tagErotic HorrorA Sanguine Romance for the Dying Ch. 03

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying Ch. 03


Edmund stood in the great anteroom of his, no their London home. Amid the deep red plastered walls and mahogany furniture, he seemed to be part of the decoration. A statue of a naked young man, with a morose look on his face. Yet the statue could move, and the statue held an envelope in his hands. Edmund willed himself to move, to look at the envelope again. But the only written word upon it, his name, still had not changed. The letters were still in the same narrow-set, curling handwriting. With a snarl he tore the envelope to shreds, clenching the remains in his hand.

Upon passing their opulent drawing room Edmund could still see the sunlight fading on the horizon. He moved downstairs to their sleeping cellar, and found Katrina laying lazily in her coffin, the lid pushed to the side. Her eyes sparkled, deadly and endearing, at the sight of her lover.

"Good evening dearest, shall we bathe?" Katrina said, followed by a girlish giggle. But Edmund did not reply. Instead he sat down on the edge of the coffin, pursing his lips and staring hard at the floor. Katrina sprang up and put her hands on his marble shoulders, hard fingernails tracing the outline of his muscles just the way he liked it. But there still was no response. Katrina rested her head on his shoulder, whispering in his ear, lips grazing his ear as she did.

"My love, is something the matter? Are you hungry, perhaps?" She uttered those last words in a husky tone of voice, one of her new qualities as a huntress and seductress. But Edmund pulled away and stood up. The speed of his movement made Katrina look for support on the coffin's edge, and was greeted by an angry statue leering at her.

"There is something the matter indeed, Katrina" Edmund hissed ", and I highly doubt it you can spare the time to listen to it." With that he picked up a ruby red robe and marched back upstairs. Katrina's jaw dropped. She cringed at the sound of glass breaking upstairs. Edmund had never said a harsh word to her in all those years. For a moment she shrank back inside her coffin, feeling much like the little girl she was before she met him. Before he saved her life by making her undead. But that girl had died a long time ago. Despite not looking like it, she was a woman now, a strong woman for that matter. And no one could put her in place like a child, not even Edmund.

With a determined scowl she ascended the stone steps and strode towards the drawing room, straightening her nightgown. Edmund sat on a sofa, staring blankly in front of him, surrounded by smashed coffee tables and broken porcelain. Katrina tried not to flinch, but it was hard to see your loved ones in anguish. She walked up to him, crouched so she could look him in the eye.

" So, you decide to smash up everything we own like a stubborn toddler because you think of me as a child?" She rested a hand on his knee. " Equals for eternity, remember?" Edmund's eyes softened and focused upon her.

"I do, and I am sorry. But it is eternity that I worry about." With that he handed her the pieces of the letter. Katrina tried to make sense out of the ripped pieces of paper, but a single name made a lot of things clear.

"A letter from Messalina. But why? I thought you...you had been allowed to leave her." Katrina's spine seemed to freeze. Messalina was the one who had made Edmund a vampire and although she had always been kind to Edmund and had learned him a lot, she had always been something of a stern stepmother to him. And a ferocious killer to others. She was Edmund's mirror image in a way. Where Edmund loved mortals and relished in the thrill of seducing them, Messalina enjoyed to watch them suffer, to feel all of the wrath a vampire can incur. Edmund could not put up with this and told her he wanted to eke out unlife on his own.

So why this letter, and why now? She tossed the letter aside and crawled in Edmund's lap. He caressed Katrina's hair and smiled, but his face looked worried beyond anything Katrina had ever seen.

" There is something I have never told you. The only unwritten law of the vampires I have not told you, since I'd never think I have to." Katrina looked up, hands squeezing Edmund's flesh. Her grip tightened at what he told her.

"The relation between a fledgling vampire and its maker is sacrosanct. When the young one has learned enough, he can start to carve out his own niche in the night. But the one who made him can always call for his descendent to return and act as the pupil again. An unlife of servitude. The Beckoning." Edmund yelped, pushing Katrina's hand away. She drew back on the sofa, face frozen in horror as she put her hand to her lips, licking his blood off her nails. Edmund looked down at the wound and saw that it was already closing itself. Katrina was shivering. Blood pooled down her face.

"So you are going.....going to leave me?" There was no emotion in her voice. Her words were a dry statement. Edmund grabbed her hands, put them to his own face. Katrina blinked once, as if the sudden feeling of movement brought her back to her senses.

"Yes I am going. And you're coming with me. Rules be damned, I will not be shackled like some undying slave. And I will not desert you. Equals and lovers for eternity, remember?" Edmund forced a smile upon his face as Katrina nodded and buried her face in his chest, sobbing uncontrollably. He wrapped his arm around her, smelling last night's oils still in her hair.

"I will not let you be taken away from me. I...I will fight for you." Katrina's determination rang sharp and clear amidst the sobs. Reverently she kissed the place where she had hurt Edmund, her tongue playing upon the flawless skin. Then she felt his swelling sex press against her small breasts, Edmund's long and slender cock with his rich blue veins there for the taking. Without any hesitation she lifted her nightgown and threw it off, straddling Edmund. Katrina purred, the sheer thrill of two naked preternatural bodies sliding against each other still as intense as ever. Edmund kissed Katrina hard, his tongue as cool as a mountain spring in her mouth. She pressed her hips against his, and with a simple gesture of her fingers she was deep inside of her, the walls of her vagina shaped to envelop him perfectly. Edmund's muscles flexed as she gyrated her hips, back arched and looking down upon her troubled lover, who forgot his problems for a while.

A sheen of blood sweat covered both of them, Edmund moaning loudly, his hands resting lovingly on Katrina's buttocks, squeezing the supple flesh as she kept rising and falling onto his cock. Katrina had her eyes closed, swaying as she willed her body to move faster, seemingly melting around Edmund's hardness. She thrust her body down hard and dug her nails in Edmund's chest as she fell into the throes of a deep and all-encompassing orgasm. Her cunt muscles twitched and cramped up and as Katrina let out a crooning moan, Edmund pulled her body close to her and came inside of her. Blood for blood. Happy to be in each other's arms, they lay amidst the debris, frozen in their love, the restless beast of fear and anticipation running amok inside of their hearts.

You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.

-Sarah Graham-

Fog covered the London streets. Even this metropolis quieted down at this hour. The police surely would have halted and interrogated the two strange figures who strode to the outskirts of the city with bold strides. Katrina was dressed in a dark purple dress, sleeveless and her ankles showing. She had fashioned it after the garments Greek women used to wear. Her hair was braided, the thick braid flapping after her as she walked fast. Edmund had donned a grey suit for a change, looking very much like a contemporary gentleman if not for his thick auburn hair that rested on his shoulders. The click-clack of his cane bounced off against the high walls of the factories they were approaching. More and more of these stinking juggernauts marred the London landscape where there had once been lush heaths and trees. This is where Messalina had set up shop, according to the address they had found on the scraps of paper. Edmund scowled at the sight of this place. Somehow it seemed to fit perfectly with Messalina's attitude towards people. Haphazardly built houses were clustered together, their façades already grimy from the factories' smoke and fumes. The people inside were all fast asleep, faces covered in filth and looking almost as pale and drawn as Katrina...and himself.

In the dim light of the moon he a crucifix hanging upon the wall of one of the hovels. The countenance of the Christ flashed brightly, yet He gave no hope to the poor people clustered in the cramped living room. You have died for their sins, but where is their Saviour now? But no everyone was asleep. Edmund broke free of his sombre musings and saw that Katrina stood some distance away from him, bathed in the scarce light coming from the factory. It was the place where Messalina now dwelt. Men, women, children...they all lumbered toward the factory doors, or away from it, tired faces gazing at the street, all bent backs and broken lives. Katrina seemed a purple-clad goddess, her arms slightly lifted, her gloved fingertips lightly touching people that come close enough. But as Edmund stepped closer he saw that she was none of the sort. Her cold gaze was fixed upon the factory, ears twitching slightly.

"I hear movement below ground. I suppose Messalina has dug herself in." She turned to face Edmund. "Do you think she will let us go, after you have told her you refuse the Beckoning?" Edmund looked glumly at the weaving machines clattering inside of the hall, the children crawling under them. The scent of spilled blood filled his nostrils, making him queasy. What a waste, a sin to die so uselessly.

"I don't think she will let us walk away once she has heard the news," Edmund said "do you trust your powers enough by now to use them?" Katrina nodded, but was not sure. Over the years she had grown stronger. She loved walking the streets alone, punishing lechers and muggers who dare to bother her. Yes, she was strong. Edmund had told her of stranger things. Some legendary vampires he told, were able to fly or even change their shape into an animal. He had also told her that Messalina was far older than any vampire in the city. Vampires never reveal the full extent of their powers, but Edmund knew that Messalina was a fierce creature and a torturer.

"I'm ready to kill anyone who stands in our way, my love."

Not a soul looked up at them as they walked inside the huge hall. The entire place reeked of sweat and chemicals. Katrina took Edmund's hand and he lead her deftly to the far end of the factory. Katrina had not noticed, but small "M's" were left on machines, on the floor, even on some labourers. Edmund knew where he had to go. He halted suddenly, his mouth open in surprise, long canines springing out from his jaw. Next to a door decorated with a far larger sign, stood a small man. He was dressed immaculately: A black coat with a red trim, black suit cut in the latest fashion, red shirt underneath it. His hair was greying at the temples, and a few creases showed around his uncaring eyes. He smirked at the sight of his mistress' guests.

"Alaric," Edmund whispered. But he was sure he could hear him. Katrina stepped between the two. Somehow he felt wrong, no heartbeat. She wanted to protect Edmund, yet was tremendously curious as well. The first other vampire she had ever seen. But as this Alaric stepped closer she hurried back to Edmund's side. The man did not walk, he hovered, his feet barely touching the floor.

"Edmund, my brother in blood and spirit," the man said as he embraced Edmund. A mock embrace. Edmund pushed him away gently, which did not amuse Alaric.

"So have heeded the Beckoning?" Edmund asked dryly. Alaric nodded. " Merely paying what the Devil's due, brother. Come, she's waiting for you below.

Edmund grunted and nodded, leading Katrina to the door. She could feel Alaric's eyes burning holes in her back. "Edmund...is he really?"

"My brother, yes. In a sense. Messalina made him centuries ago. He was an inquisitor." Katrina nodded in consent, finding it hard what to think of creatures that old. As they walked down steel steps, she kept asking things about Alaric. Edmund could not tell that much: he was Messalina's first fledgling, and after a big row he had gone overseas. She received letters sometime back when Edmund was still under her care, and she would be irritated for nights on end. Yet now he had returned. Edmund grew silent. There were noises coming from below, metallic sounds. And screams. Katrina got that frosty feeling on her spine again.

And then hell opened its maw to welcome them.

The stairs ended in what could only be described as a lair. A great heat came from an open fireplace in the centre of the room, flaring up wildly, casting a bright orange hue all over. The walls were covered in blood and unidentifiable smears. Fire and blood, Katrina thought, our greatest adversaries have come to fight us. There were horrid tableaux everywhere. There were benches with people strapped onto them. Men, women, children. The very people who gave their all in the factory above just to stay alive. Their screams rang through the room, necks, wrists and chests bitten, mauled, mutilated. Some hung naked from the walls, and were pleasured and hurt at the same time. A young girl was going down on a bloated old man, sucking on his cock while she sobbed. Her thin naked back was covered in welts. The hooded man who held the whip kept lashing out, and she sucked harder. Yet the fat man did not enjoy it: blood and pus seeped from his left eye socket, tears streaming down from his one good eye. Katrina could not help put cover her mouth at the sigh of so much anguish and sheer horror. She was so much in shock that she nearly fell in the middle of a terrible orgy, right on the floor.

A beautiful woman with honey blonde hair was being roughly taken by four men. She was forced to suck two cocks at the same time while another would pound her pussy. Another merely jerked himself off over her until he came all over her heavy breasts and walked away. Soon another man came and took his place. The woman barely moved, her hair and face stained with cum, glassy eyes looking up at the ceiling. Katrina heard her heartbeat slowly dying out.

But Edmund paid no attention to it. All of his attention was turned upon the stage at the far end of the room. The stage was filled with soiled mattresses and people were either fornicating or forced to do so. Three large men with whips, brass knuckles and knives made sure the action kept going, beating anyone who dared or could not go on into submission. And in the midst of it all, on a large red chair, there sat Messalina. She sat there motionless, her hands pristinely folded in her lap, smiling at Edmund and Katrina. She wore red lipstick, further expanding the fullness of her lips. She wore nothing more than a large piece of light-red see-through fabric, her full breasts with large, dark nipples clearly visible. Her hair was as black and curly as the first time Edmund ever laid eyes upon it, spilling down her back.

Katrina threw an arm around Edmund's waist as they both ascended the wooden steps to Messalina's throne. Messalina grinned broadly and spread her legs, revealing her perfect fold. Instantly, one of the men from the mattresses came crawling over and lapped eagerly at his mistress's mound. Her grin became a fond smile as she exclaimed a low-pitched yelp. She caressed the man's hair as her green eyes went back to Edmund and Katrina.

"My darling writer has returned," she cooed " , and oh! With a mate!" she licked her lips, those hypnotic green eyes seemingly undressing and dissecting Katrina, her body shocking slightly as the slave still sucked on her clit. "Does this mean I'll be having two new chosen ones in my paradise?" She laughed hysterically, pushing the man's face down hard, locking him between her thighs. Her eyes turned to the ceiling as she muttered to herself.

"Oh those endless nights of nothing to do...so annoying. But then I found my true calling, to give mortals pleasure, to give them one last rush of sensation before they pass away..."She looked straight at Edmund, jade eyes burning with something akin to madness. "...and I have you to thank for that, my darling little scribe."

Edmund's eyes seemed to be on fire. He tightened his grip on Katrina, and she saw veins swelling up in his neck and face. He was ready to lash out.

" What has become of you? Do you really think I'll join you in here in your own private little cesspool? Beckoning be damned, I will not be a part of this! Nor will Katrina!" but Messalina merely held out her hand to Katrina and looked at her with those great big eyes. The edges of Katrina's vision turned green. Everything took on a jade colour, and Messalina's eyes were the very centre of it all. She felt her soul being swept from her feet, and it drifted toward her, away from Edmund. Messalina's eyes were loving her, love and lust and all that is improper overcame her like an autumn storm. Katrina's lips touched hers, a warm tongue greeted hers. Her dress fell off, and Messalina's hands were teasing her nipples, her lips moving down to her belly. Somewhere, someplace far away, she heard a familiar voice, calling out to her. But Katrina did not want to become distracted. She focused on hands parting her thighs, fingers slipping inside of her, gentle female fingers that knew where to touch her. She moaned, leant down to lick at Messalina's lips again. Messalina would take care of her. Would love her, for all eternity. Equals for eternity, remember. Distraction. All she wanted to hear was Messalina's moans, because she was cumming. And she was making sure that Katrina would cum with her. Mmmm, what an honour to cum together with Messalina. Katrina. Katrina. No, not now. So close. Oh God, that's her tongue, yes, yes! She's making me...Katrina! No!

It seemed as if Katrina has been keeping her eyes shut for quite some time. Everything was in black and white, and colour only slowly returned. But the reality of the situation quickly became plain to her. Messalina was lapping at the blood that trickled from between her thighs, and she gasped as she saw her own naked body, nipples hard with attention, wafts of pleasure clouding her senses. Green eyes. Edmund was screaming her name, and she let herself be pulled back, caught her dress in her arms without even thinking. Messalina pouted like a small child, licked her fingers clean quickly and grabbed the licking man by the hair, ripping a big chunk out of his scalp before kicking him off the stage, sending him flying halfway through the room. Her eyes had turned red at the edges.

Edmund stepped forward, clasping Messalina's throat. He brought his face close to hers, snarling with his fangs bared.

"You utter slag! You must have gone mad, torturing innocent people who toil hard just to survive! Who do you think you are, The Impaler! I curse your house and all who support it!" Messalina laughed the madness pooling in her eyes as she clamped her hand down on Edmund's sex. The grey trousers were quickly soaked in blood. Katrina lunged forward, but was picked out of the air and greeted by Alaric's smirk.

"This belongs to me, as does your little undying fucktoy. I conserved you for eternity, and I shall reap the rewards of it for all time. All time, Edmund! And I'm sure she's not going to object to it." Messalina spat the words right in Edmund's pained face, but she did not expect Katrina to break free Alaric's grasp. Her fingernails struck true in Alaric's face, digging deep in his eyes, at which he dropped Katrina to the floor. In a blur of movement she was upon Messalina, pushing her pathetic thrown over, freeing Edmund from her vice-like grasp. Alaric flailed around in panic, hearing his mistress's shrill cry as Katrina lunged at her, burying her fangs in her neck, sucking at her blood. She is not worthy of eternity. Within moments, Katrina felt the rush vampiric blood causes. But Messalina was not easily thwarted and pushed Katrina away. As she hit the ground, a plethora of Messalina's followers were upon her, trying to pin her down. Katrina got up and spun around her axis, her nails raking at forsaken flesh. But the throng was too big and she was dragged back to the ground again. She called out Edmund's name, desperately hoping that their tale would not end here in this place.

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