tagLoving WivesA Revenge Fuck Gone Bad

A Revenge Fuck Gone Bad


I'd like to thank Matt Moreu for cleaning up the rough spots and making it easier to read.


All right I admit I fucked up big this time. It wasn't intentional or planned, but in the eyes of my wife Carol, it didn't make any difference. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time sent my marriage into a downward death spiral the only problem now being Carol fucked up a lot worse than I did, and hers was intentional. So here I sit in my car at the hospital, wondering if my male pride will make me close the book on a once great marriage; but let me start at the beginning of my problem.

My name is Ken, and I'm the head-purchasing manager of a midtown hospital. It seems about a year ago, the hospital decided to update their x-ray equipment. The outdated equipment was about twenty years old and the head of the Radiology Department talked the hospital board into spending almost a quarter million dollar for new x-ray equipment and an M.R.I. The bids were open to all American manufacturers and after going round and round with the two top vendors, we decided on the equipment from Unity Inc. The only thing left, was to visit the manufacturing plant and work out the final machine options and finance terms.

"Ken, I want you to accompany Dan to the factory and make sure he doesn't go too crazy and order too many options, my boss Todd told me. We're at the top of end of our budget this year so I need to make sure we keep it under $250,000.00 as much as possible; it could mean a big bonuses for us come year's end, he told me with a smile.

"I'll do my best, he told his boss Todd. I've already asked for free freight and insurance back to Boston and in this economy I don't think they'll balk at it because they don't have the signed purchase order yet and know we could still change our minds. I told them I'd be bringing the order with me and that we'd finalize the details while I was there, Ken told him. Don't worry, by the time I'm done with them, they'll be paying me to take the equipment off their hands," he said with a laugh.

That night I told Carol I needed to go with Dan to finalize an equipment agreement and that I'd be gone for at the most two days. "If every thing goes according to plan, we'll be taking that winter vacation in the tropics this year" I told my wife.

"Don't make any promises you can't keep buster, she said kissing me full on the mouth. With you gone though and me working late, I'll have to have your mom pick up Ronnie from school and feed him dinner Wednesday night. I'll collect him from mom when I'm done, that's all, she told me. I'll be glad when both of our jobs get back to normal; whatever normal is any more. "

I took a hard line with the sales manager of Unity. He wasn't acting like a big prick, only a little one. He got 90% of what he and Dan had asked for, and handed them a signed contract at days end. Everyone was relieved that it was finally over and they told Dan and I that they would pick them up for dinner at 6:30 that night.

"Ken I've got to head back tonight so I'm catching the 7:00 flight, Dan told him. Make sure you bring back a set of instructional manuals so we can start employee training next week, he told me. I want to thank you for your help and I'll let Todd know what a great job you did; have a drink or two for me tonight" he said heading for his room.

The mood was festive at dinner and the drinks flowed. I was relieved that I wasn't driving because by the main course I was half blasted. By desert there were only three of us left; the sales manager, head of tech support and myself. The head of tech support was a female about 40 and was dressed more like a man than a woman. I finally got a good look at her when after dinner when she removed her suite jacket and put it on the chair next to her; damn, "she'd been hiding a nice rack" I thought to myself.

"Ann can I count on you to get him back to his hotel tonight, the sales manger asked. I hate to be a party pooper, but I've got to catch a fight out first thing in the morning and I haven't packed yet. Enjoy yourself and stay as long as you want, the bills have already been taken care of," he told Ken shaking his hand and thanking him again for the order.

I was pretty wasted as I sat there looking at Ann. "Not bad, short red hair, a decent body from what I could tell; if she wasn't so uptight" I thought, finishing the last of his drink.

"There's a dance lounge in the back with a great jazz band if you're interested, Ann told me. Or if your too tired, I can take you back to your hotel" she said.

"Why not, the night's still young," I said, as we headed to the lounge.

How we ended up on the dance floor, I hadn't a clue but that's where we spent the next two hours; in each other's arms. We drank a bit more, danced, and the last thing I remembered was maybe kissing the back of Ann's neck as we glided across the dance floor. Let me rephrase that, she glided and I staggered at best.

"What the fuck?" I said as I tried to open my eyes. Here was this girl, between my legs, sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. As I tried to sit up, Ann pushed me back down on the bed and straddled my now erect cock.

"We only did it once last night, and I want to have one more ride before you leave", she told me as she moved herself up and down on my dick

Besides getting fucked right now, I hadn't a clue where I was only that what she was doing felt great. I was in no shape to help so I just lay there and enjoyed what was happening to me. Looking up at Ann, she was a sight to behold with her flaming red hair, beautiful face, and body that would make most women green with envy not to even mention a set of 36C's with long brown nipples that just begged to be played with; "I only wished I wasn't so fucking hung over."

I lasted about twenty minutes before announcing to Ann that I was getting ready to shoot. She pulled off, grabbed my cock and finished me in her mouth as I shot my hot load down her throat. Ann drained me completely and kept trying to get me hard again before I finally cried uncle; "Ann I'm done for at least a couple of hours," I said, as I tried to reclaim my dick from her.

"I haven't been with a man in over two years before last night, she told me. You were so hot to trot, we barely made it into my apartment before you had me totally undressed; you kept calling me Carol for some reason" she said.

It finally hit me like a slap in the face from a large shovel; I'd cheated on Carol. I was now fully awake and my mind was going a mile a minute. I needed to get back to my hotel, get packed, and make the 12:15 plane home to Boston. "Fuck" I said. I looked for my cell phone finally remembering I'd left it on the desk in my room.

It was a quiet ride with Ann back to my hotel. We both apologized for the previous night's activities saying that it never should have happened and that it was a secret we'd take to our graves. We finally ended up talking shop and about what each had to do now that the order was placed. "I'll be the one training your employees when the equipment is finally delivered," she told me; I hope it won't make you too uncomfortable, Ann said trying to give me forewarning.

"Don't worry about it Ann, we're both professionals and as long as you keep me away from the alcohol, we should be able to handle it" I said, trying to add a little humor into an awkward moment. We said our goodbyes, and I raced into the hotel.

"Shit" is all I could say as I looked at the fifteen messages from Carol. The last one saying that she knew I hadn't spent the night in my room and where the hell was I?

It took me only 10 minutes to pack up his shit and grab a cab to the airport. I thought about calling Carol but decided to send her a text message instead; this way I wouldn't have to answer any embarrassing questions before I got my story straight. "Sorry about not calling you last night, got drunk and passed out. At the airport and getting on the plane, see you tonight. Love you. At least that would appease her until I got home" I thought.

Carol had called the hotel all night and finally at 2:00 am, had one of the employees physically check my room, fearing the worst. Looking at my text message she was relieved but pissed at the same time. "He's got a lot of explaining to do," she thought especially since it'd cost her a night's sleep as she frantically wondered where in the hell I was all night.

On the cab ride home I was busy honing my story about the previous night in my mind, and that without knowing exactly how much Carol knew. I thought about coming clean from the get go, but figured Carol would kill me if she found out about Ann. "God please let me get through the next couple of hours, I prayed and I'll never stray again," I thought out loud as the cab pulled into my driveway.

I was almost unpacked when I saw Carol in the doorway. "Well?" she said with her arms folded over her chest.

"I know you're pissed and you have every right to be, I started. After the agreement was signed we all went out to dinner to celebrate. I started drinking beer, switched to wine and by the end of the night I was drinking salty dogs. Some where between 1:00 and 2:00 I kind of passed out at a jazz club or that's the last thing I remember," I told her.

"You passed out where, because you never made it back to your room last night? she said, in a pissed off tone. Where in the hell did you sleep last night Ken?" she said.

"I guess I stayed at the tech service manager's apartment" he replied.

"You guess," she said now almost yelling. You fucking guess, Carol spat out. Cut the shit Ken, where in the hell were you last night and think very carefully before you answer, because I'm going to fucking verify it," she said.

"I'm screwed," I thought to himself as I told Carol the truth, carefully leaving out the part of Ann riding him this morning.

"Ann, you spent the night with Ann; is that what your telling me, she now screamed at me. Did you sleep with her Ken? God damm it Ken did you fuck her? Answer me you son of a bitch," she yelled as her arms flung wildly.

"I thought Ann was you, you've got to believe me, I begged. Ann told me I kept calling her Carol all last night; I was so fucking drunk I didn't know where I was or what I was doing. You've got to believe me," I now pleaded with her.

"You bastard, you fucking bastard, Carol screamed. Is she just one of the whores that you meet when your supposedly on the road working? God damm it Ken, how many times have you cheated on me? Fuck you; I wouldn't believe a god damm word you said anyway, she yelled while beating her fists on the bedroom door. Get the fuck out of here before I do something I'm going to regret, just get the fuck out of my sight," Carol screamed while falling to her knees crying. God damn it Ken, I hate you so much right now; please just leave," see sobbed.

I tried to touch her head as I walked through the door but she pulled away from me. I grabbed a change of clothes and headed out the door as my world collapsed in on me. Twenty minutes later I was at the Red Roof Inn by the hospital, sitting on the bed trying to figure out how I was going to fix this one; or if I could.

I was greeted with a hero's welcome when I got to work. Dan had told everyone who'd listen how tough I had been and that they'd gotten much more than they'd even dreamed of getting from Unity. "He's a fucking miracle worker," Dan told every one.

I just smiled and tried to get caught up on my work when Todd came into his office. "You out did yourself this time Ken. I've been instructed to tell you to take the rest of the week off, with pay of course, and for you to take your lovely bride out to the best restaurant in town; giving me a girt certificate. I'm not going to say it's a shoe in yet, but tell Carol to get her bathing suit ready because the two of you will spending ten days in January at Sandals this year, compliments of the hospital."

I thanked him, accepted the gift certificate and said I had a lot to do before he left work; work, that's all I had right now.

I wasn't sure what I was going to find when I went home that night. I saw that Carol's car was in the driveway and all the lights in the house were on; maybe it had blown partly over and she was ready to talk; sorry, no such luck. Carol had literally thrown all my clothes into the spare bedroom and had this wild look in her eyes as I approached.

"The only reason your clothes aren't on the front lawn is because of Ronnie and I haven't made my mind up what the fuck to do with you, she said in a dead calm controlled voice. But don't touch me, don't talk to me and stay the fuck away from me, she said in a now louder voice. I started to say something when she cut me off. What about don't talk to me don't you fucking understand Ken, she said glaring at him. We'll stay in the same house for now, but just stay the hell away from me, do you fucking understand?"

I nodded sadly and went into the spare bedroom. It took me about a half an hour to clean up the mess and hang up my clothes and ponder my next move, which I frankly hadn't thought of yet. Ronnie came up to tell me that dinner was ready and we walked down to the kitchen together. He knew something had happened but was smart enough not to ask, at least for now. The three of us ate in silence and after dinner I went back up to my new room and wondered how in the fuck I was going to repair my marriage.

The next four weeks were hell. The only time Carol and I talked is when there was no other choice. Who was picking up Ronnie, what the fuck I wanted for dinner and to tell me my mother wanted us over Sunday afternoon. I once tried to talk to her about us getting professional help but she snapped back at me, "I don't need any professional to remind me what a fucking cheater I'm married to", she spat at me walking away.

The following week Carol announced that she was going away for the weekend and that I was to watch Ronnie. "I've got to get away and think what I want and I can't do it with you stalking me at every turn." She was gone Friday night until Sunday late afternoon.

I used that time to get reconnected with my son. We did all the father son things you see on TV. We went to a ball game, we drove go-carts and ate out every night; I think I gained ten pounds that weekend.

"Are you and mom getting a divorce?" Ronnie asked Sunday morning at breakfast.

"I hope not, but your mom won't let me explain what happened, I told him. I did something pretty stupid, but I still love her to death and I think deep down your mom still loves me" I told him.

"Well just fix it, he told me. You know how you're always saying you can fix anything, well fix this dad; please, he begged. The two of us developed a plan that afternoon; operation win mom back. It would take our combined effort and I wasn't sure it'd work, but we were headed for divorce anyway so what did we have to lose.

Carol came back and at least was in a little better mood. I prepared dinner as she asked Ronnie what he and I had done without her all weekend. She talked a little at dinner but said she was tired and went to bed early, alone as usual.

I gave her about two weeks to say something about where she thought we were going and when she didn't say anything I put the next phase of our into action. The following Friday I took off a little early. I got home and made two pizzas from scratch along with picking up a movie at the video store. Friday night use to be family night before all this shit started, so it was my intention to bring back a little normalcy into our lives; and it worked, a little anyway.

Carol was thankful she didn't have to cook, said she'd had a tough day at work, and even liked the movie I picked. Ronnie sat on the floor and Carol and I sat on the couch; about two feet apart, but at least on the same piece of furniture. So it went for the next two and a half weeks. Carol started to slowly thaw and I got a bit more aggressive.

The following week's movie was Ronnie's choice, last of the Star Wars series and I made a bunch of finger food items that we could eat while we watched the movie. Tonight I brought out the big guns. I bought, not rented, a chick flick that Carol said she was dying to see. Ronnie groaned but I told him he could have next week's choice.

I went all out this week. Shrimp appetizers, a veggie and fruit tray and steak shish kabobs; I wanted it all tonight. To give you an overview of the movie, a guy from out of town hitches up with a single mother. He helps them out; they fall in love and decide to get married. On the way to the church he comes across a major accident. He pulls a family out of a burning vehicle just as it explodes and throws him across the road. The guy comes over, holding him up; the hero whispers something into the father's ear before dying. The last scene is the father and his family walking into the church. He tells the bride what her fiancée had done and that his last words were, "Tell her that I loved her from the first moment I saw her. I'm sorry I can't be with her right now but I'll be waiting for her if it takes till the end of time."

Everyone in the movie is crying and I can feel my eyes watering up. I think back to what my marriage was like six months ago and now it almost makes me cry. I feel Carol grab my hand and I look at her. Her eyes are full of tears and I mouth the words, "I love you", to her as she puts her head on my shoulder.

"What a lame ending Ronnie says out loud. Thank heavens I get to pick next week's movie," he says climbing to his feet.

We cleaned up the kitchen, put the food away and I finished up my glass of wine. Carol climbed the stairs and momentarily looked back at me before continuing her climb. At least she held my hand tonight, I thought feeling quite proud of myself. Finishing up I turns off the lights and headed up to Ronnie's room.

"Remember tomorrow, we're going fishing with grandpa so don't stay up all night," he told me, as he walked to his room.

Carol's bedroom door was closed, as always. I paused for a second in the hallway outside her door before entering my bedroom. Within forty-five minutes I was fast asleep dreaming about something in my past when I was awakened by a noise in the room. Looking up from my bed, I thought I saw someone standing in his room. "Carol, is that you?" I asked.

"I just want to sleep next to you tonight, that's all" she said softly as she climbed into the bed next to me. There was no sex, cuddling or even words spoken as she lay next to me. We slept together for the first time in months. Shit, whom am I kidding; I didn't sleep a wink all night. I just lay there drinking in her essence. I could feel the warmth of her body in my bed and it was quiet enough to hear her breathe. Every once in a while she'd roll over and our bodies would touch for a split second that made me almost jump out of my skin. I wanted to grab her, kiss her and tell her how much I'd missed her in my arms, but I didn't want to scare her off.

Ronnie woke me up just after 7:00 the next morning. "Hurry up dad or we'll be late," he said pulling the covers off me.

Shit, I was alone in my bed again not remembering when I'd fallen asleep or when Carol had left my bed. "Did I dream it?" I asked myself as I felt the side of the bed she'd slept on and put my face to the sheet and sniffed. I could still smell her on the sheets, which made me smile.

I could smell the fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen as I descended the stairs. Carol was doing something at the sink and Ronnie was talking a mile a minute about how he'd be bring home fresh fish for dinner. I caught Carol's eyes as she smiled at me; fucking right, she smiled at me; my heart was racing at that moment.

"Come on dad, we're late" Ronnie announced as he opened the door to the garage and bounded out.

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