tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 09

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 09


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I felt a warm hand on my arm and heard Master Christof's voice. "It is cold, Brothers. Give me the blanket," he said as I opened my eyes.

The room was mostly dark as Master Christof wrapped me in a blanket and picked me up off the floor. I was chilly. The fire had burned lower and the room wasn't so comfortable anymore.

My stomach took that chance to remind me it had not had anything since lunch and rumbled. Master Christof walked us into the table area.

"Did you eat an evening meal, Ciara?" he asked.

"No, Master Master Christof," I answered snuggling into the warm blanket. My never dressed state did not allow me to be comfortable in a cool room.

"It will become sick if we are careless," Master Kein commented wrapping his hands around my icy feet. "It should be in the sleeping room after the sun has set or at least in a room with a stoked fire."

His hands were warm and felt good, rubbing briskly he took the chill out of my feet.

Master Bane took something out of a cupboard in the kitchen area. The men all took some to eat. Master Christof held me in his lap and fed me. It tasted like smoked meat and quelled my restless stomach.

I looked up at Master Christof's face and was surprised how much better it looked. Across the table I could see Master Bane's wounds were also smaller. They healed so quickly. I commented on it and Master Damien smiled.

"Perhaps you are just a slow healer, Ciara," he told me popping more of the meat into his mouth.

"I'm not sure how we would survive the women if we weren't fast Healers," Master Evan said.

The question was leaving my lips before I could stop it, "Why do they hurt you at the couplings? Do you force them to have sex?"

"Force them?!" Master Damien asked, "They come for sex, but they enjoy fighting us almost as much. They separate us and take whichever man they want. They sometimes pretend to let us bind them to reduce our injuries, but not often."

"I don't see how the shopkeepers survive it," Master Kein said.

"I think," Master Christof said, "they treat us differently. I could not be sure, but I heard the large woman that owns us speaking to other women while I was in the mountains. She told them it was young shopkeepers at the coupling and to be gentle."

"Are you owned by just one woman, do you think?" I asked him.

"No," he told me, "we are owned by a group. I believe our services at the couplings are sold to different groups of women. Sometimes we service our owners and sometimes the women they loan us to."

"A big one with a vicious scar across her forehead named Nu-reeh is our main owner," Master Bane said moving his wounded arm around. "She stopped a particularly nasty one from taking off my arm this time."

We moved into the bedroom and Master Christof laid me on my back on the bed. It was so much more comfortable than the floor. Lazily, I stretched out on it. Master Christof had left me wrapped in the blanket and it slowly slid off my breasts, exposing me. I started to pull it back and was stopped by Master Kein.

Master Damien and Master Evan were both standing and staring at me. Master Christof, Master Bane, and Master Kein had sat around me and were also watching. I didn't move. The way they were looking at me was so strange.

"We are exhausted," Master Damien said.

"Yes, Master Damien, you look tired," I answered.

"You are meant to sate our thirst, not ignite it," Master Bane insisted authoritatively.

I wasn't sure what to say to that comment and just lay still watching them.

"We should not be feeling this now. It is time for resting," Master Evan stated running a hand through his hair.

They looked so confused, so perplexed. I wanted to help them, but I wasn't really sure what their problem was. I pulled the blanket back over myself a little and they seemed to relax.

"We need to rest, Brothers," Master Christof declared and everyone seemed to agree.

The men all put on their linen shifts and covered me with a larger blanket. A moment later they crawled onto the bed around me. The men stretched their sore joints and found comfortable positions. I listened to them settle on the bed and soon it was quiet.

Looking at the ceiling, I completely relaxed on the bed. It was so good my owners were home, I'd been worried about them. Sleeping with other men was not nearly as relaxing as sleeping here with them.

It was late, but I had my habits. I waited for them to go to sleep. They were all still, but they didn't sound like they were sleeping.

Looking over at Master Evan I saw he was looking at me. I turned my head and Master Bane was staring at me from the other side.

"Am I upsetting you, Masters?" I asked quietly.

"We are fresh back from a coupling, Ciara, we do not need to use you," Master Bane explained, although that didn't make anymore sense than what he had said the first time.

"Yes, Master Bane," I answered him confused.

"However, we want to use you," Master Damien further explained.

I felt flattered. They actually wanted me.

"I'm tired, too, but I want you also, Masters. I'm glad you're back," I said quietly and to no one in particular.

Admitting how I felt about them made me nervous. Usually I was sure they didn't reciprocate the feelings.

"Of course you want us," Master Evan told me, "but you must rest now. We left you on the floor and without food too long."

Snuggling deeper into the warm, soft bedding my body continued to relax. Despite my habit, I think I was asleep long before they were.

I woke up the next morning and the sun was shining across the room. It was later than they usually let me sleep. Master Evan wasn't in the room, so they must not want me up yet. My bladder had determined it was time to get going though.

I glanced at the door to the bedroom and the leather flap was closed. Beyond the doorway I could hear voices in the main room. It sounded like my owners were talking to someone. If I hadn't had to go so badly I would have just stayed put.

Walking across the floor I peeked out the doorway. The men were standing and talking to a man I did not recognize. He looked like the villain from a pirate movie. Shaggy black hair and a series of cuts on his face gave him a fearsome appearance. I let the flap fall closed and just listened.

"You will have to touch it, Blain?" Master Christof asked.

"Yes," the stranger said, "it is better that way. I have done this many times and it seems better if I do it."

"It doesn't like to be touched by others," Master Christof said sounding troubled.

"You are sure you could not train us?" Master Kein asked. "My hands are very steady."

"I have done that before, but I can't guarantee the result under those circumstances," he said.

The door cover jerked opened and Master Evan was in front of me grinning. I jumped back and yelped lightly. I hadn't heard him walk up.

"It is up, Brothers. Ciara, why didn't you stay in bed until we woke you?" he asked.

"I had to go to the bathroom," I said quietly.

Now I really had to pee.

Master Evan took me to the bathroom and I heard the man comment it would be an easy job.

Master Evan let me use the bathroom, but then walked me back out into the main room. I kept my gaze on the floor, until Master Damien lifted my chin so I was looking in his eyes.

"Have you looked at this man?" he asked.

"Yes, Master Damien," I whispered.

"If you behave this morning, I will not take you to the posts for your disobedience," he promised me.

"Yes, Master Damien," I said feeling relieved.

My owners laid me down on a floating table and told me I could look at the man named Blain while he was in our rooms. I watched with trepidation as Blain took a long thick needle out of the bag he had with him. My eyes went wide when he plumped my breast in his hand.

They were going to pierce me. I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes tight. My breath was puffing out in little pants. I tried to do that breathing Rose had taught me, but it wasn't working. I felt light headed.

"Ciara," Master Christof said, "open your eyes."

I did and looked at him. "This will not hurt for long. We have a cream that will force you to heal quickly. We have used it before. Do you remember?" he asked me and stroked my cheek.

"Yes, Master Christof," I answered him with fear still lacing my voice.

Master Christof continued to look down at me questioningly for a moment. Suddenly he lowered his lips to my ear.

"We wish to do this and we will not let it hurt you. Trust us not to harm you. Please, may we do this?" he asked softly.

The choice shocked me as Master Christof stared back into my eyes. I would never had dreamed someone would ask me for my permission again. The pleading was evident in his face and I knew they would stop if I asked them to. The idea empowered me and I wanted to reward them for the generosity.

"Of course, Masters," I whispered taking a breath, "I wish to do this for you."

Christof looked thrilled as he reached down and took my hand.

"Shut your eyes," he instructed, "I promise you will not feel this. Blain is very good at his job," he stated confidently.

My eyes stayed shut tight and I waited for the pain. The man, Blain, just seemed to be playing with my breasts one at a time.

I expected the bite of needle, but I felt a sensation like ice coating me. I peeked and Blain was literally painting my nipples with a brush and small jar of liquid. Starting at the base of the areola he drew small circles until the entire nipple was coated with the chilly liquid.

A second tiny jar was produced and Blain showed it to Master Damien.

"Use it," Master Damien ordered.

"It is four extra stones per application," Blain advised.

Master Damien hated to repeat himself and I heard his frustrated grunt as he repeated the command.

"Our mark will always protect the slave," he explained patiently. "If our symbol brings pain the slave will come to expect that and be fearful of it. We do not wish a fearful slave."

"Ahh," Blain answered pulling out a very tiny brush. "It is different in the red mountains. The owners often do this as punishment."

Master Damien and Master Evan discussed how foolish the men in the red mountains were as Blain painted just the tips of my nipples very cautiously.

The long needle was picked up and Master Christof reminded me to close my eyes. I felt a dull pressure at the tip of one and then the other. Once Blain released the second breast I took a peek again.

"It looks wonderful," Master Damien said in awe and I opened my eyes fully

Master Evan handed Blain several stones and then he handed him an extra one.

"It did not feel pain, we are grateful for the extra care," Master Evan told him.

The man picked up his bag and bowed his head slightly to my owners.

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Please tell the others if they wish my services. My Brothers and I will be back through here the next lunar cycle," he said excusing himself.

Hesitantly, I looked down at my nipples. They were still puckered up, but now they had shiny silver rings through them. A translucent sheen of the healing cream was over each of them. I lifted the rings and saw my owners' crest hanging from each one.

Surprisingly, I liked the look.

"They are pretty like this. Do you like them, Masters?" I asked sitting up.

I hadn't had a man stare at my chest like that since I'd been on earth, certainly not five men at once.

"We like it very much, Ciara," Master Bane said brushing the side of my breast.

"We are to leave them alone for two day cycles, Ciara," Master Damien said brushing the other breast. "You are absolutely not to touch or play with them."

"Yes, Master Damien," I answered obediently.

It wasn't like I was the one playing with my nipples most of the time anyway, but I didn't want to bring that up.

The men fed me breakfast and stared at me the entire time. These guys were really into piercings, I thought.

Master Kein washed me today. During my shower he cleaned very carefully around my new jewelry. When he gave me my other cleaning and inserted the plug, he made sure my nipples didn't rub on the bench. A very thin sheen of the healing cream was again applied to my nipples. Once I was clean he walked me to the closet.

The men dressed me differently today. They attached a silver chain at my waist. Blue strips of gauzy fabric went from the chain down to my ankles. A slightly thicker strip of fabric covered my sex and the crack of my ass. My top was left bare.

We walked through the courtyard and the men stopped to talk to almost everyone. I felt like I should have a sign that read 'Just had my nipples pierced, come and look'. They really wanted to show me off today.

We were apparently going shopping. Once they had made their perusal of the yard, they dressed me in my dull brown outfit. We walked briskly through the street vendors to their preferred shopping district through the second stone wall. I noted the man with the earring cart was in there now.

"Ciara," Master Damien said, "choose a new pair."

I carefully looked over what the man had and pointed to one in their colors. They seemed pleased with the selection.

Master Damien walked into the clothing shop and greeted the man named Fredrik warmly. I recognized Mia and went with her when she came to get me.

She noticed the piercings right away.

"Did they hurt?" she asked very quietly.

"No," I whispered back, "the man named Blain put something on me, so I didn't feel it."

"Mine are very sensitive," she said gesturing to the row of nipples on each side of her chest.

"So are mine," I whispered back to her.

The men appeared behind us and she stopped talking and finished taking me out of my brown outfit.

I soon learned why we had come today. I was to explain the belly dancing outfit from home and the men in the shop would make me one. Master Damien allowed me to speak directly to the men today. He explained I would not be allowed to speak to them after we left the shop today.

"Careful, Damien," the shopkeeper warned, "earth slaves are easily confused. You could just have it speak to Mia and we will listen. Our Mia knows about making things with cloth. It made them on its home world. Mia will ask the correct questions."

"Our Ciara is bright, but you may be right," Master Damien said. "It looks at men without our permission now. We do not wish to punish it."

There wasn't time to ponder the odd conversation before Mia prompted me to talk about the outfit. I explained it in detail to her. I had never sewn anything, so I felt like my description was lacking, but she seemed to understand.

"Master," Mia said to her owners, "the outfit this slave describes will cover most of the slave. It is not ornamentation."

She was right. The belly dancing outfit, while almost risque on earth, would be extremely conservative here.

"Damien, do you want the outfit to be more like the ornamentation we like for the slaves or do you want a replica of the original outfit?" he asked.

"A replica would interest us. We would like to see the slave appear as it does at home for this dance."

"Does the dance have meaning for your people?" Mia asked and I laughed remembering my old instructor.

"Fertility," I answered her still giggling.

"And why is that funny, Ciara?" Master Kein asked watching me.

"I'm completely infertile here, Master," I said still grinning.

Of course they didn't get the joke, but I could see Mia did.

Much like before we went out to lunch after shopping. Luckily they didn't feed me anything that made me high. They had learned a lot about what food to give me and I was glad.

On our way back to the Warriors' compound a shadow passed over the ground and the men around us scrambled. A blaring whistle cut through the air and continued to blast. We were under attack.

In their haste, the men knocked over the vendors' carts and each other. Doors slammed as the men barricaded themselves inside their dwellings. The shadow went right and the screaming started.

Master Evan pushed me into an alley and told me to stay. I crouched down and watched as my men ran toward the sounds of a struggle.

Everything was silent where I was left. Most of the action seemed to happening several streets over. It seemed like no one was moving inside the buildings beside me.

Only one man was left outside. He had tripped and gotten stuck under an overturned cart. The man tried to crawl under it to hide.

All of the sudden something dropped out of the sky. It was just as Rose had described. The beast was covered in long brown fur. It had to be at least nine feet tall with clawed digits and the largest teeth I've ever seen. The creature's wingspan was folded, but I could see the dagger sharp tips along the edges.

There were hints to the sex of the beast. I saw four distinct nipples on small taut breasts poking out of its fur. That was the only feminine quality I saw on the thing.

I stayed quietly in a crouch and didn't move. She walked right past me like I wasn't even there. Her attention was all on the cart with the man beneath it.

She picked up the cart and tossed it away. The shaggy haired man hiding there shrieked and tried to run. The woman grabbed him and started to take off.

Men piled back into the street, four of them to be exact. They attacked the woman with knives and flailing fists, but it was to no avail. She laughed at them and picked a second man up.

"You are mine until the next lunar cycle," she laughed spreading her wings.

Warriors were there suddenly, there were five, so they must be a family. They attacked the woman, but she just jabbed them with the sharp tips of her wings. The woman held her struggling bounty tight and took off.

The Warriors ordered the three men back into their house and they took off running following as she flew away.

An earth shaking screech sounded and I saw two other women taking off into the air. The two struggling men were being held by the original women. I pitied them as I heard their cries. To be kidnapped so ruthlessly and taken from home was awful.

My stomach felt weak and so did my legs. I sagged into the building next to me and sunk down to my knees. My ears were ringing, but I heard men piling back into the streets. I prayed they wouldn't notice me.

I saw shoes in front of me and cringed. My Warriors wore boots; I had been noticed.

"What are you?" the man asked harshly.

There was nothing to do. I couldn't speak to him. I shouldn't even look at him. I stared at his shoes and waited to see how badly this would end.

"That belongs to Damien and his Brothers," another man said. "Leave it alone, they won't like you talking to it."

"It distracts them from their job. They should not be playing with a slave, they should be finding my Brothers," he said grabbing my hood and veil.

I cringed when the bright light hit me. This was not going to end well. I closed my eyes and held my breath, but nothing else happened. No one seemed to be moving in the street.

"Did you touch our slave?" Master Damien asked in a low voice.

"My Brothers were taken," my aggressor shrilly answered, "you should be looking for them."

"Did you touch our slave?" Master Damien repeated.

"I only touched this fabric. I don't want your slave. I want my Brothers back. You must go find my Brothers!" he cried.

I felt bad for the man. He was just upset. Now that my owners were here I had the luxury of such feelings again.

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