tagErotic CouplingsA Soldier's Gypsy

A Soldier's Gypsy


Author's note: This is my first story, so I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments or rate it. I'd love to write more. Also, all characters in this story are 18 or older.


He can see her from the shadows. Moonlight shines in onto pale, delicate skin. The rich scent of flowers perfumes the air. Silky brown hair cascades down her back, ebbing and flowing with her every movement. His eyes devour the sight of her in the night, and longing spreads within him. Blue eyes watch their prey as she slips between smooth sheets while wearing nothing more than a flimsy slip. Slender fingers slide against silk, and her curves twist and turn in the quest for sleep. At last, the shady form becomes still, lost in the realm of dreams. However, all is not still.

Barely stirring the air, he breathes, still hidden in the darkness. His body is still with the exception of his chest expanding with ragged breaths. He craves her. His whole body is taut, waiting on the verge to strike like a great jungle cat. He wants it, but he holds back and grits his teeth with the effort.

Time passes by unnoticed as the blue curtain of night prevails. Still he watches, waiting and torn. A sound from the bed causes the hair on his nape to rise. His vision hones in on her sleeping form. Her head tosses from side to side; her hands grab at fistfuls of sheet. Fragile whimpers echo in the silence of the room. A nightmare grips the sleeping gypsy, and her face contorts with the angruish of the dream. The hidden predator watches, wanting to go to her but remembering his plan to slip back out of her world without a whisper. A brief battle wages within him, but his mind is soon decided.

After evaluating the room once more, he strides across the room to her bed, stopping mere inches from her sleep-warmed body. Slowly, he reaches out to gently brush a curl back from her cheek. Another whimper slips from her soft lips at his touch, but he moves closer yet. With careful movements, he climbs into the bed with her. He wraps his strong arms around her and tenderly pulls her into his body. He murmurs soft words into her ear and attempts to soothe her troubled mind. His lips move against her soft hair, and his eyes close on a tight wave of pleasure. Her tense body quiets and settles loosely into him.

He tries to retain some measure of distance, but he can't. Now that he's touched her, he knows he can't just leave. Her soft body is too tempting for him to leave now. Even with his military training, he doesn't have the willpower to resist this sleeping woman. He loves her, and always has. She doesn't know, couldn't know; he made sure of that. He didn't want her to know she had the power to hurt him. There had always been a soft spot in his stony heart for her. It was more than her tempting curves and warm body; it was the way she smiled in the sunlight, how sweet she was to even the coldest stranger. He wanted to protect her. He wanted her for himself. He wanted her mind, body, and soul more than he had ever wanted anything else.

His arms pull her closer to him, her sloping back fitting perfectly to his toned chest. She sighs in her sleep and his body becomes completely still; he holds his breath for a couple seconds, hoping that she won't wake quite yet. He lets out an exhale of relief when he realizes she's still a captive of sleep. It feels so good to have her in his arms, but he wants more. He debates touching her while she's unaware. He's pretty sure he had seen a glimpse of love for him in her eyes the last time they had seen each other. He doesn't know if he'll ever get the chance again, so he decides that after coming this far, he isn't going to hold back.

He leans his head down, hair cut short, blue eyes sparkling with desire. He exhales a hot breath onto the curve of her neck and sees goosebumps rise in its place. He gets bolder and brushes his lips over her tender skin. She still doesn't wake, so he kisses her neck. She moans gently in sleep, and his desire rages stronger. He wraps one arm around her waist, pulling her into his erection that strains against his ACUs. His other arm reaches around to her breasts, caressing them with a light and sensual touch. Her head tilts back in sleepy pleasure, and her body nestles closer into his solid body. He closes his eyes tight, fighting for control

Hating the added barrier of his clothing, the soldier rises from the bed. He begins stripping off his uniform, hurrying to get back to bed with his dark haired beauty. When he's left standing only in his boxers, he walks back over to the bed. He looks at her and feels his heart skip a couple beats in his chest. His sleeping little vixen will always have a hold of his heart, and she was his. He made up his mind that tonight she would be his, and he wants to make sure she never craves anyone else. She is HIS gypsy. He wouldn't let himself think of everything else he wanted just yet, tonight that would have to be enough.

The soldier climbs back into bed with his vixen, this time propping himself up beside her. Gently, he tugs the strap of her blue slip down her shoulder, attempting to expose more of her flesh. He leans down yet again, his eyes on her face, and runs his tongue slowly over her collarbone. She tastes lightly of honey and warm rain. Her flavor is intoxicating and he immediates wants more. He strokes a nipple through the thin silk of her gown and feels it harden in response. His heart beats even faster.

Though his hands are large and rough, he manages to pull her slip down to her waist without waking her. Her breasts are full and her nipples are a pale pink. He brushes a rough thumb over her nipple and sees it pucker even more. Rubbing that nipple between his thumb and index finger, he takes the other into his mouth. His tongue flicks over her nipples, teasing, and he nibbles lightly on the pink flesh. His gypsy whimpers in sleep, causing a low growl to rumble in his throat. He moves his mouth to the other nipple and gives it the same attention.

Hungrier now, he carefully pulls her slip the rest of the way off. She's wearing a scrap of white lace panties. He easily removes those and tosses them aside. In her sleep, she turns over, and he waits to see if she reaches consciousness. Her chest rises and falls with her deep breaths. Leaning over her, he flutters his fingertips slowly down her neck, then through the valley between her breasts, slides them down her belly, and further still. He's eager to discover if she's as aroused as he.

Full of anticipation, he reaches between her thighs and finds her hot and wet. Her honey covers his fingers, slick and so warm. He moans, straining to hold back much longer. He flicks a fingernail lightly over her clit. Her body jumps in her sleep, but he no longer cares. He slides a finger completely inside her. She's so tight it takes his breath away. He's almost afraid to have her because he's not sure he'll ever get her out of his system once he does. He teases her, and she squirms in sleep. He feels his control start to slip and knows he'll take her soon. He feels like a teenager again, nervous and so much hungrier for a woman than he ever remembers being. Wanting his gypsy awake for this, he whispers her name into her ear, trying to draw her from sleep. He heart thumps nervously against his rib cage.

Gradually, she wakes from her sleep, slightly disoriented at first. She doesn't scream when she sees him. She could never fear him. Her brows wrinkle in confusion. Why is he here? Is this a dream? she wonders. He moves his finger inside her, and she gasps while her eyes go wide. She's still confused, but distracted by his touch. It feels too real to be a dream. She's wanted him for so long, but she'd given up a long time ago; she never thought he would admit his feelings for her, or even that he wanted her.

"I want you Baby," he whispers, "I want to be inside you. Please, please tell me you want me too."

She looks at him, searches his face. Am I really hearing this? she asks herself. She reaches up to lay her palm against his cheek. It feels real; he feels real. Does she want him? Yes, she does, she always has. She wants him. She wants to be his. She wants him to be hers, but she knows better than to hope for that. His gypsy uses her hand to pull his mouth down to hers for a kiss. His lips are firm, but soft, and his breath is minty. He kisses her like he wants to swallow her whole, waging war with her tongue. With his body on top of her, he lets his hips settle into hers; she can feel how hard he is for her. After they break apart from the kiss, he looks at her, still waiting for her answer.

"Yes. Yes, I want you. I've always wanted you." She whispers. That's all he needs to hear. His boxers are stripped from his body in mere seonds, and he climbs back on top of his gypsy. He takes her lips yet again, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, the way he wants to thrust into her. Surprising him, she nips at his full lower lip and takes it between her teeth, tugging gently. He groans and knows he can't wait any longer. He has to be inside her.

With his eyes glued on hers, he spreads her legs farther apart. He teases her with his cock between her thighs, rubbing it against her clit, making her buck against him. She's so wet; he knows she's ready for him. Never before had he been with her, but he knows he'll never forget this time. He hopes he doesn't hurt her, he can tell she's very tight. He looks at her face, trying to decide if she's ready. His gypsy smiles at him, and he can't help but smile back; he knows that her smile means yes.

No further prodding is necessary. Watching her like a hawk, he gently starts to slide his cock into her soaking wetness. It's a struggle for her to take him in, but she attempts to pull him even closer. Eventually, he's able to slide completely inside of her. Her muscles squeeze him tightly; he moans so loud that she feels the sounds vibrate through her entire body from head to toe. Her nails on his back dig in to his bare skin, almost drawing blood. He slides back a few inches, then thrusts his thick length back inside of her. He knows he's never felt anything as good as this before. His gypsy thrashes beneath him, her legs around his hips to pull him closer. The sensations are almost too much for her to bear as her moans and whimpers grow louder and louder. She feels pleasure building within her, like water behind a dam. Sweaty skin slides against each other and her naked breasts are pressed against his chest. His thrusts become less controlled and he feels close to the edge of exploding.

"I love you," he pants out right as he feels her grip his cock like a vise. The water breaks through the dam and comes crashing down like a wicked tsunami. He can't take it anymore, he yells out as he cums inside of her, stream after stream. Her own cum coats his cock. Time seems to freeze for a while while both attempt to find reality again. Their breaths are ragged and their hearts pound against each other. She wraps her arms around him and holds him as if she were afraid he would disappear any minute. He rolls to the side and takes her with him. Her arms stay wrapped around him, and he's still inside of her. He kisses the top of her head but feels his eyes begin to drift shut. He's been awake from the past 36 hours and can barely stay awake any longer, especially after that. His gypsy snuggles close and yawns delicately. Both drift off to sleep, content for the first time in a very long time.

The soldier and his gypsy both drift off into sleep, incapable of thinking ahead into the future. The night takes them, and for hours they'll be dead to the world... but what happens in the morning?

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