to leave in a day?” was his reply. “Sure dad, I’d love that” I said.
Finally snapping back into reality; as I picked up my luggage from the conveyor at the airport, “I can’t believe I’m really here. In a few moments I’ll be with my dearest dad.” I thought. By the way my name is Ashlyn Jade Roberts, 20 years old, 5’6 with long curly blonde hair; I got that from my mom, deep blue eyes, also from my mom. I have 36c’s breasts, a slim waist and long tanned legs. I wouldn’t consider myself as a head turner, although my friends would beg to disagree.
“Lyndie!” I heard coming from the back. My heart almost stopped. “Oh my God! He’s here.” I told myself. I slowly turned around. I was dumbstruck to see my dad. He was probably the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen. Standing 6’4, light brown hair, the greenest of green eyes, he’s half Irish. I could see that he still kept himself in shape; even though he was wearing a suit. I knew my dad was a handsome guy remembering my childhood. My friends from school back then had those girly girl crushes on him. But I never really imagined he was this great looking guy. I guess not seeing him for over 8 years has affected my thoughts of him.
“Lyndie?” he asked again. I was finally snapped back from my daze. “Daddy!” I ran towards him, dropping my bags to the ground and gave him the biggest tightest hug. I felt him raise me up and I felt his strong muscles grip me. “He’s really in great shape.” I thought to myself. He finally let me down. He got my bags and turned around. “Let get you home dear.” He said. I just nodded. Those simple words warmed my heart.
We finally got to his car. Putting my bags inside the trunk, he opened the passenger door and helped me get in. Coming around the front he got in the driver’s side, now in Japan the passenger side is on the left side of the car so I was kind of confused. “Something wrong dear?” he asked. “I just think it’s a little weird I’m on this side of the car dad.” He simply laughed and started the car. While on the road, I kept glancing at my dad soaking in his image. I could tell he was a little older looking now with slight wrinkles on his forehead but he was still handsome. Then it dawned on me; “Daddy, how did you recognize me after all these years?” I asked.
“I actually didn’t at first, I saw you when you walked out the terminal and I was a little apprehensive if you were really my lovely daughter. I mean I really couldn’t believe that such a beautiful young woman was indeed my daughter. I was just taking a chance if you were really my baby girl when I approached you. ”
“Thank you dad, but I’m not that beautiful.”
“You are darling. The most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on.” He shot back smiling. I felt my cheeks turned red and quickly looked away from him. What was this feeling I was having; my entire body was tingling.
When we finally got to my dad’s house I was surprised at how big it was, a two storey house with a huge front yard and a pool at the side. It was a long drive to get here as it was far from the busy streets of Tokyo. The entire house was surrounded by huge trees and a beautiful garden. When we got inside, I was even more surprised at how lovely it was. “Take off your shoes dear, and use these slippers.” He told me. I did what I was told thinking that this must be some custom in this country as I’ve seen it in a couple of movies.
“Welcome home darling, well what do you think?” He asked.
“This is incredible dad.” It was an understatement.
“The dining room is through that door, pointing to a small glass door, the living room is to your left, the kitchen is through that door on the right. This hallway leads to our own little private hot spring bath. There’s a small gym right through this door; pointing to his back. And the bedrooms are upstairs, follow me sweetie and let’s get you settled in.” I just slowly followed him up the stairs and he showed me to my room. It was a Japanese style room with sliding doors and a huge bed on the left corner with huge windows offering a great view of the pool and garden below, it also had a small balcony. He put my bags down on the floor. “You can unpack your things dear, the closet if to your left. You have a private bathroom to the right.” He said. “My room is on the end of the hall, call me if you need anything, I know you must be tired so get some rest for a while, we’ll eat dinner in a couple of hours.” He added. “Thanks daddy.” I said quickly giving him a big hug. “This room is wonderful. But I’m finally happy that I’m with you again.” I told him. “I’m really happy too dear, I always dreamed of the day that I could finally reunite with you Lyndie, I still can’t believe you’re finally here, I really missed you!” he spoke with tears in his eyes as he gave me the most affectionate hug. “Well I’m going to take a shower, call me if you need anything dear.” He said. I simply nodded.
I started putting away my things away and decided I’ll go take a shower too. Grabbing my toiletry bag, a towel and my silk robe, I went inside the bathroom in my room. It had a huge bathtub and a separate shower; with white tiles decorated with floral prints which made it especially feminine. I started to wonder why dad would have this kind of taste. Then I realized that my room was almost the same; yes Japanese; tatami mat for the floor, the sliding doors we all see in those samurai movies. But the decor; the feel of the room was so feminine. I decided to put it on the back of mind as I started taking off my blue satin blouse; starting with the top bottoms to the last and quickly slipping it off my shoulders, exposing my black lace bra, which pushed up my bosoms; making them appear bigger than they really are, fumbling with the clasps at the front of my bra, letting them lose, I suddenly felt the rush of cold air touch my soft perky breasts which immediately had an effect on my small pink nipples; making them stand up proud like pencil erasers, a soft “Mmmm” escapes my lips as my hands slide down my tanned curves down to my hips finding the latch to my skirt opening it as I started unzipping my skirt revealing my matching pair of lace bikini panties, moving closer to the full length mirror checking myself out.
All I could think about was my father’s words in the car. I was surprised at how it was getting me flushed, looking at myself face all red, just thinking about my daddy thinking that I was the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on. I felt my body starting to get so hot, reminiscing that tight embrace he gave me at the airport, those big strong muscular arms holding me so tight making me feel so safe and secure; his strong musky scent, must have been his perfume. “What was it again?” i asked myself. “Drakkar Noir, yeah that’s the name of dad’s favourite perfume.” I told myself. His gorgeous smile and those deep green eyes that tells you how exactly what he feels just by looking at them. “What are you doing Ashlyn? Snap out of it, he’s your father.” The voice inside my head suddenly shouted.
Recovering myself I hook my fingers around the garters of my panties and slid them off my smooth long tanned legs down to the bathroom floor. Quickly stepping into the shower, after adjusting the heat I felt the warm water touch my tanned skin, caressing my breasts and my curves, I kept thinking about my dad’s muscle filled arms and shoulders when he hugged my tightly. My thoughts turned into a dream; I was back at the airport and rushed to his open arms into that tight embrace and he leaned his head down towards my face planting the most sensuous love filled kiss on my soft lips, parting them with the slightest touch of his tongue as I met his and slowly our tongues danced a kind of romance between our mouths. “Lyndie” a heard softly calling from outside; snapping me from my fantasy back to reality. “In the shower dad” I shouted back. “I brought the rest of your stuff up sweetie, I’ll leave them beside your bed.” I heard my dad from saying.
“Thank you daddy, I’ll be done in a bit, When’s dinner?”
“I’ll start dinner when you’re done with your shower. Just knock on my door then, I’ll just go check up on some of my work on my computer ok?”
“Ok daddy”
After I heard him slide the door to my room close. I started thinking about that fantasy just awhile ago. “Get a grip Ashlyn, he’s your dad. You shouldn’t be thinking about him this way.” My conscience told me. But at the back of my mind the passion that fantasy and the flames it ignited deep within me; the tingling down at my now swollen wet snatch was undeniable. “My dad is turning me on.” I told myself. I wasn’t that sexually active, only having 2 boyfriends in my life; as I said I was a nerd back in high school. I was still practically a virgin. The only thing I ever did with my ex fiancé was give him a blowjob and have him rub my pussy.
I knew it was wrong thinking about my father that way. But those same feelings gave me such warmth, the feeling of security that no matter what he’ll love me for what I am. I quickly finished my shower towelled myself and put on my robe. Putting on a pair of silk pink panties, I walked out of my room still towelling my hair dry headed to my dad’s room.
“Dad?” I called, knocking at his door. “You sweetie?” he answered from inside as the door opened. “I’m hungry; can we have dinner now?” I asked. I saw my dad frozen seeing me in my silk robe that was a little too sexy I guess, it was a silk robe just cutting 3 inches below the waist with a neckline that exposed my cleavage. It didn’t really come into my head that I was wearing such a revealing outfit in front of my dad as I usually wear this around my apartment without a second thought. “Dad?” I said. Snapping him from his daze; “Let’s go to the kitchen and I’ll whip something up for you dear.” As he said that looking up and down my body. Then I saw the bulge in his pants. And I knew that I was turning him on. I suddenly started to have those feelings again, those thoughts of him taking me into his arms and giving me such a passionate kiss, thinking that I was doing that to my dad. I flashed a smile at him and gave him a sexy wink as I turned around sexily waking away turning and saying; “Well are we going to the kitchen or not daddy?”
Then my conscience shouted at me again, “Get a grip Ashlyn, he’s your dad.” I finally came to my senses and quickly jumped inside my room to change into something more appropriate for nice daughter to wear around her father. Going through my clothes I quickly found a brown turtleneck sweater and my denim jeans. Putting them on and watching myself in the mirror, the denim showed hugged all the curves and line around my long well toned legs and the sweater wrapped around my body accentuating my full breasts and hugged my curves showing off my sexy sides. “This is sexy, but at least it covers up everything nicely.” I told myself. I wanted to give the impression to my dad that I wasn’t some loose girl showing off my skin just for anyone. I wanted him to think of me as his sweet little girl; “although with all the thoughts running around my head about him, I wouldn’t consider myself as his sweet little girl would I.” I thought to myself.
In the kitchen, I found my dad over the stove while preparing dinner, I moved to a chair near the little breakfast table inside the kitchen and watched my dad with all curiosity. Wondering what kind of food he would make for me. I knew he cooked wonderfully, he always prepared my school lunches and dinner when he had time to cook them if he wasn’t busy with his job when I was smaller and our Sundays were always spent at home with him making something special for me while we enjoyed each other’s company.
“Hey dad, so when can I meet your girlfriend?” I asked. He almost dropped the frying pan he was holding when he heard me asked that.
“What’s with the sudden question about Lyndie?” he finally said after composing himself.
“Well dad you have this wonderfully big house, as far as I can see it. The room you gave me seems to have a lot of feminine touch to it; you haven’t come back home to even see me, of course I would think there’s some girl in your life keeping you busy daddy?” I responded.
“Well sweetie sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t really have a girlfriend. I don’t even have a social life to begin with. Yes I have this big house, but actually I only stay here during holidays or some weekends when I’m not too busy with work. That room you’re staying in I had it designed just for you baby, I guess during that time when this house was being constructed, I was hoping you would eventually change your mind and come here to live with me, but....” he started to trail off
“I guess it was more wishing thinking on my part. I finally accepted that you wouldn’t want me in your life after I left you, so I just concentrated on my job. Yeah there are girls I meet here but I guess I just don’t have it in me to go back into a relationship especially when my relationship with my own daughter is broken.” He continued

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