tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Ruthless Tease Ch. 04

A Ruthless Tease Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Sabrina at the Mall

I know it's been a while, but it seems the world of Sabrina has been a little overwhelming and the feedback was too positive to not revisit. If you want to read the first three, you will certainly have a deeper understanding of Sabrina, the Ruthless Tease, but if not, it's not necessary to follow her on this adventure. Enjoy the wicked ways...

This was getting difficult to control. Sabrina had seen me...seen my lust for her, and let me swim in it, relish it, devour it. It devoured me too. From the first day when she wickedly teased me with her incredible body until I came in a flood of cum in my shorts, to today, a day that I had been dreading and longing for these last 48 hours. You see, I was now completely at her mercy, but without control over the ability to change that. I loved her and hated her all at the same time!

The last time I'd been near Sabrina, she had expertly teased me to the point of my pulling my cock in front of her TWICE, until I came, unable to deny how hot she makes me. You would understand if you could see her. She is just a few inches shorter than me at 5' 10" tall, with hair that is a deep dark brown, with streaks of auburn throughout. She has a six-pack tummy with the cutest piercing, and long, velvet legs that are so firm and silky that they are impossible to forget. But her tiny waist and high school girl's-size ass are in total contrast to an absolutely huge pair of sexy tits that defy logic and desire. Deep, tanned cleavage kills any self-control you may have, and the almost porcelain-smooth skin of her face begs you to feel her lips, her neck. But her absolute sex appeal is her dirty, vicious cock-teasing mind. She has an appetite for lust, seeing it consume a "victim" and watching the eventual meltdown as the total testament to her power. And I am stuck...stuck in the role of cocktease victim. It's exciting and amazing and unbelievable.

And I was about to embark on another journey into the web of desire that Sabrina spins. The secret was no more, I had blatantly admitted I masturbated over her all the time, and she had told me I could be a cocktease outlet for her...as long as I never changed the status quo. Look—Listen—Lust. And today was going to be new frontier. Her husband, a devout wimp already given over to his wife's wicked ways, was gone, and Sabrina needed her outlet. She needed something profoundly erotic, and I was going to fill that role...God help me!

Late last night I had received an email from her:

"...Hi Scooter, I hope we're still on for tomorrow. I really am quite the ghetto girl these days, and need some new shoes. And my body is just ripping out of the tops I bought last summer, so I need some more, and with my new neighbor so willing to show his appreciation, I thought you might be the perfect someone to help me with my wardrobe. Oh, and Scott, we understand each other, right? Just help me shop, and you are bound to see some very exciting scenery...and maybe even more. I hope they still have the same young stud at the shoe store that they did last season, OH MY...see you at 1pm at the food court!"

So there I was, sipping my soda and adjusting myself in my shorts as I waited to see her. Pretty crowded day, second floor food court at the local mall, my chair facing the escalators, when I spotted her. One leg cocked to the side on the step above her, khaki shorts cuffed to just below her sexy pussy, and a teal colored tank top that was a size large on her, but I'll be damned if she wasn't wearing a bra...huge nipples sticking brazenly out of the material, and sunglasses, no doubt so she could watch everyone stare at her.

Damn she was hot! I always go through the same amazement when I see her. It truly is that overwhelming, knowing you will never again, and never have before, seen anyone as sexy, or as downright fuckable EVER. I knew I was in over my head, but I loved the swim! The escalator slid her out onto the second floor, and she turned and scanned the court. Countless men stopped walking, or craned as they went by to memorize her every curve. She spotted me and smiled—a small, expecting smile—and came towards me, stopping next to my chair as I stood, and leaned in offering her cheek for me to kiss. I did, and smelled her soft lilac-powdered skin and herbal fragranced hair, my eyes flitting down the unbelievable view of her breasts moving under their thin layer. I had a brief dizzy breath, then sat down with a quick thud and watched her mold into the chair opposite me, her legs crossed and poised sideways into the aisle.

"...Happy to see me neighbor?" she asked.

"You know I am...always am. You er, look so, well, lovely Bree." I stammered a bit, but meaning every word.

"Awwww, Scooter, you know I love that you appreciate me! So have you recovered from our Hot Tub party yet? You were quite the zealous observer.... poor guy."

"I'm recovered, but I don't think I'll ever forget it...embarrassed or not, I can't help but love being around you..." I was feeling a little bolder due to the public setting and thankfully had not sprouted a huge hardon yet!

She chuckled and licked her lips, leaning forward on the table with her elbows, making an awesome scene with her tits pressed together. "Oh Scott, are you truly ok with this? I mean, I'm a married woman you know, and I won't fuck you...at least I don't see any time SOON that I would...and I know how, well, disturbed you get when I tease your poor cock. I love it of course, but..." She was baiting me.

She smiled at me and raised her sunglasses so I could look into her bluish-violet eyes, knowing eyes that held a delicious power beneath their glassy gaze. "Yes, Bree...I'm ok with this. If I must wait days to see you, or only get to fantasize about you, I would not change a thing. Sometimes though...well, I just wish..." I could only trail off as we knew what I wished had no relevance to her. She leaned back in her chair, her great rack moving and heaving as she hit the back of the chair, causing me to quickly glance at them and feel a surge in my crotch.

She giggled, said "...ok Scooter, enough of you staring at my tits...I need some shoes and I know just where we will go for them...ready?"

"Yep!" And with that we stood, and for a few minutes, the world thought I was with the hottest woman on the planet...and they were right...to an extent! We walked a few doorfronts down the mall until we came across a specialty shoe store, whose window displays ranged from full thigh-high boots to lacey strapped sandals to outrageous 10 inch high pumps! Sabrina passed me on the way in to the store and I stared longingly at her perfect round ass as she walked in front. I could make out the sides of her tits with each step; it was devastating.

We spent about ten minutes walking the aisles, her picking up various shoes and making small talk with me, when she said, "there HE is!" She pointed to a young guy, maybe 19-20 years old, moving boxes towards a back employee entrance. "Let's just say I KNOW he likes me! Last time I was here I think he lost about a billion brain cells and just as many sperm cells! He has the sweetest, thickest cock Scooter. I'll show you how your little cocktease makes the men spill their juice for her...stay here and watch." With that she moved in next to me and looked at me and smiled, her thigh between my legs and her fingernail dragged over my dick, making it twitch. "Careful little stud...I want you to see my performance.... let me know if you think I'm sexy enough to cum for, ok?" She giggled again, turned around and then feigned a need for a low shelf shoe, brushing her ass against my cock, which was rampantly beginning to harden. She glanced at me over her shoulder and moved away towards the fitting area.

I wanted to move behind an aisle so my predicament wouldn't be so obvious, but not only would I not be able to see or hear as well, I just knew that Sabrina would be disappointed if I was not within sight of her, or better yet, if my COCK was not in her sights. I saw the kid notice her and he immediately flushed red in the cheeks—yeah, I know how you feel stockboy. He nearly capsized an aisle display rushing to greet her, as she slowly raised her sunglasses to pull her hair back over her head. She dangled her pinky finger at the corner of her mouth, occasionally smiling and blinking, but all the while her incredible tits were on full display, hard nipples screaming to be sucked. She then tucked her arm in the guys arm and led him to the display right next to me! I acted a little flustered but pretended to be interested in something else as I heard her say, "...do you have anything new and sexy for me today Tommy?" She had turned her profile to him and he was blatantly staring at her body. She knew this but let him stare for a bit. "I'm feeling a bit down today, and want something that will make men take notice, ok? Find me something and help me put them on will you dear?" With that she turned directly towards him and moved up close, whispering something in his ear. He smiled huge, and rushed off, leaving me alone with her for the moment.

"I told him that I was embarrassed to have forgotten to wear any panties, but that I trusted him to be a gentleman while helping me! He was already hard Scott--damn his cock is thick! Poor kid will blister himself jacking off by the time I'm done with him!" She quickly glanced at my firm ridge and smiled, then twirled to go sit in a fitting chair. She looked fucking amazing sitting there, legs crossed, arms on the armrests, back straight, her tits were just incredible, and this knowing look with a slight grin letting me know she was enjoying the tease...even its early stages. Just then Stockboy came back with about six boxes of shoes! Sabrina looked at me, then at his crotch, then back at me and mouthed "w...o...w". I was sick jealous, but couldn't do anything about it! I only stretched harder in my pants over her. Her nipples were truly huge at this point and straining hard as Tommy sat down in front of her. She lifted her leg so he could remove her sandal, and after doing so, I saw her foot go between his legs and his head tilted back. DAMN, she was giving him a foot job right there in front of me and anyone else who wanted to look. Just then she glanced at me and pulled her leg out from between his, grinning. Then, offering her other leg to him, she nodded for me to come closer to her. As he slid the sandal off her foot and her sexy toes again rested in his lap, I tried to walk casually closer to her.

"Baby! Come over here sweety!" She called out to me smiling widely, foot still caressing his lap. "Scotty, come sit by me and give me your opinion, won't you?" This was torture...now I had to watch her fondle some strange cock, while mine twitched and lusted for her? As I sat next to her, Tommy was oblivious. She looked right at my throbbing dick and licked her lips, nodding her head towards her working foot. I could see her toes tightening along the side of what looked like a can of tennis balls! It was freakish, and SO clearly visible, the outline of the head, the telltale wet spot growing under her moves. She whispered, "I told you so!" I was miserable and yet so turned on it was unbelievable!

"Tommy baby, can I try something on? My boyfriend would like to see what I look like before he buys anything," she said with a wink at me and a pointed lick of her lower lip. At that Tommy looked up, nervous, but unable to hide the camel cock he had just been foot-jobbed by. "Is that too much trouble Tommy?" She asked with a pout. "Er, no Ma'am, I mean, jeez lady, I'm...well..." he couldn't quite finish. "What is the matter, come here and stand up baby" she leaned forward to the edge of her seat right next to me, forcing him to stand right in front of us. She looked at his cock and made an audible "aaahhhh", as she looked up past it to his sweating face. She then looked at me and smiled wider and said, "Baby, see what a sweet cock he has? I'm afraid I made it all angry and hard, but I can wait if he needs to go and jack it off a time or two...it's only fair. And I thought he only loved my titties, but I guess he loves my little toes too, don't you sweet boy?" He was dying. I saw his cock throb at her nasty words and she only loved it more. Suddenly he rushed away, cursing. I of course was near passing out with lust for Sabrina, which she knew. "See, this is why you are perfect teasing company...you don't need to run to a bathroom and jerk off over me every few minutes! Or do you Scooter? Do my titties and sexy little body make you need to spill cum for me?" I didn't know how to answer. I wanted desperately to jerk off for her, to spill cum for her. But I wanted the day to go on, so I just nodded.

"Poor baby...has Bree got your cock all wicked gooey for her?" She reached between my legs and felt my iron-hard cock as it jumped in her hand almost shooting a load on the spot. "Ooooh, I better be careful...looks like you have a problem there!" She stood and started to walk out, leaving me gasping a bit. I jumped up, a spectacle in wet spot and hardon, and followed her back out into the mall. Catching up to her I said, "Hey, don't you want those shoes?"

"Nah, he was too easy today. I'll come back tomorrow or the next day when he won't be shooting off so fast." She turned and looked at me, saying, "Don't worry baby, I'll tell you everything about the pretty, fat cock that wants me, afterwards!" I swallowed hard and hated myself for being that obvious.

"OK, first things first, I need to get these beauties some attention!" She was lightly caressing her tits from the outside of her top. I, of course tried to not stare: failed. She then headed to a place called Outrageous Sands, a beachwear specialty store. Oh God, don't tell me! I was now beginning to wonder how in the hell her husband even survived the life he had. I had only been with her three times before, and I was dying. Bouncing into the brightly lit boutique, I was surrounded by beach music and headless mannequins with the same overwhelming feature: Huge Busts! This store specialized in the large-breasted woman, but not because of weight issues! We're talking about a select group of woman who are fit and hot, but over the top IN the top: Strippers, Trophy Wives, and Hot Married Women...etc.

And what immediately got Sabrina going was the fact that the store was training two new people. One, a pretty, busty girl about 22 or so, and the other a fairly young, maybe 24 year-old guy. Sabrina turned to me, pressed close so she trapped my cock against her and said, "oh Scooter...this is perfect! My tits, my body, that guy's poor cock...he's as good as mine!" I groaned at the contact and the pang of jealousy. "What, Scott...not into this anymore?" And with that she held my face in her hands and kissed me quickly...just a brief taste of lips and tongue, my cock raging to full hardness against her. "Thought so..." she said confidently as she broke the kiss. She then turned and wiggled that ass towards the guy trainee.

He had been looking down, but when Sabrina approached the counter, letting her breasts sit on the ledge, her pretty nails drumming on the Formica, he looked up and I swear stopped breathing and swallowed...hard! Even Sabrina seemed surprised at his drop jawed look, saying, "Are you ok...um...Willie?" looking at the guys nametag. "Uh, er, well yes I um..." He began blushing furiously, and looked ready to pass out. Yep, I feel you Willie...not easy being in her sights is it?

"Well Willie, thank you, I think!" She giggled...he was toast. Then, twirling a finger in her hair and acting oblivious to the wet dream she was forming in his head, asked, "...where is your NEW rack Willie? I need a good rack to play with...you know?" Mean bitch. She waited while he processed thoughts other than jacking off and fucking in his mind. "West corner of the showroom floor, white wall to the center aisle..." he managed.

"Mmmhuh? Can you show me please? Besides I'd like a man's opinion anyway if you don't mind that is?" She then backed up a bit, her tits sliding off the counter ledge and bobbing there for a minute, while Sabrina smiled slyly. He was staring, and not just staring like rude staring. Like mind-burning lust staring. She had to be in hog heaven. He then moved out from behind the counter, and like a trained dog I glanced at the crotch he was trying to hide, and sure enough, a full blown hardon was curving out from his lap, nothing he could do about it but try and race to the display aisles. Sabrina quickly appeared beside me and was extremely excited. "He is SO hot for me Scooter...did you see? Damn, I want to see that poor cock shoot it's load for little me! I'm so fucking HOT right now I almost want to fuck him!" You could have knocked me over with a pea. She was too hot to slow down, saying, "Oh baby, you know how HOT it would be to see my sweet little pussy stretched by a hard cock? Or maybe shooting cum all over these tits you love so much?" Angry, horrible lust filled me. I DID want to see that. Even in the absence of wanting to be the one she was with, I wanted to see her every inch. She then kissed me deep and gave me her tongue to suck, and ground her luscious body against me making me almost cum. Smiling and realizing my desire was about to erupt, she backed up and stared at my obvious discomfort and wetness, saying "Oh Scooter you really do love me don't you..." Sadly, yes.

Turning, she went sexily away towards the "new Rack" of summer wear. I followed, as I know she wanted, and saw Willie nervously picking through the items. He lifted one Dental Floss bikini into the air, and Bree giggled, breathing "oh Willie, are you trying to get me raped on the beach? This won't hold these sexy tits in place for more than a half second!" This of course made him look right at her glorious tits, tanned, teasing and ready to be spermed. His eyes almost seemed to go half-shut as he drug his gaze away from them. She was going for the kill, and I was right there with her. Grabbing a virtually transparent wrap, she went to the dressing stall and pulled the curtain ALMOST all the way closed. Willie was unable to stay away, pretending to not look yet continuing to peek at the crack in the curtain. I heard her call him over, so I moved to a spot that would allow me to see them both.

She had put on the see-through top, and tied it in back, leaving her nipples and tits completely visible. I raged harder than ever and I saw her staring back at Willie whose arm had disappeared in front of him and his shoulder was rhythmically moving...Christ! He was jacking himself off right there! Just then Sabrina looked over his shoulder at me and implied I should come closer to see. As I got within sight, she just kept her eyes locked on mine, going back and forth between my eyes and my engorged cock. She had driven us both over the edge with lust...just as she wanted. BUT, now I could see her tits—the object of my desire for so long—mere inches from this stranger. And then she did it, slowly she took his head in her arms, and led his face between them. His cock was stuck out from his pants and his hand was furiously jacking his dick. All the while watching me, she mouthed "stroke it for me baby..." as she let this asshole taste and bite her tits.

I barely had time to give in, to rub my cock through my pants when the guy buckled and moaned and began sperming all over my sexy Sabrina's tummy and legs. Damn! She was looking at my cock as she got covered in his cum, and I lost it, shooting ribbons of cum down my leg as my hand massaged my aching hardon. Her smile couldn't have been more pure, more genuine. In my own "victim" role, I was giving her supreme pleasure, as one she KNEW wanted her above no one else, period. The sperm she was covered by was just part of the scene, designed to further my depth of want, my need for her.

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