tagLoving WivesA Sneaky Suspicion

A Sneaky Suspicion



I had the sneaking suspicion that my wife wasn't playing it straight with me about this new personal aerobics trainer she'd hired to come to the house every Thursday to give her a full impact work-out. She stressed to me over and over again that she needed someone to show her the proper techniques of how to do them, without hurting herself.

We've been married about six years now and our sex life has always been more than adequate, or so I thought. I can't quite remember what gave me the suspicion that she was doing more than an aerobic workout with this guy who has the body of Adonis and the face of Zeus, but something tipped me off and I was hell bent on figuring out.

I needed to know if I was right or just being the over jealous husband that I tend to be. When you're married to a woman as beautiful as my wife Tiffany, a man has to be on his guard and has to be ready to fight and ward off a potential threats, but I guess if she loves her husband that much there would never be any question to it.

Tiffany started her training about two months ago and ever since then I've noticed little things about her behavior that I hadn't noticed before. Like I said, our sex was great before, but now I'm starting to see where she's coming up with these crazy fantasies that she wants us to try and act out in our bedroom.

One night while making love she told me that she wanted to know what it would be like to have another man in bed with us. A man that was tall and strong and that was willing to do whatever she wanted him to do and that she wanted me to tell him how to fuck her. I took it in stride for the time being so that I wouldn't loose my thrill and desire to finish making love to her.

After we were finished and the lights went out I lay there in bed thinking about what she'd asked me and something about it didn't make sense. I vowed to myself to get to the bottom of it when she had her next meeting with Mr. Olympus.

I devised a plan to catch her red handed if any thing was really going on. I waited until she was out with her mother shopping and I knew that she'd be gone most of the day. I went out and bought a couple of those little security cameras and placed them strategically through the house making sure I covered the bathroom, bedroom and the livingroom and wired them to a converter that would shoot the image to my laptop. The next day I left for work with my briefcase and acted as though nothing were unusual. I called my secretary as soon as I got around the corner from my house and told her to re-schedule all my appointments for the day and that if my wife called she was to tell her that I was in meetings all day and can't be disturbed.

I parked my car at the rental company, and rented another car for the day and parked in the empty lot a block away. I crept down the street and slipped into the basement where I had stashed my laptop and booted it up making sure all the wires were connected and I had a complete view of the house. Mr. Muscle was there already and they were busy with their aerobic workout. I though maybe I was just over exaggerating the whole thing.

About a half- hour into the work out they took a break I watched my sexy wife patter through the house toward the fridge wearing her pink spandex leggings and a halter-top. Her ass was amazing in those spandex and her boobs bounced when she walked. I could feel myself getting hard and wishing that she would wear that sexy little get up for me sometime instead of Mr. Bonehead.

From the spot where the camera was there was a blind spot into the kitchen. All I saw was him follow her into the kitchen and then a moment later he was carrying her out with his lips locked on hers.

My blood started to boil and my palms went sweaty as I heard him walk across the living room floor and I watched him carry her over to the couch and lay her down.

Within seconds her hands were groping at his pants and he was lifting his shirt over his head. His lips moved back to hers and then trailed their way down to her nipples that were now bare and his hands were slowly moving inside of those pink spandex. I didn't know whether I should be turned on or burnt to a crisp from jealousy, but I continued to watch. He spread her pretty legs once the spandex were off and he dove his face between her legs as she wrapped them around his shoulders and ran her fingers through his hair.

My cock was aching and straining to be free and yet my mind was totally shattered and angry that she was letting this man eat her like that; in our home, on our furniture. My hand slid down my pants and I gripped my cock with anger and with lust as Mr. Olympus knelt down on the floor beside her. She turned her head to the side and sucked his fat cock into her mouth as he diddled her wet pussy with his fingers. I wanted so bad to run upstairs and give her what she'd asked me for a couple nights before that. I fought with myself to stay where I was and to save it all on my laptop. I thought I was going to loose my mind and my wad when he spun her around to face him and guided his cock into her wet hole with two hands.

Her head was tilted toward the ceiling and her legs were spread over his shoulders as he rammed her hard and long. With each stroke he delivered the more I got angry and turned on. I watched him slam himself in and out of her over and over again. The he fucked her the more she wiggled and writhed on him making faces of pure pleasure and passion. Faces, that I swear I've never seen her make before. The more she wiggled and moaned the more my cock got harder, before I knew it I had it out in the open and I was stroking it from my perch behind the hot water heater.

I watched as he rammed her deep and held himself buried inside of her and knew he'd cum. He bent his head down and sucked at her nipples again and she reached between his legs and milked the last few drops of his cum out of his cock with her tiny little hand before licking her fingers off.

I lost it right there and sent my load splattering to the floor as I watched him licked her wet pussy once more before he reached for his clothes. I placed the laptop down after saving the show and I snuck back out of the basement and across the back parking lot to the rental car. I cruised around the block and as I passed the house Mr. Olympus was kissing her as he backed out of my front door.

I drove back to the rental place, and switched cars and headed back to the office. I told my secretary that I was on my way home to surprise my wife. I walked into the house knowing she hadn't had time to shower him off of her. I kissed her as she stood there shocked to see me and I patted her on the ass and told how good she looked in that pink spandex and that I was just dying to get her out of them. She protested, stating that she was all hot and sweaty and need a shower. I told her nonsense, and stripped her naked.

I could smell him on her and in her, and knowing what I knew made me all the hornier for her. I slid my cock into her wet pussy that was still hot and wet with his juices and I fucked her hard and deep and asked her if she missed me. She smiled and brought me off quicker than I've ever gotten off. I didn't tell her about the show I'd seen and I think I'll hold that little card for a later date.

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will the twain ever meet and desist. TK U MLJ LV NV

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It was good til the ending!! Not even remotely believeable!

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I See No Truth In This

When I came home unexpectedly I caught my soon-to-be ex-wife in bed with two men. I can assure you that it was fully impossible for me to have an erection. In fact, it was almost three months before Imore...

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