tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Rural Town Ch. 04

A Rural Town Ch. 04

byA Firm Gentle Sir©

“Black coffee, two sugars.”

Sheriff Segan took the large cup from Joe King.

“Thanks. Who’s the new girl?”

“You like that ‘eh?”

“She looks a little young.”

“Just in from El Salvador. We got all the paperwork in order.”

The good Sheriff tasted the steaming brew.

“Very nice. Imported.”

They both laughed.

“So where’s this gonna happen?”

“Monitor six… back of the kitchen.”

Segan looked away from the center screen where the girl was undressing and found monitor six. The camera showed the back door and dumpster area for Cheetahs.

“You have to watch your garbage?”

Joe King smiled.

“Employee theft Sheriff, you can’t trust anyone these days.”

The older man shook his head. Scanning the other monitors, he saw Deputy Lori Adams looking through a storage area and Juan admiring her ass when she bent to inspect a lower shelf.

“She’s a looker. You think she’ll bite?”

“She’s been itching to get out in the field. Even had the Mayor call to check on her progress last week. If Juan plays his cards right, she’ll bite.”

The Sheriff turned his attention back to the dark haired girl. She was nude now except for the tiny sky blue satin thong that rode high on her hips and was barely visible between the cheeks of her ass. He was waiting for her to turn around so he could get a good look at her tits when he saw the door open. Tina entered the dressing room. Sheriff Segan smiled softly. He was going to have that one again in the near future. Going back for seconds was something he never did, even if the girls never knew who he really was. Yet, he had some unfinished business with Tina.

“Why she wearing slacks Joe?”

“I fired the bartender that was on last night. Tina’s working the bar until we find a replacement.”

The Sheriff watched the two women as they chatted and Tina helped her with make up.

“Thanks… I can put that in the report.”

“Thought you might appreciate that.”

Tina turned the younger woman to face the mirror as she helped apply the make up. Segan thought she looked damn near perfect with out it. Her dark eyes were round above high cheekbones. Her lips were thinner than Tina’s, yet the red outlined in a the darker shade of crimson made them appear fuller. Unlike the woman standing at her side, her skin was pale, almost snow white. She had no tan lines. Her breasts were full, their large, dusty pink nipples high indicating her youth. Tina’s slender fingers cupped her right breast.

“There they go Sheriff.”

Segan turned his attention to monitor six. Lori had exited through the door that Juan held open. After she declined a cigarette, the dark haired man lit one for himself. They chatted for a bit before Lori smiled and removed her cap. Sheriff Segan noted that either she was a damn good actress or the Mexicans oily charm was having some effect. He smiled when Juan reached across the short distance between them and slipped some folded cash into her shirt pocket. He thought Lori actually blushed.

“You get that?”

“Sure did.”

“I want the tape when you send my package over to the All American.”


He looked at the large center monitor again and sighed. Tina had the girl’s face turned toward her as she kissed her, her hands fondling the younger woman’s tits.

“It’s a damn shame I won’t be able to enjoy the rest of that?”

“Don’t worry about it J.D., I’ll tape it for you and send both tapes.”


He watched the panel slowly drop over the eleven glowing images before looking across the desk at the elder King brother. Joe King was smiling softly…

Judge Stewart shut off the tape. She didn’t need to see any more. Some one or more accurately, some thing had taped her little session with Sam. She had found the evidence in a small bag on the driver’s seat of her Lexus when she had gone out for lunch. Tied in red ribbon, the attached note said to call at exactly four.

She thought that it was her husband sending her something to explain what little adventure that he wanted to try next. The man could talk to any one, whether it be one or a one hundred people, yet he could not explain the little games he expected to keep their sex life “fresh” as he liked to call it.

She found the pirated scenes from porno movies exciting at first. They certainly had expanded her limits. Yet now, he needed the role-play to get and maintain an erection. She hated his refusal to get some help for the problem. Viagra was out due to his heart condition and he refused to discuss it with their Doctor. Unfortunately, the tape she had just seen was not part of their little game. He would never share her, even when she suggested it. He was too possessive and used this very scenario to make his point. “What if some one wanted to blackmail us?” She shook her head. Sam would never do it. They both had to much to lose. Who then? And how did they find out? Looking at the small clock on her desk, she only had about three hours to figure it out…

Retired Deputy Fred Jenkins looked past the scarred orange Formica on the reception desk. The woman exiting the raggedy green pick up had to be her. Glancing at the clock, he noted she was right on time. That son of bitch Segan had her for sure. Nice looking little piece this one. She paused, looking the place over for a minute before she noticed him watching. Tucking her small purse under her arm, she started for the office under the old neon sign. He always liked watching them come to the office. It was like they never saw the place before, even though it had been around for years. Likely as not, she had been here before. Most had. Whether it was for a little “afternoon delight” while their husband or wife was working or when the kids got tired of the back seats, they almost always ended up at the All American.

This one was needed twenty-five hundred. That’s what Old J.D had said. Fred knew that meant a more than a weekend. Segan was pretty much finished with her or she wouldn’t be here. The money she needed was pocket change to the Sheriff. She was here for other reasons. That left the door open for some other little goodies if she was willing. He’d have to wait and see.

She tried to smile as she opened the door, the small bell announcing her arrival.

“Afternoon Ma’am. What can I do fer ya?”

How he loved this little game.

“I-I’m looking for Mr. Jenkins.”

“You must be May.”

“Y-yes Sir.”

He let his eyes run slowly up and down. She swallowed hard.

“Right on time. I like that.”

He liked the way the blouse was knotted under her tits exposing the pale skin between them. Nice belly too, hard and smooth. A little thin in the legs. Fred Jenkins preferred a woman with a little more meat on her bones. Guess he should be grateful though, she wouldn’t piss on him if she didn’t have too. Returning to her eyes, he smiled. She forced a smile in return.

“You ever do this before?”

He ran his tongue over his lips.


“Sheriff tell ya how it works?”

She shook her head.

“Go over and lock the door. Turn the gone to lunch sign ‘round.”

He rolled his chair down the incline before stopping at the corner of the desk. He always liked the look they got when they saw him in the chair. Made ‘em feel safer.

“What’s the matter, you never seen a man in a wheel chair before?”

He bit off his words, wanting to scare her a bit.

“No… I mean yes Sir…”

She was flustered now. He liked the color that started in her cheeks.

“Well lock the fucking door and turn the god damn sign around. You think we gonna talk business out here in the lobby?”

She started to say something, then thought better of it. When she turned to do as he asked, he rolled toward the door that led to his apartment. Bumping into the stainless steel plate at its base, he looked over his shoulder at her as it banged against the inside wall.

“Well come on Girl, we ain’t got all day.”

He entered his living area and settled across from the old couch. He liked putting them there when they talked. The thing was shot and they kinda sunk down some allowing him a real good look at their legs. She peeked in the open door.

“Well come on in and sit your ass down.”

She did, slowly.

“I hope you move better than that this week end or I’ll have ‘em beating on my door wanting their money back. And that only happens once Girl and your out on your ass. You got that?”’

She winced at his words.

“Yes Sir.”

She must be in some real trouble. They damn near never called him Sir.

“How much you looking to make?”

Time to turn the knife a little.

“T-twenty-five hundred?”

“Jesus H Christ Girl! You know what you got to do to make that? That’ll take you three… four week ends at fifty a pop.”

The tears welled in her eyes.

“Then there’s my cut and I’ll have to tell the one of the other girls to take some time off and be on that gawd damned radio most the fucking night drumming up business… Fucking J.D!!!”

She was crying now. He liked it when they cried.

“Now, now, now. Dry up them tears. Ain’t nothing I ain’t done before…”

“Y-you don’t understand… I only have one, two weekends at the most…”

That he didn’t know. This might be easier than he thought.

“Can’t be done. Most our trade comes off the interstate: Truckers and such. You’d have to be here most the week and both week ends and even then…”

“P-please Mr. Jenkins… Jerry… My husband is up for parole… And Sheriff Seagan can help… Please…”

He nodded his head. Got ya you dumb bitch.

“Well I dunno… There’s Rogers and his kid… But I don’t think…”

She looked up.

“I-I’ll do anything. Please Mr. Jenkins...”

“You sure about that? I know a guy… Well you know, he’s got some…”

He paused for effect.

“Unusual tastes. Likes to take pictures and such.”

She wiped away the tears and stared at him as he talked.

“You mean Dill Rogers and his father?”

He nodded his head.

“The boys kinda simple and all. His Pa wants some one to take care of his needs that can be understanding and such.”

“A-and the other one?”

“He pays real good.”

He watched her eyes.

“You might wanna think about him ... He can be pretty … ah… different.”

The young woman nodded her head. He couldn’t be any worse than Segan.

“H-how much?”

“Rogers is good for four, five hundred maybe. Ham, double that if you play your cards right.”


“We can get the Rogers kid over here any time. I’m gonna have to get a hold of Ol’ Ham though.”


She looked at him. The weathered face told her there was more. He held her eyes for a minute before looking at the clock. He still had better than an hour before she had to be out of there.

“Now I got to be able to tell them something more than you a good looking girl May.”

He smiled then, the yellowing grin splitting his unshaven face. With out a word, she struggled off the old couch. His eyes followed her hands to the knot under her breasts.

Quickly undoing the white cotton, she slipped it off her shoulders.

“Them is some real nice titties Gal. Come on over here and let Ol’ Freddie get a good look.”

She stepped in front of the wheel chair. His eyes never left her exposed breasts as he first locked the wheels and then dropped the sides of chair.

“Come here Girl.”

She had to hike up her skirt before straddling the chair. His hands found her bottom.

“Nice… real nice.”

He tasted one of the wide nipples now just inches from his face before feeling her hands on his shoulders. Leaning forward, she allowed the old man to enjoy her breasts, the stubble on his face scratching the soft skin. She tightened when his fingers slid lower on her bottom, his fingers searching the crease of her bottom.

Closing her eyes, she remembered Jerry and how he loved to have her like this, straddling him on a chair. She pulled the old mans face against her breasts and bent slightly at the waist allowing him easier access to her.

Fred Jenkins focused his attention on her tits for a bit. The firm flesh was scented with rose. Fresh and clean this one was, not like the other twenty-dollar whores he had to be happy with. He sucked as much of her warm flesh as he could into his mouth, feeling her hands tighten against the back of his head. Just be gentle Fred… they always were a lot more willing if he did that. After Segan, they appreciated that. There’d be time for the serious fun later.

Her ass was hard under his hands, the muscles tight as she maintained her balance. The old man began nursing her other nipple now, his fingers slipping under the silk and between her ass cheeks.

She stiffened when he touched the opening he found there. Tipping his face up and away from her now wet flesh, he grinned.

“Reckon we should see what kind a cock sucker you are before we get to the other things Gal.”

She nodded before stepping back. Puzzled on which way would be easier, she paused for a minute.

“Don’t be shy now Gal. You get the rest of them clothes off so Ol’ Fred here can tell the others just what they’re paying fer.”

She wasn’t going to cry. She had done all the crying she ever intended to. Reaching behind her, she undid the metal hook and lowered the zipper. Letting the skirt fall around her feet, she started to slip off her heels.

“No, no… You keep them heels on. Let’s see that pussy now.”

May Vincent looked at him. The retired Deputy was staring at the small white silk still covering her sex. He was just another man that was going to use her, crippled or not. Inhaling deeply, she slid her last remaining covering off her body and stood in silence.

“Damn Girl…”

She stepped out of the small pile of clothing and moved to the side of the chair. His hand slid between her thighs. She parted her legs. For the next several minutes she thought of her husband Jerry as this old man touched her, exploring the soft flesh. His touch was gentle, like that of her husband. So different from the cruelty she had known since his leaving her alone with their son. When his fingers parted her folds, she began to tremble. He ran his fingers through the dampening skin, lingering on her clit. As he began the familiar circling of the sensitive bud, she found herself pressing down against his hand.

No words broke the silence. Just his touch, bringing back the long dead need. When he finally slid a single digit inside, the young woman groaned. Edging forward, she felt the cool metal of the spoked wheel against her knee. His mouth touched her breast. His free hand cupped her other breast. She leaned into him. One finger became two, gently opening her. She felt the heat building inside. The fingers moved slowly, sometimes curling searching for the place that no man had ever found except Jerry. She gasped when he touched it now. He lingered there, pressing against it. She ground into his hand.

She was a hot one; that was for certain. Warm and wet and tight, he sucked her tit harder. She gasped, her insides tightening around his two fingers as she pulled his face tight against her breasts.

“Oh Gawd!”

He found her hard little clit with his thumb and rubbed gently. The warmth washed over his fingers, trickling into his palm. She stood next to him, crouched slightly with his hand buried between her thighs. He nipped the hardened skin of her nipple.

May Vincent opened her eyes and remembered where she was and who touching her. She pulled away. The tightening of his expression told her she had done wrong.

“What’s the matter Honey? You didn’t think I forgot what a girl like you needed now did you?”

She shook her head and returned to his side. He ran his finger through her parted and wet folds.

“That’s some sweet pussy May. Shame we ain’t got time for me to enjoy it some more.”

He was loosening his stained slacks.

“But that’s ok fer now.”

He slid the zipper down slowly.

“Help me with these girl.”

He grabbed the steel rings outside his wheels and lifted his hips. She leaned forward and began struggling with his dirty, beige slacks.

“I’ll get a hold of the Rogers kid’s pa.”

She stared at the red and blue boxers, his slender prick pushing through the wide snapped material. Kneeling next to his chair, she slipped her fingers around the hard shaft with the angry red tip. He reached out and filled his right hand with her breast.

“Now you remember, you got to treat that boy real nice. You can’t be getting scared of him ya know.”

He gasped as she filled her mouth with him.

“If’n you do, he gets all excited and fergets what his Pa tells him.”

She pushed her hand inside the stale smelling boxers and cupped his warm balls.

“Oh yeah… That’s real nice May.”

She had no difficulty with this man’s size. She gently squeezed the warmth in her hand as she bobbed her head up and down the entire length of the male flesh. The bitter taste was already leaking into her mouth.

“Now tomorrow I want ya hear ‘bout ten… Give us a little time together before Ol’ Dill gets here.”

Her insides tightened.

“I want to bring something real sexy for me.”

His fingers tightened on her nipple.

“Just jeans and a shirt like today f-for the boy.”

She felt him swelling inside her mouth.

“H-hard … Suck it harddddd…”

She felt the slight contraction in her hand as her mouth was filled with the bitter tasting semen flooding from his cock. She tried to hold it in her mouth, but he kept cumming, forcing her to swallow the foul, thick fluid. She felt his hand leave her breast and press against the back of her head. She continued nursing at the slowly deflating shaft.

“”Damn May… That’s so fucking good….

She tried not to listen.

“I-I can’t wait until tomorrow girl…”

Judge Kelly Stewart looked at the phone and then at the clock. She wasn’t sure. If she called right on time, that would signal she was afraid. If she were too late, would they still be where ever to answer? Four oh five. She dialed the number.

Deputy Fred Jenkins looked at the cheap cell phone and then the clock. Bitch was late. She was playing some kind of game. He let it ring.

Kelly began counting now. Was it five or six? It rang again and then again.

“Your late Bitch.”

The voice had been electronically altered.

“I-I’m sorry. I had some one in the office.”

“Don’t let it happen again or the whole fucking world see’s the county Judge sucking some niggers cock three days after her husband knows.”

“Anger or fear? She wasn’t sure.

“I-I’m sorr..”

“Ten thousand. Small bills. Understand Bitch?”

She was angry now.


“I’ll call you tomorrow at five. You answer the fucking phone or the deal is off.”


And wear that red suit. You look good in red.”

The other end went dead. Judge Stewart looked at the clock on her desk yet didn’t see it.

What the hell was she going to do?

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