A Road Well Travelled (By Zombies)


Rolling onto my side, I parted my legs and slipped my fingers inside myself again from the back, thrusting them back and forth vigorously. My eyes rolled back in my head as I suddenly came, gasping and wailing loudly as I was overcome with my release of pleasure.

My body still shaking, I stopped swiftly and grabbed one of the toys, a magic massager, switched it on and applied the large buzzing head to my clit. I exhaled sharply, grinding and bucking my body against it as the amazing feelings shot through my body.

It was amazing, but I needed to be penetrated by something. I grabbed the next toy, putting the massager down briefly to cover the silicon phallus with lube. It was big, hard and vibrated. I teased it at my tight entrance, groaning as I played it back and forth. Finally I had to give in and I slid it all the way inside me with a cry.

I powered it on, my lips forming a little O as the sudden extreme pleasure stunned me. It ground against my G-spot perfectly. I put the massager back on, and I was in heaven. I began to work the dildo back and forth, lifting up my shivering legs as I fucked myself hard with it.

I cried out over and over as it slipped in and out, bringing me ever closer to a massive climax. I lifted my ass up to meet my hand, desperately holding onto the toys as they buzzed against and inside me.

Then it happened. My back arched, and my knuckles turned white as I gripped the toys. I had to abandon them, holding onto my nethers with my bare hands as it pulsed; my body wired with every touch sending sparks across my skin.

I lay there peacefully, panting heavily...


Naked, I strolled through to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. The afterglow was immense; I couldn't stop smiling to myself. A thud from downstairs snapped me out of my reverie. I quickly crept into the bedroom and grabbed my gun. I considered dressing again but a second loud thump told me I only had time to grab one of the bed sheets, throwing it round myself.

I snuck downstairs, carefully choosing each footstep. The banging was constant now, I had to silence it soon or it would attract attention. I stuck my head around the door and examined the shop floor but couldn't see anybody... or anything. The sound was coming from behind the counter. I peered over it, and watched the rug shake with each knock.

Gingerly, I pulled the rug away to reveal a trap door. Damn, no guesses what was in there! Still, it needed to be done. I got myself into position, and bent down to undo the latch. It burst open with my hand inches from the bolt. I flinched as it swung past my face. A slender hand, the nails covered in blood and gore flew out of the darkness and took a big handful of the bed sheet, causing me to cry out and hit the floor hard. Ok so putting that on wasn't my smartest move.

I could see it now; the undead woman heaved herself out of the hole. Her golden locks were dirty and matted. Her eyes were a glazed white, and her face was smeared with blood. She gnashed her teeth and clawed at me, trying to both move towards me and drag me towards her at the same time. I struggled with the bed sheet, trying to crawl out of it. I felt a cold hand grab my leg and I screamed. Where was my gun? It'd bounced out my hand when I fell.

I placed a fairly solid kick to the size of her head but I just succeeded in hurting my foot. The zombie was half way out and I could see she was naked too; her skin had lost the tanned look and was now a sort of mottled grey colour. I finally managed to pull the bed sheet off myself, but I couldn't shake my foot out of her grip. In fact all I achieved was pulling the zombie out of the basement. With constant kicking I was able to yank my foot free, but with surprising speed the zombie got to her feet. She pounced on me, letting out a long groan as she tried to sink her teeth in my supple flesh.

I desperately held her back by her shoulders. Her fetid breath filled my nostrils. Despite my predicament I couldn't help thinking that had she been alive, people would pay to see something like this. Her dead skin felt cold and wet against me, making me shiver when I thought about it.

Trying a trick I'd learned with my last boyfriend, I hooked my leg around hers and rolled myself on top of her. Now I could use my weight to pin her. With a push I leapt off her, but she followed with yet more surprising speed. I had to grab the first thing that came to hand, whatever that may be. As it turns out, it was a thick double ended dildo. I swung it around like a bat and it connected with a squishy thud. It must have had quite an impact as it sent the zombie woman sprawling. It gave me the time I needed to scramble for my gun, spinning around and aiming it at the zombie. My first shot missed and I cursed loudly. Taking a deep breath, I took aim once more. A feeling of calmness came over me and as she clambered to her feet my next shot hit its mark and the zombie jerked back as a hole appeared in her head. Blood spurted everywhere, and silently it fell backwards, bouncing on the edge of the trapdoor and sliding in.

Now, where was the man?

I peered over the edge of the hole, but all I could see was darkness. I had a bit of a search and found a torch under the counter and stark naked, I began to descend. The basement was like a movie set, with odd contraptions and sex machines. I found the man, half eaten, crawling around leaving a trail of blood and bits. I used two rounds to silence him.

I decided just to close and lock the basement again. I had no need to go down there, and I prayed that the smell wouldn't permeate into the rest of the building.


I desperately needed a shower. Blood dripped off my body as well as other stuff I didn't want to think about. Plus I really wanted to try out that massive bath! I stepped into the bathroom and looked around the luxurious room. There were all manner of fragrant body washes and hair products. I selected a few that smelt nice. I even found an expensive looking razor and some gel.

Turning to the tub, I stepped inside it carefully. I quickly flicked the shower on and washed off the grunge, the water cascaded off my body, and it was invigorating. While scrubbing down I noticed a bruise beginning to form where the zombie woman had grabbed me and I was relieved her nails hadn't scratched me. I immediately felt like a whole new person, as the water washed away the thoughts and memories of what'd just happened.

After I'd had a quick wash in the hot water, I lay in the tub with the gel and shaver and removed all the hair around my pussy. I loved the feeling of being bald down there. When I was finished, I turned the large ornate taps and began to fill the tub, gently rubbing my hand across my now smooth skin. The encounter before was far from my mind as my arousal built again, my fingers slipping lower, teasing my lips.

I continued to torment my body as the water level rose. I let out a long comfortable sigh after I stopped to fiddle with the temperature to get it perfect. I felt like I could lay there for hours in that dreamy state. After a while, I decided to play with the bath controls, firing up the jets. The water started to bubble almost violently and I giggled like a horny school girl at the sensation.

My hands travelled over my wet body, feeling my hard nipples against my palms. Curiously, I moved over to one the large jets in the side of the tub, feeling just how hard the water and air was being pumped out. Positioning myself carefully, hanging my legs over the side so the jet was just inches above my pink folds, I let out a deep breath before lifting my body. I moaned loudly as the water hit me, pulsing against my mound. I shut my eyes tightly as I held myself against it, my body shuddering with pleasure.

With one hand I opened my petal lips, letting the water blow across my clit. I scrunched my face, biting my lip as wave after wave of pure bliss washed up my spine and befuddled my brain. I sat there for ages, moaning and grinding myself against the water jet.

Finally I let out a scream as I came hard, falling away from the jet to be replaced by my fingers, furiously rubbing my clit. It seemed to last forever until I couldn't bear to touch myself anymore. My legs slowly closed as I gently caressed my body, trying to catch my breath.


The line of vehicles trundled down the road at a steady pace. Zander was sat up front, his car paving the way for the convoy behind. His co-pilot, Luke, sat beside him with an ear-to-ear grin, belting out a rock song at the top of his lungs. Zander couldn't help but share that infectious smile, but still received a thump on the arm for not joining in. The two were close; Luke was even his first stop when the outbreak started.

Finally, he gave in. "Carry on my wayward son..." he crooned, but the mood changed in an instant as a gut wrenching sound of grinding metal and a thunderous crash resounded from somewhere behind. Their smiles dropped as the convoy slammed on its breaks as one.

Zander checked his mirror. A cloud of dust obscured the road a couple cars back. The two boys shared a look and reached for their weapons, Luke hefting a heavy wood axe while Zander chose for a lighter golf club. They opened the car doors and stepped out carefully, examining the surrounding fields before turning their attention to the confusion behind them.

One of the caravans had become unhitched, dropping away from the car towing it, causing the van behind to smash into it. The resulting pile-up was fairly catastrophic, the occupants cried out in pain, trapped in the wreckages. Zander didn't like it. Obviously, they were friends and their families and he didn't wish them harm, but also they were out in the middle of no-where and this would most certainly attract attention.

While people hurried around to help the trapped and injured passengers, Zander surveyed the damage to the convoy. Two cars and the caravan would be completely out of action, which left two cars behind, and three cars ahead of the accident. Not enough space for everyone...

An alarmed shout pulled Zander's attention from the problem, and thrust him straight into another. He rounded a vehicle and joined Luke beside another to look out over the field at an approaching group of zombies. Four... Six... Ten... and more from the other side, the number rising still. Zander allowed himself a brief moment of cursing his luck before he turned and found he was surrounded by his immediate friends.

Luke was at his side of course, but he was also joined by Emma and Laura. Laura brushed her blonde fringe out of her face and scrunched her nose as she frowned. Emma's expression was also one of concern, but she wasn't looking at the approaching hoard. She was staring at Zander, as if she saw right through him.

"Stay..." she whispered, reaching out to put a hand on his arm. "They'll need your help." Zander let out a little sigh because he knew she was right, he had been thinking of just driving away. The situation was too dangerous and he would cut loose with anyone who could follow. He ground his teeth nervously and looked out over the crops. There was still time.

"Alright people! Anyone with a weapon get over here!" he called out, gathering a small group around him. "We'll split in half and we go out and meet them, use the space and don't let them get too close. Speed is your best weapon. If we wait till they come to us, we'll have our backs to the wall and no-way out. Got it?" They agreed; how easily they seemed to want to charge into danger as long as someone was leading them.

Zander let out a feral roar as he, Luke and several others began their run towards the mob, shuffling towards them, their hands stretching out, as if they only had to reach a little further. Zander swung his golf club, connecting with the head of his first victim, before he darted back, away from them again. There was no way they could keep up.

The problem was, the number of zombies increased faster than they were decreasing them, and slowly the humans were pushed backwards. Zander heard cries and swearing from his allies but he didn't let his guard down, didn't look away even for the briefest moments, but he knew he was losing them.

"Fuck this. Fall back!" he called out, putting on a sprint. As they regrouped, he could finally see their losses. Over half weren't running back, and one jogged along with long red scratches over his arms. The group came to a stop a short distance from the vehicles as they noticed him, his arm beginning to drip a red trail as he caught up.

It was Sam, an old school chum and someone dear to Zander. But it didn't matter now. He was dead, or would be within the day. No-one seemed to want to admit it though, and Sam's own expression was one of hope, but that hope flickered as he gazed upon Zander's now emotionless face.

Time slowed as Zander reached for Luke's axe, taking it with slightly shaky fingers. Sam's eyes grew wide but his feet stuck to the floor, transfixed with fear.

"I'm sorry." That's all Zander could say, over and over. "I'm ... sorry."

"Please... Zan..." Whack.

Someone screamed, and everyone assumed it was from seeing what had just happened, but as Zander turned to look over at the vehicles, he couldn't see her. He frowned, chucking the axe back to Luke as he closed the gap.

The other team had been even less fortunate, and the zombies were now closing on the cars. The woman screamed again, definitely Laura, but Zander couldn't see her, till he spotted an undead male scrabbling to get into a car. Through the window he could see flailing limbs in a vain attempt to keep it at bay. He gritted his teeth, tearing towards the scene as fast as he could. It moaned hungrily, horribly until with one massive swing of his club, Zander ended its un-life and it fell forward with a sickly sigh.

He dragged the corpse from the car and revealed Emma and Laura, tears streaming down their faces as they embraced in terror. Zander offered his hands to them but they wouldn't move from the car. He quietly closed the door and looked around, people were still fighting, but it was a fruitless battle. There was too many of them. Luke joined him and Zander quickly directed him to drive the car with the girls in it while he ducked and evaded the undead to get back to his car. The two vehicles roared to life and without a second glance, they disappeared down the road...


Zander and his three companions reached a deserted dock on England's western coast. The mood was melancholy as no-one had managed to catch up or get in contact with them. They moved quickly and quietly, selecting an idling yacht that was just sitting in the quay. The owners must not have made it here.

It was quite large, with a few different cabins. Together they managed to get it going, and pointed in the right direction. Without a clue on whether there was enough fuel to cart everyone across they set off anyway, sailing towards America. Zander explained to his friends that despite the higher population of America, the firepower was easier to come by. Of course what he didn't mention was that he was only coming to America for one reason, and that wasn't it. There was one last person he wanted to save.

Life on board became a party when a teeming drinks cabinet was discovered. Zander was never a big drinker though and simply preferred to watch and laugh at his friends as they got drunk. He told me a story about something with which he remembered quite vividly, and described it in great detail. It was late at night after an evening of boozing and he could hear hushed voices coming from outside his cabin.

Upon investigation, his two female companions were stumbling around holding each other up. They were clearly completely sloshed, as they giggled and hushed each other.

Emma was a petite brunette with a beautifully curvy body. Her ample bosom was held back by a simple tank top, and she wore jeans that didn't quite fit, falling down to reveal the top of her ass quite nicely. Her round face grinned constantly under her intoxication; her short dark red hair glowed in the moonlight.

The other girl, Laura, was a complete contrast to Emma. She was taller and skinnier, but just as pretty with longer dirty blonde hair and small glasses framing her soft face. Her clothing was more modest as well, a buttoned blouse, dark jeans and a loose cardigan.

Together, they stumbled into Emma's cabin, and pushed the door closed. Except they didn't close the door, it simply bounced off the hinges and swung open slightly. Pausing briefly to try and think of a justifiable excuse and failing, Zander crept over.

As he pushed the door open a little more he could hear little giggles from inside the room. A dim light filled the room, causing lots of deep shadows, allowing Zander to slip in unnoticed and crouch hidden with a good view of the two girls laughing together on the bed.

Their conversation was dull from his point of view, but just when he was getting ready to sneak out again something interesting happened. It started with Laura admitting she was ticklish. Emma pounced on her, lightly poking and tickling her skin, exposing her sides as her top rose up. Laura cried out, trying to fend her off while laughing uncontrollably.

After a short scuffle, Laura managed to get the upper hand and pinned Emma down. Panting, they gazed into each other's eyes, and with her inhibitions happily suppressed with the copious amount of alcohol she had consumed, Laura gently leaned down and brushed her lips against Emma's.

Emma's expression flitted between confusion and desire, but before Laura could pull away she leant up and returned that brief kiss with one of her own. They gazed at each other once more, seemingly unsure about whether they should continue. Emma took the initiative again, leaning up to press her lips softly against Laura's. It lingered this time, both girl's eyes closed as they enjoyed their moment of naughtiness.

Except that moment grew longer and longer as they kissed again and again, the pair closing their eyes as their tongues met tentatively. It sparked the passion that grew quickly, till they were clutching at each other, pressing themselves together, grasping at each other's clothes. Laura surprised herself by being the first to pull up Emma's top, revealing smooth skin and a light blue bra. She leaned down to kiss the swells of Emma's breasts, before moving back to that enticingly sweet kiss.

The pair moved so that they were on their knees before one another, constantly kissing and touching. Emma grabbed her half pulled up top and slid it over her head, letting it fall to the floor. There were no nerves now, there was only lustful desire. Laura attacked Emma's shoulder, kissing and grazing her teeth against her skin, even as Emma pulled at her top revealing her white bra.

With a sneaky pinch, Emma had her lover's bra undone and on the floor, and drove her backwards so she could lie beside her and plant kisses along the top of her chest. Laura had small pink nipples that stood firmly, crying out to be suckled, and that's just what Emma did. She swirled her tongue around those sensitive nubs, pressing her lips around them greedily. She worked Laura into an aroused frenzy, squirming slightly under Emma's ministrations. Finally she couldn't take any more and she reached down to unclip Emma's bra too.

Emma's breasts were bigger, with much larger and darker nipples. Still, they were as hard as Laura's, and the pair kissed once more as Laura ran her hands over those beautiful globes. Cupping and squeezing till she drew a pleasurable sigh from between Emma's lips. The two gorgeous ladies took a moment to pull off each other's trousers, commenting on how sexy they thought the other's underwear was.

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