tagErotic HorrorA Simple Crime Ch. 02

A Simple Crime Ch. 02

byL.A. Wicker©

Hi, this is something new for me I hope you enjoy it. By the way, story feedback is at an all-time low. Myself and other writers (some are just jerks and don't give a shit) do enjoy hearing from you and as my long time fans and friends know, I write everyone that takes the time to write me.

Thank you Zap for your help.

L.A Wicker

Carla made her way off the small elevator and quickly saw a spot of blood. "Everybody freeze!" She yelled to the ten or so policemen standing in the narrow hallway. "I have some kind of blood here. I want everyone to take a large step to the other side of the hall and be careful not to step on or in anything," she said in a firm voice pointing to the left side of the hall.

Tommy ran from the hotel room with Carla's evidence collecting bag. "I can't believe I missed that," he said bending down to look. "It looks like some kind of tread pattern to me," he added watching Carla squatting down beside him and he couldn't resist looking between her long legs.

"It sure does," she replied seeing his eyes looking at her wishing he would stop. "You get out the tape measure and see what size wheel it is," she added pulling out her camera and began snapping pictures. "How bad is it this time?" She asked her young sidekick before going into the room.

His face turned white. "It's bad Carla," he sighed. "It's ten times worse than last night," he said moving next to her. "I'm telling you, take a deep breath," he added putting his arm around her as they slowly walked in the room.

"Oh my God!" Carla gasped when she saw the headless body hanging by the ankles from the ceiling above. She grabbed her stomach when she noticed that the young girls' arms had also been cut off at the shoulders. "What did John say when he saw this?" Carla asked looking back to the body seeing that a very rough-cut saw blade had been used to remove the head and arms.

Tommy just looked at Carla. "Nobody can find him," he paused to look under the hanging corpse. "Not even Brenda knows where he is," He added looking at a large circle on the carpet. "It looks like the killer had some kind of bucket or something under her to catch the blood." Tommy said pointing out the mark to Carla.

"I don't even want to think about that." Carla quickly replied snapping off a few pictures of the girls' neck, the massive chunks of flesh and various things hanging from the neck. "I'll tell you what, this is one sick puppy!" Carla said pointing the camera up to take more pictures of where the girls' arms should have been. "Did you happen to see her head anyplace?" Carla asked looking around the small, dirty room, hoping when she died, it would be someplace nicer than this.

Tommy made a grim face and pointed to the small bathroom. "Same as last time. This guy really hates women," he replied leading the way to show Carla. Tommy lifted the dirty toilet seat and stood back. "He didn't do the nail thing, but it looks like he used something very hard to beat it with. I wonder if he was interrupted or something?" Tommy said to Carla, as he looked to her attractive ass, wondering what it would be like holding it in his hands.

Carla snapped off a few pictures and turned to Tommy. "It could have been. Most of these crap hotels rent by the hour," she said pausing to catch her breath. "You find the desk clerk and see who rented it." Carla added seeing Tommy's eyes moving up and down her as she walked back to the other room.

"I'll be back in a few," he smiled leaving her alone with the body hanging from the ceiling. As he walked down the short hall to the elevator, he could still smell Carla's perfume in his nose and his cock began to grow. What he wouldn't do for one night alone with the beautiful woman.

Carla stood back in the room wondering what kind of man would do something like this to a woman. Was he a young man that hated his mother, or maybe an old man with erection problems that took his anger out on them? Only time would tell.

She looked around the dirty room and saw something just under the bed. She reached down and slowly picked it up. "What?" She said with shock in her voice when she read the small business card.

"You find something?" Tommy asked walking back into the room. "The desk clerk said that a bunch of the hookers chipped in and rented the room out," he added moving next to Carla.

"I didn't find anything," she lied moving her hands into her tight jeans and made sure the card was deep in her pocket. "Let's get busy, I'd like to be out of here as soon as possible," she smiled to the young man giving him a teasing wink.

Tommy felt his cock quickly coming to life when he saw Carla wink. There was nothing he wouldn't do to get her in his bed. He had done other things to get girls' and wondered if he could also get Carla.

"When we finish, want to go have breakfast with me? I'll treat!" He smiled hoping she would take him up on his offer, giving him his opportunity to get her at last.

Carla smiled to him and thought, 'what the heck'. "Sure," she smiled to him. "I think that would be very nice." Carla added not knowing of the drug in Tommy's pocket.

Tommy and his close friend Jake had excelled in chemical research in college. Developing many various drugs that had enabled them to drug and seduce any girl they wished.

"Now I can't wait," he smiled at her thinking of all the things that he wanted to do to her and her beautiful body. She would be all his for as long as he wanted her and she would never know. "Let's hurry up!" He smiled lightly running his hand over her attractive ass.

Carla just smiled to Tommy, wondering if she had done the right thing or not. She hated the fact that he might get the wrong idea. She had Buddy and didn't have any sexual interest in Tommy.


Carla and Tommy sat in the booth of the small diner drinking coffee and tea, talking about the killer. Carla slowly sipped the tea, not knowing that very soon she would be helpless and at the mercy of the young man in front of her.

"How's your tea?" Tommy asked; giving his watch a quick look, knowing the drug should be working by now. It never took longer than fifteen minutes to work. His mind raced thinking of the things he had planned for her.

Carla smiled feeling a warm rush move over her body and her mind cloud over. "It's real good," she smiled leaning on her arms as she looked into his handsome eyes, wondering why she hadn't made love to him. "You're so handsome," she smiled again, feeling her pussy flood with wetness.

"Thank you," he replied looking to her full breasts. "Show me them beautiful breasts," he said looking deep into her pretty eyes.

A big smile filled her face and she reached to the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up to her neck, exposing herself to Tommy and a man sitting just behind them. "How's this?" She asked giving her lips a long, slow lick.

"Very nice!" Tommy said reaching to caress her nipples and enjoyed the look of pleasure on her face. "Do you like that?" He asked knowing she would say yes and would enjoy anything he did to her.

Carla felt as if she was going to explode right there as Tommy touched her body and she knew she needed more. "Oh yes!" She moaned out so loud others in the small diner turned to look.

Tommy smiled and he knew this was going to be the best day in his life. "Let's go to my place and I can make you feel really good," he smiled giving both of her big, hard nipples a hard pinch.

"Oh yes!" She moaned again as he twisted her nipples hard. Her mind was flooded with nothing but thoughts of Tommy.


"Take off your clothes and from now on you're to call me, Master." Tommy said reaching under Carla's blouse to squeeze her nipples. "Do you understand me?" He asked, twisted her nipples with all of his might.

Carla closed her eyes and enjoyed the wonderful feelings rushing through her body. "Oh yes, Master!" She yelled out, quickly pulling off her blouse and then her tight jeans. She reached for her panties, but Tommy stopped her.

"No!" He said holding her wrists. "I love panties, leave them on and stand up so I can see you," he added watching her standing tall before him. He looked at her firm breasts and nipples. So many times he had wished he could see them and now they were only inches from his touch.

He looked to her flat stomach that he had seen so many times in the lab when Carla had to reach for something on a high shelf. It, too, was only inches from him.

And at long last, her beautiful, sexy hips and her young, tight pussy were his to do anything he wished. "Play with your breasts," he said pulling up a chair next to her and quickly sat down to watch. Her hands reached under each of the soft mounds of flesh as she squeezed and teased her nipples.

"Oh yes, Master!" Carla moaned out while grabbing her own breasts. Her mind flooded with nothing but how much she wanted to please her Master.

"That's my girl," he moaned as she fell to her knees. "Come and play with this." Tommy said pulling her by the hair in front of him. "Suck me you, bitch!" He shoved his cock deep in her willing mouth, enjoying her sucking him hard and so very deep.

Carla knew she was pleasing Master from his moans that were filling her ears. She had to please him; he was the only reason she was on this Earth. She sucked deeper and harder; she had to make Master happy.

"Fuck!" He yelled out with joy kicking her to the floor with his right foot. "You are the best cock sucker I've ever had in my life!" He laughed rubbing his cock. "You ready for some real fun, you little whore?" He asked pulling her up from the floor by her hair. "I need to fuck this hot ass and tight, little cunt," he said grabbing the soft flesh under her panties with one hand, squeezing with all of his might as his other hand slapped her ass.

"Oh yes, Master," she moaned with joy as his hands abused her body.

"Come on then, bitch!" He said gritting his teeth as he grabbed a handful of her hair, dragging her to his room.

He pulled her hair, dragging her into his bedroom. She loved anything and everything he did to her and would beg for more.

"Bend over whore!" He said shoving her over. "I'm going to beat this ass for all the times you teased me," he added reaching for a belt lying on the bed. "You ready, you mother fucking whore!" He yelled out as anger rushed over him thinking of all the times that her pretty ass filled his eyes.

"Yes Master! Beat me for teasing you!" She cried out only wanting to please him.

Tommy pulled back the belt and let it fly towards her soft flesh.

'SLAP!' It hit her ass and she jumped.

"Oh yes, Master!" Carla screamed out with joy as the pleasure rushed over her. "Give me more," she begged him.

'SLAP!' The rough leather hit her again, leaving a wide, red streak on her ass.

"Do it more, Master! I love it when you love me," she cried out holding the side of the bed, hoping he would please her more.

'SLAP!' It tore into her ass again, leaving another red streak.

"Are you ever going to tease me again?" He yelled into her ear as he jerked her up, looking into her dazed eyes.

"Only if you want me to, Master," she moaned feeling the pleasure on her ass, hoping he would do more to please her.

He looked over her breasts and knew what was next. "Lie on the bed," he ordered pushing her down on the big, dirty bed. "Reach up," he said pulling two sets of handcuffs from a nearby drawer. "Do you like these, bitch?" He asked locking them around each of her small wrists and then to the bed.

"I love anything you do to me, Master," she moaned feeling the pleasures running from her wrists.

Tommy smiled as he pulled out two more sets of cuffs. "You're going to really love this!" He laughed cuffing her right ankle and then pulled it just under the bed, locking it to the frame. He moved over her to her left leg, locked the cuff around it and pulled with all of his might, spreading Carla wider than a woman was ever meant to be. He pulled hard, until the cuff locked on the steal frame. "How's that feel, cunt?" He laughed watching her pretty face and the artificial pleasures that filled it.

"It feels wonderful, Master!" Carla screamed out with more excitement than she had ever known it her life. "I'm yours forever, Master!" She moaned watching him move next to her with clouded eyes, wondering what wonderful things were to come.

He reached back into the drawer and pulled out a set of clips. "See these?" He asked moving them to her excited nipples. "They will make you cum harder than you've ever known," he laughed squeezing open one of the clips as he moved it to her left nipple. "Are you ready, cunt?" He asked with an evil laugh.

"I'm always ready for anything, Master," she moaned out watching the clip move over her nipple. "MY God!" She screamed as loud as she could when the clip sank into the soft and tender flesh of her nipple. "Oh Master! Yes! Oh yes!" She screamed out as her body jerked with more pleasure than she had ever known. "More, Master! "Please!" She begged him.

Tommy just laughed as he moved the next clip over her other nipple and released it. He sat stroking his hard cock as Carla cried out with joy. He knew she was his best conquest and knew he had to see her again.


Carla jumped from her sleep; her hands grabbed her head as massive pain rushed through it. "Oh shit!" She moaned trying to figure out where she was. She looked around, wondering why she was in her car, in neighborhood she didn't know and how she had got there. That's when she saw six boxes of her favorite tea sitting on the seat next to her. She picked up one of the boxes wondering where she had gotten it, looked it over and tossed it back on the seat.

"I guess I must have fallen asleep or something." Carla said feeling strange sensations coming from her nipples and clit. "Damn, I feel good," she moaned giving her abused breasts a quick squeeze before starting the car and driving away.

Once at home she pulled in the driveway and started to go see Buddy, but a voice filled her mind. 'Remember, no one is to touch you except, Master,' it said giving her a sense of pleasure. "Maybe I'll just go inside and rest," she smiled thinking of the voice that filled her mind and all of the wonderful things that he could do to please her.

Buddy watched with sadness as Carla turned and walked to her house. Once again he felt as if his heart had been ripped from his chest, not knowing Carla wasn't herself.

Carla walked inside, kicking door shut. She pulled off her blouse and started to pull off her jeans and panties when the voice filled her mind, 'Leave them on, I love panties.'

"I almost forgot," she smiled walking to her bedroom for a fresh pair before she went to shower. Carla started the water and turned to she herself in a long mirror. "Oh shit!" She gasped when she saw her bruised breasts and her mind raced trying to remember what had happened.

She knew she left the crime scene with Tommy and she thought they might have had breakfast together, but did they? She tried with no luck to remember what had happened.

Carla moved under the warm water and her mind drifted to a place she had never seen before or had she? It was a dark and filthy place with a foul smell in the air that made her stomach turn, but excitement rushed between her legs.

Carla eyes remained closed as the thoughts filled her mind along with a voice. It was a voice that excited her, but also sent fear through her. Who was it? Did she know him or was he just someone that hurt her?

Carla jumped from her dream and gasped for a breath of air. She just had to remember how her once beautiful breasts had been hurt this way. She also knew there was no way Buddy would ever see her like this. What would she tell the wonderful man? How could she ever stay away from him until the dark, painful bruises healed? Tears flowed from her pretty eyes as she fell to the cold bathroom floor.


Later that night Carla lay under the warm and comforting quilt that her late grandmother had made her when her phone rang.

She reached for the cold, plastic pain in her ass. "Hello," she whispered trying to clear her mind of the dark and taunting thoughts that had been filling her mind all night.

"We have another one." Tommy's voice said into the phone as he thought of the fun he had with Carla the day before and couldn't wait to get her again.

"Fuck! It figures." Carla said with disgust in her soft voice, kicking the warm quilt from her body. "Where is it this time?" She asked listening to Tommy on the other end of the phone. "I'll be there as soon as I can," she said throwing the phone on the floor; it had taken her hours to fall asleep only to be awakened by it.

She pulled her bruised and extremely sore body from the comfort of her bed, slowly making her way to the kitchen for a fast cup of tea. She saw her clothes from the day before lying in a pile just inside the front door and decided to wear them again.

Carefully pulling the tight blouse over her head and across her aching breasts, not wanting to touch them, if possible. "I sure wish I could remember what the fuck happened to me," she said holding back a tear.

After pulling up the skintight jeans, Carla sat at the table, trying to remember anything about the day before, but nothing, nothing at all.

She sat sipping the tea; not knowing it had been laced with the same drug that had left her at the mercy of someone she trusted. "Guess I better get going before they call again," she said with a long sigh as she stood, walking to the door and out to her car.

Carla drove through the city, her mind was clouded and she had no idea where she was going, she just knew there was someplace she had to be.

Her small phone rang, breaking the trance that had been clouding her mind. "Yes." Carla said into the small phone.

"Where are you," the voice asked sending chills over her body. "I called you over an hour ago," the man said with a hint of anger in his voice. "It's not a very good idea to keep me waiting this long," he added as visions of her wonderful body filled his mind.

Carla trembled with fear. What should she do? Should she just throw down the phone and find help or go to him? "I'm lost," she replied with fear. "I don't know where I am," she added feeling tears running down her pretty face thinking of what he might do to for being late.

"I told you the address, I want you here in ten minutes... or you're going to be very, very sorry," he paused to take a breath, thinking of what punishment Carla would get for being so late.

More fear than ever before rushed over her body as his words filled her ears. She knew she would pay dearly for making him wait so long. "I'll hurry!" She sobbed into the phone. Carla floored the car, racing through a red light and saw two red and blue lights flashing in her car mirrors. "Oh no!" She began to cry as she slowly pulled the car to a stop.

A tall policeman made his way to her car. He gently tapped on her window and saw her crying like a small child. He quickly opened her door and squatted down at her side. "Are you alright, Ma'am?" He asked with concern looking to her face thinking he had seen her before. She turned towards him and fell in his arms. "Oh my God!" He gasped when he realized who she was. "What's wrong, Ms. Wright?" He asked reaching for his radio to call for help.


Carla's eyes slowly opened, she looked around the white room when she saw a familiar face smiling at her. "Hi there good-looking!" John said as he leaned down to kiss her face. "We were beginning to wonder if you were going to wake up," he laughed.

"What happened?" Carla asked rubbing her eyes, trying to remember how see had gotten here. "Where am I?" She asked looking to John for an answer.

John moved to sit on the side of bed next to her. "First off, you're lucky to be alive," he said in a firm voice. "You're been drugged by a very rare herb that comes from Africa," he saw a shocked look on her face. "Don't feel bad, I was too!" John added feeling Carla's shame.

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