tagNovels and NovellasA Romantic Crime Thriller Ch. 02

A Romantic Crime Thriller Ch. 02


This is a five chapter romantic crime thriller, where Michael and Libby fall in love whilst solving the problem of who set Michael up and where is the file that can prove her fathers innocence. There is romantic one on one sex and some sexy flirtations in this story.


Libby's eyes fluttered open as she awoke slowly, every muscle in her body aching from sleeping curled up on the old couch. Twitching, her nose could smell coffee and as she turned her head to the left she saw Michael sitting in the big chair, leaning back looking rested, long legs spread out into the centre of the room, feet hooked over each other at the ankles. He was sipping coffee from her favourite mug, his dark eyes watching her quietly.

Rising up on one arm, her hair falling over her face, she swept it back with the other and croaked, "What time is it?"

"Nine thirty.....there's a mug of coffee down by you on the floor."

Looking down Libby found the coffee and carefully sitting up, holding the blanket up over her chest for modesty she reached down and took the cup. After taking a deep drink she looked back at Michael who smiled at her. "Sleep well sugar?"

"What do you think? It took me ages to get comfortable and fall asleep last night."

"More of a reason to share the bed upstairs tonight."


"Mmm.....but before tonight we have things to do....... cover story to work out for the police ......we need to make sure we both tell them the same thing.......cover each other's backs......we need to work out who Smith is......go get the file from him......"

"Get my dad released and prove him innocent."

"That too."

"Well if you get out of the room I can get up and we can make a start."

Putting the mug down on a small side table Michael folded his hands over his belly and settled down, "No-one stopping you from getting up sugar, be my guest."

"I can't until you leave the room."

"Why not?"


"Because what?"

Blowing out a huff she told him, "Because I'm only wearing my panties."

"Don't be modest on my count."

"Get out."


"Are you always like this?"

"Pretty much......"

"You drive me crazy."

"Just give me the chance......upstairs......in bed......and I promise to really drive you crazy."

"You really do have an enormous ego."

"Want to find out what else I have that is enormous sugar."

And Libby burst out laughing, "Michael.....do those corny lines usually work on women for you."

Smiling he told her, "No....but I live in hope." And he stood up, bent down and kissed the top of her head. "Get up, get ready, then come back down and we can start to plan."


Half an hour later the two of them sat in the lounge eating toast and working out their story.

"Remember, I had been drinking. We met while drinking in the hotel bar. I decided to leave my car where it was and go on to here with you on your bike......that's close enough to the truth for us to make it seem real to the cops.....we spent the night here together.....getting down and dirty.....neither of us left the house, or the bedroom......the watch cap is easy to explain if they ask you about it.....you've been there at McMasters before with your dad through his work.....must have dropped the cap on a previous visit....."

"You think they will buy it?"

"Why not.....I'm here, you're here....we slept here last night.....I was staying in the hotel...it has a busy bar.....I did come here on the back of your bike.....no reason not to believe us if we stick to the story."

"You think that they will pick you up?"

Standing up Michael stretched, the hem of his black tee shirt rising up to give Libby a view of his flat belly, the thin trail of hair arrowing down to and past the waistband of his jeans, making her own belly flutter with a zing of sexual awareness.

"Yeah they'll pick me up....but I'm going to pre-empt them and go visit them......the best way is to get the alibi set and presented to the cops as soon as possible so we can get on with finding that file and the man who really killed McMaster."


Libby and Michael drove past where he had left his car and it was now missing. Stopping further up the road and getting off the bike Michael looked up and down the road before saying, "Good, the cops took the car.....let's go onto the Police Station and do it all just as we agreed."

"You're sure they'll buy our story?"

Michael watched as Libby bit and worried her bottom lip and stepped forward, running his thumb gently over it, "You keep doing that and I won't have anything to kiss tonight."

"There isn't going to be a tonight....."

"So you keep saying......but I have to remind you I'm a man for hire and as far as I can see I've lost my last employer who was going to pay me for retrieving the file, now I'm working for you......the price is eight grand.....you got that money to give me?"

"What do you mean eight grand.....we're working together......I'm doing as much as you."

"OK four grand......one grand up front.....you got that to give me?"

"No I don't have that kind of money to hand...."

"Then I'll accept it in kind....tonight.....tonight you and me in bed, getting hot and dirty in exchange for one grand....the rest after we've got the file or three other nights."

"You're mad."

"Take it or leave it."

"You're asking me for sex instead of money."

"Consider it part of the barter system."

"What if I say no?"

"After we go to the police and set our joint alibi I'll go off on my own, find the file and destroy it. You want me to hand it over, you pay up."

Tears sprung into her eyes, "You don't mean it Michael."

Hardening himself to her tears he told her, "How much do you love your father. What are you willing to do to clear his name? Apart from breaking and entering that is." He waited watching the different emotions play over her heart shaped face, her green eyes large and swimming with tears and he almost changed his mind and was about to tell her that he was only joking and would help her anyway when she said, "OK......four nights.....tonight down payment.....then three more once I have the file in my hands.......but that's all......"

The big grin broke out on Michaels face, "It's a deal." And he put his hand out to shake on it.

Ignoring his hand Libby wearily said, "Just get on the bike Michael and let's get this trip to the police station out of the way."


Michael lent on the counter, Libby next to him as he told the cop behind the clear glass panel, "Left the car last night on the Old Watling Road, Libby and I," and Michael pointed to Libby, "met up there and we went on to her place by bike, went back this morning and found it gone. I need to report it stolen and then contact my insurance company."

The Policeman, looking bored picked up a pen and started to fill in the form, "Name Sir?"

"Michael Stewart....the cars a real classic Merc, bought it a year ago. Four point two litre roadster convertible........made in nineteen eighty six in Astral Silver.......black soft top. Not many made that colour so probably stolen to order......personal number plate.....M 1 C K Y."

By the time Michael had finished speaking the policeman was staring at him as if he had two heads.

"My pride and joy that car.....cost me thirty-six grand......just had it serviced too."

"Could you take a seat over there." The cop pointed to a bench opposite, "I'll get someone to have a chat with you. "And he picked up the phone.

As they sat down Michael whispered "Made me." Placed his arm around Libby's shoulder and told her, "Make it look like we're lovers, cosy up and act at least like we're intimate." and he kissed her ear.

Placing her hand on his thigh and smiling through gritted teeth she squeezed hard, digging her nails in, "You bastard, you're enjoying this."

"Yes I am.....probably am a bastard as far as I know, and also am enjoying myself. They say anticipation is a large part of the thrill....and if you think you're hurting me sugar forget it, I've been hurt by experts since I was a kid in care, through the army, and onward." And he looked down at her hand that was on his thigh until it loosened and just rested there.

"Good girl....now look over there, we're about to meet the big boys. Play it cool and stick to the story."

A greying haired detective stood and had a word with the original policemen who pointed over towards Michael, and then he walked over to come through the door that divided the waiting area from the main Police offices. Walking over to stand in front of them he introduced himself, "Mr Stewart, I'm Detective Morgan, I believe you're reporting your car stolen."

Michael stood up and introduced Libby before nodding, "Yeah, I was telling the Sergeant there that I parked it on the Old Watling Road late last night, Miss Higham and I went on to her place by motorbike, we went back this morning to pick up the car and it was gone. It's a beauty of a car and I guess I shouldn't have just left it parked there, but you know how things are........Libby and I decided to go on together and come back to get the car this morning......and it's gone. Damn nice car. Feel gutted......you think you can find the bastards who stole it?"

"If you can just come with me and have a chat I'll take down all the details. Miss Higham, why don't you stay here until Mr Stewart and I are finished."

Michael bent his head down and kissed Libby on the nose, "Won't be long sugar.....soon as they've taken the details we'll go on into town and pick up the rest of my stuff from the Hotel."

And he followed the detective through the door leaving a scared and nervous Libby to sit down and wait.


Detective Morgan sat opposite Michael in the interview room looking at the possible suspect for the murder of Frederick McMaster. The police had found the car when they swept the area, and traced it to Michael Stewart and after they had done a check on him and found out that he was a known person of interest down in London. Known to be hired out for protection, as muscle, to fight in private squabbles abroad and other stuff that they had been unable to pin on him.

"Mr Stewart you're not from around here? London isn't it."

"Yeah.....but I bought the car from the last owner a year ago in Plymouth. She's a beauty, real classic car."

"So what are you doing up here, it's a long way from London."

"Came up for some business, but it fell through.....my contact didn't turn up for the meeting planned.....tried to contact him but no joy.....met Miss Higham and decided to stay around a bit longer. I need to have a police report reference number to give to my insurance company and to arrange temporary transport. All my insurance details are back in London."

"Look Mr Stewart let's cut to the chase, I know your background, you know I know your background and what you do for a living, and we have your car. We picked it up last night from where it was left, behind a house where a member of our community was found killed. Why don't you and I start at the beginning and you tell me why you came up here from London, who employed you and why you parked your car in the spot very close to where we found an escape rope on the wall of the house where there was a murder."

Michael feigned shock, "You can't think I killed someone just because my car was parked close by. You have to be joking."

"I'm not joking Mr Stewart."

"I told you, Miss Higham and I were together last night, she can confirm it......you can't try and pin this on me just because I had something to drink and decided to leave my car where it was. How was I to know there would be a murder close by......you're just trying to pin something on me because I'm convenient.....try finding the real murderer."

"You're known to hire out as a mercenary since you left the army.....we've done our checks."

"Yeah and if you've done your checks you know I don't hire out to kill, I work in protection with various private military companies in protection and security. I'm registered and clean, my last stint was working at the beginning of the year on a six month contract as protection and security for an oil company contract in Nigeria, I came back two months ago. Everything is above board and legit."

"Who is this person who you were supposed to meet?"

"A Mr Smith.....he phoned me a couple of days ago, we arranged to meet at the Hotel where I'm staying.....he never turned up.....I've tried phoning the number without any success to get in contact with him. I met Miss Higham at the Hotel bar, we hit it off, decided to go back to her place, I had been drinking so I left the car where you found it and went back to her place on the bike and we spent the night together."

"You expect me to believe that."

"Ask Miss Higham."

"I will," and standing up the Detective told Michael "I'll need that phone number." Then told him to wait where he was, calling in a uniformed copper who stood by the door and then he left Michael sitting waiting.


As they walked out of the police station, Michael draped his arm around Libby's shoulders, "So how was it for you....you ok?"

"I think he believed me.....he must have as he's letting you go."

"Not necessarily. Just can't break through the alibi and he has no proof, but I think he thinks I did it."

"He kept asking me how much I knew about you."

"What did you tell him?"

Smiling up at him she answered, "That you were good in bed."

Laughing Michael squeezed her to his side, "Well sugar that puts me under pressure to prove it tonight and live up to your claim."

"About tonight......."

"Relax I'm not going to just pounce on you dry."


"Libby......let's just pick up my car from the pound, go to the Hotel, pick up my stuff and check out. We need to sort out a game plan."


Hoisting the bag into the sleek silver sports car Michael told Libby "You go and I'll follow you back to your place. We need to speak to your father and give him the description of the man I met who paid me for the job. Maybe he could tell us who he could be."

"Dads on remand in prison, I need to arrange a visit which might take a few days."

Slamming shut the boot of the car Michael said, "How often does he phone you from jail?"

"Every few days. Next one is tomorrow night."

"OK we run the description by him then. Until then I'll think of something else to do that might find us the elusive Mr Smith."


Once they were back at her house Michael told her, "I need to clean up, you got any food here or do we order take away?"

"I've got food." And she called after his retreating back as he went up the stairs, "Clean towels in the airing cupboard."

Going into the kitchen she rummaged around looking to see what she had that she could rustle up for two people, and when Michael appeared fifteen minutes later, hair damp and mussy, wearing blue jeans and a white tee shirt, bare feet and smelling of her lemon soap she was busy grating cheese.

"Mmm that smells good." He bent over the bubbling pan of tomato sauce, the aroma of garlic, herbs and onions drifting up, a saucepan of water heating next to it, dried pasta on the counter ready to be cooked. "You a good cook?"


"Me I live on takeaways." And he leant his hip against the counter next to her and watch as she worked. The closeness of him and the size of him in her small kitchen made her jittery and very conscious about what would happen tonight. As she bent her head down concentrating on what she was doing she felt his hand gently lift her hair and stroke it back behind her ear. "So what's a lovely girl like you doing without a boyfriend?"

"What makes you think I don't have a boyfriend?"

Twirling a lock of her silky hair around his finger he gave it a small tug, "No male toiletries in the bathroom cabinet, no stray men's clothes in your closet, no male magazines hanging around or dirty boxer shorts in the laundry basket."

"Doesn't mean I don't have a boyfriend."

"If you were mine I wouldn't have let you put yourself in such a dangerous position as breaking into the house last night. I would have done it for you."

"You were breaking into the house last night!"

Bending over he kissed the nape of her neck, a soft warm touch that made her eyes close at the feeling. "Turn the cooker off sugar......the time has come."

Eyes closed, she stood there, body hot and tingling.

Reaching over Michael turned off the cooker, moved to stand behind Libby and reached around her to remove the cheese and grater from her hand whilst nibbling on the back of her neck. Libby's head fell forward giving him more access, then she felt him open his mouth against her sensitive skin there and gently bite. Hands now holding onto the edge of the counter she stood quietly as his hands slipped up and under her own top, easing their way up over her skin to cup her breasts where he gently held them, his thumbs rubbing back and forth across her swelling nipples under the lace of her bra. He rubbed his now hard groin against her back, "Come upstairs sugar, let me make love to you."

Without another word she turned around and Michaels hands fell away from her breasts and to her waist, "This is sex pure and simple.....not love." She told him.

Michael looked into her eyes, a deep sparkling green, eyes he could drown in, "Come upstairs and let me make love to you......." and taking her hands in his he walked out of the kitchen slowly, guiding her upstairs to the bedroom and stood beside the bed still holding her hands.

He bent his lips to hers and kissed her, his hands sliding around her back, then one of them lifting up to tunnel up into her hair as he deepened the kiss. On and on it went, deep and dark and wet and warm. Tongue slid against tongue, breaths intermingled, bodies became taut, and breaking the kiss he trailed his lips down from her mouth to the side of her neck just under her ear and kissed a trail of small kisses down until he reached the collar of her tee shirt.

Lifting up the hem of her top he peeled it off her so that she stood in jeans and bra, and then he continued to nibble and kiss his way over her shoulder, down the gentle swell of her breasts above the lace, all the while his hands stroked the skin of her back until at last he undid the back of her bra and eased the straps over her shoulders and down her arms until her breasts were free.

Libby watched him as he looked down at her small pert breasts, his eyes darkening, almost black, the look on his face full of passion, and then she watched as he lowered his head and took one dark hard nipple into his mouth and suckled, the tip of his tongue laving the sensitive bud. Libby senses focused on the wonderful feeling as his hot wet mouth pulled her turgid nipple deeper and deeper into the cavern of his mouth, the matching throbbing flush of blood filling her sex made her body ache with need, and when his teeth closed over the hard point she melted and she felt her knees go weak.

Lowering her to the bed Michael lay half on top of her, half off, admiring the firm twin globes of her breasts, dark rose coloured areolas surrounded the darker erect nipples, one of them shining wet with his saliva. "Beautiful." He murmured, "Just perfect......" and he lowered his head and took the other nipple into his mouth and nipped.

Libby's back arched up, offering him more access to her breasts, almost begging for him to pay more attention to them, and as he suckled and nibbled on one teat, the fingers of his hand reached up and pinched the other nipple causing Libby to throw back her head and gasp.

She felt her nipples harden even more and swell as the wonderful feelings rolled through her, and then even harder as the colder air hit the wet nipple as his mouth left it and met her mouth again in a drugging, deep kiss. His tongue swirled inside her mouth, over her teeth, along her own tongue and then he was sucking and nibbling on her bottom lip and her hands were tangled deep in his shaggy hair, pulling him down for another kiss. Her restless legs rubbed against his as she grew hot and wet and restless between her thighs and the sounds of their deep breaths echoed in her brain.

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