tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Sissy's New Daddy

A Sissy's New Daddy


Walking in the door the Friday after my eighteenth birthday, everything seemed great. My parents had gone out of town for the weekend and I was for the first time a truly free man. My older brother had decided not to come home for Labor Day holiday which I was kind of bummed about, we didn't get alone all that well but I still looked up to him. He was one of those guys that could do no wrong, and I don't mean in my parents eyes I mean he actually could do no wrong. No matter the situation he always knew the right thing to do and did it, the consequences be damned.

Myself on the other hand I was scrawny and always getting in trouble. It was my senior year and half the school wouldn't be able to identify my body... even if it would get them on the news. The other half was split about sixty / forty with people with only tolerated my presence because they couldn't be somewhere else and people who took a perverse pleasure in humiliating me. I had worked a deal with Mickey Dolans over the summer. I would meet up with him every other week and let him have his way with me and he would keep most people off my back. So like I said no parents no Mickey, I was a free man this weekend.

My first order of business when I got home was stripping off my boy clothes. I hated boy clothes they felt very drab and confining. The laundry room was just off the kitchen so I didn't have very far to go. Ripping my clothes off I tossed them in a pile and started for my mom's hamper. At least twice a week I would snag a pair of her panties and parade myself around the house in them. Usually it was for no more than an hour in between when I got home and she did. But I had big plans for this weekend, seventy-two hours of pantied bliss. I dove right in and snaked my hand around till I felt silk brush across my knuckles. I twisted my middle finger around and pulled out a delicate pair of red string bikini panties. My mother had an affinity for red that I just never understood.

I bent over to slip the panties on when it occurred to me, I was home alone; completely alone for the whole weekend. I always snagged my mom's used panties because they wouldn't be noticed when she did the wash. But now I could wear whatever I wanted to and no one would know. I could have everything washed and put away before mom got back. I don't know if the delicate panties fluttered to the floor like a feather but I know I was in my parent's room before they hit the floor.

Nothing about my parents was exciting. My father was an accountant who reinforced every stereotype you had ever heard, and my mom worked at an old college friend's boutique downtown. I had been by there a few times but I tried not to stay any longer then I needed too. My parents had separate dressers on separate sides of the room. Thinking back to it now I realize how separate their lives really were. My mother's things were on the far side of the room. They were on a plane at that point but I still tiptoed over to the dresser. I was careful with each step afraid I would disturb some unknown trap they had set to see if I had gone in there room when they were gone.

The dresser was an antique lacquered wood that was polished to an almost mirror finish. The top drawer was bras and stockings. I was actually quite surprised by how many bras my mother owned. The drawer was filled with almost two dozen of them and most looked rather new. The second draw was socks, stockings and a few garters. I was starting to lose my patience until I opened the third draw and was greeted with a brightly colored sea of silk. I never actually counted but I am sure that she had at least two pairs for every bra she owned. I touched every pair of panties that day I examined each pair trying to decide what I wanted to wear first. Over half of them were Red, but she had a good selection styles to choose from. I almost went with a yellow lace thong but decided instead on a pair of pink satin tie-side bikini panties.

Dancing to a tune in my head I pranced out of my parent's room and down the hall to mine, spinning as I moved. I actually think I felt the box before I saw it. I know that sounds silly but that is the only way I can describe it because I stopped dead at my door. My lungs and heart both froze at the same time. That box which was a bright pink had not been on my bed when I left for school that morning. My brother was the only person I hadn't received a gift from and he would never use pink. My eyes flickered as my lungs kicked back in and I sucked in a heavy gulp of air. My heart didn't start pumping again till I started walking towards my bed. I was so panicked about the package that I completely forgot that I was dressed in nothing but a pair of dainty panties.

The box wasn't large, about the size of three reams of paper. It wasn't poorly wrapped but it was certainly done by a man. There was a card on top with Bobbie, scratched out in a neat block text. I sat down on my bed and examined the card first. It wasn't sealed the back flap was simply tucked into the envelope. The card inside made no sense. It was a congratulations card for a newborn girl. Flipping it open I saw that it was signed, Daddy, in the same block script from the envelope. Putting the card to the side I turned my attention to the box itself. I took my time removing the pink wrapping. It wasn't special I was just terrified of what I would find inside. With the wrapping removed I pulled the top of the box and was surprised not to find anything overly terrifying. It was just a cheap pre-paid cell-phone and a manila envelope.

The horror stuck when I picked up the envelope. The bulk of the packages weight came from it. Unlike the card it was sealed. I cut my finger as I ripped open the envelope. I sucked blood from my index finger as I dumped the contents on my bed. I didn't examine them at first I was to absorbed with my finger. And then out of the corner of my eye I saw something pinkish. It was a young man standing nude, well mostly nude. I was in fact in that picture wearing a pair of my mother's high heels. My heart didn't stop this time instead it started pumping so hard I could hear it. The blood pumping through my veins was like my own personal little bass drum drowning out all other sound. There were hundreds of them. It seemed like every time I had put on a pair of panties who ever this was had caught it all on video. I say video because that is what they looked like still from a video. There was also a slim DVD case. The case was covered in pictures of me. And to make matters worse not only was I in panties I was on my knees with Mickey.

As I poured through the pictures something jumped out at me. Almost all of them were taken from the same angle. I grabbed a picture and moved around the room till I was seeing everything as the picture showed it. Two feet above my head was an air vent. I grabbed the armless rolling chair from my desk and climbed up to look inside. On TV and in movies there is always a little red little that blinks; this camera didn't have a little red light. I knew it was on though because the moment I looked at it the phone rang. Not my phone, the phone that had been in the box. I almost fell off the chair when I heard the sound. It was some old band, my father could have told you who it was but I was a little preoccupied at the time.

My hand was shaking as I picked up the phone. IT was still playing music in a repetitive loop until I hit the answer button. I pulled the phone to my ear and waited I couldn't speak no matter how hard I tried. I and the caller just waited listening to each other breath. Finally he broke the silence his voice as deep and old. Not ancient mind you he just wasn't a teen-ager, which is funny really because I was relieved by that at the time. His first words to me made it pretty clear what was to come, he said "Don't ever touch my cameras."

I fell to the bed ready to cry. My throat began to ache. He was polite and let me have a moment to compose myself. My reply was a quick ok and then he continued. "You're going to come over to my house and if you do it wearing nothing but those cute little panties, then I will do you a favor and erase an hour of your video performances."

I recognized his voice, how could I not he had been my neighbor almost my entire life. Mr. Morgan had moved in when I was little, his wife left him a few years ago, and there were rumors that he was a little weird but I figured they were just that rumors. I didn't respond to what he said I just sat there silent as he continued "I expect my charges to be prompt and obedient. Is that clear?"

I still didn't answer and it annoyed him. I could hear his breathing intensifying but I was terrified. Just when he was about to lash out I spoke up, "OK I will come over."

The line clicked dead and I sat there for a moment looking down at my panty covered crotch. I couldn't go next door wearing just panties. There was a gate between our back yards but I doubted he wanted me to come that way. I grabbed a pair of shorts from my dresser and a shirt before heading over. I considered changing out of the panties and into some boxers but he made it clear I was to wear the panties when I came over.

I locked up the front door and slipped the key into my pocket, it was all I took with me when I left. I didn't bother walking down to the street and over I just cut across our two lawns. I knocked on the front door and waited. A car drove past, it was the red Buick from up the street. I didn't know the old guys name but I knew he was nosy and was sure he was making a note, even if only a mental one that I was here. I knocked again and still nothing. I heard another car and looked over to see Cindy Marshall drove by with her mom. She saw me and gave a wave, we had a class together so I knew I was going to be peppered with questions on Monday. I knocked again and Mr. Morgan finally answered the door. He looked me over and told me to go around back. I cursed him under my breath as I walked around the side of his house. His back door was past a screen porch that was locked I was just about to bang on the door when I noticed a bell. My first thought was to wonder who would have a bell at a back porch, but I pushed that out of my mind quickly as I rang. He answered the back door so fast I knew he had been waiting for me. He walked to the screen door clutching a half eaten apple in his right hand. "Sluts are allowed to enter my house dressed however they like. Sissies on the other hand being natural liars must strip."

"Strip here outside?" I stammered out looking around his yard. It was as private as ours backing up against some woods and with the privacy fence none of the houses around could see in, but it still seemed unseemly to me.

Mr. Morgan's lip twisted into sneer as he spoke again. "I will do my very best not to punish you this weekend but if you ever question me again like that I promise not only will you be punished but it will be truly public and not just in my back yard. Am I clear."

"Yes sir." I said as I pulled my shirt over my head. I kicked my shoes off and yanked my shorts down. When he said strip I assumed he meant panties too but I wanted to do those separate to show him I wore them like he asked. I hooked my thumbs into the waist band of the panties and started to pull them down when he stopped me.

"Leave the panties, you will always wear panties." He opened the door and I reached down to grab my clothes when he spoke again. "Leave them there."

I left my clothes and slipped past him starting for the door, I wanted to get inside as soon as possible. I didn't want to be undressed in front of him but I wanted even less to be so on the porch. He must have sensed my reluctance because he called out telling me to stand in the middle of the room, if you could call it that. He took a seat and just stared at me for a long moment. "Face me, hands on your head and I want your feet shoulder width apart."

I stood perfectly still just like he asked me too, and again he just sat there staring at me. My nipples got hard and I felt my cock twitch as he licked his lips. He continued eating his apple and let his free hand rest on his crouch. He started to rub himself and I could see his cock bulging against his pants. His eyes were focused on my panty covered member and while I knew it shouldn't it made me very excited. "Untie the panties."

I reached down and took hold of the ties on either side with both hands. I took a deep breath and considered changing my mind, as if any of this was my idea. I pulled the Ribbons and the panties fell from my body. I put my hands back on top of my head and waited. As he finished the last of his apple, Mr. Morgan's calm began to get to me. He didn't leer or scowl he just watched me. If my leg twitched he watched me. When my hand trembled he watched. I was near tears when he finally spoke. "You have a lovely little body, but too much hair."

Mr. Morgan abruptly stood up and walked into the house, he didn't say anything he just left. I wasn't left alone for very long, maybe a few minutes but it I couldn't think of a way to explain my nudity should someone come upon me. Before I could figure out an answer Mr. Morgan came back out. He had a bottle in his hand but I couldn't tell what it was. With an underhand toss he threw the bottle my way. I didn't catch it and it slid along the floor till it hit the back wall of the porch. I walked to pick up the bottle letting my hands down from on the top of my head. As I knelt down to pick up the bottle I heard Mr. Morgan clear his throat. I looked back over my shoulder and saw him making a motion with his hand. It took me a second to realize what he wanted. I let out a sigh and bent at the waist to pick it up. The bottle was a chemical hair remover.

"Good girl." Mr. Morgan said as he took his seat again.

"Mr. Morgan, what are we doing here? I mean." I paused giving myself a second to try and better form my question. I knew there was a way that I could say that would make him think about my situation. I just didn't know how to say it. "I mean what am I doing here?"

"Well get to that. Right now I want to get that unseemly hair off your body." Mr. Morgan took his seat again and leaned back getting himself comfortable. "And from now on I want you to call me, Daddy."

That was the moment that I knew this wasn't some weird old school embarrass me into changing my ways deal. Mr. Morgan had some kind of insane plan. Still clutching the bottle of hair remover I moved my hands to cover my crotch. "I sorry I still don't understand."

"Billie, and that name isn't going to work for you but that is something else we can get to later. There are going to be some huge changes in your life starting right now. Open that bottle and get yourself covered from the neck down. I don't want any hair left on you."

I moved back towards the center of the room and took the cap off the bottle. I was a little surprised when the cream didn't have a fragrance. I looked at the back and instructions were pretty straight forward. I poured a silver dollar sized glob into my hand. It was cold and sent a wave of goose pimples down my leg as started to spread it out. I realized it would take forever to cover my body a dab at a time, and I was hoping that once this one done I would be allowed to go inside. There was a cheap plastic chair shoved into a corner. I grabbed it and pulled it over to where I was told to stand. I propped a leg up on the chair and poured a line of the remover down my leg. As I spread the liquid out the patch I had done a few minutes before began to get warm. I finished my legs quickly and then started on my chest and under arms. Once I was done I looked back, Mr. Morgan. He just looked at me like he was expecting something more.

"Mr. " I stopped myself and closed my eyes tight not wanting to see the grin I knew would be on his face when I said it. "Daddy, what is wrong?"

"I said no hair." Mr. Morgan said in a whimsical tone. I opened my eyes but he wasn't looking at me he was looking at my crouch. I covered myself with my right hand and gently dug my fingertips into my pubic hair. I wrapped my fingers around my balls as I pressed my penis into my stomach with my palm.

"Please." I pulled my hand away quickly when I realized that my hand was still covered in the hair remover. "I can explain my arms and legs. I'll say I am trying out for a swim team. But I have gym class. What if someone sees me while I am changing?"

"I think you will have a harder time explaining the panties, but that is just my opinion. You know what I need a drink." Mr. Morgan got up and rushed back into the house. Returning almost as quickly as he left with a beer, plopping back down in his chair he twisted the top off his beer. "That stuff you just slathered on, it stays on for twenty minutes and those twenty minutes doesn't start till you are completely covered. Do you understand?"

I am embarrassed to say that it took me a moment to realize what he was saying but once I did I stopped wasting time. I covered my last remaining manhood and looked to Mr. Morgan for guidance. He gave me a wordless nod and then looked to his watch. As the minutes ticked by the remover began to get warm and then burn. I told myself that he wouldn't do anything to permanently scar me. I told myself that and I even convinced myself of it for a minute. But the longer I stood there with my body on fire the less I trusted him. I wanted him to explain his plan to me what did he mean when he implied I would be wearing panties at school. I never wore them outside of the house. Well except today.

It wasn't till I was near tears that Mr. Morgan stood up and motioned for me to follow him. We left the back porch and Mr. Morgan grabbed a hose that was snaked through the yard. It had one of those triggered sprayers attached to it. He told me to raise my arms and close my eyes. I spread my legs wider then shoulder width apart and squeezed my eyes shut as I raised my arms up. I prepared myself for the water to start blasting me, but Mr. Morgan waited. He was trying to catch me off guard and it worked. As hot as the remover had become the water was a polar opposite. It felt like an ice pick dancing across my skin as he sprayed me down. It didn't take long to wash all the hair remover off me and when he was done Mr. Morgan tossed the house down and started for the shared gate between our yards.

I was still dripping wet and there wasn't a towel in site. I started for my clothes but Mr. Morgan called out stopping me. "Hey Sweat cheeks leave them there."

"I need to get my mom's panties." Was my reply I don't know why I said it but at that moment I felt the need to remind him that I had left her panties lying on his porch. Mr. Morgan stood there a moment waiting for me to follow and when I didn't he marched across the yard grabbing me by the back of my neck. Pulling me through the yard Mr. Morgan was seething barely allowing my feet to keep up with him. We reached my back door and he slammed me into the wall hold me there till he fished a key from his pocket.

"You dare question a real man." Mr. Morgan said. Pulling a set of keys from his pocket, Mr. Morgan flipped through them till he found the one he was looking for. He was pushing me hard against the wall and I was shivering from the cold. As he unlocked the back door and pushed me in. Stumbling in I fell shivering to the carpet. Mr. Morgan stood just outside and watched me. I laid still terrified he was about to snap and beat me to death. When he didn't charge in and start stomping on me I pulled me feet under me and started to stand up.

Mr. Morgan waited to pounce until I was completely on my feet. I had turned my back to him, it was foolish but I didn't want him to see I was crying. Once I was up he rushed up behind me grabbing a hold of me and lifting me off my feet. Effortlessly he carried me into the dining room throwing me down on the table. He rolled me onto my stomach before yanking my feet off the table. I started to stand up but he smacked me in the back of the hard as he screamed at me "Stay down."

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