A Sister's Gift


"Play with my nipples, but not too hard." I instructed.

As he worked my pussy like a pro, one of his hands found its way down to where the action was. I knew what he was doing. As much as my pulsing cunt was begging for his probing finger, I had to stop his advances. "No Pete! No fingering. Penetration of any kind is too far!" I warned.

Too far? This had already gone too far, but we can't go down that road. I won't allow it! Pete reached back up and continued to fondle my heaving breasts as he flicked his tongue around my swollen clit. I couldn't believe it! This was the best oral I've ever had! After 5 minutes of unbelievable pleasure I felt an orgasm building up inside me.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" I wailed as I thrashed around.

As I came, he pulled on my nipples with brute force. My nipples are really sensitive. I usually don't let guys get too rough with them, but Pete's violation of my tits intensified my orgasm to the point that I thought I was going to pass out. I couldn't believe how bold he was becoming.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I repeated as I had multiple orgasms. A first for me!

"Okay, okay! I can't take anymore!" I cried out as I pulled his head up by his hair. My juices were dripping from his chin as he smiled.

"How'd I do sis?" He asked excitedly.

"Not bad little brother!" I responded trying to catch my breath. "But my nipples are so sore! I thought you were trying to pull them off!"

He apologized, "Sorry sis. I guess I got carried away."

"No problem." I returned. "It actually felt really good!"

"What now?" He asked with a sly smile.

My body was still shaking from the tongue lashing I had just received, but I was still in control. "Oh, no! We've already done too much little brother! We can't get reckless!" I quickly sat up and covered myself with a pillow, as the guilt returned.

"I'm sorry Lucy, I'm just so, um, so," His shyness stops him and he puts his hands over his face in frustration.

My guilt disappeared when I looked down and saw that familiar bulge in his jeans. I kept telling myself no, but I then felt myself begin to cave! It's only fair that I return the favor, I reasoned with my conscience.

"Alright Pete." I said reluctantly. "I will give you a BJ, but I won't let you finish in my mouth. That is something I just won't allow. I'm serious! I'm drawing a line here! Deal?"

"Deal!" He returned quickly, as he stripped off his jeans.

I shuddered at the thought of finally seeing this hunk of meat up close. He pulled down his boxers to reveal his manhood in all it's glory. It was even bigger than I realized! I tried not to look too eager. "Lay down on the bed." I ordered.

He laid back, as his rock hard prick hovered over his stomach. I've never imagined a cock this big! The tip of his head reached his belly button. The size was overwhelming! I gently ran my finger nails from his balls to his head, as he squirmed in anticipation.

"You know little brother, god gave you a gift." I told him, trying to build up some much needed male ego. "This is the biggest dick I've ever seen! You're gonna make some lucky girl very happy someday."

"Really? But all the guys in my videos seem to be the same size or bigger. I thought I was just average?"

"No, you have something really special here." I assured him.

Pete's cock flexed wildly as I ran my tongue up his shaft to his expectant tip. He gasped as I wrapped my lips around his head. There was no way I could even take half of this thing in my mouth, so I concentrated on his head and gently stroked him.

My little fingers could barely reach around the thickness of his throbbing shaft as I began pumping him faster and faster. I looked up and saw Pete watching in amazement as I bobbed up and down on his dick. My nipples were being tickled as my breasts swayed back and forth across his stomach.

Pete's breathing was beginning to quicken. I knew he was getting close. It's too soon, I thought. I was having too much fun!

I stopped and sat up. "I'm not ready for you to come yet Pete." My desires were getting the better of me now.

He looked confused, almost frustrated. "Okay." He conceded.

He started to sit up and I pushed him back down. "We can't have sex." I paused, biting my bottom lip. "But I just have to feel this beast on my pussy!"

"Holy shit!" He let out excitedly.

I straddled him bareback, my moist lips enveloping his veiny fleshy rod. Pete let out a deep moan, as he pulled his head up to watch. I then slowly began to glide my wet pussy along his shaft. Oh my god! I thought to myself. How could something this wrong feel so good!

We were both breathing heavily as I continued faster and faster. I did my best not to get too close to his head. I didn't want temptation to get the better of either of us. More so than it had already!

Pete had reached around and had both his hands on my ass as I rode his shaft like a cowgirl. That familiar feeling began to swell up inside of me. I was about to have another orgasm!

"Oh, yes!" I screamed as my head shot back and my chest heaved out.

Pete squeezed my tits, gentler this time, as I came on his dick. I collapsed on his chest, quivering as he rubbed my back helping me to catch my breath.

"Lucy, I'm about to lose it. I feel like my head is going to explode!"

"Sorry, Pete. Do you want me to finish what I started?" I asked, realizing what a dumb question that was.

"Can we try something else?" He asked curiously.

"My rule still stands Pete!" I reminded him. "No penetration!"

"No, no, let me uh, put my penis, um, between, uh."

He's afraid to say it, so I said it for him. "You want to titty fuck me?"

Pete's reluctance to say dirty things to me was turning me on even more. "Do you want to cum on your sisters tits?" I asked with a devilish grin.

He sat there speechless as he gazed at my luscious mounds. I inhaled deep and began twisting my upper body causing my breasts to jiggle. "Yes, oh god yes!" He cried out.

I giggled as I laid on my back. Pete mounted me and I pushed my breasts together as he slid his pussy soaked cock between them.

As he pumped away at my tits I gave him a little reward with my wet full lips every time his tip reached my mouth. I could tell he was going nuts, when all of a sudden he stopped.

Confused, I asked, "Whats wrong Pete?"

"Look Sis, I know after I finish, that is it. I really appreciate what you've done for me tonight, I really do, but."

"But what?" I was almost afraid to ask.

"I'm 18 years old and I still don't know what a, a,"

"I know where you are going with this Pete, and I'm sorry we just can't!" I reminded him.

"Just for a second!" He begged. "I have to know how it feels!"

He looked so eager and still so innocent! I started to feel myself waver. "How about if I just let you stick a finger in?" I tried compromising.

"That would be great, but I'm sure its not going to be the same?" He countered.

He was right, but could I really allow my brother to do this? Just a quick feel could easily turn dangerous, I warned myself. Pete's innocence and curiosity, however, was effecting my judgment. My little brother appeared to have a power over me that other guys hadn't.

"Okay Pete, but just for a second, and you can't put it all the way in! Just the head. This is just so you can see what it feels like. You gotta promise me!"

"Yes, I promise!" Pete assured me, enthusiastically.

"You have to wear a condom if we are going to do this!" I added. "You do have condoms? Don't you?"

Pete's face turned pale and he let out a disappointed sigh. "I've never had a reason to." He admitted ashamedly.

He was crushed, and it was breaking my heart! Being the conservative girl I was, I've never had an unprotected penis inside of me.

As I imagined Pete's naked flesh trespass through my tight opening, I could feel my vaginal muscles contracting. I shook my head and tried to come to my senses.

"Look, Pete." I tried reasoning. "Even with a condom, I shouldn't have ever considered taking it this far. I'm sorry!"

Pete pleaded, "Please Lucy! I gotta know what it feels like! Just for a second, please!"

Pete was in agony. I couldn't believe it, but I was actually going to let him do this! I'm disappointed in myself for letting it get this far, but I can trust him. He'll stop when I tell him to. Pete was too sweet and kind to force himself on a girl, especially his sister.

"Alright Petey." I relented. "But remember, in and out. That's it."

Without saying a word Pete leaned down and gave me a deep open mouth kiss, while I gave his cock a light stroking. He then kissed his way down to my legs where I opened up spread eagle. I could tell his anticipation was at a fever pitch. He rested the head of his cock on my stomach.

"Just real quick Pete." I reminded him softly.

Pete pulled his penis down to my swollen pussy. After all of my orgasms, it was aching for a dick! Stay strong I thought to myself. My head felt woozy, and my stomach had butterflies. I felt like a virgin again as fear and excitement overwhelmed me. But still, I can't let this get out of control!

His tip was at the entrance and he began rubbing it up and down, parting my moist pussy lips. Wow, he is so big! I thought, wondering if I could even take something this size had we gone all they way.

"This feels so amazing!" He whispered.

"Go ahead Pete." I gave permission. "Remember, just the head, then pull it out." I reminded him softly.

He positioned himself to my opening, then leaned forward until he was hovering over me with his hands at my sides holding himself up. I could tell he was scared. His breathing almost seem to reach the point of hyperventilation.

"It's okay Pete." I whispered as I ran my finger tips across his chest trying to calm him down.

I looked down and could see his engorged penis eagerly waiting. I was feeling nervous myself. His raging hormones were about to be put to the ultimate test. Would he be able to restrain himself after sampling my forbidden fruit? I wasn't so sure anymore. I placed my hands on his hips as a precaution.

"Lucy!" He yelled out, as his anxious cock slid through my inviting lips and into my hungry pussy.

I let out a deep gasp as I felt the pressure of his enormous pulsing head inside of me.

"Are you ok sis?" He asked concerned.

"Yes." I whimpered.

"It's so warm and slippery. This feels better than I imagined!" He cooed, as I felt him slip in a little more.

"Pete, that's enough, now pull out!" I ordered nervously through deep breathes.

"Lucy, you gotta let me push it in a little more!" He begged.

"Absolutely not Pete!" I yelled. "You promised me! You have to take it out now!"

"Doesn't this feel good though?" He pleaded.

Pete's teenage hormones were taking over and I knew I was in trouble.

"This is wrong little brother! It's incest! Besides, I'm not on the pill! You could get me pregnant!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

My mind knew it was wrong, but my body was beginning to betray me. He only had the tip of his penis inside of me and I could have pushed him off, but I hadn't. My lustful urges were taking control.

Pete began to notice this as well. The words coming out of my mouth were different than how my body was acting. I began rocking my hips, almost daring him to go all the way. I could feel him slowly slipping deeper.

"No Petey!" I screamed desperately. "Please, please don't do it!"

Pete had only went in a couple inches, before he began to pull out. I felt a brief moment of relief thinking it was over. "No, no, no!" I whined, as he then began to push it in again, this time deeper.

My arms began to shake and my hands turned white as I struggled to keep him from entering me fully.

I yelled out, "Petey please no! I'm your sister! You can't do this! Besides, you are too big. It won't fit! You're going to hurt me!" I was honestly afraid he would rip me in half!

My pleas were falling on deaf ears. He continued to push in and pull out slowly going deeper and deeper each time, stretching my tight little pussy to its limit. I wasn't feeling as much pain as I thought I might.

It actually started to feel good! Better than good, it was euphoric! The forbidden passion I felt having my brothers cock inside of me was intoxicating! The war waging between my conscience and my lust was over. Lust had overcome me. I couldn't resist it anymore. I dropped my hands from his hips, surrendering myself to him.

"Do it Petey!" I conceded. "Fuck me! Fuck your slutty sister!"

"Okay!" He gasped as he began to slowly and rhythmically work his way deeper.

"Just don't come inside me! Okay?" I begged.

"Oh, oh, ok, okay." Pete stuttered as his cock continued to explore my tight crevice.

I looked down in awe as I watched all 12 inches disappear inside of me. I squealed like a virgin as he ran me through, balls deep. I couldn't believe I was able to take every inch of him! The pain quickly turned to pleasure as his thrusting intensified. My tits danced around helplessly from the jarring my pussy was taking.

Then fear struck me. What if he cums inside of me? This could be disastrous! I haven't been on the pill for 6 months! He said he wouldn't, but I can't trust him anymore. Pete had taken control and I was at his mercy!

"Petey, when you're ready to come, you can do it in my mouth." I pleaded, giving him an incentive to pull out.

My brother, was fucking me like a stallion and I was howling in ecstasy. We had hit our stride. His dick was was now gliding through me like a hot knife through warm butter. All of a sudden I heard the front door close. Panic hit me like a bolt of lightning!

"Petey! Mom and dad are home!" I whispered, frightened out of my mind.

Pete didn't stop, he was in a trance. This was the greatest moment of his life and he was in another world. I heard footsteps and voices in the hallway. I tried pushing my legs together and bucking him off, but to no avail.

"Petey!" I whispered desperately as I squirmed beneath him. "We gotta stop! Mom and dad are outside the door!"

I tried my best not make noise, but I couldn't help my huffing and puffing as Pete pounded me ravenously. Plus, the bed was squeaking and the head board was slamming against the wall. There was a knock on the door and I pleaded with him, "Pete please we're gonna get caught!"

"Lucy, what the hell is going on in there?" My father demanded.

He knew what was going on. The loud breathing, the squeaking bed springs, and the unmistakable sound of wet flesh on flesh. The door knob rattled furiously.

Luckily I had a lock, but it wouldn't keep them out for long. I was still trying to quiet my breathing, but my brothers 12 inches of throbbing flesh plunging in and out of my pussy just wouldn't allow it.

"Is Petey in there too?" I heard my mom ask my dad frantically. "What's going on in there?"

My dad was banging violently on the door as he screamed our full christian names.

Pete began to groan as he began to pump away even faster! He was completely unaware of what was happening. Oh shit! I realized. He was going to cum inside of me! Not only are my parents going to find us having sex, but my little brother was going to impregnate me!

Then something strange happened. All of my fear and panic washed away. My parents screams fell of into the background.

For that fleeting moment I was experiencing the most erotic pleasure I'd ever felt. My animal instincts had taken over. I returned my legs to the spread eagle position and I cried out "Fuck me brother, fuck me!"

Peter started fucking me faster and harder until he reached a frenzied pace. The head board sounded as if it was going to smash through the wall. My parents must have been screaming on the other side of the door, but I could no longer hear them.

Pete's glorious cock had my full and undivided attention. We continued to fuck like beasts, oblivious to the immediate danger that awaited us. "Oh, fuck Petey!" I cried out as I began to climax. "I'm going to cum!"

I arched my back and shuddered as a I came. "Petey!" I screamed. "I can't take much more!"

My brother kept fucking away like a crazed dog as orgasms hit me in waves. Each time I came it was more intense than the last! Finally I could feel Pete's penis swell up and pulse inside of me. He was about to cum! "Go ahead Petey! Cum inside your sister!" I screamed.

Pete cried out, "Lucy! Lucy!"

His body tensed up as he shot load after load of his hot seed deep inside me. My gripping snatch milked his sweet nectar as his fucking slowed to a stop. Just when Pete finally withdrew his spent flexing cock, reality crashed down on both of us as our enraged father kicked open the door.

Mom and dad stood in the door way speechless, with a look of horror on their faces. Pete's now flaccid member was flopping around helplessly, while he urgently searched for cover. And I was frozen in fear. My trembling legs were still spread wide open, as the most damning evidence of this immoral act was oozing from my red throbbing pussy.

To be continued?

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