tagRomanceA Short Reflection Ch. 02

A Short Reflection Ch. 02


As we slowly moved towards each other to begin the erotic undressing of one another, I gazed into the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. I felt like I was drowning in limpid pools of darkness as we neared each other. When it seemed like we could draw no nearer, I felt the warmth of your breath across my lips and, the next thing I know, I felt the softness of your full lips combined with the slight touch of the cognac we shared after dinner touch mine.

Our lips continued to brush ever so gently back and forth across each other while our hands, held at our sides, intertwined fingers and drew our bodies even closer. I could feel the tips of your nipples pressing through the soft silk dress you wore and the brushed cotton of my own shirt. We seemed to exhale and then draw in our breath sharply at the same time as we both felt the jolt of electricity from this first contact so intimate in nature.

I felt the heat of your tongue pressing gently against my lips and I allowed you entry into the warmth of my hungry mouth. As I sucked your tongue firmly yet softly into the depths of my mouth, you moaned and pressed your body hard against me. I knew that you could feel the hardness of my arousal even through the two layers of material separating us thus causing you to press hard against my leg and the shaft against it.

I pulled away from you and taking your shoulders in my hands, I turned you around so that I was behind you. I kissed your neck from your hairline down to your shoulder where I encountered the tiny strap holding up the short sundress you had worn for our dinner date. Slipping the strap over the roundness of your shoulder, I followed it with trailing hot kisses until it snagged on your elbow.

Returning to the other side of your neck – as you leaned back against my body – I repeated the delightful process until your shoulders were bare and the dress slid with a whisper to pool around your feet. I crouched down to lift your feet one by one from the silken circle of material at your feet. Your hands were resting on my shoulders as you had turned to face me. I smiled up at you as I stroked your ankles slowly just above the 4" pumps you wore to match the yellow flowered sundress. Your auburn hair farmed the beauty of your face as you smiled in turn down at me though the valley between your wondrous breasts. No words were spoken; just the soft breathing of you as I inhaled the slight scintilla of scent emanating from under your French cut panties of yellow satin.

Ever so slowly – achingly slowly – I ran my hands along your bare calves to your knees. In the summer heat, you had not worn panty hose or even hold-ups leaving only the soft erotic feel of your skin open to the air and available for my touch. At the back of your knees, I paused to rake my fingernails lightly over the sensitive skin where I could feel the pulsating blood so near to the surface of the skin. Your hands tightened their grip on my shoulders as your legs weakened and you gasped "Oh yes!"

As my hands stole higher along the inner smoothness of your thighs, your legs seemed, of their own volition, to spread marginally wider. I was by now kneeling in supplication before you and had replaced my fingers with my tongue. Its flat surface scraped its way to the cuffs of those panties that flared away from your leg as they are designed to do. Already, the signs of your arousal were self-evident as traces of your juices were escaping in rivulets and flowing down your inner thighs. For the first time, I had my opportunity to taste your sweet nectar and I was up to the challenge. In fact, I relished it and my own moans of delight at the sweet taste filled the air.

Thanks to the loose fitting legs of your panties, I was easily able to slide my hands upwards to rest on your hips just above the waistline. Pulling you to me, I buried my face into the juncture of your slim legs and inhaled the overwhelming odour of your womanhood. The crotch was soaking wet and I sucked in the satiny material to suck out all the love juice I could. Standing it no longer, I pulled outwards with my hands, thus hooking the waistband of the blockade to the paradise hidden inside and slid those sodden panties to the floor and off your feet.

As I lifted them to my nose to inhale your musky smell, I felt my cock twitch and seem to grow even longer. I raised myself higher and, clutching the sweetest set of buns in each hand, I pulled your delectable pink vulva towards my lips. As I ran my tongue from the bottom to the top of your slit, you erupted in an unexpected orgasm that filled my mouth with so much cum that I could scarce take it all in. I managed most but since I found out at that moment that you were a sprayer, my chin and face were covered with the excess! I loved it!

You cried and apologized as you helped me to my feet, "I'm sorry, darling. It has been so long since a man has loved me this way. My ex never would perform oral on me so I have never experienced such an overwhelming feeling"

I assured you that it had been entirely my pleasure. It was only then, in the light reflected through the windows from the city below us that I remembered that you were standing before me completely naked except for your shoes, which you quickly shed. You breasts were magnificent with only slight sag and, to my surprise and delight each hard nipple was adorned with a glistening drop of moisture. As I leaned in to lick its tip, I realized that you were still nursing Joy since I tasted the richness of your mother's milk. Why this had never come up in an earlier conversation, I'll only learn later but I was delighted and as I sucked a little harder on one nipple I was rewarded with a spray of warm nourishment. What a night this would be!

"My turn" was all you said as you attacked the buttons on my shirt until it fell off my shoulders to the floor. You wrapped one arm around my neck to kiss me deeply as your other hand adeptly undid my belt and zipper allowing my pants to slide to the floor. Your quickly knelt before me and slipped off my loafers and socks and freed my legs of my slacks. After tossing them aside, you reached higher with your mouth and started to suck on the wet patch on the front of my bikini briefs where my cock was dripping precum. As I felt the warmth of your mouth on my shaft, it grew until the crown of my cock peeked out over the waistband of the constricting underwear.

Your eyes focused on target and you wrapped your talented tongue around my glans as you pulled the pants to the floor and ripped them off my feet. With your soft little hand, you grasped my hard as steel shaft at the base and ran your hot tongue the length of the underside and then around the top. As precum streamed out of my peephole, you lapped it up like a dog to its water bowl. I had never seen or experienced anyone who appeared to love the taste of cock as much as you; certainly my own ex steadfastly refused to even consider oral sex of any sort since it was so filthy.

Life had definitely changed for the better as your talented mouth, even though I knew that your experience was very limited (by your own admission since the furthest we had ever gone before now was some heavy petting) started to open itself and pull me inwards. The feeling was wonderful and I told you so over and over again as I cried out your name. This only seemed to make you more determined to please me and you almost took my full slim 7" all the way to the back of your throat before the gag reflex took over. This did not seem to deter you from your mission as you released my cock only long enough to take a deep breath and then you dove once again to take the shaft all the way in until my pubic hair tickled your nose.

With one hand cupping my balls and the other pulling my ass to keep my cock deep in your mouth, you started to hum deep in your throat and the vibrations almost made me cum. I wanted our first time to be shared so, with great reluctance, I pulled you up as you released my cock with a soft plop. You truly looked disappointed as if you had been robbed of an opportunity to pleasure me.

I took you by hand to the bed and we lay down together. As we held each other tightly and kissed, I told you that I wanted out first time to be one of mutual pleasure and, as such, I wanted to try to cum together orally.

"Oh, yes! That would be so wonderful!" you exclaimed.

I laid you in the middle of the bed and knelt at your head. I started to kiss you from the forehead and over your eyes and down your nose – all of this from an inverted position. When our lips finally met, the exotic feeling of our tongues intermingling upside down was an experience neither of us had tried and we found it to be amazing!

As I moved down your body to suck on your breasts (partaking of some of that glorious milk), your lips reached to my chest and I felt you take my own nipples into your mouth and a thrill ran through me as they grew hard and engorged in the warmth of your lips. You lathed my smooth chest as I moved over your abdomen and as my tongue found your belly button, your found mine. My cock was throbbing and dripping precum as I felt your hand once again encircle it as you reached up over your head to draw me nearer.

As I glanced down, I could see you straining to take my dripping cock into your mouth once more. This was all the incentive I needed to immediately cover your pussy with my mouth and suck hard on your puffy labia. As I laved the outer lips of your flowing cunt, you were lapping up all the precum that oozed from my pee hole. As you started to force your tongue into my urethra, I did the same to you and we both shook at the intensity of this shared feeling. It felt like I needed to pee in the worst way but knew that that feeling would quickly pass.

My lips found your engorged clit just as you swallowed virtually the full length of my cock. I sucked and bit gently on it as we echoed each other's moans as we neared our mutual orgasms. After sucking my cock fiercely for about ten minutes – taking me to the edge over and over again – you pushed me off and onto my back. Quickly straddling my cock, you guided me inside you and then dropped until you were fully impaled.

Placing your hands on either side of my head, you brought those bounteous tits to my mouth and as I suckled the sprays of warm mother's milk, you rocked back and forth on my cock. As you did, your clit was rubbing against my pubic bone and it was creating another flood of cum to spray froth from your pussy, covering my imbedded cock, and most of my stomach and our joined legs.

I pulled a pillow under my head to raise my mouth to capture each nipple in turn as you continued to speed up your riding. As your clit became inflamed and almost unbearably tender, you cried out that you wanted me to cum inside you.

Since I wasn't wearing a condom at the time but knew you were on birth control, I started to thrust my hips to meet your motions until we shuddered together in a massive earth shattering orgasm!

You lifted yourself off my sweat soaked body to curl into my arms as I continued to lean over and nurse on your breasts until they were empty. The feeling of the warm rich milk filling my stomach and the heat of your body curled up in my arms was my first time of knowing that I would never live without you. It was more than lust or even love; I adored you and every thing about you and spent the next couple of hours telling and re-telling you how much you meant to me and how much I want you in my life forever.

It was that night that sealed our future, my darling. And it is a night I will never forget even though our love life gets better with every passing day. That first time was a keeper!

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