A Ritual Promise


Krista could feel it as well; Beth could tell. The girls mouth was open in awe, her eyes wide as she watched one of the tendrils come out of the blackness and approach her. It moved slowly, almost sensing her apprehension. It didn't want to frighten them, not at first and Krista reached out her finger to touch it. The little thin, prehensile end wrapped around her finger, sticking to her skin and leaving tracks of the soothing oil it now secreted and slowly peeled off as it moved further up her hand. She reached out her other hand and touched Beth's arm.

Beth looked up and down the girl she'd had tied to the table the night before and her breath caught in her throat. God, she was so beautiful. No wonder she'd been so distracted by those pert, round breasts and wide, curvy hips. The long, golden hair was wavy, luxurious and it wound its way along Krista's spine. Beth was awash with the need to reach out and feel how soft it was.

The gold strands were so silky in her fingers and it brought her hand to caress the pale skin of Krista's back. Beth wrapped her arms around Krista's waist and pulled her closer. The tendril slid itself around Krista's shoulder then and, as Beth pressed them closer together she felt its cool, moist touch on her skin. Her wandering hand found Krista's breast and massaged it, playing with her nipple gently until she heard the gasps of pleasure from the girl become her first moan.

The tendril pressed against Krista, almost lifting her and forcing her on top of Beth. Krista let it. She took Beth's face in her hands and kissed her lips, pushing her tongue deep into Beth's mouth. Their bodies moved frantically, legs wrapping around each other and hands groping, scratching, touching all over. Krista had a glint in her dark eyes as she moved downwards, placing her head between Beth's legs and, uncertainly at first, touching her tongue against Beths wet, smooth slit.

Beth gasped, as hands grabbed her wrists and pulled them apart, holding her still whilst the younger woman pushed her tongue deep inside her cunt. Looking up, she could see Gayle holding her left hand down with her knee and to the other side Freida doing the same. Both of them had their cunts close to Beth's face and they were touching themselves, wetness dripping down their thighs. Gayle reached out and grabbed Freida's nipples hard, causing the other woman to shudder, the wetness from her pussy gushing harder, dripping onto Beth. Gayle pulled Freida closer, so her cunt was over Beth's face, her juices dripping onto Beth's flushed cheeks. Beth licked her lips as more dripped down, licking up Freida's cum.

Both women holding her down took turns then, Gayle moved forward, pushing her neatly trimmed cunt against Beth's mouth. She straddled her, one knee either side of her head, as Freida held Beth's hands down. Gayle took firm hold of Beth's dark hair and fucked her mouth, forcing teeth and tongue hard against her clit.

Gayle moaned loudly and Freida leant forward, kissing her hard as they all played together, moaning, gasping and touching each others slick, naked flesh.

The licking against Beth's cunt suddenly changed and became more frantic. She could feel that Krista had grown hotter, her hands holding Beth's hips in a tight grip, her nails digging in. Long tendrils of power were wound all around the girl's legs and arms and back, and one of them had just slowly driven itself inside the girl's virgin ass. It was wider than anything Beth had ever taken and she should have been in pain but, instead, her big eyes were closed with pleasure, physics and reality forgotten.

Beth came hard with Krista's tongue on her clit and Freida's swollen lips on her face. She shuddered, moaning against the larger woman's pussy. She nibbled, licked and sucked on Frieda as the tendrils wrapped around them all, caressing and squeezing them together. Freida screamed her orgasm out, fucking Beth's face so hard she struggled to breathe. But she kept licking, even after the little shudders had stopped, causing Freida's whole body to blush with the sensation.

In the moments of clarity following her orgasm, Beth wondered about Leila. Where was she? She looked around with her mind for a second, feeling the smaller woman's presence away from them. It was odd, and as she felt herself grow hot again, her focus distracted until she realised the Leila was on her own because seven, huge tentacles were focused solely on her. They wrapped around her breasts, and penetrated her cunt and her ass. Leila was screaming out her pleasure, orgasming again and again, moaning and thrashing around the tendrils.

A moment of jealously passed across Beth's mind, then she saw Krista, lying on her back, looking up at her and everyone else was forgotten. Beth leant forward, Gayle, Margaret and Frieda having moved back to their own game again, and kissed Krista softly on the lips. 'This is why,' was all she thought, feeling the after effects of her orgasm still flitting around her body. Krista nodded then grinned, losing herself to the pleasure again.

A burst of power suddenly drew all their attention to Leila in her squirming mountain of tendrils. She was still moaning, and every woman there started to crawl towards her. They all collapsed onto Leila, tentacles wrapping around their waists and legs, fastening them all into one big pile of writhing bodies. Thick shafts with little suckers, pulled and licked at their flesh engulfing them all, the suckers like tiny kisses all over their bodies. Beth gasped as again they entered her and a twin-limb with two long heads came and pushed one head forcefully inside her. The other head fucked Krista rhythmically, in time with the length inside of Beth. The two women moaned in unison as they reached for each other, their nails dragging red marks into each others flesh as they kissed, their pelvises grinding together as they were fucked.

Another mass of tentacles pulled Gayle on top of Leila, the youngest girl completely lost with the pleasure.

This, Krista felt someone tell her subconsciously, this is why you do what I ask. Imagine the pleasure, imagine what you could feel if you are loyal. She gulped, the overwhelming shock of all the new sensations and emotions she'd felt in the last day taking over. Would she do anything for this? Yes, probably. Now that she'd felt it, she couldn't imagine going back to her day job, riding to work and sitting all day in a mundane land without pleasure, without excitement.

She was dragged away from Beth's embrace and her lips found Leila's cunt, a tentacle pushed her head down, wrapping in her hair and moving her face forward. It trailed down her back, slapping her ass hard as she moaned against Leila's clit. It slapped her ass again, hard and then quickly, in one motion, zipped down and entered her ass.

But then their 'dream' began to falter, just as they all moaned together, screaming as the pleasure rode them over and over again, with their faces flushed, their clits swollen and pulsing with orgasm, the cold, barren cave and dying embers of the fire became reality again.


They'd 'slept' all night, and some of the morning. When Beth finally managed to fight her pounding head to open her eyes, she was lying entwined with Krista. Pale breasts were pressed against her own, beads of sweat running into each other as she watched and winding across her pink nipples to pool between them. Their hips were touching and Beth's pussy was dripping onto Krista's leg as they were wrapped around each other. Behind her was Gayle, ass cheeks rubbing against Beth's as she moaned, reaching up to kiss Freida as they began to stir awake. Leila was pressed along Krista's back, her skin pale and her face dripping with sweat. Margaret was unconscious at the back of them.

It took some hours before everyone was awake. Their skin was all raw, their cunts throbbing with pain from overuse but none of them complained. A feeling of utter satisfaction washed over them with the memory of their night but the longer the day dragged on, the more they felt the loss, the need to get it back.

By the time night fall came, Beth knew what she had to do. Krista had spent the day among them, talking excitedly about her hopes for the 'next time'. She wasn't sure if anyone had told her that she still had to die that night, or they all would, on purpose, or if they were so distracted themselves that they'd forgotten. But Beth remembered the pain, she could feel her heartbeat quicken with the thought of it, and so, as soon as the sun disappeared behind the horizon, she raised a large rock and hit Krista on the back of the head with it. Crude, but necessary.

She lifted the girl to the stone table, securing her wrists and ankles with the rope again. It was possible that she'd wake and it wasn't an option to ruin it again. The stars were ever moving, ever changing, and it would be more than her lifetime before the chance came around again. Her master wasn't the kind to accept failure, as she knew.

Wrapping her red robe around her again, Beth lifted the hood and lit the candles. They illuminated Krista's pale white flesh as they had the night before but now Beth had seen and experienced more and the sight took her in worse. She tried to suppress her quivering breaths as she took the ivory dagger from her bag again.

The chanting began, echoing wildly around the trees as the wind swept her words away. Something was wrong, the ritual seemed distracted, unfocused, as though there were no-one on the table at all. Beth didn't understand and she began to shake, her hands tightening on the dagger, ready to strike Krista's heart.

But she didn't move. It wasn't right. It wasn't going to work.

She could see midnight coming and almost panicked. It was time, she had to do something. But killing Krista would do nothing at all, she... she...

Beth gasped.

Krista wasn't a virgin anymore.

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