A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 02

byNikki H©

I pulled away again and picked up her gold satin panties. I asked Kim to stand into them and then slid them slowly and erotically up her legs. She was now shivering with delight and anticipation and I could tell she was highly aroused.

"Oh Nikki, You are such a tease today," she whimpered as I pulled the panties slowly to her knees, blowing gently into her moistening slit "I don't know if I can take anymore of this!"

"Just enjoy it," I said, slowly pushing my face between her legs and nuzzling my face up to her slit.

"Ooh" she gasped as my tongue flicked out and found her now very moist slit. I positioned my head directly under her and started lapping up her juices, which were now dribbling out by the cup full. She started to push her hips forward into my face as she groaned and started to pant even louder. I could tell she was nearing an orgasm so started to tongue fuck her slit as hard as I could. She quickly reached orgasm, her body trembling with delight as she rode wave after wave. I kept my mouth firmly planted over her love box to make sure that I swallowed all of her love juices, not wanting to mess her lingerie or stockings.

"That was just so good" she sobbed, trying to catch her breath as I slid her panties into place.

I stood up and kissed her passionately on the lips, allowing her to taste her musky love juices on my lips. I then picked up her dress and asked her to climb into it. It moulded itself perfectly around her as I zipped up the rear and it pulled snugly around her small waist. The splits at the side showed off her long sexy legs, but stopped short of showing her stocking tops, just demure enough for an official function. I adjusted her shoulder straps and then picked up her new shoes, bought especially for this evening. They were finished in a matching opaque gold satin with satin bows on the toe and heel, and elegant 4-inch heels. I slipped each shoe onto her foot, gently caressing her smooth slim ankles as I did it. Kim was almost ready; the only thing left was her makeup.

She followed me over to the dressing table and sat, glowing in her post orgasm state, as I applied her makeup. I gently pinned back her hair to apply some base foundation, rubbing it gently all over her face and neck. Her eyebrows were already fashioned into a perfect feminine shape so only needed highlighting with an eyebrow pencil. Kim looked up at me with her dark soulful eyes. She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and I always get mesmerised when I gaze into them. I leant forward to kiss her and my long blonde her fell into her face and I had to gently push it to one side to find her lips. After a minute or so I had to tear myself away to finish the job. I picked up a dark eyeliner pencil and began using it around the rims of her eyelids. Next, using shades of brown and gold I applied eye shadow to her lids. I then applied black mascara to her lashes, allowing each coat to dry before applying a second and third, resulting in long dark wispy lashes. I applied a little powder rouge to her cheeks and then a light powder all over her face. I then carefully outlined Kim's lips with a deep red lip liner pencil and filled in her luscious lips with a deep red lipstick. I removed the excess by having her blot her lips on a tissue. Finally I applied a thick coat of shiny lip-gloss over her lips to make them shine. She now had the most kissable lips in the universe.

I gave Kim a spray of her favourite perfume, ('Tommy Girl') whilst she picked her jewellery. I helped her fasten her large dangly diamond earrings and her matching necklace and bracelet set. I brushed her hair back into place whilst she put on her rings, applying a little lacquer, and she was finally ready.

"Oh Nikki!" she exclaimed, standing and looking at herself in the mirror, "what a wonderful job you have done, I look so beautiful. You are an expert at this makeover business now!"

"I've had the best teacher," I said, cuddling in to her.

"Well, we've got to get you ready now" she said excitedly.

Kim asked me to sit whilst she gathered together my lingerie. I had also chosen a matching lingerie set made from the softest satin and lace. I let my robe slide off, enjoying the smoothness of it against my skin as it slithered down my arms and back, and sat there naked in eager anticipation. Kim first of all fastened my strapless bra around me. She tucked in my boobs and adjusted it to make sure they were pushed up and were nice and pert, giving each nipple a playful tweak in the process. This had them standing hard against the smooth satin, resulting in a prominent bump in the material. Kim then took my stockings from the packaging. They were the glossiest silver ones that we could find. They shimmered in her hands before she put them on my legs, but as she slid them slowly up my smooth legs and were pulled tight they caught the light and twinkled like little stars. Kim then gather up my suspender belt and panties. She expertly clipped the belt around me, fastening my stockings at the front and rear, then bent down to slide my panties up my legs. By this time my cock had grown hard and was pointing straight at her face.

"Hmm, is that for me?" she asked wickedly.

"You and only you" I said.

She took my cock gently in her mouth as she slid my panties up my legs. The feeling of the smooth satin gliding against my nylon clad legs at the same time as her hot wet mouth slid around my cock was so sensual. She lifted her head from my shaft and I could see she had left a rim of deep red lipstick halfway down it. The sight of this had my cum boiling in my balls. She left my panties hanging just under my groin level.

"I think I need to finish this off first" she remarked, looking at my throbbing cock.

She knelt in front of me and bent her head towards my cock saying;

"I don't want to spoil the wonderful job you've done on my face so I better be careful!"

She slipped her mouth over the end and started to give me a slow wet blowjob. I could hear and feel her sucking and licking as her head slowly bobbed up and down my shaft. Her hands were caressing my balls as she slowly and seductively sucked my cock. She slid one of her hands behind me and started to tickle my butt hole and at the same time started her little humming trick. That did it and I felt myself starting to cum.

I groaned as I squirted my cum into her mouth, filling it so many times that she had to swallow mouthful after mouthful. She had been very thorough and did not let one drop go to waste, although her lipstick was now smudged on my cock rather than her lips!

She stood up in front of me and gently leant forward to kiss me. I could smell and taste my cum on her breath and her lips as we kissed. This was something I had got very used to this last year and I found it very erotic.

"Hmm" she said pulling away "that was nice!"

"Oh yes," I gasped, not being able to disagree with her.

She then took a tissue and wiped her lipstick from my softening cock, before tucking it inside my panties and asking me to stand up to slip my dress on. The small delicate sleeves slid up my arms and just hung loosely there as she slid the main body material around me and zipped the back to pull the material tight around my boobs and stomach. The soft rustle of the silks and taffetas felt erotic as they swished against my legs.

Kim then turned her attentions to my face and hair. She applied a darker than usual foundation. When she had finished my face looked beautifully tanned and smooth. She then pencilled in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and started to apply some eye colour. She used darker colours than normal to deepen my eyes, creating a very sultry look. Kim then applied black mascara to my lashes. She applied three coats this evening that made my long lashes look even longer than normal, giving me the sexiest of long and dark feathery lashes that felt quite heavy as I blinked.

She rubbed a little blush across my cheekbones and then dusted my face with a light powder. Kim then outlined my lips with a lip pencil and then using a bright red lipstick, filled my lips with bright red cosmetic. She applied two coats before she was happy with the look, then applied lip-gloss over the top. With my face finished she started on my hair. It is now over eighteen inches long and I usually wear it down, with my long sun kissed blonde tresses falling across my shoulders and down my back.

"I think we will give your hair a really glamorous look, how about wearing it up tonight?" she asked.

"Yeah, sounds good to me" I replied.

She spent thirty minutes with tongs and brushes, teasing my hair until it was styled in a "Pamela Anderson" tangled look. She had managed to clip the majority of my hair on top, but had left wisps and curls dangling down all around to create a sort of dishevelled, tangled style. It looked really sexy.

"Kim, that's really good!" I said to her "It looks so sexy!"

"It sure does," she said "your going to be my little Barbie Doll princess tonight!"

With my hair teased up like this and my face made up to a look quite dark and sultry, I looked very sexy and glamorous, not in a Barbie doll way, but more in a Porn Star sort of way!

Kim dabbed on my favourite perfume ('Allure') and finally helped me into my jewellery. I was wearing large dangly earrings just like Kim's, but had chosen a set made from elegant coloured pearls which had a matching necklace and bracelet. Kim finally slipped on my 4-inch heeled silver pumps and I was ready.

"Wow" I said as I stood to admire her work, "that's the first time I've had this look, but I like it, it's very sexy!"

"Yeah" she moaned "Now I've seen you like that I wish we could stay in together!"

"Just wait till we get home later!" I replied.

Kim had fixed her lipstick and we stood in front of the mirror together just gazed at our reflections. We were both truly stunning. "Wow" was all we could both say.

We got our bags ready for the evening, grabbed our wraps, and were finally ready to go and meet our escorts for the evening. I had a whole swarm of butterflies flitting around in my stomach as we went down to the lounge. I had now lived totally as a female for 12 months, but did not really find guys attractive although I did enjoy flirting with them as Kim and I did quite often. Kim felt exactly the same way, so together we are the perfect couple. I knew that night was certainly going to be a test for me.

The feeling of nylon stockings swishing together still excites me, even after 12 months of constantly wearing them. The sound and feel of that, plus my beautiful dress rustling against my legs set my blood pumping even more in both fear and excitement as we entered the lounge and spotted our escorts. They were both tall guys, well over six-foot with athletic builds. We froze on the spot. Were we doing the right thing?

"Oh No" said Kim, "I think they've spotted us"

The guys were looking in our direction, and upon seeing us started to walk over.

"Kim, who's going to partner with whom? We haven't decided have we!" I said panicking.

"That slipped my mind completely," said Kim "Which one do you prefer?"

"Neither" I said, "I just want you"

"Yeah, likewise" said Kim "but hurry up and decide, they'll be over soon!"

"Ok, I'll take the blonde one" was all I could say.

I had been watching them both walk over and for some reason my eyes kept being pulled to the blonde guy.

"Ok, I'll take the other one" she said "but don't forget who's taking you home tonight!"

I had no intention of forgetting that, but then the guys were upon us.

"Hi I'm Tim" said the blonde one "and I'm Rick" said the other.

Kim took the lead, offering her hand to Rick and said,

"Hi, I'm Kim and this is my sister Nikki"

Rick took Kim's hand and raised it to his lips kissing it gently and saying,

"Enchante‚' Mademoiselle, so pleased to meet you Kim, I must say you two ladies look stunning, so beautiful!"

"Thank you" I said offering my hand to Tim.

He took it and also raised it to his lips, gently kissing the back of it. Even though Kim and I were wearing six-inch heels the guys were still a good few inches taller than we were and I had to look up to him.

"This is going to be one terrific evening," said Tim "I can honestly say that we have never had the opportunity to escort such beautiful pair of ladies before, this evening will be pure pleasure for us."

He was looking straight down into my eyes as he spoke and I could feel myself blushing under his gaze. I fluttered my eyelashes and quickly looked away. Kim and Rick lead the way and Tim offered his arm for me to link into. We walked through the hotel lobby to our limo waiting outside. Tim strode along with strong steps and I found that I had to take quick dainty steps to keep up with him. Both Kim and my heels were clicking on the marble floor as we struggled to keep up with the guys.

Tim held the limo door open for us and Kim slid in first, sitting in the large leather rear seat and indicated that I should sit next to her. I slid down onto the seat, sitting as close as possible to Kim. The guys sat opposite and poured us all a glass of champagne from the limo's minibar, and immediately started to chat and make small talk with us.

When we arrived at the function hall we climbed from the car and the guys offered their arms to escort us in. Kim went first and she and Rick walked off in front of us. They looked so elegant but I was really jealous, as I wanted to walk in with her. "Come on Nikki," said Tim, "They'll leave us behind if we don't go now!"

"Sorry, I'm coming" I said, taking his arm so we could follow.

As we approached the main entrance I could see our reflections in the glass windows. We all looked so elegant. Both of us girls were dressed to perfection and looked stunning, the guys were also dressed in very smart Tux's and looked very handsome. Although I'm sure if Tim had really known whom he was escorting he may have had second thoughts! As we walked up to the entrance my dress and stockings were swishing around, and as usual the sensual feeling started to arouse me. Thankfully my dress hid my embarrassment and nobody could tell that I had a hard eight-inch cock underneath all of my finery.

We went to the champagne reception area where we were greeted by the management. We each took a glass of champagne and joined all of the other guests on the outside terrace. It was a warm balmy evening and I was starting to feel more nervous. Tim had been flirting and paying me compliments but I wasn't sure how to handle it on a one-to-one basis. I could see that Kim was having a similar problem, although she looked a lot more comfortable as I knew she could handle herself in this type of situation.

"Powder room break?" asked Kim.

"Oh Yes" I quickly replied,

We skipped off to the ladies washroom and went inside.

It was very busy in there, with lots of the elegantly dressed ladies attending to their makeup and dresses to ensure they looked good. I pulled Kim into one of the corners so we could get close and talk. We both pulled out cosmetics to make a show of freshening up whilst we chatted.

"Kim, I'm not really enjoying this" I hissed "Tim is a nice guy, but its so obvious he wants to get inside my panties, I'm really having to play it cool"

"Me too" said Kim "Rick is just as bad. We'll just have to remind them that they are our escorts for the evening and not our dates. Is that Ok with you?"

I was relieved to hear this so said,

"Perfect, I don't want a guy, just you. I wish we could go and really be together somewhere."

Kim gave me one of he sexy smiles and said, "Wait till later, the night is ours once we have finished here!"

Kim then put her arm around me and started to rub my butt through my dress. It felt so good to have her hands on me again and my cock responded by getting even harder than it already was.

"Are you hard?" she asked, "I can't tell when you have that dress on"

"Why don't you have a feel?" I said mischievously.

"OK" she said, walking round till she stood in front of me and making sure nobody could see what she was up to. She reached down with her hand and pushed her way through the material of my dress till she found my hard cock.

"Ooh" she exclaimed as her long fingers found it "that feels good, I wish you could stick it in me now!"

We both looked around for somewhere, but the powder room was far too busy.

"Later" I said sultrily, looking her straight in the eye.

"Tease" she said removing her hand as we started to walk back to join our escorts.

We joined the guys on the terrace again.

"You girls are the most dazzling here," said Tim as he held out his hand for me to join him.

"Don't forget that you're just our escorts this evening," warned Kim as she sat next to Rick "we don't want you getting any wrong ideas."

I could see that this knocked them back a bit as they were certainly expecting a little more. At that they decided to go and get another drink and left together.

"I hope that slows them down a little," I said hopefully.

"Me too Nikki" said Kim winking at me in her slow sultry way.

The guys came back with two full bottles of champagne rather than glasses this time, one for each couple, and immediately returned to their charming ways. Rick sat right next to Kim, and I could see him lean in close to her and start to chat quietly. Tim did the same with me and I could feel his strong body and smell his aftershave as he got closer. He started paying me even more compliments and we talked for about 30 minutes or so, with the guys keeping our glasses topped up all the time. I kept trying to gently rebuff Tim, but as the champagne went down and time went by my guard dropped and I soon started to relax and enjoy the attention I was getting. I looked over at Kim and she was also starting to loosen up a bit with Rick, talking back to him and allowing him to sit a little closer.

The meal was not due to start for another hour so after we had finished the full bottle the guys decided we needed some more drinks. Kim moved straight across and sat next to me.

"Are you Ok?" she asked

"Yes" I said, "Tim's not that bad, I feel a lot more relaxed now"

"Yeah, me too" giggled Kim "but I think that's because of all of the champagne we've guzzled!"

"Probably" I giggled back.

The guys returned with another two bottles of champagne and Kim went to sit back on the other side of the table with Rick. Rick took out a packet of cigarettes and asked if either of us girls smoked.

"We both do occasionally" said Kim, taking one of the cigarettes offered to her. I did the same and accepted a light from Tim.

I gazed across as Kim inhaled on her cigarette and then blew the smoke out seductively. It never failed to arouse me watching Kim smoke, and my already hard cock was throbbing now. I inhaled on my cigarette and glanced at Kim across the table. She was looking at me, and slowly winked as we both exhaled together, knowing the effect it was now having on both of us.

By the time we had finished these extra bottles of champagne I was feeling quite tipsy. I looked over at Kim and Rick and noticed that he had his hand on Kim's thigh as they sat close together chatting.

'Wow, they're getting on well now' I thought, then looked down and realised that Tim also had his hand on my thigh. I hadn't noticed before and after thinking about it, his hand must have been there for quite a while, his fingers were gently caressing my thigh and rubbing with the catch holding up my stockings. My cock was still hard, and I was worried that he would find it, so picked up his hand to move it away. He held onto my hand as I gently moved his away. My hand felt small compared to his and when I looked down I could see my delicate hand, with elegant rings and very feminine long red nails, gently being held by his. It looked so natural that I didn't resist and let him continue to hold my hand.

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