tagIncest/TabooA Skimpy's Fall

A Skimpy's Fall

byBad Miss Emma©

(Authors Note: In this story I'm experimenting with a less conventional style of narrative. It's different to my other stories and is also a little more soft-core.)

"Well, what do you think then?" Cat asked shyly. She pressed open the wooden doors of the changing room cubicle a slither, her face peeking out cautiously to where her brother awaited.

"Come out all the way so I can see you." Her brother Jase told her.

Cat swung open the doors the full way, and growing in confidence, strutted out in front of her brother. She felt wobbly on the high crystalline shoes. They were too high for her. The outfit was too skimpy for her. She felt naked apart from the tightness of the white g-string she wore and the pressure the top of the dress placed around her breasts. She felt like a fake. Dressed in the wrong outfit. This wasn't her style. Her ankle turned a little inward as she tried to maintain her balance. She swung her body over to one side so as not to let her weight fall under her, almost tripping. Her other foot trod outwards to counteract the sway.

"I'm not sure about the shoes, Jase." She commented.

"Maybe a bit of practice.... The dress and shoes look great." Jase said.

Cat wore an outfit called "Baby Doll." It had been hanging off a mannequin in the front shop window. The name of the shop was "Erotic Cotton," a weird name for a store. The store was located on James St. in Northbridge; a back suburb of Perth city, harbouring other erotic shops such as Barbarellas and strip tease clubs. Prostitutes strutted down James St. wearing cris cross stockings and long black coats. Northbridge looked impressive at night but trashy during the day.

"Erotic Cotton" was a new store. It had replaced an old cyber cafe. It had steps from the street leading up in a spiral staircase, the bottom of the staircase between the two front windows with the dead hanging mannequins in them; the walls were painted black. Cat felt uncomfortable with the staircase. The flow of light down the staircase meant that people walking up the street would be able to see whoever was entering the store.

Cat was a self-conscious and cautious person, who didn't charge nimbly up the steps like other women in their skimpy outfits; often a little drunk with their girlfriends looking for attire to impress their men. Contrary to the name, most of the clothes where lycra and leather and other sweating synthetics, not cotton. Against one wall were shelves full of shoes. Slutty strutty look-at-me shoes. The sort that had such a high heel that they made a girl look silly and minced. Shoes that pressed calves outwards like a leg of ham look. A series of shelves in the middle of the store were full of dildos and books and videos and blow up dolls. Cat found herself avoiding looking at those shelves. The thought made her blush a little. The rest of the store contained coat hangers of skimpy outfits; cat suits, dance outfits and lingerie. Cat wondered how such skimpy little pieces of lycra could cost so much.

Cat had come into the store wearing a modest Esprit shirt, her orange hair piled up in a bun on top of her head with soft misbehaving strands hanging out; refusing to be pinned in. She wore jeans that looked like that hadn't been washed for a while. Not the store brought ones deliberately made like they hadn't been washed, but real hadn't-been-washed jeans. She kind of looked like a cowgirl whose image didn't really fit in with the city. Certainly not this side of the city.

Jase's eyes expanded when he saw Cat in her outfit. His eyes were like hers; dark blue like a deep ocean Crayola crayon.

Cat had taken her hair out; it was kind of wild and looked like it hadn?t been brushed for a while. It twisted its way down her scapulae. Her scapulae were prominent and well carved. The back of the dress started just below her scapulae. It was a white-netted type of material that stopped just above the crease where her bum cheeks dipped into her thigh. A white g-string stretched across her fleshy mound that could be seen from the back of her when she stuck her butt out slightly. Her pale thin legs held her body up. From the front, her creamy and moon shaped breasts stretched the material slightly, and her nipples, from the slight coldness of the room, protruded through as bumps in the material.

Jase looked at her longer than necessary to assess the dress.

"Let's get it" Jase said.

Once Cat changed back into her jeans, she and Jase watched the shop assistant wrap up the baby doll dress in pink tissue paper and place it in a box. Jase handed over the money for the dress in cash.

Cat caught a sideways glimpse at her brother. There was a bulging at the front crotch of his jeans. Although prudish, her curiosity gripped her momentarily wondering what he would look like down under there. He could be well hung; he could be small or banana shaped or dingle dangly. Ashamed with her thoughts on her own brother, she looked away. Her blue eyes meet with Jase's for a fraction of a second, before they walked out of the store down the spiral staircase. Had he seen her looking at him? He seemed to acknowledge it somehow by his broader and confident pace, which contrasted with his sister's.

Jase had approached Cat yesterday. Cat had been sprawled out over the couch in their family apartment, reading a book on psychology, getting frustrated with all the big words and jargon she couldn't understand. Jase came into the lounge room and proposed the idea to her. Jase's best friend, Dave, was having his 21st birthday party. His parents had let him have their house for the weekend, whilst they hired a hotel for the night. Dave wanted a skimpy for his party. Jase wanted his sister to be his skimpy because Dave fancied Cat and they hadn't been organised to book a professional skimpy to hire early enough.

Cat had been speculative at the idea. She placed her reading glasses down her nose a little, in disbelief and said no.

Jase asked if she'd do it for $200

Cat shook her head, and continued reading.

Jase asked if she'd do it for $500

Cat looked up from her book and said she'd consider it.

Cat had been fired from being a check out chick in Woolworths the week before. She needed money desperately for university. Books were expensive. Her plans to live away from home were expensive. Her bomb of a car needed to be repainted after some bastard keyed it. But would $500 cut it? Would that put her on the same platform as the Northbridge prostitutes? Would other people who thought they were better and more moral and didn't need the money condemn her as being a cheap slut?

The party was in Nedlands, a more classy side of Perth city. Cat was nervous when Jase pulled his car up to the driveway and parked on the lawn. Jase held onto the box her dress was wrapped up in. They'd arrived two hours before the party to help set up. Cat quickly grabbed onto her brother's hand for a moment of support.

"I'm not sure I should be doing this." She said. Jase squeezed her hand lightly and rested it by his side.

"Its too late, Cat, you said you would."

Through the doors of Dave's house was a corridor, which Jase placed the Erotic Cotton box down in, that lead to the lounge room. Balloons and streamers, yellow, blue, pink, black decorated the room reminding Cat of parties she'd been to when she was five. Dave was in the corner of the room swooped over a coolie box of beer. He greeted Jase with a slap on the back, and leaned forward to give Cat a hug.

Cat's body stiffened as she awkwardly put her arms around Dave. She drew her body quickly back away from him.

Dave was big. Not as in muscular big, but as in fat big. He had sideburns and had small beads of sweat on his face. He looked like an Elvis Presley try hard gone wrong. Or maybe a bit like Elvis in his later years. But he had thin lips. He wore cargo pants that scarcely fitted him, and a checked shirt. He smelt of alcohol or smoke or pot or whatever.

"I'll show you were the bathroom is." Dave said. He led Cat through a corridor that came off the lounge room.

It was now 11pm. The house was starting to full with people. Girls in their dresses smelling of flowers and sugar; and guys smelling musky. Girls with their hair out, in long black dresses, in short red dresses, in casual tank tops and jeans. Guys in suits and guys in jeans and one guy in tight fitting leather.

Back in the lounge room, Cat stood by herself in a corner sipping a glass of wine. She didn't know anyone here. She felt nervous and wanted to be alone. Dave was eyeballing Cat. Cat kept avoiding his eye contact at all costs. Jase kept glancing at Cat. Cat kept trying to gain his eye contact, as he stood in a corner talking with other guys. Cat didn't know anyone. Dave's ex girlfriend was there, and kept giving Cat the evil eye.

It was now 11:30. The room was becoming swamped with fabrics and smells. Also the smell of alcohol and sweat; maybe some vomit. Dave and Jase had moved a table into one corner of the room, and the music was pumping louder. Dance music. Cat could feel each beat vibrate up her bones and shudder at her teeth. Cat tried to smile and not look so conscious and awkward. A few men were looking at her; but she looked too unsure and guarding of herself for them to approach her.

12:00. Cat looked at her watch again. She had now had another drink. Crownies. She could do with another. She could do with another ten. Jase had wanted her to dress up when the crowds were high. Now was the time. Jase looked at her and made motions with his hands for her to go and dress. The "Erotic Cotton" box was in the entrance of the house; and had been swamped with jackets and jumpers. Her hands shaking, Cat digged down through the clothes to her box. She carried it off with her to the bathroom.

After Cat pulled up her g-string that was a little tighter around her cunt than comfortable, she slipped on her dress and store into the mirror. Her nose was long; maybe a little longer than attractive; but gave her some air of sophistication or classiness that drew men to her. She stretched her eyelid over her left eye with her finger, and grinded down the edges with eyeliner pencil. Her eyes stood out. She coated her lips with red; and stepped into her crystalline shoes. They were still awkward to walk in. She heard them clunking on the tiles of the bathroom floor; and echoing in the room. With one last glimpse in the mirror; and seeing her transformation into something almost sexy; she gathered all the confidence she had combined with the Crownies and strutted out of the bathroom into the party room.

She was a little awkward on her feet. She wanted to pick the g-string out of her arse. She couldn't.

The crowds in the lounge seemed to clear a path for her. Suddenly, under the influence of alcohol, Cat had become a sex goddess. And she felt a little uncomfortable inside herself that she was actually enjoying all the attention. People moved out of the way. There were a few whistles that disappeared in the complexity of her mind; and she felt her left check being pinched; her tits being touched and her legs being felt. A slap on the bottom. The smell of alcohol. Stronger on their breath than hers.

She placed one foot on the table set up for her in the corner, and stretched her leg and arms out on it, lifting herself up onto the table. As she did so the softness that the g-string covered was seen between her buttocks, and her breasts looked like they were about to flow out the dress. Jase was eyeing her, she could feel it. She searched for his blue eyes, and settled upon them. They supported her. They gave her energy and confidence. Someone held a drink out to her. She swooned a little, and her vision was becoming a little confused. Things seemed to be moving slower. She was noticing different things. Just colours and movement. She pressed her left hip out to one side, and then the right. She focused on the boom of the music and willed herself to move in time with the music. She looked somewhat uncomfortable and uncoordinated.

Cat's left foot collapsed inwards as her ankle gave way. She lost her balance. Felt the shock in her heart as she fell of the table. Was caught by some strange guy who let her body slide down his onto the floor. Dave was standing over her. Jase was there too.

"I'll take her and do her ankle up." Dave said.

"Okay" Jase said. Their words didn't make sense to her.

Dave supported her body whilst her arm was around his waist. He smelt terrible. Like a mixture of sweet with vinegar and strong BO. His arm was wet against hers. He lead her through the crowds into the bathroom as guests swept over and asked if she was okay. She nodded yes and smiled.

The coldness of the bathroom that Dave led her into encased her body; now freezing with the sweat. She popped up goosebumps. Then she felt her body being thrown against the wall. Heard a rip as her dress was being torn. Her g-string pulled down exposing the bareness of her pussy. She was frightened. Tears sprung from her eyes. She was angry. Humiliated. Disgusted with herself and with Dave.

"I want the rest of my birthday present." Dave was saying.

She struggled to support the weight on her crippled ankle. She hollered out. But didn't expect there was anyone to hear her. Her body fell down against the wall and her arse hit the floor heavily. Dave went down too, as he began unzipping himself and preparing to penetrate her.

The door of the bathroom opened. It was Jase.

Jase stood in the doorway looking in shock. He saw Dave with his cock hanging out, and his naked sister.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jase asked.

"Getting my money's worth." Said Dave. He was slurring his words with his tarded drunkenness.

Jase pushed Dave and Dave aimed a punch in Jase's face.

Blood began pouring out of Jase's nose.

Dave stormed out the room. Jase was left with his naked sister.

Jase held Cat close to him, as she shock with fear. Jase helped her stand up again. Cat felt the bulge of his pants against her, as she was now the same height of him in her high heels. Jase was becoming aroused.

The dress already torn from her body, Cat felt Jase's hand around her waist. His fingers felt large and strong. She let her body rest against his as they stood against each other breathing heavily.

"You smell of alcohol." Jase told Cat.

"I drank." She said, "and you need to do something about your nose."

Jase pressed his forehead against Cat's, and then placed his head over her shoulder as he started to kiss the nape of her neck. Cat let him, despite the blood, and felt herself beginning to become aroused; partly with the fear of what had just happened, the excitement of being a skimpy, and wanting security. Jase and Cat had kissed a few times before; but that was as far as ever had gone.

Jase's hands were tracing the carving in Cat's back. Cat kept her arms around Jase as she let him touch her. His hands moved down the bumps in her spine, to where it trailed off between her bum cheeks. His hand moved down, between the checks, over her arse and following the canyon separating her thighs, one finger slipped into her whilst the other bumped her clit. Cat felt shocked and was unsure what to do or say.

"Jase..." she stuttered.

Jase took his hands away and rested them down by his side.

"Let's take you home," he said. He took off his sweater and put it around her.

"I'll get some clothes from Dave's room to wear."

Cat felt herself getting slippery between her legs.

Jase came back to the bathroom with some clothes. He took his own clothes off for Cat to wear. Cat saw him pull his shirt over his head, exposing a lightly cast six pack and seeing the biceps of his arms contract. She could see the veins in his arms protruding a little. He then took his cargoes off, exposing his legs and jocks. His jocks were white and the bulge was obvious.

"Maybe you could take a little more off." Cat asked him drunkenly.

Jase stood still as he let Cat pull the elastic of his jocks down. She tugged lightly, and then forced them down around his ankles. His cock was erect and hard. Teasingly, she lightly fondled with it. She lightly stroked her fingers down the shaft, near the tip and then took them away again.

Jase was becoming overcome with sensation. He took her hands and motioned for her to continue. Cat felt a little frightened by the intimacy she now faced with her owns brother, and pulled away.

"We shouldn't." she said.

Jase pulled his jocks up again, and Cat watched him as he put on Dave's clothes. He was shaking slightly. His cock was so erect; putting the jocks on was proving to be difficult for him.

Cat dressed herself in Jase's clothes, immersing herself with her brother's scent. She put her g-string back over her very wet pussy, which she was aware that Jase had been looking at. His pants were too big for her, but she tightened up the string in them as much as she could. With her arm around her brother's waist for support, they left the party.

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