tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Show at the Lake

A Show at the Lake


It was one of those typical Southern California days – easily over a 100 degrees, dry air and bright blue sky made even brighter against the dry brown craggy desert mountains. The lake was yet another shade of blue punctuated here and there by ski boats creating white streaks across the surface.

It was a Tuesday early in the afternoon and the lake was almost deserted. Just a few sunbathers were scattered on the gentle sloping grass banks of the lake. Others dotted the narrow strip of sandy shore that circled the water below the grassy slope.

I took in this tranquil setting while sitting on a large blanket, feet pulled up and arms wrapped around my legs and my chin on my knees. The sun beat down on my back. There was enough of a breeze cooled as it came off the lake to neutralize what would otherwise have been unbearable heat.

Content with my surroundings I turned my attention to the view on the blanket next to me. Kathy was on her stomach, elbows out resting her chin on her hands. Her brown skin glistened with a combination of perspiration and sun tan oil. Her back was bare, her bathing suit top removed completely and resting next to her. With my eyes I followed the slope of her back from her toned shoulders down her spine to the swell of her hips. The view was only slightly interrupted by the thong that accentuated the roundness of her bottom and disappeared between her perfectly shaped cheeks.

Kathy and I had been married for over 20 years with 2 almost grown children. This outing to the lake was a lazy getaway for both of us from stressful corporate jobs and allowed us to focus on each other. It was also part of an effort to spend more time together now that we had both entered our mid forties and had spent the last decade and a half raising kids and developing careers.

“You know you want to do it.” Kathy said continuing a conversation that had been intermittent for the last 30 minutes.

“I know you want me to do it.” I replied watching her lift herself up on her elbows, giving me a side profile look at her smallish breasts with the sexiest nipples I had ever seen.

Kathy looked behind her down the slope toward the lake. I followed her line of sight and watched the landscaping crew of 7 men planting groundcover where the sand turned to soil about 70 yards away and slightly below us. The men all took time out to enjoy the view of Kathy’s incredible ass and bare back. I envied them their perspective, being positioned so they could look up and see the material of Kathy’s thong between her slightly spread legs.

“I do – I really want you to do it. C’mon, we talked about this.” Kathy said in a quiet but urgent tone. “I know you’ll like it.”

“Yeah, but what if people object and I get caught.” I asked.

“That’s what makes it exciting.” My wife told me. “Besides, there aren’t that many people around. They may not even see you.”

“But the people that are around are all guys.” I said, sounding wimpy even to me.

“Yeah, that’s what gets me excited about it.” Kathy said, looking over her shoulder at the half dozen or so landscape workers down the hill all of whom were alternating between their work and looking at Kathy’s near naked body.

“I think they would rather see you.” I told her

“Maybe they would but I would rather see you do it.” She said as she turned on her side, exposing her breasts to anyone that wanted to look and propped her head up on her hand. “I can tell you want to do it.” She smiled as she took off her sunglasses and looked down at my crotch. I looked down and noted that the head of my penis was sticking out of the leg of my shorts, the wetness of the head glistening in the sun. I had been hard for most of the last half hour and as a result the head of my prick had worked its way out of my shorts but not before leaving a dark wet spot on my shorts.

Kathy again looked down at the crew of young men. They had removed their shirts and were now standing and openly gawking at Kathy’s breasts as she lay on her side and allowed the men to appreciate her erect nipples.

“Do it. It’s the perfect set up. It is something I have always wanted.” Kathy pleaded with me. My erection continued to throb. I wondered if they could see my cock head – or if they would even notice when they had Kathy’s tits and ass to look at.

“What if you do it for me?” I suggested

“No, I want them to watch you do it. And watch me watch them watch you.” She said with a laugh at the complexity of the watching. “I can see how much you want to show them your big dick” she said. “God, if I had a big dick like you I would flash it for everyone. C’mon, do it for them – just the way we talked about. I want you to so much. And I know you want to. Look at how wet your head is. I can see it throbbing. How much longer can you keep your hands off of it?”

She was right, my cock ached and I was close to desperate to take hold of it. I looked from Kathy to the group below and then back at Kathy who was now brushing the thumb of her left hand over the erect nipple of her left breast. My mouth had gone dry. I was nervous but incredibly excited. My cock was pulsing and a bead of clear liquid rolled from the tip and under the crown.

“Will you finish me when I’m ready” I asked.

“No, I want it to be all you. I want them to see your beautiful prick and watch the come shoot out of it.”

“Can I shoot on you?” I said

“Oh yeah, I expect you to. Now stand up and do it. Jack yourself off in front of me and all of them. I know you want to do it. I know they will want to see you jack off. I wonder if they will take their dicks out and jack off with you – that would be interesting. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” my wife asked.

“Yes” I said thickly. Kathy had returned to her stomach and arched her back, lifting her extraordinary ass off the blanket and rising to her knees. Her ass was in the air and pointed at the group of men giving them a clear view of her thong covered pussy lips.

“Do it now baby. I want to watch you.” Kathy said resting her head on the blanket, ass in the air and rotating her hips slightly back and forth.

“Like we talked about?” I asked.

“Yes, just like we talked about.”

I looked down at the group below who had abandoned their work and were intently watching Kathy – and I. Were they expecting us to fuck? I stood up, my shorts restraining my erection awkwardly. I turned to face down the hill at the gathered men and while looking at them tugged down the waistband of my shorts over my cock and let them fall to my ankles. I looked at my penis and watched it bounce for a moment before I looked back at the group below. They continued to stare at us – but now I was certain at me – at my penis bobbing in front of me. I stepped out of my shorts and turned to face Kathy who was now sitting up and leaning back on her hands. Her breasts were now completely exposed to the group below. I was turned sideways to the men giving them a profile view of my erection as it jutted out from my body. It was less than a foot from Kathy’s face. But she was not looking at me or my cock. She was looking at the men below. I looked at them as well, capturing in my mind the image we presented to them – and daring them to watch us – to watch me.

“Jack it baby” my wife told me. “They are looking at your huge cock. All of them are looking. “

I was looking at them as she spoke and they were indeed watching me. I slowly, almost theatrically reached down and gripped the shaft of my penis. Still looking at the men assembled below I slid my fist up the shaft and over the head catching all the wetness that had built up. Excruciatingly slowly I slide my hand back over the head and along the shaft to the base. God it felt good.

“Oh fuck, that looks good” Kathy said, now looking up at my cock. “Do you like that they are watching you masturbate?” she asked.

“Uh huh” was all I could get out. I was now stroking my cock faster, in a more natural rhythm and listening to the wet sounds as my hand slid up over the head and back down. I was excited by the realization that I was jacking off in public in front of a group of more than half a dozen men while standing in front of my almost naked wife. I took a moment to look away from the men and watched my wife alternating between looking at my cock and the men. Her actions called attention to my masturbation – drawing the men’s attention to my dick.

As I continued to survey the scene I noticed for the first time two women further up the slope from us sunbathing on a blanket. They were both watching behind their sunglasses, mouths open in surprise and probably disbelief. I looked back at them and continued to jack myself off.

“There are two girls up there watching” I told Kathy.

“I know they’ve been there all along. I’m sure they’re waiting to see your big prick shoot off.” Kathy looked up at me and smiled. “You like it don’t you? All these people watching you jack yourself. Looking at your penis hard and in your hand.”

“Do you like them looking at my prick?” I asked as I started to stroke faster.

“Yeah, I love that they’re all watching you jack off, seeing your penis in your hand. I can’t wait until you show them your come. Soon huh?”

I nodded and continued to stroke as I watched Kathy look from me to the group below. I looked back to the men who had not moved but just continued to watch our obscene show. The women above us also continued to watch without speaking to each other or moving.

“There’s someone else watching behind you” Kathy said excitedly. I looked over my shoulder and saw a man of about thirty in a hedge of oleander. He was screened from the men below and the women above. His shorts were around his knees and he was furiously masturbating. “Let him see your cock” Kathy said and pushed my leg to encourage me to turn around. I swung around without missing a stroke and pointed my erection at my fellow masturbator. I watched his eyes drop to take in my penis as I did the same. In seconds his penis erupted with shots of white cascading onto the grass in front of him.

“Oh yeah, he liked that” Kathy said while the man continued to stroke his softening dick. He pulled up his shorts quickly but made no move to leave.

Point your cock at the girls” Kathy told me. I rotated and continued to stroke my cock now looking up the slope at the two women looking back at me. One of the women opened her mouth wider in surprise while the other said something. Neither woman looked away as I masturbated for them.

“Fuck, look at him” Kathy said interrupting my show for the girls. I followed Kathy’s line of sight to the men below turning to face them as I looked. I quickly saw what had caught her attention. One of the men had pushed his work pants down to mid thigh and was busy jacking his penis while looking up at us. Some of the other men were clearly shocked by their co-workers actions and were alternating between watching us and looking at him.

“Do you like his dick? I asked Kathy. She nodded and continued to watch the young man masturbate for us.

“I’m almost there“ I said quickly as I continued to look at the group of men below, particularly the one jacking off with me. I was now beyond stopping. My hand was flying up and down my shaft. I had become so slick that a couple of times my hand slid off my penis and I had to grip it and frantically continue stroking.

“Shoot on my tits” Kathy said leaning her head back and presenting her chest to me. I turned and took a step toward her pumping furiously. I looked at the girls above and noted they were continuing to watch knowing that I was ready to ejaculate.

“Show everyone how much you have. Shoot it all over me” Kathy urged

“Oh fuck” I groaned “Here it comes” Kathy looked from my penis to the men below. I knew she wanted to see their reaction to my climax. I spread my feet apart and thrust my hips forward to accentuate the friction against my hand. The first shot of come went 2 feet past Kathy landing on the grass. My knees started to buckle but I was able to point my prick down and the next shot hit her on the neck and rolled down between her breasts. I continued to stroke myself and deposited another 5 good sized shots that coated her tits. Come was dripping off her erect nipples.

“He’s shooting now too” Kathy said as I looked away from her covered chest to catch the last spurt of come leaving the young man’s penis below us. I finally let go of my penis and watched it slowly deflate. Kathy looked up at me and asked “Did you like it?” I nodded that I did and asked her “Did you?” “Oh yeah” she replied as she sat up and rubbed my semen into her breasts.

“We better go” she said standing up. She gathered up the blanket as I pulled up my shorts, tucking my softened cock in carefully. Kathy handed me the blanket and the bag and started walking up the slope to the car making no attempt to dress first. She was wearing just her thong and covered in my come. As we walked by the two girls who had not moved throughout the show we smiled at them as though this had been a perfectly normal event. One of the girls smiled back and said “Wow, that was a show.” Kathy and I both smiled by way of reply.

Once back at the car Kathy pulled on a t-shirt and quickly stripped off her thong before hopping into the passenger seat, now nude from the waist down. She was masturbating before I even started the car and had her first climax before we exited the park.

I’d love to read your comments.

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