tagBDSMA Shower for Rose

A Shower for Rose


The shower was hot, maybe a little too hot. But mixed with the power it seemed to wash away all my tension. I'd already finished my routine but I was enjoying it too much to get out.

I didn't notice the door go, the stairs creak or the bathroom door open. I was in my own thoughts, drifting to wherever my mind took me.

Suddenly there was a body pushed up against me from behind. They were naked and I could feel their erection pressing between my ass cheeks. One hand slid up to my neck quickly holding my head to the side exposing one side of my neck to anything the intruder wanted. While another circled my waist pinning me to the mans chest pressing his firm cock deeper to my ass.

I froze. My pulse thrummed through my veins and seemed to match the water as it pounded down upon us both. I don't think I could have moved even if the intruder wasn't holding me down.

When he was sure my fear was holding still he moved his arm from round my waist and slid something in front of my face. I wasn't seeing it, my vision was blurring. It took me a couple I seconds to focus. I blinked a few times and it came into focus.

The object wasn't meant to be sentimental, an object of love or lust. It was a signal.

It was a rose.

I gasped and the fear left me as a shot went straight from throat down my spine, my stomach to my pussy. At that moment you bit my neck sending another wave following the first to settle in my pussy where it stayed. Quivering, leaving my knees weak. I whimpered and reached round to cling onto the only man who could get this reaction from me.

Dropping the rose, it lay forgotten on the floor of the bath being splattered by the shower. The hand that held it worked its way from my neck to my breasts, circling and twisting my nipples. Roughly groping my breasts kneading them as if you could feel the need building in me.

I try to lower my hands and reach for your cock, which I can feel throbbing behind me. I long to feel it in my hands, the hard length, your firm balls. Then run my tongue around your head till I suck it in. Tasting it, seeing how deeply I can take you.

But you stop me before I can even get my hands to your sides. You spin me round smoothly and take each of my hands in yours. It's the first time I get to look in your eyes today, and I can see the lust there, the lust for me.

You kiss me deeply, holding me close I can feel you cock now between my legs, nudging against my pussy. It makes me so wet that I know it's my juices on your cock now. I start to rock gently back and forth. Grinding gently into you. You know the effect you have on me, all I want is to please you, feel your cock any way I can, feel you cum, taste it.

Yet you have other plans. You smack my ass when I grind against you. You motion for me to climb up onto the sides of the bath. I do as I'm told, hiking onto the shower rail and the wall. I can feel the shower pound directly onto my shoulder blades from here. It's hotter the higher I am. But my thoughts aren't on the water it's on you and you face. Your eyes, they haven't left mine.

You go down to your knees, which puts you at the perfect height. I know this is your favorite thing, pussy, but I regret not being able to return the favor.

You trace your tongue down from my stomach all the way to my slit sending shivers all over. Gasping I don't know if I can hold on up here, and you haven't even started.

You circle your tongue around my clit and drag it down through my pussy all the way to my ass. When you bring it back you spend time fucking my pussy with your tongue before going back to my clit to start over. I can't help but moan aloud and push forward onto your face. Reaching up you grab my ass and pin me to your face. Spreading your fingers you dip one into my ass and start fingering me. As I scream out you know I'm cumming and double you effort to lick up every drop I give.

You support me as my legs go weak and help me down. I have a feeling you've been supporting for a bit longer than I've realized but as I kiss you again and taste my cum on your lips, I feel you smile and know you don't mind. In fact the fact your cock is harder than ever against my still sensitive pussy tells me you enjoyed it just as much.

I try again to make it your turn for pleasure. To taste you. but you bat me away easily and move me in front of you, away from the water. I know your not done.

You push me between my shoulder blades and I fall forward bracing myself against the far wall of the shower. You stroke down my back and circle my ass. As I look over my shoulder I see you stroking your cock, oh how I long for that to be my hand.

You grin at me before stepping close and start to tease. You slide you cock over my pussy letting my juices flow again. Letting me get ready, letting me prepare myself.

I start to buck back, trying to get you to enter me sooner. The need to feel you fill me is so great. You place your hands on my hips to hold me still but you don't make me wait too long because you know you want to feel how wet you've made me.

You know your driving me crazy, my head is back and you have to keep a tight grip on me. When you can't take it any more you slide your cock deep inside me quickly and wait. It's so tight and warm. I can feel you stretch me and I clench every muscle I have to keep you there.

As you start to slide in and out you know that it wouldn't take you long to cum in my pussy. You didn't remember it being like this, and you want to try something else first. As you fuck my pussy you finger my ass again feeling me buck back hard.

Pulling out, you hear me whimper and thrust myself back at you. You chuckle at this and know your going to love what's coming next.

You make sure you back to the shower, using my pussy juice you guide your cock to my ass hole. As you push gently I jump a little at the shock but then push back knowing I'm finally going to get fucked up my ass. Something I've begged you to do.

Before I know it I feel your balls touching me, your buried deep. I'm panting, with a little pain at first but soon it's desire. The need to pull away only to push back overwhelms me.

So I do, I pull away feeling you pull out. The emptiness that follows and the urge to fill it again. So I push back again.

You allow me the control, this once. Enjoying the sight of me sliding my ass onto your cock. Grunting and moaning with a mixture of effort and ecstasy.

Finally you grab my hips again and start to fuck my ass, hard. You've loved fucking pussy, always, but this is different. You want to cum, to fill my ass, but you know you want a different image.

You reach around and find my clit, circling it again. You feel my orgasm rock through my body again and bury your cock deep. You dare not move for fear of cuming yourself. Just as the last of my tremors stop you can't hold off any longer.

You pull out and whip me round, I can't hold myself up after this orgasm and that's not your intention. As I land on the shower on my knees the water spraying on my face my mouth is open. I'm gasping for breath. It's all happening so fast. I've been fucked up the ass, a first, and had two orgasms. This is what you wanted, the image, the fucked, wonton woman at your mercy.

It doesn't take a second, for this and your there. Cuming on my face, my chest and my hair. It's what I've wanted, your release. But I know you can do more.

I look at your eyes and just as you finish I lurch forward and wrap my lips around your cock and suck hard. Swallowing it as deep as I can. The water cascades over my face and down your chest. You gasp aloud as you cum again.

Holding onto my head till you have enough control to think straight.

Finally you open your eyes and see me smiling up at you.

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