tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Secret Amid The Trees

A Secret Amid The Trees


Author's Note: For the sake of the narrative, let's just say this story takes place in the days before campers could buy those emergency radio beacons.


Every exposed inch of Melissa's fair skin was searing under the hot summer sun. She could feel every one of the countless beads of sweat clinging to her body, sliding down the small of her back and rolling over her breasts.

The rocky landscape was illuminated so harshly, it hurt Melissa's eyes to gaze upon it. Yet the sight before her made the pain all worthwhile.

Her guide was more male than she had ever seen before. He was just over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs. A long, brown ponytail flowed down from his black cowboy hat. Melissa could barely take her eyes off his denim-clad buttocks, which looked even harder than the rocks beneath her feet. Watching them pump tirelessly up and down sent a wild tingle across her nether lips.

As they came to a small rock ledge, the guide made an agile leap to the top, landing with a dancer's grace. He turned back toward Melissa, his eyes hidden in the shadow of his hat, and offered her his hand. With a smile, Melissa reached forward. They tightly grabbed each other's forearms and the guide lifted Mel up on to the ledge in a seemingly effortless motion.

The momentum from being pulled up bought Melissa into a gentle collision with the guide. When she steadied herself a second later, she realized that she was grabbing onto his shoulder with her left hand. It was so big and toned. At that moment, she was reminded of the fiesty excitement between her legs.

She lifted her head a little and saw her guide's face for the first time. He had Hollywood good looks, with a strong chin, roguish five-o'clock shadow and dark, commanding eyebrows. His eyes were green and clear, yet inexpressive in such a way that gave him a very sexy mystique.

The guide slowly relaxed his grasp on Melissa's forearm and she responded likewise. Their hands slipped down each other's arms until they met, then they held each other ever so gently. Mel reached down with her other hand, to see if the package of man-meat secured within the guide's jeans was as large as she'd hoped. She puckered her parted lips just a little as she leaned toward him and closed her eyes.

Melissa opened her eyes to total darkness. It took her a second or two, but she realized where she was - rugged up in her sleeping bag, in the middle of god-knows-where. She could hear a cricket chirping somewhere to her upper left. It was reasonably loud; it must've been right outside the tent.

Mel sighed in disappointment. Her little escapade with the hunky guide had just been a dream. An incredibly hot dream.

Hot indeed. In fact, Melissa was sweltering! She felt the sweat clinging to her skin, all over her body. She quickly found the sleeping bag's zipper, pulled it down and threw the bag open. A gasp of relief passed her lips as much of the heat rose away from her body. Mel found it difficult to breath properly; her clothes felt too tight.

After a moment or two, Mel had cooled down somewhat, but she was still uncomfortably hot. For one thing, the lower half of her sleeping bag was charged with a great deal of her body heat. Mel sat up, shaking her head lightly in frustration. Just getting some air on her back already made her feel better. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness by now, at least enough for her to be able to find her camping torch.

After slipping her bare feet back in to her lone pair of sneakers, Melissa unzipped the entrance flap of her tent. The rush of cool fresh air felt wonderful. She realized it would be nice to ventilate the tent and her sleeping bag for a little while so she decided to leave the flap open. Once she had stepped out into the woods, Melissa zipped up the mosquito screen over the entrance, to ensure none of the local wildlife made themselves at home while she was away.

Now that she was out of the tent, Melissa aimed her torch a good distance away from her companions' tents and switched it on. She shuffled aimlessly around for a little while, wanting to get some air, yet reluctant to wander too far from their campsite.

That delicious dream had left Melissa's belly sizzling. There was moisture all over her body, but unlike the rest, the extensive dampness in the base of her panties was definitely not sweat. Her labia was open and very erogenous; her clit was yearning for a little TLC. She hungered in her depths for a taste of a nice, hard cock. In a moment like this, Mel really missed Drew, her boyfriend.

Drew was supposed to come on this camping trip, but as it turned out, the project he was collaborating on was taking longer than he had anticipated, meaning he had to stay at college for a few extra days. Melissa offered to forego the camping trip herself (even though she was looking forward to it) so she could meet Drew at the airport when he finally came home, but Drew insisted that she go camping as planned.

Of course, if she'd known how the trip would turn out, she would've stayed home anyway.

The hiking party consisted of Melissa; her big brother, Evan; Evan's best friend, Gabriel and family friend Neil. They had set out a week ago on a modest walk through a small stretch of the forest. Aside from the odd blister and a clumsy stumble or two on Neil's part, the first two days of their venture had been most enjoyable. Then halfway through the third day, they realized that they had strayed from their planned course. When they tried to backtrack, they must have made a wrong turn somewhere. Now they were hopelessly lost; three days overdue, with no hint of civilization to be seen.

Their supplies had been exhausted and they had to live off the land. Water wasn't a problem as they had crossed a couple of rivers on their journey. Reliable food, however, was not so easy to find.

After a few minutes of meandering around in the cool night air, Melissa still felt warm, but not uncomfortably so. What was uncomfortable was that fucking tight shirt! She was starting to feel like a shrink-wrapped twinkie! She halted and switched her torch off for a second, slipping it into her shorts pocket. That way, her hands were free to unbutton her shirt. Doing so made her feel a little better.

Then she remembered that they had camped close to a shallow river and thought it might be nice to splash some cold water on her face. She turned her torch back on and carefully made her way down toward the babbling stream.

Suddenly, a bright light hit her in the eye from her right-hand side.

"Oh. Hi Mel," A familiar voice greeted.

"Neil? Is that you?" Melissa responded.

"Yeah," Neil said, lowering his torchbeam so that it was no longer burning out Mel's retina. It hovered over her torso for a second, before considerately slinking away from her open shirt and visible bra.

Neil was a year younger than Mel and two years younger than Evan and Gabriel. He had grown up living next door to Mel and Evan and they often played together. After all those years, Mel and Evan almost regarded Neil as something between the little brother they never had and a close cousin.

He was a kind soul, the kind that most women wouldn't mind having as a friend, but very few seriously considered dating. His problem, as far as Melissa could tell, was that he was just so terribly ordinary. He was nice-looking, but not great and his personality and intelect were about as average as could be. A little bit of confidence might have given him the edge he needed to get a girlfriend, but unfortunately, that was the one thing that Neil lacked most.

"What are you doing out here?" Melissa asked as she trained her torch toward him, just enough to illuminate his body without blinding him.

"I thought I heard something... like a big truck driving by in the distance. Sounds silly, I know, but..." Neil shrugged.

It had not escaped Melissa's attention that Neil wasn't wearing a shirt. He was lean, with very little muscle to speak of. Nonetheless, the sight of a male body sent a rush of anticipation through her loins. She didn't realize it, but her pulse was accellerating and her breath was growing heavier.

"What about you?" Neil prompted, as if only to break the awkward silence.

"Couldn't sleep," Mel replied after a distracted pause. She felt her hot fluid pooling within her saturated panties. The emptiness in her vagina ached like a long thorn piercing her tender flesh. The urge to fill it was incredible. The sight of Neil before her was beginning to make her giddy. He had what she needed.

"Oh," said Neil.

Melissa sauntered toward him, without really knowing why.

"I was just going for a little walk," she remarked in a somewhat absent tone. "I think I'd like some company."

Melissa stopped just a couple feet in front of Neil and for a moment they simply stared at each other. Then Melissa reached forward and placed her palm upon one of Neil's subtle pecks. Neil gasped in shock. As she slowly began to stroke his chest, the torch in her opposite hand slipped further and further out of her grasp. It soon fell to the ground, bouncing off a rock and coming to rest against a small shrub. Mel's newly-freed hand joined its partner and together they gently massaged Neil's chest and shoulders.

A moment later, she gently took him by the wrists and after relieving him of his torch, lifted his hands on to her breasts. She pulled them to her body with considerable force, mashing her supple tits firmly against her ribs. Neil began to pant and tremble in disbelief.

While Neil started instinctively rubbing and squeezing her luscious melons through her bra, Mel laid his torch upon a nearby tree branch, but it soon rolled off and landed in a small bush directly beneath.

She rubbed his arms back and forth with rising gusto, squeezing his upper arms and shoulders at times until she felt the muscle within. By now, Mel's tits were erogenous and desperate for fiercer teasing. She peeled off her loose shirt and reached back to unclip her bra. She was surprised by how tightly the strap was digging into her back. The cups exploded off of her bust the instant she had undone the clip. Now Melissa understood why she'd been so short of breath! Her breasts had grown by nearly two cup sizes since she had fallen asleep! Though it seemed impossible, her smokin' C-cups were now well into the DD range!

Neil wasted no time in wrapping his lusty paws right around her enormous love pillows. The sudden, harsh squeezing made Melissa rise up on tippy-toe and gasp in delight. She hurriedly popped open the top button of her shorts and slipped her hand into her soaking panties to stroke her inner lips and clit.

"Christ, Mel! Your tits are amazing!" Neil uttered. The light from one of the torches was actually shining over portions of them. Neil pinched Melissa's sensitive nipples, then mashed her breasts together. Then he squeezed them again, only much tighter than before. Mel threw her head back and let out a quiet yelp as she came. She gazed up into the richness of the starry sky above afterwards, as her pelvic muscles relaxed.

Oblivious to what had just happened, Neil dove forward with a hungry snarl and began suckling on Mel's velvety areolae. A moment later, Melissa kneeled before him and set about removing his cargo pants. Once they were down, she peeled off his bulging cotton briefs. Neil took the opportunity to catch his breath.

Melissa stared at the semi-erect rod before her. Strictly speaking, she had not yet passed the point of no return, even if her body had. But, with a relenting sigh, she leaned in and wrapped her warm lips around the head of Neil's cock. She pictured the mindless broad grin that was surely on his face as she listened to him exhale a quivering breath. She hated herself.

Neil's maleness was a bit bigger than what Mel had expected. It continued to grow as she massaged the head with her mouth and tickled the very tip with her tongue. She worked the stiffening shaft with her hand for a little while, then she lifted her chest and pleasured him between her pliant breasts until it was like a pole of solid iron. Mel was just so horny, all she wanted was to get him erect as quickly as possible so he could fuck her. Meanwhile, Neil had wrangled his feet out of his pants.

Melissa stood up and brushed her matted red hair out of her face. Neil tried to kiss her on the lips, but she leaned away from him with a sneer of discomfort. Unfazed, Neil went back to fondling and nuzzling her soft tits.

Melissa relieved herself of her shorts and cotton panties in a single motion. The smell of her lusty womanhood was overwhelming; it certainly gave Neil pause. Mel grabbed his maleness and stroked it slowly, twice. Then she guided it over to her nether opening and, with Neil's assistance, plunged it deep into her loins.

Mel was rediculously well lubricated. Even though she was tight, Neil was able to move in and out the length of her canal almost effortlessly.

"Ooooooh, Fuck! Oh, Mel, I've wanted this so bad! Oh god, I love it!" he declared in a breathy whisper, as he continued thrusting inside her, faster and harder.

Melissa's embrace around Neil's head and torso grew tighter by the second. The firm trunk of man-meat pumping her snatch felt sublime. Never in her life had she so badly needed an itch to be scratched. A continuous whimper of ecstacy seeped through her clenched teeth.

In between brief bursts of passion, they wandered a few steps here and there, until Neil pinned Melissa against a large tree. With her buttocks in his hands and her athletic thighs embracing his hips, Neil tirelessly penetrated her roasting cunt. Once again, he leaned in to kiss her on the lips. This time Melissa was far less reluctant and even began to reciprocate his affection by the third or fourth kiss.

After an extensive stint of wild, sweaty sex, Melissa came three times in quick succession. At some point in there, Neil's cock exploded with a heavy offering of hot cum. As countless lashings of his sperm surged into Mel's heavenly depths, Neil gyrated slowly against her loins and tightly fondled her perfect ass. He vented his beast-like growl and hot breath upon her naked shoulder, while Mel's subdued moans of satisfaction dissipated out into the night.

Once they were well and truly finished, Neil removed himself from Melissa's privates. He also loosened his embrace, allowing her to rest comfortably against the tree. His cock was totally covered in the glistening honey of her femininity and still quite erect.

As semi-lucid Melissa caught her breath, Neil planted a fleeting kiss upon her neck. One kiss led to another and before long, he was licking and sucking the beads of sweat off Mel's supple breasts.

Eventually, Mel gently pushed him away from her body with a subtle sigh of discomfort. Their eyes met for a second, but neither of them said anything. Neil watched her silhouette as she carefully stepped over to the nearest torch.

Then in an instant, the naked vixen was no longer the focus of his attention.

"Do you hear that?" Neil whispered.

Melissa turned to him with a quizzical glance. They stood in complete silence for a second. Then, amid the ambient chorus of crickets, Mel began to notice a distinctly mechanical sound; a deep, repetitive hum.

"It sounds like..." Neil began. Then a look of astonishment washed over his face and his arm shot out, pointing up into the night sky. "THERE! IT'S A CHOPPER!" he exclaimed. Melissa followed his finger and soon found the flashing light moving across the sky. The sound of its rotor was now very clear.

Neil heedlessly bounded over to the other torch, almost stumbling head-over-ass on a tree root along the way. He retrieved the torch from a bush and began to wave it at the chopper in broad sweeping gestures.

"HEY! HEEEEEEEEEEY!" he cried at the top of his lungs, "OVER HERE!"

"Shit Neil, I'm naked!" Melissa complained. "You're naked!"

"Mel, this could be our only chance to be rescued," Neil reasoned. "God knows how long we could be wandering out here if we don't flag this guy down."

Melissa didn't argue. Instead, she began frantically searching the forest for her discarded clothing, all the while muttering to herself, "Shit! Shit! Shit!" The chopper was getting louder and louder every second.

"I think he's seen us. He's seen us!" Neil declared proudly.

"Shit!" Mel repeated. She took what clothing she had and hurried behind the tree they had just fucked against, to get dressed. She had managed to recover her shorts, panties and shirt, but she didn't find her bra. She would just have to make do with the shirt.

Neil used short breaks between signalling the chopper to search the forest floor for his pants and briefs. He soon found them and proceeded to put them back on, while awkwardly keeping his torch trained toward the chopper, as consistently as he could.

Part way through struggling to get his shoes down the legs of his cargo pants, Neil spied something pristine white in the grass nearby. It was Melissa's bra. Hardly delicate lingerie, yet sensuously feminine all the same. Neil knew that Mel was surely missing it, but in that single now-or-never moment, he hastily pocketed the undergarment instead of telling her he'd found it. He crammed the last few inches of the strap inside just as Mel emerged from behind the tree.

Both fully clothed and with the chopper bearing down on them, Melissa and Neil raced back to the campsite. By now the commotion had roused Evan and Gabriel, who were both standing around the campsite in confusion. The chopper activated its searchlight and the brilliant white beam swept through the nearby forest, before soon coming to rest on the wayward campers. The flimsy nylon tents thrashed wildly from side-to-side beneath the intense downdraft of the hovering chopper.

"Do not be alarmed," a voice commanded through the chopper's onboard megaphone. "We are here to help you. Are any of you in need of urgent medical attention?"

All of the campers shook their heads. Gabriel and Neil even made a futile attempt to shout, "No!" over the deafening drone of the chopper blades.

"Stay in your present location. There is a clearing about 200 yards to the east. We will attempt to land there. I repeat, stay where you are. Do not attempt to find the landing site. We will come back on foot and escort you back to the helicopter. Is that understood?" The chopper pilot asked.

The campers all nodded at the almost-godly light in the sky. Evan waved his hand broadly as a visible gesture of confirmation.

"Stay put," the chopper reiterated, before switching off its light and zooming off in the direction it had been travelling.

Evan, Gabriel and Neil began hooting and hollering in celebration almost immediately and raced together for high-fives and group hugs. Melissa approached the group with a great deal more restraint. Evan strolled over to meet her with a beaming grin and they gave each other a big bear hug.

"We're going home, Sis!" Evan said.

"Yeah, and not a moment too soon, either, " Melissa replied with a forced chuckle. "But a moment too late," she silently lamented. Thinking about the incident with Neil made her increasingly self-conscious and she dearly hoped that Evan couldn't smell the sex on her body, though she thought it was more than likely that he did. She pulled out of her brother's loving embrace as nonchalantly as she could.

"Hey, they'll be back soon. We should probably get all this shit packed up, right?" Gabriel suggested.

"Good idea," Melissa nodded. She headed toward her own tent to begin taking it down and packing it up.

"Yeah. Then we can get the fuck outta here! Woooo!" Neil cheered.


The rescue team leader was the last to board the chopper. He was a very fit-looking middle aged man, who carried himself like someone who had once served in the military. He signalled the pilot with a 'thumbs up', then took his seat at the back, beside his young female colleague, as the engines began to power up.

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