tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Show For The Neighbor

A Show For The Neighbor


Tonight I was all alone and looking for a thrill. I got out an old t-shirt, and cut out the neck so that it barely covered my nipples. I tried it on and bent over, pleased that when I did, my tits would “accidentally” fall out. I then cut a pair of old jeans short enough that the bottom of my ass showed below them, and when I bent over again, the seam went right into the crack of my ass and between my pussy lips. I couldn’t wait to go out in my new outfit, but first I had to shave that pussy nice and smooth. The feel of the shaving cream and the razor makes me so wet that every time I shave, I end up having to finger myself until I come!

I put on the clothes I had altered (no underwear, of course), and decided to test them a bit. I stepped out into the yard, and began to set out the sprinklers. The kind that look like little tractors. I had seen the neighbor out in his backyard, so I decided to give him a show. I made a production out of trying to untangle the hose until I could see that he had taken notice. Then I proceeded to try to get the hose set. I bent over, and, “oops!” my tits popped out. I pretended to be embarrassed and rearrange my top while sneaking a peek at my neighbor. I could see that I had his full attention as he watered the same patch of flowers without moving.

His head was down, but he was looking out the corner of his eyes at me. I again tried to reposition the hose, and this time when my nipples poked out, I acted like I hadn’t noticed. As I stood up, I could see him fidgeting a little, as if his pants had suddenly become uncomfortable. Now, I thought I would give him some more. I turned my back to him, and bent at the waist to set the sprinkler in its place, and when I did, my little shorts did just what they were supposed to. They rode right up into my ass, and I could instantly feel wet when the seam slipped in between my shaved pussy lips. I could almost feel his eyes boring right into my hole. I thought of him walking across the street and fucking me in the ass right there. I walked away, as if nothing had happened, and moved to the front of the house.

I have a rather large porch facing the street, with several chairs which, when I’m seated, lean me back a bit, and tilt my pelvis up a bit. Perfect for viewing from the street. Since I hadn’t had nearly enough in the back yard, I decided to see how many “sneak” peeks I could give from there. I sat in one of the chairs drinking a margarita and smoking a cigarette. I relaxed and let my legs fall apart a little at first. I didn’t want to be obvious, but I made sure my shorts were positioned so that anyone walking or driving by would get a glimpse. A couple of cars drove by and kind of slowed down. I could see that they weren’t sure what they were seeing. This wasn’t good enough, so I threw one leg over the arm of my chair. To hell with not being obvious! It was so hot, I had begun to perspire enough that I could fell the breeze blowing across my ass and pussy, which made me even hotter.

Finally, another car drove by. A group of young men slowed down and stared as I picked up a magazine. I was loving this, showing my wet pussy to whoever wanted to look. Several more cars passed as I tried out various angles, and I got so turned on, I decided to go even riskier. By this time, it was almost dark. I went back to the leg-over-the-arm-of-the-chair position, And tried to loosen my shorts a bit. The only way I could manage it was to unbutton and unzip them. Then I was able to move the crotch seam aside so I could get at my aching slit. I was so horny at this point that the crotch seam was soaked with my juices. When I saw a car approaching, I “read” my magazine, while I absently rubbed my lower lips. It was tickly and made my nipples rock hard. When I saw the man and woman couple staring and smiling, I thought I would come.

I rubbed my clit a little while, and was surprised to notice my neighbor from the backyard taking his dog for a walk across the street. He seemed to be letting his dog check out the grass and bushes there, but he wasn’t even trying to pretend he wasn’t watching me get myself off. I took this as a green light, and looked right into his eyes. I could see he was slightly embarrassed, but he directed his gaze at the site of the activity anyway. I put down the magazine, and pulled the crotch of my shorts way to one side to let him get a better view of that hairless snatch. Then I started rubbing my clit. first in slow circles, then in long strokes. I then put two fingers into my dripping cunt and fucked myself. Harder, and harder I rammed two fingers into my pussy, then three. I began to moan, I don’t know if the whole neighborhood heard me, but I hope they did.

I pulled down the neckline of my top so that my tits were exposed, and squeezed one. As my right hand was giving my fuck hole a working over, my left hand was painfully pinching and twisting my left nipple. All I wanted was for my whole neighborhood to come out and watch me fuck myself, my wet slit spread wide for all to see. At that thought, I began to cum in spasms all over my body. I loudly moaned while looking at my neighbor, “FUCK....YES...YOU LOVE THIS PUSSY, DON’T YOU?” When my pussy finally ended its flood of cum, I noticed that my neighbor’s shorts seemed to be held out by a tent pole. As I stood up to go inside, I smiled and said to him quietly, “ Next time, I get to watch.”

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