tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 20

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 20


Welcome back to the story. This week's chapter is dedicated to two special birthdays Steve150177 and Monique Perry are both getting a year younger this week! Congratulations to both of you and hope it is a happy day!

English is in italics when it appears.

All commentary is welcome.

A special thanks as always to Steve150177 for his meticulous proofreading.

Enjoy! DW


Without thinking I ripped the box from Damien and looked inside. Before I could get farther Damien had taken it back. I started to beg and found my self pulled against a hard male body with a hand over my mouth.

"Silence," Evan ordered from behind me.

I struggled against him, but found it useless. The hand over my mouth was also covering my nose and making breathing difficult. I stilled in an effort to get Evan to release his hold, which thankfully he did.

The street around us was so quiet. I looked around and the shopkeepers were all staring at us. Their attention made my skin prickle.

Damien thanked the musicians and the shopkeeper and strode toward the compound. After my outburst I was not permitted to walk and Evan carried me. I could see the intense internal conversation that must be happening on his face.

Evan set me down inside the Warrior's compound and stripped me of my brown coverings. I started to speak and was silenced by Damien's look. He stepped in front of me and leaned over. I felt his breath on my cheek.

"What is this I hold?" he asked.

"Mail, correspondence from Hannah, it's the way we would have sent messages on Earth," I whispered reaching for the box.

Evan grabbed my hands and held them behind me.

"Nothing that happens on this compound or in the village gets past the General," Damien whispered. "He probably already knows. This has to be brought to him."

I cried and asked pitifully to look at it just one time, but Damien refused. I glanced up and saw the General was already striding across the courtyard toward us. My family turned to face him. Christof held my head down with a hand on the back of my head.

"What is this, Damien?" he asked when he reached us.

Damien paused for a moment before he spoke.

"General, I do not know," he said calmly. "It was found on the road and delivered to us. It has our symbol. We have not investigated further."

My heart broke as I heard Damien hand over the package. I tried to stifle the sobs, the General's presence in the courtyard was causing other Warriors to gather. It wouldn't do to be seen this way.

Hannah had tried, I soothed myself. That must mean she was well. It might even mean she was close. No matter if I never saw what she sent, it was a good omen.

I relaxed and Christof released the grip on my head.

"Tami leaves, Damien?" the General said sounding surprised.

I smiled and stole a glance up. The bundle of thick brown leaves was tied in a tight bundle. It was a generous gift and one the men would appreciate.

"What is this?" the General asked.

I looked up again and saw the flat folded item he held. It looked like a really thick piece of wood folded. It was a letter. There was no way to tell Damien that.

"I do not know, sir," Damien said. "We are very surprised by this."

The General inspected the item and realized it unfolded.

The yard was full of Warriors now. Everyone was watching the General intently. I prayed Hannah had enough sense not to put something damning in that letter.

I watched the General's feet and thought of my daughter. She was well enough to collect tami leaves to send her family and smart enough to have someone deliver it. I imagined she anticipated the men would have too much honor to take something of Damien's; they would just bring it to him. Smiling I thought about what a bright girl she was. Shame she hadn't realized the General would take her gift.

The General's feet turned to face the gathered Warriors and he called out to them.

"Tonight we eat our meat roasted with the tami leaf!"

The men roared and cheered, but the sound died quickly.

The General's voice boomed out again, "Damien met many men while training," he said. "This is a letter, a written communication, from one of them, Uncleddy."

I stifled a laugh. She was using a name from Earth, Uncle Eddy. Not my favorite relative to be sure, but the most remembered. It was a hint for me, like I would not have known it came from her.

The General continued to speak, "Uncleddy wishes Damien's family well. He thought of them while passing a great tami tree and wished to send their compound a good meal. He has travelled much and states he is doing well. Uncleddy asks Damien's family to put this letter by the fire in their rooms. It is a way of wishing the gift giver safety and comfort."

The assembled Warriors murmured. The crowd wanted Damien to take the letter upstairs and put it by the fire straightaway. It would be rude to do anything else with the missive. The instructions had been very clear, even if the custom was odd.

Damien and his Brothers retrieved the box and letter from the General and we walked upstairs. The tami leaves were taken to the compound's kitchen by a young Warrior.

Once we were in our apartment the men started to curse. I had no idea why at first, so I asked.

"You spoke in the village, Ciara!" Christof exclaimed. "It will get back to the General. A slave that speaks in the village must be punished. It upsets the shopkeepers."

Damien cursed viciously. "How we discipline her is not their business. They should have no say in this."

I didn't care about punishment or discipline. The only thing I wanted was to see Hannah's letter. It was the only contact I had gotten with her in many moons and it fascinated me. I wanted to see it and touch it!

Evan let me hold the letter and I ran my fingers lovingly over the carefully written message. It was a short message in large letters. It said she was fine and traveling, if I was to assume she was Uncle Eddy.

The letter itself was thick. It was not a simple sheet of paper, but some intricate mass of layered wood. I had to assume this is what the women used for paper. It looked like it had been hand made.

Bane's entrance broke into my thoughts. He had stayed in the courtyard when we came up and burst in through the door.

"Other Warriors saw Ciara's outburst in the village," he said as soon as the door shut.

There was copious cursing for a moment.

Kein spoke forcefully, "I don't care what they want. We cannot put our Sister up at the posts."

Their upset finally got my attention and I sat the letter in it's box near the fire.

"They want her at the posts," Bane said plaintively. "Many are down there now waiting for us to take her."

"So take me," I offered trying to soothe them, but wincing at the proposition, "I can survive."

Damien was enraged at the suggestion. No other man was touching me. The idea they would put me up there was repulsive.

"Then punish me yourself. You said I had packed the things you could use to discipline me. Use what you have. I'd prefer a lashing from you to being groped by every man on the compound."

I remembered the erotic pain Damien had inflicted when he had flogged me in the mountains. They said they had lots of other ways to torture me gently. It seemed probable they could do that.

"You did like it," Evan said calming down.

"It made you ready," Bane added remembering and smirking.

I called him a nasty name and he grinned wider.

Christof spoke quickly while pacing, "We take her to the posts and put her up, but we leave her cuffs on. Damien makes an announcement this is how it is done in the red mountains."

Damien came to stand in front of me and ran a finger down my cheek. "I will bring you pleasure later," he promised simply.

Damien turned and walked toward their closet. I wondered what he would choose to use on me. Try as I might I couldn't remember packing anything.

The men striped me of my ornamentation, except my collar and cuffs. No one else was going to touch me while we were down there. Their protection stayed on me. Only my family would be involved in this discipline.

"The men are going to fight it," Kein said quietly. "We were always told we could not do this. They will find it odd."

Evan spoke up, "We can tell them we've already done it once..."

"We tell the truth. This is how men from the red mountains discipline a trained slave that has misbehaved. Discipline like this cannot be done on a new slave. Ciara has been here long enough. They can be made to understand," Damien said coming out of the closet.

In his hand he held a thin firm rod. It reminded me of a riding crop the way it got flatter and wider at the end. I shuddered and passed a hand over my breast. That thing was going to sting like crazy.

"Not there," Christof said, "we all enjoyed that last time. Those are only for us. We will put the marks here," he finished brushing his fingers over my bottom.

We walked downstairs and over to the posts. The men tied me naked with only my metal bands for protection. My hands were stretched up and separated. Unlike last time my legs were tied together at the ankles. Before they left me, Bane whispered in my ear. He told me he didn't want anyone to see me get excited, so they let my thighs shield my sex. I had to bite my tongue to keep the scathing retort inside.

I stayed still and kept my eyes closed. Damien had told me he had to go tell the General what was happening. While they were gone I was to stand quietly and not look around.

I started when I heard Damien's voice beside me. He announced my crimes to the yard. I peeked between my lashes and saw there were quite a few families gathering. The numbers seemed to be growing as Damien's proclamation rang out.

Damien told the assembled this was how things were done in the red mountains. He said it would be very effective. A murmur went through the crowd; it sounded like disbelief.

The first hit snapped across my buttocks and stung like crazy. I wanted to move away, but my bound ankles stopped me. I was going to stand still and take this.

"A repentant slave would thank it's owner for each mark," Damien pronounced. "I would also recommend having the slave count, if it is able. The lesson is reinforced as the slave does this."

"One, thank you, Master Damien," I said quickly.

The stinging blows continued in a slow measured stream. He started on my right and after sixteen; he moved to my left. Damien covered my butt, upper legs, and lower back. It burned and ached, but I had to concentrate on counting and thanking him.

Tears mixed with sweat and ran down the front of my body. This hurt more than last time, but it was still a strangely sensual experience. My bound form hummed in synchrony with the blows and it was all for Damien.

Without peeking I knew what he looked like, powerful and focused. He would plan each mark and then make it with precision. My flesh was his canvas and it would look exactly as he planned once he finished.

The rain of blows ceased at thirty two.

"Will you speak in the village again?" Damien asked.

The tenor of his voice was different and I almost opened my eyes. He sounded aroused.

"No, Master Damien."

My arms were released and Damien picked me up. I cringed as the fabric of his shirts rubbed against the places he'd lashed me. From the feel of it my ass was glowing red from his attention.

He jumped from the platform and I threw my arms around him as I tried to contain the yelp. I hated the feeling of falling. It was worse with my eyes closed.

"Do I make you feel safe, Ciara?" he asked pointedly as he carried me.

"Yes, Master Damien," I answered pressing a kiss to his salty neck.

"Open your eyes," he commanded.

It was creepy how quiet the men could be. The other families surrounded us on every side and I jerked my head down.

"Look at me," Evan commanded standing by my feet. "Do you fear Damien now?"

"No, Master Evan," I answered honestly.

The men surrounding us were watching my eyes. Apparently they saw the truth of the statement and were amazed. According to their training a human would fear someone that brought it pain.

Damien carried me to one of those amazing floating tables. I arched as the cool surface of the table made contact with my heated flesh. Bane told me to roll onto my stomach, which I did gladly. I folded my arms under my head and rested.

The marks must have been heavy and red. The men stood talking all around me. How I did not fear Damien amazed the men. Humans hated pain, we would hate anyone that brought us pain.

I lay still on the table and felt my ass throb with every heartbeat. Still it was a huge improvement over being fondled and invaded by strangers. I'd take a controlled lashing from Damien over that anytime.

"I have brought this slave pleasure before," Damien announced stroking my hair. "I will do so again. Human slaves are intelligent. It understood it broke the rules in the village. I am a gracious man and allowed the slave to choose its punishment."

The other Warriors didn't understand, so Damien explained. I had the option of taking a whipping from him or letting them touch me. My choice was to take my punishment at his hands.

A voice I didn't know argued. He said a slave must feel protection at their owners' hands. The other Warriors should be viewed as the danger, not their own Masters.

"In the beginning, I would agree," Damien stated, "but this slave understands what dangers lay in your hands."

Christof spoke and ordered my eyes open, he asked me to tell him why I wanted Damien to do this.

"You and your Brothers know control, Master Christof," I told him simply raising my head. "I trust you. I do not trust anyone else."

That was the correct answer. It was something the men could understand. Obviously I had been trained well, although some still seemed to struggle with the idea. No one here was accustomed to discipling their own slaves.

The talk continued for a little while as the men visually examined my marks. My family massaged my feet and stroked along my scalp. I recognized Kein's hands teasing the side of my breast. The touching was in sharp contrast to the fiery ache Damien had left on my backside.

Damien and his Brothers felt a far different ache. I heard the quality to their voices. They were excited. It sounded like they were trying to get us back upstairs as soon as they could.

Their excitement fed mine and I started to feel wetness gather between my legs. My ankles were still bound, so no one could see the way my sex was preparing itself. I shifted my hips and felt the sting of Damien's marks. It was erotic and reminded me of the hard, focused man that had flogged me in the mountains.

A finger nudged at my lips and I took it inside. Swirling my tongue around the digit and sucked. Damien gasped softly as I teased the finger as I would his cock.

The men around us were concerned about scars and bruising. They weren't sure they knew how to wield a lash on a slave, only the General could do that. It was a frustratingly repetitive conversation.

Eventually Bane had had enough and rolled me off the table and into his arms. Peeking from behind lowered lashes I saw Evan flanking him. I heard Christof's voice from behind me covering the other side. Damien cut through the crowd and Kein had our backs. Whether the group liked it or not, we were leaving.

We ascended the stairs quickly. As the men jogged up, one of Bane's hands moved to grip my tender bottom. It felt hypersensitive and I moaned into his chest.

"Sounds like pleasure to me," he murmured keeping his hand in place and squeezing, eliciting another deep sound.

We made it inside and the door was shut. My bonds on my ankles were cut. Bane set me on my feet and I turned my head to look at my backside. I was marked with lines of bright red welts. Running my hand across them, I winced.

"I will heal them," Damien said stepping closer and running a hand down my arm.

His hand strayed across the marks and I moved closer to him.

"Aren't you proud of your work?" I asked with a grin.

The fire in his eyes and the look on his face spoke volumes. He didn't need to answer.

"Make the sound for me you made for Bane," Damien commanded stepping closer and closing his fingers around my striped flesh.

I hissed and moaned stepping closer to him. My face pressed into his chest as my hands wrapped around him to stroke his back. The way he inflicted the pain was erotic, whether he intended it or not.

Fingers tugged at my hair until I tilted my head up. Damien lowered his face to mine and held me there. He stroked the marks with the fingers of his other hand. His grey eyes appraised me. In between the moaning sounds he elicited I started to kiss his lips.

"Open your eyes," he commanded when mine drifted closed. "I wish to know if you are experiencing pain or pleasure."

"Both," I moaned looking up at him.

The men were complimenting Damien. He had done a good job. That was what they intended. The marks were to have been hard enough to mark, but not enough to give real discomfort. Their friends from the red mountains had trained Damien well.

I felt a hand slipping between my legs. Fingers explored the moisture present and I heard Bane's happy grunt.

"She is ready for us here," he said.

Bane played and tugged with the plug that still filled me. As Damien grabbed a handful of flesh. I moaned at the combined sensations. When the plug slipped free of my body another moan breached my lips.

"Still, I see pain in her features," Damien said continuing to stroke the marks on my bottom.

I wanted it all from them, the pain and the pleasure. This was such a strange experience for me. Right now I didn't care, I needed them. I decided to exert my new right to choose, right now!

"Fuck me," I ordered running my hands up Damien's back.

His lips tilted into a smile, but I saw the wicked glint in his eyes. I couldn't back down and ran my nails down until I'd reached his pants. Pulling away from him, I brought my hands to the front closure of the leather.

There was no gentleness as I yanked open the ties and pulled Damien's manhood out. He was as hard as I expected when I wrapped my hand around the base and jerked. He just raised an eyebrow at the roughness, so I got to my knees and started to suck. I watched his eyes as I aggressively swallowed his length each time.

He'd been sweating on the platform, just like me. I tasted the salt and devoured it. The rich scent of male musk was intoxicating.

Damien's hand found the back of my head and he started to control the pace. I licked and sucked, watching his strained face above mine. He was trying not to cum and I made sure it was a losing battle. I did everything in my power to bring him off.

My hands grabbed at his tensing buttocks through the thick pants. I growled and groaned in my throat trying to push him farther. It didn't take long and I saw the pleasure on his face.

The shaft in my mouth thickened and his thrusts became rougher. Huge fangs were visible as his eyes clouded and he exploded in my mouth. His orgasm seemed to go on forever.

The rich fluid pulsed down my throat, but some of it touched my tongue. I pulled everything out of Damien I could. I sucked at the softening shaft and licked the slit at the top until Damien pushed me away. He stumbled back into the wall breathing heavy.

For once, Damien was a mess. His stripes were dark, his teeth were down, and his cock was hanging out of his pants. It was an unusual site.

"No kneeling place and in the anteroom," Bane smirked pulling me to stand. "Perhaps we should punish you for real. You know we prefer the sleeping chamber."

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