tagIncest/TabooA Sibling Rivalry

A Sibling Rivalry


When twins Aidan and Nadia were born, the doctor said they nearly didn't make it out because they both tried to come out first. In fact they nearly came out together, and in the confusion of the delivery room the doctor lost track of which baby came out first, so rather than having one twin older than the other, they were documented as being born at exactly the same time, 11:59 pm.

Their parents chose their names because they were spelled out as exact opposites, but in reality they were fairly similar. Both were smart, athletic, driven to succeed, highly competitive and most significantly, at each others throats constantly.

Their mom said that the two of them fought even before they were born, in the womb. Throughout their childhoods, they continued fighting, always in a battle for superiority and bragging rights. One of the most contentious battles the two shared was the battle over who was born first. She liked to refer to him as little brother, and he insisted on referring to her as little sister. Up until the teen years the battles would involve bloody physical battles, and then they moved into a period of intense psychological warfare. On the occasion of their 18th birthdays, it turned into something else.

Their parents were spending the weekend away, and Aidan and Nadia had managed to organize a get together at the house with a few dozen of their friends. The problem was, neither of them was aware of the other's plans, since they rarely spoke, so at 8 pm on the night of their birthday, two very different crowds started showing up at the house. Aidan's friends tended toward the jock-cheerleader variety, whereas Nadia's friends were more of the smart-hipster type, so the battle lines came out early on. The disputes started with the music selection, gravitated over to who could eat which food, and ended up in the backyard by the pool with Aidan and Nadia toe to toe.

"You've got a lot of nerve having your toady friends here to ruin my party," Nadia yelled. "That's so typical of you to be so immature, little Aidan."

"Don't cry little sister," replied Aidan derisively. "I'm sure your friends will sing happy birthday while you play pin the tail on the donkey."

Adding insult to injury, he reached out to pat Nadia on the head, emphasizing his two inch height advantage. That was probably going too far, evidenced by the fact that Nadia pitched her half cup of beer onto Aidan's chest, which created a cheer from half the crowd. Unfortunately Aidan had a full cup of beer, which he put to good use in a well place dousing of his sister's chest, which led to a cheer from the other part of the crowd.

And then all hell broke loose. Everyone was throwing beer on everyone else. Nadia grabbed up some nearby bottles of beer and started hurling them at her brother, who was laughing and running for his life, much to the enjoyment of both crowds. Unfortunately one of the bottles went high and wide and went right through a sliding glass door with an explosive shatter.

In the chaos that ensued, the rumor got around that the cops were coming to the house, and 50 underaged teenagers fled the scene at a frantic pace that left the house empty by 10 pm, leaving an angry Aidan and Nadia in an empty house to celebrate their birthday.

Though celebrate would be the wrong word. The two moved quietly around the house, cleaning up empty bottles and broken glass, and occasionally glaring at the other sibling. After a half hour of clean up the two retired to their rooms to change out of their beer soaked clothes.

As fate would have it, they ran into each other a while later in the kitchen. Aidan had changed into boxers and an old ripped up t shirt and Nadia had on shorts and a sports bra.

"Happy birthday, asshole," she said, opening the refrigerator.

"Happy birthday, bitch," he replied, handing her a beer.

They stood there in the kitchen glaring at each other for a few moments. Then Aidan remembered something. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a joint.

"I think one of your hippy dippy friends left something behind in their haste," he said, showing Nadia the joint.

"Really," she said. "You don't think it could've been one of your jock friends?"

She got an odd grin on her face, she knew that neither of them smoked pot very often. "What are you going to do with it?"

He looked at it and then her. "Oh, I don't know. I don't think one little joint would hurt anybody, what do you think?"

She thought about it a minute. "I will if you will," she said. "But you can't tell anyone."

He lit up and took a drag. "I won't if you won't," he said, handing it over to her.

They stood their in the kitchen passing the joint back and forth. They were a little beyond halfway done with it when it started to hit them.

"Whoa, this is really strong," she said, rubbing her face with her hand.

"Yeah, this was definitely from one of your hippy friends, my friends never have shit this good," he replied.

Nadia got the giggles, and before long they were both laughing hysterically. The shared laugh eased the tension between the two.

"I'm sorry for breaking the door, I'll get it fixed tomorrow," Nadia said.

"I guess I'm half to blame for that, so I'll pay for half," Aidan said. He paused for a minute in reflection. "I don't know why it is that we fight so much, it seems silly now."

Nadia nodded in agreement. "If you would just admit that you were born second we'd be fine," she grinned.

"Right, whatever," Aidan replied. "What we really need to do is come up with a way to settle the dispute once and for all."

"What, like a coin flip?" Nadia asked.

"No, it would have to be some kind of competition," he said, scratching his chin thoughtfully. "How about this: five feats of physical prowess, you pick two, I pick two, and the fifth one we have to agree on. Winner gets bragging rights of being first born, loser has to agree."

Nadia thought about it for a minute. "Why not?" she said. "Bring it on little brother."

"Okay little sister, I'll pick the first competition," he grinned. "Thumb wrestling."

Nadia smiled as she recalled the numerous thumb wrestling battles they used to have when they were much younger. Aidan usually won because he had stronger hands, but she had to admit it was a fair choice.

They brought their hands together over the countertop, counted to three and set up in the classic thumb battle pose. After an initial flurry of contact and near pins, they both pulled their thumbs back into the safe position.

Aidan eyed his sister over the thumbs. "You know you are going to lose this little sister," he said. "Here's my question, why do you even care who is oldest?"

Nadia looked back at him intently, wary of his wavering thumb. "I'm not even sure," she said. "I guess it's because I never wanted to be the annoying little sister who is always getting in the way and wanting to be included, but getting left behind."

The weed had made Aidan very introspective, and he was mulling over this surprising statement from his sister in his mind and let his guard down. In a flash, she had brought her thumb into attack position and using her longer nail, had Aidan's thumb pinned painfully down. Before he knew what had hit him, she had counted off one-two-three and was whooping around the kitchen celebrating the unlikely victory as Aidan looked on in shock.

"Crap, I forgot about the fingernail advantage," he said. "Ok then 1-0, your turn to pick."

Nadia thought for a second. "Ok, let's stay with the wrestling theme. The next competition will be...toe wrestling."

"Toe wrestling?" said Aidan. "What the hell is that?"

"Ok, this is how it works," she said. "You lock up all your toes together, and then the object is to flip the other person over."

Aidan developed a mental image of this and realized why she chose it. Nadia had spent many years in swimming, gymnastics and ballet, and he was pretty sure her toes were lethal weapons. But it was her turn to pick, he had to go along. "Ok, toe wrestling it is," he said.

Nadia clapped and hooted. "Ok, we need a large, soft surface," she said. "Follow me."

She led the way into her parent's room and jumped on their large bed. "Come on bro, time to lose again," she said.

Aidan climbed onto the bed with his feet facing hers, and they spent a few moments trying to match their toes up with each other. "Ok, the object is to flip your opponent over to your right," she said. "So you try to go this way and I try to go that way."

Aidan nodded nervously as he felt the powerful grip of Nadia's toes. This was not going to be easy, he thought, looking up above the bed. His parents, in their younger days, had installed a mirror above the bed, so he could see in the reflection their toe-locked position. They counted to three and the second battle was underway. Nadia immediately took the advantage with a numbing toe squeeze that had Aidan over on one side quickly.

"Feel the wrath of the toe," Nadia said mockingly. "Surrender or you'll never walk again."

Aidan's toes were almost cramping from the squeeze. "I'm not dead yet little sister," he replied.

"So tell me," she said between grunts. "Why do you want to be the oldest so bad?"

Aidan was struggling too much to answer. "Ease up for a second and I'll tell you."

Nadia eased off just a bit to give Aidan a chance to talk.

"I guess I want to be the oldest because older brothers always watch out for their little sisters, and I like the idea of being the kind of brother who would sort of protect you when you needed it," he said.

As the words sunk in, Nadia blinked once, then twice, emotionally surprised by his response. She was genuinely stunned, and she lost her concentration and her toe focus.

In a flash, Aidan took advantage, putting on a sudden surge that turned the tide in the other direction with such a sudden force that not only did he flip Nadia onto her stomach, he sent her flying off the bed. It was his turn to celebrate, and he hopped up and jumped up and down on the bed hooting.

Nadia picked herself up off the floor, red faced in defeat. "I can't believe I fell for that total bullshit about the protective older brother thing," she said.

Aidan stopped celebrating long enough to laugh. "I can't help if you're a sucker for emotions," he said. "But the truth is, I do like the idea of watching out for you...little sister."

Nadia answered with a well aimed pillow to Aidan's gut, and the two siblings had another round of hysterical laughter.

"Ok, 1-1, what's next bro," she said.

"More wrestling," he answered. "This time we're going with the arm wrestle." He set up two chairs on either side of a small makeup table and with a gentlemanly arm swoop welcomed Nadia to the chair opposite him.

Nadia rolled her eyes and plopped down in the chair, resigning herself to a likely defeat. Aidan was a three sport athlete, worked out religiously, and had an iron-hard upper body. This would be over quick, unless she figured out some way to turn the tables.

They locked hands and Nadia immediately tried to go for the quick win, throwing everything she had at him. Even she was surprised when she found herself halfway to victory and Aidan looking like he was struggling. Maybe she did have a chance after all.

Then she realized that Aidan was only appearing to struggle. He grinned at her mischievously. "Is that all you got, little girl," he laughed. In an obvious attempt to humiliate her, he allowed her to get within a few inches of pinning him but wouldn't give her the final inches. She came to the conclusion it was going to take more than muscle for her to win this.

"I have to agree with you about looking out for your younger sibling bro," she said. "Just the other day, I had to stick up for you in the girl's locker room."

Aidan raised his eyebrows. "Oh, really," he said, maintaining his grip and position. He knew what she was up to.

"Really," she grinned. "I was in the locker room and overheard your ex-girlfriend Jenny talking about you."

Aidan's eyes narrowed. He and Jenny had had an ugly breakup, he knew she was probably saying some bad stuff about him. "What did she say?"

"She said you were not the most...shall we say...endowed...boyfriend she had ever had," Nadia grinned. "She said you were on the smaller side."

"What, are you serious?" Aidan said, his eyes growing big at the thought of that lie getting around the girl's locker room.

"I set her straight though," Nadia continued. "I told her she was full of shit. I said I saw you getting out of the shower one day and you had the biggest cock I'd ever seen."

As she said the words, Nadia brought her right foot up under the table and placed it right on Aidan's crotch. That action, coupled with the words, left Aidan in a momentary lapse of conscious thought, and in the blink of an eye Nadia slammed his hand down the remaining few inches. Before he even knew he had actually lost an arm wrestle to his sister, she was dancing around the room in glee.

"That was totally cheating," he yelled. "You can't toe paw a guy's crotch in arm wrestling!"

Nadia laughed hysterically. "You'll have to show me that in the rules," she said. "You guys are all the same, all you have to do it suggest they have a little dick or touch their crotch and you're totally helpless."

Aidan had to nod in agreement. "Ok, 2-1 you, what's next?"

"Well, we've done thumb, toe and arm wrestling," she said. "I think the next competition should be Indian Leg Wrestling."

Aidan looked over at his sister's long, muscular legs and started to seriously think he might go down 3-1 and lose, and be forced to concede the birthright to his sister. He was also still a bit giddy about having his sister's foot tickling his crotch, as well as wondering if she had really seen him getting out of the shower. The truth was he was actually having fun with his sister for the first time in a long time.

"Bring it on, Pocahantas," he said with his best indian accent.

They climbed up on the bed, facing in other directions with their hips together. Looking up at the mirror on the ceiling they both giggled at the reflection. They raised their legs once, twice, and then the third time they locked them together at the knee and the battle was on. The thing was, Indian Leg Wrestling has a somewhat ambiguous objective, in that it's really hard to determine how to actually win. Most of it is just locking legs up and then rolling around and squirming.

Which is pretty much what the siblings did, except that they started laughing looking at their reflection in the mirror and it turned into another giggle fest. Then, in the midst of the squirming and wrestling and hysterical laughter, they suddenly found themselves with their legs completely intertwined and their crotches tightly pressed against each other in a scissors pose.

At the same moment, the two siblings suddenly became aware that they were locked up in an odd, but undeniably sexual position, with their groins pressed tightly together and separated only by his boxers and her thin running shorts. At that very moment, both had the same thought that being in this position with a sibling was probably a bad thing. Probably something they should stop. Definitely something that felt taboo. Also definitely something that felt warm and sexy in a naughty, playful kind of way. Both were on the verge of pulling away, both were expecting the other to pull away.

But then they caught each other's eye in the mirror above the bed, something about the giddy looks on their faces said, oh, what the hell. Aidan playfully took hold of Nadia's foot and mockingly raised it to his mouth and pretended to bite down on it, causing a laughing scream from Nadia another round of hooting and wriggling. She reached down and inadvertently grabbed his ratty t shirt, pulling open another big tear that left it barely covering him.

Looking up at the reflection of their intertwined bodies, Aidan couldn't help but notice that his sister had a rocking body. Every guy at school knew she had the best looking legs anyone had ever seen, tanned, toned, long and beautiful. The sports bra showed off her fit torso and more importantly, showed off the shapely curves of her breasts. Nadia was checking out Aidan as well, noting his fit physique through what was left of his torn t shirt.

One issue was beginning to arise for Aidan, and that was the rising hardness occurring in his boxers. The last thing he wanted was to have an erection while wrestling with his sister, but his erection had other ideas. His short term solution to avoiding that embarrassing revelation was to wriggle into a position where his cock wasn't coming into contact with her, while he somehow figured out a way to calm the beast.

Unfortunately, neither was working. Rather than backing away, Nadia was moving her crotch tighter into Aidan, and had almost reached the point of dry humping. The warmth between their contact was beginning to feel very warm. Both twins were grunting and groaning and wriggling around like they were still wrestling, but what was really going on was that both were getting turned on and becoming more aroused. The wrestling had become a pretense. Aching for contact and hard as a rock, Aidan finally gave up and allowed his hard cock to come flush up against Nadia's thigh. He closed his eyes in embarrassment and waited for her to pull away, but although he felt Nadia stop wrestling, she didn't pull away.

Eventually he opened his eyes and looked up on the ceiling at the mirror. Nadia was looking at him intently, with a slight, somewhat derisive smile on her face. But nothing like anger.

Still he was embarrassed and felt the need to change the tone. Getting back into wrestling mode, he used his legs to flip her over on her stomach and pin her into place, all the while maintaining that solid crotch contact. She was scarcely down for a minute before she pulled the same move and had him face down.

"So would you really look out for me if I was your little sister?" Nadia asked him.

Aidan worked his leg trick again and flipped himself back over on top. "Absolutely," he said. "I already look out for you."

Nadia turned her head to the side. "Like how?"

"The other day I heard that guy Dave, the one who was trying forever to get you to go out with him, talking about how he got a blow job from you at a party," he said.

"WHAT?" Nadia screamed, flipping Aidan back over on to his face on the bed. "That's not true!"

Aidan turned his head to the side so he could speak. "Yes, I realize that, and he does too, now," he said. "I jacked him up against the locker and made him admit to all the guys it was a lie, and I told him if he asked you out again I was going to break his arms."

Nadia eased off and Aidan was allowed to roll back over on his side. She was looking at him with a new sense of appreciation and humbleness. "Thanks Aidan, I appreciate that."

The two lay quietly for a moment, no longer wrestling or grinding their crotches together, but still with their legs wrapped around each other. They were both very aroused, and enjoying the contact.

After a while Aidan broke the silence. "So how do we determine who won the Indian Leg Wrestling competition?" he asked.

Nadia took a deep breath and looked thoughtful. "I think I would have to admit that you won this round," she said. "After feeling the size of that THING rubbing against my leg, I know that I can no longer call you 'little brother' anymore."

Aidan blushed self consciously. "Sorry about that, sometimes it has a mind of it's own."

"I understand," she smiled. "So that makes us tied, 2-2, so now we have to decide on the tiebreaker?"

"I think the tiebreaker is pretty clear," Aidan said. "Freestyle."

"Freestyle?" Nadia asked suspiciously.

"Yes, freestyle."

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