A Shed, Summer, and Scarborough


The room closed in around me then. I felt emotion swell in my chest as I stared at her. Those lips ...

Before I could think about what I was doing, I leaned closer to her and pressed my mouth to hers. For a moment Carolyn sat there, our lips compressed, and then, to my delight and surprise, she opened her mouth and slid her tongue past my teeth.

My cock swelled instantly, suddenly huge and stiff in my suit trousers. Desire made me reckless, the heat of it charging through my veins as I cupped one big breast in my hand.

"Not here," Carolyn gasped, twisting away from my fingers. "Not in front of everyone."

"Where?" I asked, my heart pounding. "Where can we go so I can kiss you and touch you?"

"Eric ..." her eyes bore into mine. "Bloody hell, Eric, we can't ..."

"Don't you want to?"

She paused, eyes around the pub again. Satisfied nobody had any interest in us as we huddled close together in our nook like chicks in a nest, Carolyn replied, "Yes, I do want to. I shouldn't, but I do. I want you to kiss me and touch me and ... and ..."

She let me kiss her again, this time I slid a hand up her leg. Emboldened by the kiss and the fact that she didn't stop my expeditionary fingers, I let my hand slide along the smooth skin of Carolyn's thigh.

"Carolyn," I gasped when she opened her legs for me. "God, I want to ... to ..."

"... Fuck me?" she finished for me. The woman shifted position, reaching for me to use my body as a shield from any eyes that glanced our way. "Is that what you want to do, Eric?"

Lust flared hot inside me while my brain struggled to keep pace with events. My fingers found the heat between Carolyn's legs, further exploration barred by the citadel of her underwear stretched tight across her pudendum. That word, that nasty word, from Carolyn's lips, enflamed me.

"Yes," I croaked. "I want to do that."

"What else, Eric?" Carolyn crushed the cigarette into the ashtray. She shifted her backside on the seat and pushed her hips forward to press her heat against my hand. "What else would you do to me, if you could?" She jerked her head, eyes rolling to indicate the ceiling. "If we had a room upstairs, right now, what would you do? What would you like me to do?" Her hand rubbed the bulge in my trousers. I felt a slide of goo trickle from my penis as she went on. "Would you show me your cock? Would you like it if I licked it and wanked it for you?"

"Bloody hell, Carolyn," I groaned.

"We could do that," Carolyn murmured, her eyes on my face as our clothing rustled. "Get a room here sometime soon, during the summer. We could come down here and make love upstairs. We could walk on the sands and drink beer in the bar and go upstairs and I could lick your cock ... I'd show you my tits, Eric. You could touch them and suck my nipples ..."

"Yes ... Yes please ..."

Carolyn kissed me again as she gently withdrew my hand from between her legs. She adjusted her clothing and picked up her drink.

"Think about it. See if you can think up a way for us to be alone together. Anyway, whatever you do, shift over and try to calm down," Carolyn nodded at my lap, "and make that hard-on go down, here comes your mam."


She met me in the shed the following afternoon.

"I'm just off to see Davey," I'd called to my mother. "He needs a hand fixing his motorbike." I left the house and then ducked back down the ginnel.

Carolyn had walked down the path a few minutes later.

"Your mum's just up in the kitchen," Carolyn said as she closed the shed door behind her. "I told her I was just going for some sun." Carolyn fanned a hand in front of her face. "Bloody hell, it's warm in here."

I couldn't reply, being too busy staring at her in that bikini. Sitting in the old arm chair I took in her figure, the full breasts heavy in the cups of the bikini top, her wide hips and taut thighs.

Carolyn smiled down at me, posing, hands on hips, head tilted, amused smile twitching the corner of her mouth. "Getting a good look?" she asked.

I nodded, my voice a croak when i replied, "Yeah ... Oh yeah ..."

Carolyn reached for the clasp between her shoulder blades.

"Then look at these," she murmured.

I half rose from the chair. My fingers dug into the fabric of the arms as I hung suspended, half in and half out, my arse hovering over the cushion. Carolyn's big breasts swung as she dropped the bikini top onto the towel she'd left on a table.

My eyes bulged and I could feel my jaw hanging slack.

Carolyn lifted her breasts in her palms, the flesh spilling over her fingers.

"Come on," she whispered. "Come and touch them. I know you're dying to feel."

I went to her and lifted her breasts in my hands. Carolyn sighed and let her head loll back.

"Carolyn," I moaned. "Bloody hell ..."

"Show me your cock," the woman said as she stepped back. I heard the urgency in her tone and unbuttoned my flies. "Come on," she gasped. Come on ..." Then, when I hauled my tumescence into view, she moaned and moved towards me, reaching for me as our bodies closed together.

We kissed, Carolyn's hand massaging the length of me with slow strokes of her fist.

"You mucky bugger," she said. "Skulking down here in the shed. Is this where you go to wank off?"

"I've watched you out there," I moaned. "While you lay on the deck-chair in that bikini. I watched you for ages and pulled myself off when you'd gone."

Carolyn stopped stroking my erection and looked into my face. "You naughty boy. Fancy spying on me ..." She began to stroke my penis again. "You should have come out into the garden and showed me. I might have sucked it." She kissed my mouth again, her tongue sliding over mine. "Would you like that, Eric? Me sucking your cock outdoors? Imagine it, you all bare, me on my knees licking you ..."

"Carolyn," I moaned, my voice curdled with lust. "I ..."

She squatted in front of me, her face close to the head of my cock as she stroked me faster and faster.

"Sucking your cock, Eric," she said and slurped at the dome. "Sucking your big cock."

The squirt of my ejaculate arced over her shoulder, which caught the woman by surprise and caused her to cry out. Another spurt landed across one cheek while a third rained down against her throat.

"Sorry," I sobbed. "I ..."

"Just come for me," Carolyn purred, her fist still jerking at me. "Show me all that spunk ..."

I groaned and sighed, my fingers pushing through the woman's fair hair as I tried to force her mouth around my spitting penis.

Carolyn took my cock into her mouth. She slurped and sucked at it, squeezing it close to my balls, down at its root as she coaxed my climax to its finale.

"There," she said, wiping a hand across her mouth. "That's got that out of the way. How do you feel now, Eric?"

Carolyn rose to her feet and I stared at her, ecstatic at what we'd done, what she'd done to me. Now, desperate for her, I gasped, "Can I fuck you? I have to fuck you. Please, Carolyn ..."

A cloud crossed the woman's face. She looked into my eyes, hers full of sorrow.

"Oh, Eric," she sighed as my jizm slid down one breast. "I shouldn't have done that." She shook her head. "I don't know why I did it. It's madness. We shouldn't have kissed in the pub; I should never have led you on ..."

"Carolyn," I said, annoyed and frustrated at this capricious blowing of hot and cold. "What is it? Why are you doing this? I thought ... since Scarborough yesterday ... I mean ... aren't we going to be together?" I gestured to my semen sliding over her skin. "What we just did ... Please, Carolyn, tell me what I have to do ... What's wrong?"

She turned from me and picked up the towel. Carolyn dabbed at her chest and wiped her face, removing the traces of my outpouring from her body.

"I told you," she said quietly. "It's complicated."

I wanted to take her and shake her, force her to explain. Moving to her, an awkward step given my legs were hobbled by my trousers around my shins, I reached for the woman's shoulders, intent on holding her and looking into her eyes while I questioned her.

Just as I opened my mouth to speak, I heard my mother's voice calling, "Caro? Carolyn, darling, where are you?"


We hadn't been caught, but what I'd heard, the conversation that ensued between my mother and Carolyn, after my lover had quickly fastened her bikini top and wiped the cum off her skin and stepped out of the shed, had stunned me.

I heard Carolyn's attempt to shut my mother up. She knew I could hear every word that passed between them. As my mother spoke, the horrible realisation of why the situation was so complicated for Carolyn revealed its sordid head.

That evening, while I lay on my bed thinking about what I'd heard, Carolyn knocked on my bedroom door.

"Eric," she whispered. "Eric, can I come in?" When I didn't answer, she knocked again. "Eric," Carolyn hissed. "I'm coming in anyway. I have to talk to you."

"Go away," I snapped when the knob turned and Carolyn came in. "I ... I ..."

I saw guilt and fear on her face. "Please, Eric. Let me explain."

I rolled over on my bed to face her. "Explain? Explain how? What could you say that could make me understand ..." I waved a hand at her and turned to face the wall again. "Just fuck off," I spat.

The bed creaked under her as Carolyn weight settled against the mattress. "You think this is easy for me?" she hissed. "I didn't mean for any of it. I didn't intend ..." The woman sighed, the bed springs creaking as she moved, her hip nudging the small of my back as she shifted further onto the narrow bed. "But you kept on at me, if you recall, Eric. You're the one who spied on me, who told me I was beautiful and who kissed me in the pub yesterday. You wouldn't have been any the wiser if you'd just left me alone, but no, you had to lure me to the shed earlier."

The accusations smarted, their sting making me turn to face her.

"You wanted to come down to the bloody shed. You even told me to use Davey as an excuse. You ... you ..."

Carolyn sighed as she eyed the bedroom door. "I know," she responded quietly, her expression nervous, as though she expected my mother to catch us at any moment. "I'm sorry."

"My mum, Carolyn," I said. "You and my mother ...? Lezzas?"

Carolyn winced. "Not exactly," she murmured, eyes downcast. "That isn't what it's like either."

"It bloody sounded like it," I snapped back in retort. "When she came looking for you at the bottom of the garden, it didn't sound like it. What was it she said?"

Carolyn closed her eyes. She lifted her chin and turned her face from me. "Don't ... Just don't."

I carried on, relentless, I wanted to strike out and hurt her. "She asked why you were in the shed. Good bloody job she didn't come inside, she'd have seen me there with me keks round me ankles ... But she was too interested in you and your big tits to look inside the old shed. I nearly shit meself when she said how lovely you looked, all tanned and everything, but when she asked if she could ... if she could kiss your quim ..."

Carolyn sighed. "I'm sorry. I didn't know she'd follow me; I had no idea she'd get all saucy in the garden. She never has before."

"Oh, you just save it for indoors?" I snarled. I laughed, a short, bitter bark. "I thought you and her shared a bed because we only had two bedrooms ... I never even thought that you might be rubbing each other's twats."

Carolyn stiffened. "There's no need to be crude."

But I was in the mood, shocked and hurt myself, to hurt her. "That's what you do, isn't it? Rub each other? Do you finger my mum's twat or not? What else do you do to her, Carolyn? Do you ... do you lick it?"

"I kiss her and she kisses me. We need each other, Eric. We ... comfort each other. She keeps me strong and I do the same for her," the woman said quietly.

Jealousy put venom in my voice. "And you do mucky things together."

She nodded to herself, her face set and determined. "Yes," she added, defiantly, "I finger her ... and I lick her too, Eric. I lick your mother's cunt ..." Carolyn rose to her feet and I could see her face flushed with anger. "She licks me too. She makes me come and I kiss her afterwards." She sniffed back tears, her eyes red-rimmed. "And I told you it was bloody complicated," Carolyn blurted as the sobs came. "And now I don't know what to do. Not after you kissed me and after what we did in the shed ..."

Carolyn stumbled out of the room, leaving me with a head full of confusion and a chest swelling with guilt.

I lay there as the evening light dimmed. My mother knocked and asked if I was all right.

"Is anything wrong, Eric?" she called through the door. "You didn't come down for tea. Carolyn said you didn't feel well ..."

I called through the closed door that I had a gyppy tummy, felt a bit sick and that I'd probably be missing work in the morning. My mother told me to call if I needed anything and, after she said she hoped my stomach feels better in the morning, went off to bed.

The night and the house settled around me, leaving me alone to brood in the dark.

I must have dozed because when I turned on the lamp to check my watch it indicated a time just before three.

Sighing, I flung the sheet and blanket and heavy eiderdown off me. Still clothed, I slipped my feet into my slippers and opened my bedroom door. I moved along the landing, past my mother's bedroom door. Pausing, I imagined the two women asleep as my mind conjured images of them together.

I lick your mother's cunt.

As Carolyn's explicit description came back to me, my cock thickened. I recalled how she'd looked, in the shed, her big breasts bared as I spunked across her cheek. Her tongue had flicked over my knob before she'd sucked me, her lips smacking when my erection popped from between her lips.

I saw, in my head, my mother supine and boneless, legs wide as Carolyn's tongue flickered over her sex. As I watched the scene in my mind develop, my mother's eyes flicked open. She stared at me for long seconds and then held her arms out to me.

"Come here, Eric. Kiss mummy's mouth while Carolyn kisses my cunt ..."

Gasping with shock at the tricks my own mind could play on me, I staggered along the landing and, with my fingers gripping the banister rail, I descended o the ground floor. I gulped a glass of water, and then another, all the time forcing those unbidden and shocking images from my head.


The knocking woke me. When I opened my eyes, with my head full of cotton wool, it took me a few seconds to realise where I was.

"Eric?" my mother's voice asked, concerned. "Eric ...? It's half-ten, love. Are you feeling any better?" The knocking persisted. "Eric?"

"I'm all right, Mum. Come in."

The knob turned and the door opened. My mother's head appeared. She smiled with her eyes full of concern.

"Would you like some breakfast, love?" she asked, kindly. "I can do you a fry up ...?"

My stomach responded with a growl at the suggestion of bacon and eggs, reminding me I'd missed tea the day before. Despite the revelations, as shocking as it had been overhearing my own mother's Sapphic exhortations to her lover, and as disturbed as I'd been by my nocturnal imaginings, I smiled at mum and nodded.

"Aye, that'd be grand, Mum, ta."

I ate the breakfast and avoided Carolyn's stare. As she moved about the kitchen, my mother rattled on about inconsequential nothings while Carolyn paced and smoked.

Finally, as I wiped bread around the last of the egg yolk and popped the morsel into my mouth, as my mother left the kitchen to collect the post that had just landed on the coir mat by the front door, Carolyn swooped in and, collecting the plate from in front of me, whispered, "What are you going to do, Eric? I need to know if you're going to say anything to Marjorie."

Shed, I mouthed, and held up two hands, fingers splayed to indicate ten minutes.

Carolyn glanced at the kitchen door and, just before my mother returned, she nodded.

I made an excuse about needing some fresh air and went out the front door. I did the ginnel run again and waited in the shed, my heart pounding.

When Carolyn came down the path a few minutes later, I held the shed door open for her.

"Eric," she said. "I've been so worried. I hardly slept a wink." Her fingers worried at the neck of her sun dress. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry you found out like that."

"It's all right, Carolyn," I said, hoping to soothe the nervous woman. "It was a shock. But I think ... I reckon I can understand it."

"Oh ... Oh, thank, God ..." Carolyn stepped towards me.

I held up a hand to stop her advance. "But what about us? I mean, what about wanting to go away with me and walk along the sands and make love? What about yesterday, Carolyn? What about what happened in here yesterday afternoon?"

"I loved what we did," Carolyn responded. Her eyes, big and blue and wide open, stared at me. "I loved kissing you in the pub ... It's been so long since a man kissed me ..." The woman stopped when she realised what she'd said.

"Is it different to a woman's kiss?" I asked. "Does my mother kiss you any different?"

Carolyn blushed, her eyes moving across the floor before they found my face.

Very quietly, she answered, "Yes. It feels so bloody different."

Outside, summer bloomed in a burst of life, and I heard the birds, busy with concern for their fledglings, singing and calling, a chorus that proclaimed the promise of the season. With the energy of a young man surging through my veins and swelling my penis, inside the shed I went to Carolyn and kissed her.

A flare of heat comparable to the sun high above overwhelmed us both. Carolyn grabbed me and returned the kiss with a fervour that sent me back a pace. Her breath panted into my open mouth as our tongues slid and writhed, and Carolyn groaned when I grabbed her buttocks and squeezed.

I helped her lift the dress over her head before Carolyn's fingers scrabbled at the buttons on my trousers.

"I love you," I blurted when I saw her standing in front of me in her underwear, her chest heaving as she stared at me.

"Oh, you silly bugger," Carolyn breathed. "You silly, silly bugger. Don't love me, it'll end in tears."

But I shrugged off her words and put my arms around her, drawing her near and reaching to unclasp her bra.

"Shut up," I growled. "Shut up and ..." I nodded to Carolyn's underwear which, as she stared into my eyes, she slid down her thighs to finally stand there with her hands at her sides.

"There," she said, with a challenge in her uptilted chin. "I'm bare for you."

I fell on her, my hands and mouth going straight to her breasts. She held my cock in her fist as my fingers found her.

"Hot," I gasped.

"Stiff," she moaned. "Fuck me. Put it in and fuck me."

I lifted her bodily with my hands clasped around her waist like a dance partner. Carolyn yelped as I twirled her through the air and plonked her on the table. Then, mindless, all coherent thought gone, desperate for her, my fingers splayed her sex as she opened her legs and offered herself to me. I shuffled forward, trousers around my ankles but with my hard-on in my fist. My cock-head nudged at her, and I looked into the woman's face, anxious now. Would I do it right? Would I be able to please her?

I hesitated.

"Put it in," Carolyn moaned. "Stop fucking about and put it in."

"I've not done this before ..."

Carolyn's eyes widened. "You're a virgin?" When I nodded, my eyes closed, Carolyn leaned forward and kissed my mouth. "I'll look after you," she murmured. "Here, let me show you."

Her fingers closed around me. She shifted her bottom over the table and held me at her opening. Carolyn's knees folded, her legs lying against my hips as she pulled me into her.

I sighed and then grunted, my eyes wide and locked on Carolyn's as her body, hot and wet and tight opened to accommodate me.

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