tagLoving WivesA Sexual Twist

A Sexual Twist


I am not quite sure how it got started, my ex-sister-in-law Helen and I were sitting by our pool watching my husband Ian climb out of the pool and run around to the diving board and dive in again. Now I should point out at this time that Helen isn't my 'real' sister in law. She married Ian's brother, so it's Ian's sister-in-law not technically mine, but we hit it off when we first met and have been friends for a long time. The friendship has lasted longer than their marriage which broke up a couple of years ago, and Helen still comes and visits us regularly. Our senses of humour are very similar and I find I can relax with her. I suppose she is one of my closest friends now, but I had no idea a chance remark would lead to a very saucy adventure.

It was just a chance remark that day; Ian, as a typical male, was showing off to the two females present; doing 'bombs' and swan dives into the pool and really goofing around.

"He is such a 'man'." I said to her.

"Did you hear that? Kay says you're just a man!" Helen shouted over to him. He just smiled and did a silly flop into the pool. For revenge, Ian got out of the pool and ran over to us and gave me a big wet sloppy kiss and then proceeded to shake his head like a dog shaking water from itself. Helen and I squealed as the cold water hit our bare skin. It was ok for Helen, she had a one piece bathing suit on and a little wrap over her shoulders but I was in my bikini and the water was very cold!

As he ran away from us, I watched Helen's eyes follow Ian's muscular back and his bum as it clenched and unclenched in his board shorts that hugged his every contour, all the way to the diving board and into the water.

"Yep..." Helen said, out of the blue and to no one in particular, "... I think I fucked the wrong brother!"

I just stared at her in disbelief. Perhaps it was the second bottle of wine that was talking but I couldn't help but smile at her and give her a quizzical look.

"Well...look at him" she pointed, "...Andrew was a weedy looking thing, 5ft 4 and skinny, and your Ian is 6ft 1 ...and...and...big!" When she said 'big' I am sure she was looking at Ian's bulge in the front of his shorts. "...they were both single when I met the family as you know...perhaps I should have fucked Ian instead..." She then looked lost in thought for a moment and in a half whimsical voice, added "...Hmm...I still wouldn't mind him fucking me even now..."

As if her own words had just sunk in, she quickly turned towards my shocked face and blushed and stammered.

"I...er... meant that...I...er... haven't ...you know...done it ....for a while...I mean... It was just a...you know...I didn't mean..." she trailed off, face all crimson.

"Helen!" I said , shocked, but amused at her admission and the resultant embarrassment.

"Sorry" she replied sheepishly, and then a little more off handedly added, "...but look at him, I mean...I ask you... just look, he is a hunk isn't he?...and perhaps it's the booze and the...the...going without, but I could do with a good fucking I can tell you!" and drained her glass and poured herself another.

Nothing more was said of it for the rest of the weekend and Helen went the 100 klms home on the Sunday night. I asked Ian in bed that night what he thought of his brother's ex-wife and he was pretty off hand and never took that much notice of her. He thought she was pretty enough, "nice tits" being the only allowance, but thought she was better off away from his brother which surprised me, what didn't I know? He was also happy that she still felt part of the family and also that she and I got on well together. He showed very little other interest in her, but to be honest, I had trouble getting her words out of my head, not to mention the resulting mental images that it spawned.

As the week wore on, in just about every quiet moment I had to myself, I found myself thinking about what Helen had said, about wanting to be made love to by Ian. I knew it couldn't happen, Ian and I had discussed threesomes both with an extra guy or an extra girl, but he wasn't into it. He had said he only ever wanted to make love to me. Well that's what he said, but I thought all men wanted a threesome with two women? Not that I was considering having a threesome for even a minute, but still...

Late at night I found myself thinking up scenarios where they might get together and end up having sex, and I felt ashamed at getting really turned on by the thought of Ian having sex with my best friend. After Ian had gone to work each morning I also found myself thinking about Ian's powerful shoulders pulling Helen back onto his hard cock, or holding himself above her as he thrust his rock hard 7 inch cock into her, and I couldn't help myself; the thoughts and the images were so strong and arousing that I had to touch myself. The resulting orgasms were incredibly strong, and even after being sated by a few orgasm in a row, I still found myself thinking about it again soon after..... and then the truth dawned on me...this wasn't going to go away, and I needed to do something about it...but what?! Then it struck me.

I had to wait another week before Helen came back to visit, and given her outburst two weeks previously, I was really hoping she wasn't going to feel uncomfortable and cancel on me. For the whole week, I had struggled with the idea that I had, but as each day went on I was more and more sure that I had to follow it through, yet I was still very uncertain if it would work or if it would all blow up in my face. I thought and thought, and covered all the angles, but something could go wrong couldn't it? Should I abandon the idea? But what if I didn't do this, would it eat away at my senses? I didn't know the answer, but I did know that the more I thought about it, the more aroused I became, and the more I knew that I would give it a try when the time came, and that time was this coming weekend. Ian was going to be away most of Saturday and Saturday evening helping the guy next door put some pavers down at his mother's house and I would be alone most of the day, so I was really relieved when Helen rang Friday and said she was coming back up for the weekend as we had planned, but I was also a little nervous about putting my suggestion to her too.

She arrived Saturday mid morning and we went out and did a bit of shopping and had lunch, and it wasn't until early afternoon while we were sitting around the pool deck after a couple of wines that I got up the courage to raise the subject with Helen. I paused, my heart beating loudly, and looked her straight in the eye. She stopped mid drink, wondering what was wrong.

"When you were here last...you said about wanting Ian to...you know... 'fuck you' was the term that I think you used..."

"No...no.." she stammered, her face turning beet red, "..I didn't mean..."

"Yes you did!" I cut her off, "But don't be upset, I'm not mad or upset about it or anything"

She let out a breath and seemed to calm down as the redness lessened in her face. I waited for her to finish her drink and pour herself another before continuing.

"Would you really like him to? I mean...if I wasn't around...in the picture...would you like him to?"

"In a heartbeat sister!" she replied, "I have had a thing for him for a while...but I would never act on it" she added quickly, "...but he is real sexy and ..." she blushed, "...I have to admit that I have...you know...fantasized about him a couple of times." She blushed again.

"What?... while you were..." I nodded my head and looked towards her pussy in indication.

"Hey...you asked me!.... and yes! " she replied in a mock indignation. I couldn't help noticing that she drained her glass again and refilled it. I thought I should do the same; this wasn't going the way I had expected it to, not that I knew what to expect really.

"I have an admission of my own." I offered looking her in the eyes, but I wasn't able to hold her look and ended up examining the lip of my wine glass instead.

I was very nervous, my voice was shaking a little as I started to tell her about the previous week, and my initial shock when she had first mentioned it, but then added about the change of heart and how it had made me aroused. After another glass of wine, I told her about the images I had formed in my head. Helen wanted to know more details so I filled her in. She downed another glass and sat well forward in the chair to listen to my detailed story. I couldn't help noticing that she couldn't sit still and was wiggling in her chair, and I didn't think it was that cool there under the awning but her nipples were pressed hard against her t-shirt. After all the images had been described to her in detail, some of them twice, I noticed that I too was wiggling in my seat a little as well, and it was then that I realised why Helen was doing it. She was aroused as I was from the detailed descriptions. The wine and the naughtiness of this discussion led me to throw caution to the wind and tell her about how I had dealt with the feelings when Ian had gone to work.

We had talked about sex before as friends do, but nothing as intimate as me telling her about me masturbating over images in my head of my husband pounding into her. She just sat there, a shocked look on her face, her mouth partly open in disbelief and a far-away look in her eyes as she replayed the images over in her head. The erotic thoughts, the descriptions and the memories of my intense orgasms had me wriggling in my pants and I hoped the wetness that I felt between my nether lips wouldn't leave a telltale mark on them. I finished telling her and sat back in my chair and let out a deep breath. I took a deep drink of my wine and looked at her for her reaction. I realised a split second too late that I had not closed my legs and caught her eyes glued to an obvious wet patch on my pants. It was my turn to be embarrassed.

Helen looked me in the eye and I wasn't sure, but I thought she was weighing up the situation, our friendship, and how the line I had just crossed might affect those things. She took a deep breath and answered.

"Kay... you're my best friend, I would never do anything to hurt you or harm our friendship...but the look on your face...the throb of the vein in your neck and the obvious...well... tell tale down there, tells me you're as turned on as I am at what you've just told me. Hell it's all I can do to stop myself sneaking off to the bathroom and ...well... taking care of things like you did. Like I said last time I was here, it's been a long time between drinks and I am as horny as hell. And yes, I do find Ian attractive, who wouldn't? Hell... he is incredibly sexy, he's tall, he's handsome, he's got a great personality and he seems so lovely and tender despite his size, but I would never ever act on any of the ...er... thoughts I have, despite the lovely images you have just so deliciously sexually described; so I don't know where to go from here...except maybe to my bedroom to...er... take matters into my own hands, so to speak." She sat back in her chair, sipping her wine and looking over the top of the glass at me. "I do know what to say." She added finally.

"I do!" I said, and her face dropped, yet I am sure I caught a glimpse of desire in her eye at the possibility.


This was crunch time. Was there any turning back if I went on from here? Was I prepared for my husband to...what...fuck my girlfriend? Was I prepared to enact the fantasies that I had been creating in my head for the last two weeks? Was I prepared to trick my husband into doing it with Helen despite knowing he wasn't interested? I took a couple of long sips on my drink while my brain got around to sending the message to my mouth of the decision it had made some time ago.

I inched my chair very close to hers and leaned forward, reducing the space between us and lowering my voice, and I told her. I told her of our four-poster bed with the long flowing curtains all round. I told her of the new 'game' Ian and I had been playing for the last 'week' where I would stick my bottom and legs out from behind the curtain wearing only a pair of trashy 5 inch red stilettos I had found in a sex shop in the mall, and then having Ian take me from behind, seeing nothing but my butt, my pussy and my long legs in red high heels. I explained to her that I thought she could be on the bed and I would hide inside, she would wear my shoes and stick her bottom and legs out and get a pounding from my husband while I watched. While he was in the bathroom cleaning up, she could slip away.

By the time I had finished explaining this to her, Helen had a dreamy look in her eye had one hand between her thighs, openly squeezing her thighs together over her hand to help with the arousal she felt. I have to admit, I was very turned on at my saying the words out loud to her, and her evident arousal egged me on more. I could see her mind working over the scenario in her head. Her eyes seemed to be out of focus as if watching a movie, and she absent mindedly licked her lips and pressed her fingers into her pussy without a thought for my sitting there. My juices flowed and I didn't care that the tell tale damp patch was now much bigger. I could smell the scent of arousal wafting up, but I wasn't sure if it was mine or Helen's.

"So when were you thinking about doing this?" she enquired almost business like.

"Well...I thought...tonight...if you want to that is...he will know you're in the spare room and that will make it sexier for him...knowing someone is in the house"

"Oh my God!" she said putting her hand to her mouth, but not able to hide the huge smile that came to her face nor the lust that flashed in her eyes. "Of course I want to... but only if you're sure you're ok with it."

I brazenly parted my legs and pointed to the larger damp patch between my thighs.

"Does this look like I am not ok with it?"

She reached over without warning and touched the damp patch and pressed slowly into it. I was so stunned I didn't get chance to move.

"Yess...I mean no, it doesn't look like your not ok" she said with a puzzled smile at the double negative. "I have one of those damp patches just like it over her!" she indicated between her now spread thighs but the dark of her slacks made any damp patch invisible, "...but speaking of pussies, we should go inside and have a look at things."

I assumed she meant the bed and the surroundings and while I was sure she would get around to that, when we got to our bedroom, she unfastened her slacks and dropped them to the floor.

"If he is going to see my butt and my pussy, we had better make sure we are the same hadn't we?" she said all matter-of-fact. "...get 'em off!" she indicated to my long pants.

This was something that I hadn't even thought about! Here was a huge flaw in the plan. I had figured that Helen and I were about the same height; our breasts were different, mine were small Bs, while hers were large Cs, maybe even Ds, but Ian wouldn't see those. I imagined our legs and butts would be similar in size and shape, and with the dim light in the room, that would be all there was to worry about. I hadn't given a thought to pussy hair... I don't have much, just a small tuft like a 'landing strip' Ian had called it.

Helen may have had dark pants on but her panties were light blue and in the time it took me to realise my mistake, Helen had stripped naked from the waist down and was inspecting a very visible wet spot on her panties. She was rubbing her thighs together with arousal as she stood there and I could see a little glistening there in the light from the window.

"Come on!...now you...we need to compare!" she ordered.

I hadn't planned on this, but thought that we were both going to be naked behind the curtains tonight so what difference did it make. I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor and slipped my panties from my hips.

"We are going to have a problem!" I said indicating my 'landing strip' and her reddish sparse bush.

"Get me the shoes!" she said as she walked towards our en-suite bathroom.

By the time I had found them in the bottom of the cupboard I realised she had returned and was watching me from behind as I bent over.

"We just have to make me...look like you... from this angle" she mused looking straight at my butt and probably most of my pussy as well. I imagined what sort of view I was offering her bent over like that and felt a strange flutter in the pit of my stomach. She held up Ian's shaving cream and a lady-razor and sat on the end of the bed near a towel and a bowl of warm water she had brought from the bathroom. She inspected her groin with strange intensity, not caring that I was standing in front of her seeing everything. Then I found out why.

"It's going to need some serious attention with this razor, right into all these nooks and crannies, but I've had way too much wine to do this, so you're going to have to do it!" she said, shocking me into the realisation that there was a lot I hadn't counted on in this.

I walked out to the kitchen and returned with our two wine glasses and the remains of the bottle and gulped mine down quickly and refilled both. I thought "I can do this" and walked over to Helen sitting on the end of the bed and took the razor and foam from her. Helen spread her legs open very dramatically and pulled a very 'porn star' face and giggled. I couldn't help but giggle as well and I dropped to my knees between her legs. I had seen another woman naked before, but I had never been this close, with legs this far apart. She sat there looking down at me, her breathing much harder than I recalled and a flushed redness to her face. My heart was beating very loudly as well. I looked at her sparse red pubic hair as it curled and circled around her pussy lips and over her hood and mound. I also saw where it continued down towards her anus and disappeared under her butt cheeks. Her lips were slightly reddened too, and there was a glistening wetness to the lips as they sat together before my eyes.

I took another gulp from my glass and proceeded to apply the foam to the hair on her mound trying to avoid touching her lips. Her skin felt different to mine under my fingers as I worked the foam to a lather. I applied the razor very carefully and very tentatively. Not wanting to knick her as I formed the upper part of the landing strip. As I concentrated on my task, my breathing relaxed and the worry started to go away. Helen's breathing became even more labored though, perhaps she was worried that I might hurt her, I thought at the time. To get the skin smooth and hairless on the sides of her mound I had to use my other hand to pull the skin taught, spread her thigh away, or push her mound away to get into the crevice of her thigh, and by the time I had finished the top part, the skin there seemed to be firmer than it was when I started.

"OK...now my pussy lips." Helen said in a very husky voice, staring me straight in the eye.

I swallowed, but found speech difficult, so I merely nodded and applied more foam to my hand, and looked up at her. She nodded, and I took a deep breath and applied the foam to her pussy lips. When my fingers first touched her she seemed to jump a little. Probably cold I thought, but I continued working the foam into the join between body and thigh, making sure I got all the stray little ones that creep down your leg. I massaged the foam onto her lips and down as far as I dared, and as I massaged, this area too seemed to swell a little and she seemed to be moving her hips under my fingers.

"Tickling?" I asked husky voiced myself.

"Mmm..." was all I got in reply along with a sharp nod of her head.

I was very close to the pussy that my husband was hopefully going to be pounding into tonight and those images and the obvious similar thoughts going through Helen's head were making me quite aroused. Helen laid back on her elbows, but was still partially sitting up so she could see what was going on. I imagine this gave me better access to her hair for shaving and rested her back. I shaved carefully up and down both thighs and then both lips, getting the main hairs and rinsed the razor off.

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