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A Sensual Lesson


This is a true story. It happened last Saturday night.

Last weekend, I was the emcee at an outdoor music festival. It was a three day affair with lots of great music. The vibe was very cool and while it was no Woodstock '69, it was certainly a great experience. My job was to bring the acts on and off the stage, stick to the schedule and keep the happy vibe going. As the go-between with the acts and the fans, I had the opportunity to make lots of new friends as well as renew old friendships. It was a most enjoyable experience.

Naturally, the headliners play at night when the crowds are at their peak. During the day, the promoter gives middle level acts stage time. He is also big on giving younger, newer bands that are developing a fan base the opportunity to perform before a large crowd. This is how I met Howie and Liza.

Howie and Liza perform in an art-rock band. Their music is somewhat reminiscent of the 70s band Renaissance. Howie plays bass guitar and Liza plays violin. They are both excellent musicians and singers. Their music is a bit on the precious side for me but it is competent, tuneful, dynamic and shows originality. As people, I noticed that while both were very sweet and sincere, Liza was the more ebullient while Howie seemed somewhat shy.

As it happened, I had some free time after their well-received set in the latter part of the afternoon. I gave up my position to allow some local radio personalities to have some stage time. As I walked back to my trailer for a break, I saw them packing up their gear and went over to congratulate them on their set. We talked for a few minutes when Howie asked if I might like to share a bowl with them in their car. Instead, I invited them into the trailer where it was air-conditioned and there was some food and cold brews.

Their pot was very pleasant - on the mellow side, and we had nice conversation as I asked them about their musical career and their goals. I discovered that Howie was 27 and Liza was 26; that they met in college and had played together ever since; that after several years of a purely professional relationship, they had moved in together; that this band was together for a little over a year and a half, was their most successful, had already found a strong following and that their first CD would be released soon. Before they left, Liza handed me a three-song demo and an invitation to see them perform the next week at an arts series in a local park. I thanked them and wished them luck. I liked them, they were nice kids. And, to be perfectly honest, I enjoyed looking at Liza's body which was young, lithe and round in the right places. As she had removed her bra after the performance, I especially enjoyed watching her firm young breasts sway under her spaghetti-string tee and the impression of her nipples through it. One time, when she bent over, I caught the top of her black thong and the curve of her sweet butt. I know, I'm a devil!

I listened to their demo and found it well-crafted and very listenable. I made a note to play a track on my next podcast.

A week later, I found myself with canceled plans and nothing to do. As I looked around for some entertainment, I noticed the invitation to their gig. Since the park was fairly close, I leashed my dog and we headed over to give their band some support. The weather wasn't all the great that day. It had been threatening to rain since the morning and it was quite warm and muggy. Still, it hadn't rained and it looked like it would hold off until after their show.

I was surprised and delighted by the size of the crowd. It was mostly a college-age scene and they were all familiar with the band. This is such a good sign for an up-and-coming band. While they might never become "stars", they were assured of good pay days. I walked over to the backstage area to wish them luck. They were both very glad to see me and they introduced me to the rest of the band. I would have shot the breeze longer but they got called to the stage. Liza asked me if I would introduce them but I demurred knowing that the Arts Council people would want that spot. I told them that I just wanted to enjoy the show and I would see them afterwards.

Like a busman's holiday, I enjoy these opportunities. I like to watch the crowd dynamics as well as listen to the band. I enjoy watching the young woman in their loose hippie-like garb, too, and this was one such occasion. After the introduction, they was warmly greeted by the crowd and their first number had the kids up and dancing. I liked how they worked the crowd with hot solos and some extended jams. Unfortunately, halfway through their third number, the sky opened up with a torrent of rain; thunder and lightning soon followed. The show was held while the crowd scattered for cover. After about ten minutes, it was announced that the latest weather report called for continued rain and lighting and so the show was canceled. My dog and I were drenched as we made our way backstage.

They were disappointed but I tried to reassure them that these things happen. I told them that they should be happy they had drawn such a good count and that those people would return another day to hear them. As I helped them pack their car, Howie asked if I might join them at their apartment for some wine, some smoke and some chat. I agreed but only if they allowed me to pick up some Chinese food first. I took their address and said I'd be there in a little while because I wanted to bring my dog home first. I also wanted to change out of my wet clothes.

I knocked on their door about an hour later holding a box filled with goodies. Howie welcomed me into their large place. It was a cottage in the woods on the property of a large working farm. Howie explained that the owner was his cousin who let them have the space for next to nothing. It was a large space with a full sized living room filled with amps and instruments. Their air conditioner was running and I commented upon the comfort and warmth of the place as well as the ability to turn up the volume in such a private space. As Howie and I took out plates and set the food containers around the table, Liza came out of the bedroom. Damn, she looked fine. Wearing a pair of short-shorts, I took in her long legs. Her tee did nothing to hide her fine round breasts. I gauged them to be 34C or 36B, somewhere in that neighborhood.

We had a fine time passing the bong before digging into the containers and trays of the various appetizers I brought. A lot of laughing transpired as we chowed down. They asked me lots of questions about my career and my history and I asked them about their musical goals. We were all very loosey-goosey and we were enjoying each other. After dining, we sat around the living room and made music. It was fun tossing songs around and it was very satisfying for all of us.

I sat across from them on a couch playing one of Howie's acoustic guitars, a semi-cutaway Takamine. I noticed that they both seemed to be looking at my shorts a lot but I let it go figuring I was just high. However, at one point, it occurred to me that as I was commando and as my shorts were loose and mid-thigh, I realized that my dick was probably visible to them. Once I made this realization, I chose to do nothing about it. In fact, it turned me on and I felt myself stiffen.

Liza put down her violin and refilled the bong. I put down the guitar and filled our glasses with some fruity Beaujolais. We passed the bog around and I noticed how Liza kept leaning down giving me views of her breasts. There was a sexual charge in the room. I know that I was not the only one who felt it.

I asked them if and when they were going to get married. They both quickly blurted out, "Never." I was surprised that they responded so adamantly.

Howie spoke up, "Let me explain. Liza and I have had a musical relationship for years. It's a great partnership. We only moved in together out of convenience and as a way to improve our musicality. But, as a couple, we're not into each other sexually, if you know what I mean."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"We've tried," said Liza, "but I think we're each more gay than straight. We've just never been able to make it work."

"Oh, I see. If you two were more like me - bisexual, that is - perhaps you could. But at least your music doesn't suffer."

"Oh, so you're one of those...," Howie smirked, "neither here nor there!"

"That's pretty judgmental, Howie!" I retorted. "I really didn't expect that from you. Why do some gay people get so bent out of shape by bisexuals? It just so happens that after my divorce, I discovered that I like to suck cock as much as I do pussy. I dig it all and I feel bad for those who can't."

"Yeah, but do you really?" He continued. "Do you swallow? Do you take it up the ass?"

"Yes, I swallow. I like it. No, I don't take it up the ass because it hurts. Does that answer you?"

"Boys, stop it. Take another hit. Come on, settle down." implored Liza. "I think it's okay. It's all good. Howie and I tried, we really did, we just don't seem comfortable with each other's parts."

"Do you have any kind of sex together? I don't mean to pry, I'm just curious."

"We watch porn together and sometimes we jerk off together. I like to see him cum."

"Have you ever watched each other with your lovers?"

"Once, a long time ago but neither of us are involved anymore. We're both pretty celibate, except for jerking off."

"Liza, have you ever fucked him with one of your toys?"

"He won't let me."

"I find it weird...unnatural."

"Howie, it seems to me that you have issues you have to get over. You have to open your head up. If you two can make such good music together, you should at least try to find ways to communicate that further."

"Like I said, we've tried but we can't make it happen. I just don't know how to keep him hard...or rather, he goes soft at the critical moment...and to be honest, I'm not comfortable with his dick. We've given up trying."

"That's a shame. I'm sorry for both of you. Perhaps some yoga training might help to get you more in tune with yourselves...comfortable in your own skin."

"What about you? Do you find a lot of partners?"

"Not anymore. After my divorce, I was a wild man but for the past few years, I seek out couples. I have a strong friendship with one couple for the last two years. We see each other like once a month. The rest of the time, I jerk off. And I jerk off a lot."

"Yeah, us, too." We laughed and I felt that we had crossed a border. Howie loaded up the pipe again and passed it around. We were all nicely buzzed.

"I have to admit," said Liza, "you have a cute cock. It's been peeking out of your shorts and we've both been checking it out all night."

I acted shocked and feigned embarrassment. "Ok then, I admit to checking you out all night, too." I stood up and unzipped my shorts, reaching in, I tucked my cock to the other side."

"Boo!" They both cried out, "Show's over!"

"What? You want an encore? It doesn't seem fair since neither of you applauded enough but here... here's an encore!" I unzipped and dropped my shorts to the floor. "There! How's that?" They both began to laugh and applaud wildly. As I went to pull them back up, Howie told me not to.

"It's more comfortable in here naked." He said. He stood up and dropped his shorts, too. His cock was much smaller than mine. It was fatter, though.

"My cock is special, " I said, "I'm vasectomized...shooting blanks."

"That's so cool, " said Liza. "I've always been afraid of getting pregnant. Maybe that's one reason why I'm so restrained. Also, I hate the feel of rubber."

"Well, I'm glad you approve. But Liza, are you going to join us?"

She stood up and pulled off her tee. Her tits were perfect beautiful round orbs with prominent eraser-shaped nipples. She unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop. Her mons was equally pretty with short wispy pubic hair. Her legs were long and thin making her vagina look more central to her frame. It was a bit puffy, too, so I knew she was turned on.

"Come here, you two. Let's sit on the floor and get good and ripped," she said.

I took the bong and the bag of weed. The three of us sat knee to knee as we passed it around.

"Your cock is so big compared to mine." Howie seemed to be apologizing.

"I think your cock is cute, Howie. When I suck cock, I like when it's just big enough to fill my mouth. I don't like when it bangs against my throat. Your cock is all right!" I reached over and took it in my hand. I felt it grow. "It's plenty!"

He reached over and stroked mine. I was looking at Liza watching us. I could see her pussy moistening. I took her hand and put it over Howie's. I let out a soft groan as they both gingerly stroked me.

"This isn't so bad, is it, Liza? I see that your pussy is getting wet so you must be enjoying this." I reached my hand over and ran a finger along her slit. Bringing it to my mouth, I licked it off. "Delicious." Tracing my finger along her slit again, I brought my finger to Howie's mouth and he licked it. "Not bad, right?" I did it once more and brought my finger to her lips. "There...a full course meal!"

We played like this for a few minutes in between tokes. I moved alongside Liza and took her nipple into her mouth, gently suckling it. "Come over here, Howie...on the other side." I held her breast and offered him her nipple. He put his mouth over it quickly and began to tug at it. "Easy, easy boy...slow down. Not so hard, Howie. Be gentle with it." He slowed down. "I know that quite often, gay men like rough nipple play but a lot of women like it gentler...they are more sensitive. Be gentle, treat her nipple like you're licking a lollipop. Kiss it like you would a baby. Enjoy how she responds. Get into it and feel the softness."

I took her other breast back into my mouth and we both gently caressed her. She moaned in approval. I backed off and watched them. Liza smiled at me.

"Okay, Howie. Now watch me." I gently pushed Liza onto her back. I slowly licked her breast and let my hands travel along her torso. When I reached the top of her vulva, I gently pulled her slit up and caressed her pubic bone. I let my tongue wander down. I circled and licked her navel. I traveled lower. I slowly spread her legs apart and she was very wet. She was exuding a musky, earthy scent. I waved Howie to come closer as I spread her lips apart. I opened her inner lips and exposed her clit.

"Like her nipples, you should start by being gentle with her clit. Watch." With the tip of my tongue, I ran circles around her clit. I kissed it softly and sucked it between my lips. I leaned down and buried my nose into her moist pussy. She sighed. "Now you."

Howie followed my instructions as he gently slurped at her. "Slowly. Slowly...gently...feel her respond." She arched her groin into his face. "Good. Don't stop. Just be slow...be gentle." He was doing fine. She was sighing with enjoyment. "Now slowly run your finger into her but don't go back and forth. Let her push up against you. Let her make the pace. Now put two fingers in and let the top of her vagina push down against your fingers. Don't stroke. Feel her against you as you slowly make circles around her clit. Good. Very good." I repositioned myself so that I was at her head and leaned over to give her little kisses around her neck. She sighed and let "Yes, Howie..." quietly escape her mouth. Howie was being painstakingly slow and I could see her arching against him. She began to push against him with more force, albeit restrained. He seemed to be having trouble staying with her but he was giving it the old college try, I'll give him that. She spread her legs wider and began to leak fluid out onto his fingers. He began to gently suck at her hard clit and she squealed several times, bucking her pelvis against his face. Then she quieted and calmed down.

"Did I make you cum?"

"Yes, Howie. you did. You made me cum. It was nice." She sat up and kissed him. I knew that it was a loving kiss and that these two really cared for each other deeply.

"Now, that was beautiful music." I said.

"I never made you cum before." Howie smiled. "It was different. I liked it."

"What did you like about it?"

"I liked the way it felt when she came...like her whole body released. I liked that I could do it. Thank you."

"No, don't thank me. You could always do it. It's just different than making a man cum. And maybe sometimes, she may want you to be more forceful but start off gently and focus on her...get into her rhythm. Now, it's your turn. Come here, Liza."

I sat up on the couch and spread my legs. I patted the couch next to me and she sat down. I put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me. I took her other hand and had her gently scratch my chest. With my hand over hers, I showed her how to use her nails around my chest and my nipples. "You can use a little more force if you like. It feels nice when you alternate. You can lick my nipples and even gently bite them. Gently." She seemed a little uncomfortable but seemed to settle as I ran my fingers through her hair and whispered encouragement.

I described to Howie about how sex is better when it starts off slowly and gently. I talked about sensuality and about being "in the moment." As I quietly spoke, Liza's hands seemed to travel around me, occasionally touching my penis. I asked Howie to sit on her other side and for the two of them to just touch each other.

"It's about the intimacy of touch. It's about exploration and the novelty of something new. Sometimes, sex can be a completely new experience even though you've done it a thousand times."

They seemed to be enjoying this experience as I noticed their breathing was getting deeper. Howie's cock was about as stiff as it could get and I asked Liza to face him, get on his lap and ever so slowly slip it into her. I told her that she would make the pace. I told them both to continue stroking each other but also to lock eyes. I wanted them to look into each other's souls. This went on for some time and their pace never quickened. Suddenly, Howie's eyes closed and he let out a quiet groan. Liza smiled and fell into him. He had cum inside her and they both seemed thrilled. I watched as they held each other.

"Was that good? Did you both enjoy that?"

Liza looked at me smiling. "Yes...very much. Even though you were here, it seemed so very personal between us. I liked it a lot. I love his eyes."

"I did, too," smiled Howie. "I didn't feel like I had to prove anything."

"Very good. You see, neither of you have to prove anything. You just have to reach a level of intimacy. And that's really all there is to this. Now, since you both know that you are both sexual with same-sex partners - as well as with each other - you can take your experiences to any level you want. Obviously, you both have a love for each other and you are both "on the same side," so to speak, you are free to enjoy each other anyway you like. Take your intimacy to what ever level you like."

"You mean like threesomes?"

"Maybe. Or maybe you want Liza to use a strap-on on you. It's wherever you two want to go."

Liza looked at me and stroked my dick softly. "Howie, let's do him together."

She got up off him and moved next to me. "Spread your legs and let us get you hard again."

They both began to lick and suck on my cock, passing the head between each other and occasionally stopping to kiss. In no time, I was hard again.

"I'm going to get on him and I want you to lick his balls and my pussy, too."

She sat down on my lap with her back to me and slowly slid herself onto my cock. As she reached bottom, she muttered, "Oh, my." Meanwhile, Howie got on his knees between my legs and licked my balls. As she became more comfortable on me, he licked her clit. I wrapped my arms around her and fondled her breasts. As I noticed her vagina begin to grip me, I put my hands on her butt cheeks and slowly lifted her up and down. Her pace picked up and she seemed to sink lower each time. I whispered encouragement and I could feel her arousal increase as she began to lightly sweat. I felt my cum boiling in my nuts as Howie laved them. I told them I was about to cum soon and to slow down because I wanted Liza to cum first and I wanted to make it last because they were doing such a wonderful job on me. She pressed her fingers onto her clit and spread her lips wider so Howie could lick it. She began to cry out. "It feels so good. Lick it, Howie. A little harder, Howie. That's it. A little more. Yes."

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