tagLesbian SexA Second Letter From Maggie Ch. 02

A Second Letter From Maggie Ch. 02


This is purely for those reviewers who were so kind in comment and eager for a follow up. I started to write it as a mix of two topics, but have decided in view of the comments left to send it in two parts as the 'orientation' of them is quite different. They can be read separately, but I would recommend the original Letter from Maggie for context and character.

Written as a letter it is 'newsy' . Please rate it based on what you like about it rather than anything you don't. My apologies for taking so long to complete this follow up to the first 'Letter' story - I hope you are not disappointed - just a work of fiction, but inspired by one or two of my own cameos. Here goes the second part of the second part!!


'Anyway Krissy, there is more...

Emboldened by my experiences of the weekend, I was determined to enjoy a different kind of experience with Lucy if at all possible. It was all I could do to be patient after the teaser of an experience I had with her when she stayed over a few weeks ago. I wanted to get her back over almost the next night, but as her boss I had to box a little more cleverly than that.

A couple of weeks ago I engineered a great opportunity by arranging a works night out close enough to my house and late enough finishing to make an offer of a bed to save the taxi fare seem perfectly reasonable to anyone and in particular Lucy. That said, I know she really enjoyed staying over last time as she had said as much. I seemed to have become 'cool' and she was pleasantly familiar when we saw each other at work.

I had cautioned her about letting the office know she had stayed over. She was more than happy to keep our secret safe. I was very happy holding the picture of her tiny milk white body, naked in my house, well to the front of my mind during my working days. My invitation to stay again seemed to touch something in her and raise her spirits. There was levity in her manner for the day or two leading up to the night out, that seems to only happen to those still young. In my head I knew it was just the whole going out thing, but in my heart hoped it was the staying over thing that was getting her so excited.

On the night out, I invited her to come over first and drop bags and get ready. I let her finish an hour earlier and come back with me. It was great doing that full girly getting ready hour or two. Lucy was super relaxed this time, quite playful and easy to talk to, not the slightly awkward young woman I spent the night with last time. A glass of wine or two sure lightened both our spirits.

What I got out of this easy going time was lots of glimpses of this gorgeous young thing in various states of undress. A sneaky peek through the bathroom door when she was showering, a gaping blouse top open while hair was brushed, a bottom gently patted to say get a move on, made it all very easy to feel like we were moving nicely into the area I wanted the night to go.

On the night out itself, we were both restrained enough not to lose ourselves totally to the drink. I made a point of always going back to her, checking she was having a great time, but not so much as to allow anyone to think there was anything in my motives for doing so. Encouragingly for me, she seemed delighted when I did so; in fact it was always me that left her to mingle. She did not hook up with any of the boys, which was easy to interpret as her looking forward to her night with me. I could only speculate on what she thought the night might consist of. I knew what I hoped it would consist of...

Just after midnight the bar started to wind down, I casually caught up with Lucy and intimated that perhaps we might head back for a nightcap at my place. She agreed instantly with no little enthusiasm. She was full of chatter and stories in the taxi home, with lots of girly touching and teasing. Soon home, we flopped down on the sofa together with a large stiff drink to keep the party spirit going. It was now how sexily I realised we were both dressed. I had a huge amount of cleavage on show and I swear that Lucy was taking a good look whenever she could. My dress was also short and I made no attempt to cover my nicely tanned legs.

For her part, Lucy was in the tiniest of dresses, made of the flimsiest material almost shear where it had no lining. I was sure that she had dispensed with her bra as her small breasts moved in a way that a bra would not have allowed. God, it was making me wet just thinking of how little stood between me and that gorgeous flesh. If I could have just leapt on her there and then I would have done, but I knew that much more work was still needed.

I began to turn the conversation a little more risqué, probing her personal life. Was there a boyfriend? No. Teasingly, a girlfriend then? No, but a little blush. Small admission from me - don't be embarrassed by the question as it could be fun. A minute or two and she returned to the comment. Had I? Yes. Her eyes were wide now. I would never have guessed she said, as you seem so feminine and womanly rather than the stereotypical dyke. Cue mutual compliments about looks. I let it slip that my female lovers had been very feminine too. She asked what they looked like. I described you and Sara to her knowing that physically she would recognise many of her own features, such as the smaller breasts and slender frames atop luscious long legs.

It was time to move in for the kill...

I mentioned that I had seen her admiring my boobs and asked if she liked big tits. She stuttered that she did find them attractive, but had never really seen a pair of big breasts in the flesh, only her own small titties and those of a few of her friends who were similar in size to herself, still growing women who couldn't compete with mine.

This was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I made the suggestion that we get ready for bed and I would show her mine, jokingly adding that so long as she showed me hers. Not overtly sexual, she seemed to accept the suggestion as a good one with a gorgeous little smile.

As we chatted on the way upstairs, holding her hand playfully on the way up, I could sense she was having to overcome every natural instinct in her body to do what she was doing now. Thank God for alcohol in these circumstances! I knew I would have to move things on pretty rapidly or risk her getting cold feet. Not only was this a seduction by another woman, but another woman who was her boss.

I quickly ushered her into my room and sat on the bed, telling her to get up on the bed with me. She did and I said to her that we should both strip off together so that neither of us would get embarrassed, and before she had a chance to consider I had spun around and offered her the back of my dress to unzip. She did, albeit I was sure I could detect a slightly trembling hand doing so.

As soon as the zip was down I stood up and threw the dress off my shoulders, trying to be as playful as possible so as not to scare her off. As the dress fell her eyes were glued to my tits, still contained in their bra. I told her it was her turn and pulled the cord at the waist to undo the bow that nipped in her tiny waist. Almost without thought she pulled her dress over her head. As she raised it sure enough there were those gorgeous little breasts unfettered.

Suddenly she seemed to remember that she was now topless and threw her hands to her chest to cover them. I told her not to worry about that and anyway, I would let mine out for her to see as well. Reaching round slowly I began to unclasp the bra. Her eyes never left my tits. Slightly shorter than me presented her with the perfect view as I pulled the bra away. She gasped beautifully and appreciatively, made a very complimentary comment.

I reached out to her first and stroked hers, complimenting and telling her how beautiful her tiny mounds and nipples were. Their conical shape would look triangular if viewed from the side, the nipple topping off the breast a gorgeous reddish brown colour and already fully erect and crinkled despite the fact the house was warm and comfortable - not that I needed confirmation, but this girl was turned on.

It felt good to be taking the lead after the sexual predator that was Sara (and you Krissy if you don't mind me saying!) and after running my hand softly over her breast and nipple I reached for her hands and brought them up to my big breasts. She cupped them at first as if weighing them, before rubbing her hands over and gently squeezing, just finding her way around them.

As lovely as this was I needed to move things on and pulled her in closer, squeezing our boobs together, the nipples pushing into each other, the warmth of our bodies now comforting and easing the mood. I kissed her gently on the forehead as if to reassure her, though whilst not racing ahead, she seemed okay with where we were at and going.

I suggested that we got into bed as it was much more comfortable than standing and watched as she hopped in and turned towards me. As she did I peeled off my knickers to reveal my smooth and oiled pussy. Again, she gawped at it and I guessed why.

I pulled back the covers and reached up to grab either side of her pants, commenting that we both said we would strip. Strictly speaking she hadn't, but hey, I was in charge! In one move they were gone, revealing the trimmed but still full bush of an inexperienced young woman. This was beyond my dreams - I had hoped for a really innocent girly in Lucy and that was what I was getting - no tattoos, no piercing, just a really sweet corruptible young girl.

I slid up the bed alongside her, and while she lay flat on her back I propped myself up on one side, pushed in hard against her, my free hand idly straying up and down her skin from shoulder to hip. She reached up and squeezed my breasts again and I asked if she had seen a woman shaved before. Never came the reply. Not even in photographs I teased, at which point she said she had but thought it was only models who did it.

I told her how I preferred it this way now, much more comfortable and anyway, sex felt so much better for me like this, but that I loved hers just the way it was. I took hold of these exploring hands again and drew one down to my pussy inviting her to feel how smooth it was. At first she just stuck to the skin, then I whispered for her to rub me like she rubbed herself and put my own hand into that gorgeous downy pubic hair that covered her pussy. As I began to feel and rub Lucy, she mirrored my actions, moving down onto my slit with her middle finger, just dampening it in my juices then pulling it back up to my swollen and throbbing clit - this was heaven. She was soaking and soon the room was full of our smell.

Almost all this time she had been looking down, taking in my body next to her. As I raked across her clit with the flat of a firm finger, she looked up to my eyes. I took my chance and dropped my lips onto hers, curling my finger into her vagina at the same moment as if to press home the moment. She responded almost instantly with a kiss back, her fingers motionless now, but glued in place. Now she was most definitely mine.

Far from being reticent about returning the kiss, she was eagerly pushing back, her tongue pushing gently onto my lips, her stomach pushing her back into an exquisite gentle arch as I pulled her in. She broke her kiss away for a moment and confessed all in the shortest of whispered sentences - 'Maggie, I have dreamt of this, but never thought it would actually happen' before our eyes locked and the kiss grew more passionate still.

Our lovemaking was now like a runaway train, our hands grasping and exploring every nook and cranny of each others bodies, all the time our lips locked in the hardest most passionate kiss imaginable. I led throughout without dominating her, the first to push a second and then third finger into a pussy, the first to pinch her nipple hard, the first to push the end of a finger into an asshole soaked with juices.

To be honest, if that had been as far as we went, I would have been happy, but the moment was taking us much further. I broke our kiss, reluctantly in case it broke the spell we were under, and simply said to her to trust me. I then started the journey down her body, kissing her neck, her shoulders, casting a tongue across her breasts, carefully avoiding her nipples while adding to the expectation with fingers trailed across inner thighs, then when she seemed ready to explode, I moved in to gently take each nipple in turn in my mouth, at the same time resting my finger right on the entrance to her sodden pussy. I could feel her entrance get hotter and gently open as I suckled on her tiny tits. It was time to move to her pussy and show this innocent young thing that the true pleasure to be found with another woman.

I left a hand on her breast, partly to enjoy that tit a little longer, partly to almost hold her down as I worked my way south, trailing my tongue down the centre of her perfect flat belly. Reaching her gorgeous cunt (it now felt more of a 'cunt' such was the rawness of the passion) I took a minute to take a close look at her most intimate place. Within a second or two she urged me on with the slightest raise of her hips that offered it to me to taste.

God Krissy, this was the sexiest fucking thing, me a 44 year old woman about to totally take the innocence of her slim young employee, one who had probably barely had a cock inside her, yet here she was about to become a fully fledged pussy lover! With that evil thought on my mind I pressed the very tip of my tongue onto her clit. She stiffened instantly and with that I began the onslaught that would see her orgasm in the shortest of times.

My tongue and fingers worked together to bring on her cum, then continued the assault to a second and third. Each time her belly would go rock hard, her breathing become erratic and short, her whimpers and moans endless and submitting to the pleasure ripping through her. By the time I decided to let her start to come down from her high, her legs were quivering uncontrollably, and it was all she could do to hold me tight, her head pressed into my neck and bosom as she attempted to regain some composure.

After a few minutes of this I would not have been surprised if she had started to make her excuses to leave, but clearly she was not done yet. As she started to regain her calm, her hands began to play across my body. Slowly she wriggled free of our embrace and began to tentatively kiss my breasts, but soon grew in the confidence to try tasting them. This was awesome! She was now on top of me, lying between my parted legs, that beautiful belly rubbing my pussy that felt more alive than it ever had.

I think that she knew all the time that she wanted to try to give what she had just experienced and was not going to waste too much time before trying it. That was fine by me...and sure enough Lucy was soon sweeping her tongue a little clumsily across my bald pussy, not that how she did it mattered - at this point I needed her to touch me anyway she could and would, desperate to reach my own orgasm now. Such was my frenzied state, the reality was that she would have no trouble coaxing me to it.

Some subtle pressing on her head and gasps and words of approval when she hit the right spots soon had me on the cusp. I wanted her to make me cum with her tongue buried inside me so she could taste my cum and drink my copious juices. I gently told her what to do and added my own fingers to the effort, rubbing my clit hard and fast. I was pretty sure she had stuck a couple of fingers up her own pussy as we reached my orgasm with our joint efforts.

The orgasm was spectacular. For the first time with another person in my bed I actually squirted - I have made myself do it a couple of times. I think she was quite shocked but was too carried away to pull away, perhaps even thinking this was normal! Her face was a picture as she came up a few seconds later, my juices literally running down her face and neck. I immediately pulled her to me, kissing her hard and using my tongue to take some of my juices into my own mouth.

Basking in the warmth of our mutual lust, we spoke about what had just happened - she was as gushing as only young girls can be. I played her to perfection, telling her that she was a special lover, so beautiful and sexy and that there was no way I wanted this to be the last time for us. She admitted to it having been the most fulfilling sexual experience she had ever had. I promised that it would only get better if she would let me show her...

We had the rest of the weekend to ourselves and used it to educate this exquisite young thing so very much further. Taking her pussy and then her ass with a strap on while bending her over the sofa was a particular favourite. You can imagine just what a gorgeous sight that presented in front of me. Since then we have managed to have a couple more nights together and she is cool about it when we are at work, though I have to confess to a couple of sneaky rubs of her pussy when she has had to come into my office - well it would be bad manners not to show her a little bit of affection during the working day.

I guess the only thing to figure now is whether or not to introduce her to Sara. I suspect that if I do, Lucy's corruption may be brutal and uncontrollable. Perhaps for the time being I shall keep her to myself, until she is a little more expert in such matters at least. After all, I am quite enjoying slowly removing her innocence all by myself!

I hope your adventures are just as exciting. Come to think of it, perhaps if you visit soon, you might like to try my young lover too...ooohhh what a gorgeously erotic thought. You really must get here as soon as possible.

Lots of love and loving,



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