tagLoving WivesA Single Encounter With a Blindfold

A Single Encounter With a Blindfold


[NOTE: This piece is a snip, it may feel incomplete but it's intended to be a simple slice.]

"I think we should try a blindfold tonight," he said without taking eyes from the television.

"Why the fuck would we do that?" she answered, taking another cracker and a bite of cheese.

"Something different. What could it hurt?"

"It's a stupid idea."

"I know. So what?"

She laughed. "You're full of them, aren't you?"

He took another drink of wine and waited until the next commercial. "Well?"

"Sure, why not?"

It was the second Wednesday of the month. Sex night. After twenty-five years of marriage, they'd given up fighting about it and come to a truce. They'd agreed that the only way to get him to shut up about it was to schedule it. So, twice a month, they headed up to the bedroom and she performed her wifely duties.

For three years, it had been almost exactly the same: lights out, she slipped under the covers and undressed, he gave her a backrub, got in and finished as quickly as he could, then used the vibrator to give her an orgasm. Once, a few months into it, she gave him head to get things started but that hadn't happened since.

They still loved each other, but it was the kind of love that anticipated porch swings and broken hips and waiting for the grandkids to visit. Anything else seemed like too much work.

The show ended and Roland stood up. He picked up the wine glasses and took Karen's plate. She grabbed the last bit of cheese and ate it while he walked into the kitchen and put everything in the sink.

"So, do you have a blindfold?" she asked.

Roland smiled. He'd bought it last month but had been afraid to bring up the subject. It was long and white and made of silk, long enough to wrap around her head twice and tie comfortably at the side. He'd read that tying in the back would be uncomfortable when she laid down. No point making her more uncomfortable.

"Yes, I'll go get it."

Karen got up and went into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and splashed some water on her face, pulled her hair back and looked at herself in the mirror. Still healthy looking at fifty-five, if a bit overweight. She didn't much like her body but didn't dislike it enough to change anything.

She closed her eyes and stood still for half-a-minute. It felt...interesting. She felt her feet on the floor, her hands on the sink, even felt her hair on her shoulders. The darkness felt comfortable. What would a blindfold be like? she wondered.

Roland walked into the bedroom with a sense of heightened anticipation, a heady mixture of arousal and dread. They'd been doing the same thing for so long that trying something new almost seemed criminal. And, if it was anything less than perfect, they'd be back where they were five years ago. Both of them defending their territory, him chasing and her denying. What had pushed him to try this? To ask for this?

It was an article he'd read about "keeping your love life fresh". Evidently, therapists thought that a good sex life included trying something new every now and then. He wanted to see if that was true. Roland had never fantasized about blindfolds before, or much of anything else. It confused him when he read about it the first time. But when he reread the article, something inside him stirred. He went to his computer and launched his browser and looked up photographs of women wearing blindfolds. It was amazing, there were hundreds of thousands of shots out there. Professional and amateur. Women with small blindfolds, women with large blindfolds. And even more! Women wearing hoods, zippers where the eyes and mouth should be. Women wearing latex hoods with holes for them to see and breathe through. It turned him on more than it should and he clicked the X, shutting down the browser.

But, the image of Karen with a blindfold wouldn't leave.

She came upstairs and said, "well, let's get on with it."

Roland stood and held up his hand. "Don't. Stay right there."

Karen had a puzzled look but stopped just outside the bedroom door. Roland took the long piece of fabric out of the box it came in and brought it up over her eyes.

"No, not here," she growled. "Wait till I get in bed."

"Shhh..." he said. She crossed her arms and said, "whatever the fuck."

Roland wrapped the blindfold around her head, tying a knot over her left ear.

"It ties in the back, what are you doing?"

"Shhh..." he said.

He took her hands and lowered them to her sides. Then, he slowly unbuttoned her top. Karen stood completely still, her lips pursed, doing her best to put up with it without complaining.

Roland slipped the blouse over her shoulders and down her arms. "Put it in the hamper," she said.


He unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, let them drop to the floor. He lifted each leg at the ankle and pulled off her pants and stockings, threw them in the hamper too.

Roland stepped back a few inches and looked at his wife. Something about her standing like that, in her bra and panties with the white blindfold covering her eyes, made her look innocent and virginal, quiet and soft and a complete stranger to him. His cock stiffened and he smiled.

"Come," he said softly and turned her around, helping her sit on the edge of the bed. He leaned forward and kissed her. For the first time in a long, long time, she opened her mouth and her tongue met his. She lifted her arms to put them around his neck but he took her wrists and gently pushed her hands back to the bed.

She felt the pressure but let her arms go limp, following his lead, leaving her hands palms up on the bed. He pulled back and she was left alone in the darkness again. It felt good. Comfortable and safe, not like looking at him while he was on top of her. She felt her muscles relax, her shoulders loosening, her knees falling slightly open.

Karen heard him moving but couldn't tell what he was doing. "Roland?"


She felt the bed move and then he was kneeling behind her, rubbing her shoulders. He slid the straps over her shoulders and she reached up to undo her bra. He didn't stop her this time and she pulled it free, dropping it on the ground. She let her arms drop to her sides again, enjoying the feeling of his hands on her back in the warm darkness. Her body felt good and she realized her nipples were stiffening, seemingly on their own. She was relaxing further, felt something between her legs stirring.

She felt Roland's hands down her sides now, then massaging her legs from behind. He worked the thigh muscles from hip to knee, staying clear of the space between her legs. She opened her knees the slightest bit wider, balled her hands into fists and pressed them into the mattress. She turned her head upward, parted her lips.

Roland caught the invitation and leaned down, kissing her deep again for the second time that night. He felt his cock swelling, pushing through the opening in his boxers, twitching stupidly in mid-air.

"Get my vibrator," Karen whispered.

"No," Roland whispered back.

He was shocked to see a slight tremor go through her. Did it mean what he thought it meant? There was no way to tell, so he pushed it out of his mind.

"Not yet, OK?" he said. She nodded, a nearly imperceptible nod.

Roland got up off the bed and stood at the door again, just looking at her. She was different now. Not virginal and alluring, but vulnerable and confused. Maybe annoyed. He wasn't sure this was such a good idea.

Then, she leaned back on her elbows. Her legs opened just a bit wider again, her thighs still touching but knees nearly shoulder width apart. Now, he saw another Karen. Sexy. Wanton. Hungry.

Karen was shocked how such a small shift in position affected her. She wanted to slide back on the bed, bring her heels up on the mattress and let her knees fall open wide. It had been such a long time since they'd kissed and she was on fire. Her nipples ached to be touched, her insides were wet, her cunt lips swollen. She wanted to pull him down, take him inside her, grind her hips against him until she came and came and came again then finally squeeze him with her inside muscles and milk every last drop of cum out of his cock.

Roland dropped his boxers and stood naked staring at his wife. He stroked his cock and touched his sack with his free hand. He imagined -- as he had a hundred times before -- that the finger was her tongue. He wanted to climb on the bed, mount her, fuck her hard until she screamed in orgasm and drew blood from his back with her fingernails. Then, he'd pull her legs up around his head and plunge even deeper, shooting his cum deep into her belly. Next, he'd have her lick him clean, then masturbate for him with her vibrator and the dildo they'd bought during their second year together and hadn't touched since.

He stepped forward and slid his hands up his wife's thighs, hooking his thumbs under the elastic of her panties. She moaned softly and raised her hips a half-inch or so. Roland looked at her face, the mouth below the blindfold was open in a small O. Was she offering or was he imagining?

Roland started knee-walking up the bed until the head of his cock was an inch from her face. She opened her mouth wide and he put the head between her lips. She closed her mouth and moved her head back and forth, just enough to stimulate the head. Roland moaned and stroked her hair. After just a minute or so, she pulled her head back and said "put it in me." Roland slid her panties down her legs and knelt between her thighs, rubbed the head of his cock between her lips until it was slick with her juice, then pushed it home. He looked at her, the blindfold rendering her so helpless and vulnerable, her mouth open and breathing hard.

Karen lay back on the bed and raised her arms above her head. She crossed her wrists, imagined she was being taken by some complete stranger who had kidnapped and blindfolded her, by some lover from her past who she dreamed of sometimes, by someone she'd seen on the street earlier that week and thought was attractive. Anyone but Roland. She pulled her knees up higher, flattened her legs against the mattress, heels up against her bottom, opening herself up like a flower, presenting herself as an offering to the stranger cock plunging deep inside her belly, forcing on her an obscene pleasure she could never admit wanting.

Roland came quickly, the intensity of the fuck more than he'd bargained for. Karen kept him inside her even as he was shrinking, grinding her hips against him, her arms now around his neck. She pulled him down and started kissing his mouth lightly and his cock stiffened again. She knew it would, it always did. She fucked whoever it was she was fucking in her mind for a long time before she finally gave up and asked for the vibrator. Roland opened the drawer in the nightstand and found it, the pink one she'd used almost as long as they'd been together. She came quickly and handed it back to him.

"I hope you enjoyed that," she said as she slid the blindfold off her head, "because we're not doing it again." She slid to her side of the bed and pulled the covers over herself.

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