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A Shared Lover


This is a story written by Smiley777 and me. Enjoy....

Rhyley thought hard about the invitation to lunch. She was friends with Jack, yes, but Amanda she didn’t know very well. When she put the phone down, she was bewildered. What could she want? Hmmm......if she knew about what happened at the reception, she would have said something, but that was a year ago. What is this all about?

Rhyley shook her head and sighed. She was slightly amused at being so mistrustful. Amanda had always been nice to her and there was no reason to doubt that all she had in mind was a nice lunch together. Just two ladies enjoying the afternoon. Jack would be at work, so it would just be them. Then she had a thought.

It’s been so long since I have been with a woman, she thought. I would love for Jack to come home from work and see me fucking his wife. Mmmm, I wonder.....

She smiled and decided to accept the offer. She would call Amanda later tonight and talk a bit before she went to bed. Rhyley‘s mind whirled. She could be theirs. Their shared slut. She knew Jack wanted her, even after a year with Amanda. How wonderful it would be to become their whore.....taking them both. She stopped smiling and sat very still.

That is what she really wants. She wants Jack all the more and to have him AND her......perfect.

Amanda was glad that Rhyley could come to lunch. Rhyley told her that she would pay her own way because that is how she is and after a brief disagreement, Amanda gave in. The next day was splendid, still very sunny, but with a light pattering of rain. The weather was warm, comfortable. Rhyley dressed lightly, wearing a simple silk shell and skirt. She was very confident that she looked beautiful. She wanted to show up Amanda just a bit since Amanda was traditionally beautiful. She was slightly disappointed.....Amanda still beat her out. Wearing a soft pink sleeveless t shirt and white capris, she was easily gorgeous. Inwardly, Rhyley sighed. She should have known. With a smile, she approached Amanda and they sat down with iced tea.

They talked for hours, seeming like the oldest of friends. It was the most pleasant afternoon that Rhyley had in a long time. She found this woman to be sweet, gentle and most of all, truly compassionate. She saw very well why Jack loved her so much. A tinge of jealousy rose to the surface, but she kept it in check. They are married now and if she wanted Jack so badly, she should have tried harder before now. She smirked at herself and bit her thumbnail. She should have tried much harder. With a sigh, she resigned herself to the present and told herself that she was indeed very happy for them.

As they rose to leave, Rhyley decided to take a plunge.

“Amanda, I haven’t even been to the new house yet. If you wouldn’t mind my company for a while longer, I would like to see it.“

“Sure, Rhyley. Things still aren’t unpacked all the way, so don’t mind some of the boxes.“

“Not a problem. My house is always trashed. A few boxes won’t bother me a bit.“ Amanda nodded and told her she would go ahead to the house. Rhyley indicated that she would follow shortly. Her grin was positively naughty as she went to her car. She would have them both by tonight.

Jack and Amanda’s home was a simple ranch style home with two bedrooms. The large kitchen to the back of the house, the dining room to the right and the living room was open across the house. The two bedrooms were at the very left.

Rhyley was quite taken with its simple beauty. What a home should look like, she thought. Amanda showed her around as she had tea brewing and they talked about everything that came to mind. It was wonderful to be able to connect with another woman. Rhyley didn‘t keep many friends. She was more of a loner in that respect. But, Amanda was proving to be a good friend.

“Rhyley, let me ask you something.”

“Sure, anything.”

“What is it like being bi-sexual?” Rhyley nearly spit her tea as she looked at the innocent face before her.

“How did you know about that, hon?”

“Jack told me. He talks about you quite often.”

“Oh, wow.......well, what do you want to know? I don‘t feel different or abnormal, if that‘s what you mean.”

“No, no. I meant, what is it like? Have you ever done a three way?”

“I am sorry, but I have to laugh. That is really funny. Yes, I have, but it was with two men. Any time I have been with a woman, it has been one on one.”

“I didn‘t know that.”

“I didn‘t expect you to. I am glad you are comfortable asking, though. It saves a lot of time.”


“Oh yes. You have no idea how many times I have lost a friend because they were too afraid to talk to me about their fears and the like. This is good.” Amanda stared at her teacup for quite a while and Rhyley became worried.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Yes. I am just too curious about it, I suppose. I mean, what is it like? What do you do? Is it different than straight sex?”

“Would you like to see?”

“See you having sex?”

“Sure. I can show you right now, if you like.”

“On me?”


“Oh, God, I don‘t think I could do that! I mean, it‘s not quite right......” Amanda regretted her words, but Rhyley understood. She smiled and took Amanda‘s hand.

“It‘s okay. Come on, let me show you something. You don‘t have to do anything, I just want to show you some things that I do. Okay? I won‘t hurt you and I will stop as soon as you tell me.”

“I don‘t know, Rhyley. It just doesn‘t seem right.”

“I know. If it‘s too much we can stop. It will be good.”. Amanda followed her, to Rhyley’s amazement, to the master bedroom. When they were together, she closed the door, but cracked it, giving Amanda some confidence that she is welcome to have Rhyley leave.

“God, I am so nervous! What do I do?“

“Lie on the bed, and I will do it all. Just enjoy yourself, that’s all you need to do.“

“Okay.......okay.“ Amanda sat in the middle of the bed and Rhyley sat beside her.

“Lie back, and let me take your pants, honey.“ Amanda blushed and lifted her ass slightly from the bed so the other woman could slide them off her. Amanda kept muttering ‘oh my God’ as Rhyley kissed her stomach. She loved this woman’s body. Big breasted, with hips and thighs. She loved the thickness of Amanda’s belly. Those curves so sexy to Rhyley’s senses. She moaned inwardly as she started to ease Amanda’s panties off. She was greeted by a full bush of soft blonde hair. She never wanted a woman so badly as she did at that moment, sharing Jack’s lust for the charismatic lady before her.

She inhaled the sweet aroma of woman before she looked to Amanda again. The woman was watching her closely, so scared and so curious.

“I am going to taste you now. You are going to feel very good in a short while.“ Amanda’s eyes widened and she nodded slightly. Rhyley kissed her mound before she opened her with trembling fingers. She took in the sight of that beautiful pussy, and inhaled once again. To Rhyley, there was nothing quite like the scent of a woman.

For hours, all that could be heard were the lovely sounds of a woman’s moaning

It was almost dark by the time Jack came home. He was worried that Amanda would be upset, but he knew she would have called if she was concerned. The house was dark, but he could see a light on in the bedroom He dropped his keys to the table with a grin, eager to spend time with his woman. He stepped quietly, wanting to surprise her. He turned the knob slowly, letting the door ease open on its own.

The vision before him nearly knocked him off his feet.

His lover was kneeling on his bed, her ass in the air while her face was buried in his wife’s pussy. His eyes wide, his mouth dropped open and unable to catch a breath as he stood stock still. Their hair was still wet from a shower and the scent of lillies and sex penetratd his nostrils. Amanda arched her back, pushing her breasts in the air as Rhyley pushed her finger inside the moist slit before her.

“Ooooohhhh, fuck, Rhyley, do it......”

Rhyley responded by adding another finger and Jack watched as her tongue moved incredibly fast. His hand subconciously went to his cock, the intense throbbing there aching to be eased. His soft moan made Amanda aware of him and she gasped, embarrassed to have been caught. Rhyley, just smiled and looked over her shoulder to see Jack’s flushed face and hardness clearly displayed through his clothes.

“Jack, “ Amanda began, but Rhyley shushed her.

“Jack. Come here. We want you to fuck us.” She turned back to Amanda, the woman’s sighs becoming loud again, forgetting that she was caught. Jack moved slowly, still stunned by what he had seen. He sat on the bed beside Rhyley, watching her mouth suckle his wife’s pussy. He had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. Rhyley pressed her palm to Amanda’s clit, massaging slowly as she spoke to Jack.

“Mmmm, I can see you are so hard, lover. Take it out. I want you to play while you watch us.“ His eyes never moved as he unzipped, freeing his painfully swollen shaft, relieved. Rhyley sucks Amanda’s clit again, her finger sliding in and out of her sopping pussy. Amanda rides the fingers inside her, groaning at the woman attending to her, wanting to climax desperately.

“She tastes so good, Jack. Let me show you,” she says as she leans over to kiss him. Rhyley‘s fingers still working in and out as she and Jack kiss deeply right over the tender hole. She pushes the creamy juices into Jack‘s hungry mouth with her fat tongue. He pulls back a bit when she took hold of his cock.

“Mmm, so hard....Fuck her. I want to see you inside her.“

“Oh, God, Rhyley.....“ Jack is so unsure until his wife speaks up.

“Please Jack. I want you to watch us as you fuck me.“

He shuts his eyes, groaning as he stands at the foot of the bed. Rhyley moves so they can position themselves. Amanda adjusts her pillows and motions for Jack to come to her. He climbs over her, his eyes burning with lust as he watches the two women kiss. Amanda screams into Rhyley’s mouth as Jack enters to the hilt with the first thrust. He pulls her legs over his shoulders as Rhyley begins to nibble on her pink nipples, the sound of Amanda’s moans growing louder as she is taken by them.

Rhyley climbs over Amanda, straddling her as she tilts her hips. She looks over her shoulder, grinning as she places a hand on her ass. Amanda moans as her mound caresses Rhyley’s, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her.

“Fuck me, Jack. Fuck us both.” He gives her a questioning look, but he pulls from his wife to give Rhyley a sample of his cock. He positions himself at her opening and thrusting hard. Rhyley rebounds from it, then braces herself as he holds her hips, pounding her soft tunnel.

“Oh fuck, yes! Oh, Jack, please, fuck me!!” Amanda starts rubbing her own clit as she watches her husband fuck his friend. Hearing another woman with him is hard, but seeing it is so erotic. She kisses Rhyley passionately as Jack gives her what she asked for.

“Oh, baby.....Rhyley, what you do to me,” Jack whispers.

“Do her now. I want you to do her, then come back to me.” He nods as he lowers himself a bit to re-enter his woman. He pushes into her as his belly is pressed against Rhyleys hot wetness. The woman begins to writhe beneath her and she moves her hands all over, letting every inch of Amanda be aroused. Jack was almost insane with lust as watched the two women make love. Each moment seemed to make him harder.

He put his hands on Rhyley’s ass, bracing himself upright as Amanda’s legs cinched him to her, his shaft buried wonderfully inside. He smirked as the women kissed, moaning for him to fuck them, fuck them, fuck them hard......

Jack knew he could be rough with Rhyley, and he slapped her ass, his handprint glowing on her pale cheek. He withdrew and ran to hilt inside Rhyley this time, reaching forward and pulling her hair. When her head was as far as he wanted it, he pushed down her hips, slamming his length hard while he watched her ass jiggle with the force of it.

He continued taking both women, sharing them, letting their juices mingle as they ran over his engorged sac. He sucked in his breath, the feel of his women so different, so beautiful. His back burned with his efforts and he pulled Rhyley up by the hair, showing his wife the way fucks his lover.

“I want you to put your face in her, Rhyley. Do it so I can fuck you harder.” He pulled from her as he grabbed her hips, dragging her down the bed. Amanda opened her legs wider, her glistening pussy succulent in the dim light.

Jack waited until Rhyley was concentrating on Amanda before he took her again. He fucked her soundly, driving her mouth against the wet slit before her.

“Oh yes, Jack! Do it....fuck me!” Rhyley and Amanda screamed for him together, desiring him as their joint lover, Amanda’s juices running over Rhyley’s chin. She screamed with frustration as she begged to be fucked. Jack was so close....he wanted his wife first.

“God, let me come in my wife, Rhlyey......I will come back for you, but let me have her first!!”

Rhyley rolled out of his way and he lunged into his woman’s pussy, sloshing in and out of her as she climaxed. He kissed her as she came down, easing her.

Rhyley knelt behind him, holding Amanda’s legs over her forearms. His hands were then free to play, settling on her soft belly.

“God, baby, I love you,” Jack tells her as he thrusts twice more, his back arching, his head falling back. “Fuck! Oh fuck, honey.....” he sighs as his orgasm rushes through him, filling his wife with hot cream.

“Oh honey,” Amanda says, “That was wonderful.” She looks to Rhyley, smiling. “Thank you, too.” Rhyley takes her hand and kisses it.

“It was my pleasure, sweetie.” She looks over to Jack, whose cock is still rock hard, dripping with come. She grins and crawls to him. Lying on her belly she rests her head in his lap, licking him, freeing him of their come. The taste of all of them sweet, salty, so thick.

“Fuck, Rhyley, what you do to me! God, suck it, my slut....suck me hard......” Jack holds her hair in his fist and pumps his hips into mouth, fucking her face. “So good....suck it, Rhyley.....”

She worked him up, wanting him to take her again, not wanting to let him go.

“You want it, baby? Suck me just a little longer....” Her lips locked tightly over his shaft, sucking hard, soft, taking him all in. Amanda comes up and lies beneath her, pinching and tugging at the tiny nipples swaying over her face.

“Suck him, Rhyley. Swallow that cock.” She had no choice than to obey. They talked around her, letting her know what they would do to her.

“You want to get fucked, little slut?”

“I think she wants you, Jack.”

“Do you? Do you want my big cock stuffing your pussy full? Answer me!”

“Yes.....yes.....Oh, baby, fuck me, please!” He took his cock from her, wiping it over her lips before he stood.

“Are you my good slut?”

“Yes,” she knelt on the floor in front of him. “Yes, I belong to both of you. I am your slut now.”

“Mmm, that is good. We care about you, baby. Let us please you this time.” Rhyley nodded, letting them guide her.

“Lie on the bed, open your legs wide for me. Ahhh, look at her. So wet and inviting. So beautiful. I have been lusting for you both all day. I want to feel it all.” Amanda takes her place, laying by Rhyley’s head, kissing her tenderly, deeply.. They both look to him while he slides into her pinkness..

“Oh, oh yes.....my lover, I need you.....” Rhyley’s tongue plays with Amanda’s as he takes full entry, pulling her legs over his shoulders to lean into her. Amanda smiles at Jack, making sure he is watching as she mounts the writhing woman’s face. He groans as he spies Rhyley’s tongue slipping over the hot lips above her. She still tastes of him and she sucks his essence from her. He drives hard into her as he watches them making incredible love to each other.

Jack thrusts harder, driving her nose into Amanda, smearing her juices over cheeks and chin. He grips Rhyley tighter, leaning into her, her knees by her breasts. He sees Amanda coming towards him and they kiss, Amanda moaning into his mouth while Rhyley tongues her feverishly.

Amanda then lies across her body, licking at the little clit and hard shaft that is presented before her. Her hot breath coating them as she screams for Rhyley to fuck her.

Rhyley gasps, shocked that she is so bold so suddenly. Her arms curl under and over Amanda’s thighs, pressing the fragrant pussy to her mouth. Moving easily between pussy and ass, Rhyley tongue fucks her lover’s wife.

Amanda purses her lips around the small bud, making Rhyley shiver as they take her together. Rhyley slips a finger into in Amanda’s brown pucker. Taking it slow, she moves just to the last knuckle, letting her adjust to the intrusion.

Jack’s hips piston into Rhyley, her head falling back to the pillow. To her, each thrust harder than the last, making him seem thicker, harder. He reaches over Amanda, rubbing her ass, feeling Rhyley’s tongue lapping her. He can’t restrain his lust. “Aaaahhh, fuck yeah.....” his head tilting back as he holds her tighter, pulling her onto him. His balls boiling with the erotic scene playing out, his release closer than he thought.

He angles his hips which pushes him ever deeper into her. She screams as he hits her perfectly, her orgasm triggered by his lusty thrusting.

With a final growl he lets loose his seed, filling his little slut with fertile come. She felt each hot shot of him making her his own.Amanda gasps as we watches his spunk flow from Rhyley. He withdraws to settle on the bed as Amanda puts her finger into her. She lifts her hand, sucking her finger clean, lapping at the collected cream.

He reclines to watch Rhyley, lying at her side, anxious to see what they are doing.

Amanda sees his still stiff shaft and takes hold of him to lick the last of the come from him. He tries to get as close as he can without disturbing them. Rhyley turns to him and kisses him deeply, taking the opportunity to show her feelings for him.

He eyes her hands inside his wife and licks his lips. Rhyley grins wickedly.

“Help me lick her, baby. Make her come on both our faces.”

Jack and Rhyley take turns licking, touching and teasing Amanda. Her passionate screams growing louder as they fuck her mercilessly. Hands, lips and tongues burrowing into her vibrant flesh, her body shimmying as they take her.

She pushes back to them, aching to come, needing to drench them as they move constantly on her. Her hands bunch the sheet as she rakes her fingers over it.

“She is ready,” Jack whipsers. Rhyley lets him take over, his delicate mouth working over her like nothing she has seen before.

“Jack! Oh, Jack, yes! Yeesss.......” She sat nearly upright as her climax bounded through her senses. Rhyley removed her fingers from her, sucking them before pressing them to Jack’s lips, he, in turn, sucking the rest from her.

Amanda sighs, winding down and moving to lie at the foot of the bed. She plays with Rhyley’s ankles as Jack caresses her face.

“Rhyley, that was wonderful,” she said. Her eyes closed dreamily.

“Thank you, Amanda. I am pleased that I could see you enjoy yourself.” Jack puts his fingers under Rhyley’s chin and makes her look into his deep blue eyes.

“You are safe with us. From now on, you are ours. We love you as much as you love us.”

“I am yours.”

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