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A Soon One


Alena Darcy,RN is one of those rare creatures, an extremely beautiful woman with an effervescent, mischievous, daring, caring, personality. Three years into her marriage it was apparent that she had grown, as a person, but her husband had not. They divorced.

Alena went to work for the Butterfield Fertility Clinic in affluent White Plains, New York. Dr. Donald Butterfield, MD, the owner, was sort of an odd duck. He was initially trained in Psychiatry, but switched to Obstetrics and Gynecology because he just loved to examine women, and talk with them about sex.

When he inherited his father's stock in IBM, he suddenly found that he was worth eleven million dollars. He built the clinic, complete with ten rooms for in patient stays, so that he could limit his practice to fertility discussions with female patients, without any oversight by other doctors.

Since profit was not really a factor, he sometimes would take in overflow patients from the White Plains hospital.

At age sixty-two, the good doctor had not lost his sex drive. Shortly after Alena went to work for him, he seduced her. Compared to her clumsy ex husband, the doctor was an imaginative, gentle lover. For the next year, Dr. Donald Butterfield was fucking a woman as gorgeous as Catherine Zeta-Jones.

One night, just as he was cumming in her tight pussy, he died of a heart attack. A week later Dr. Butterfield's attorney phoned Alena to request that she come to his office. When she was seated, she was handed a copy of the doctor's will. She, Alena Darcy, RN, was now the sole owner of the clinic. With the complete approval of the doctor's wife, there had also been set up a trust fund to assist in the support of the clinic, so that the clinic would continue to be of service to the community.

Alena reached an agreement with the White Plains hospital, and it's Nursing School to have a student nurse man each shift, in exchange for the caring of up to six overflow patients.

Tom Jenner's parents were killed in a car accident when he was fourteen. He had no other relatives. Since he had been an alter boy, the Brothers at Saint Mark's school for boys took him in until he graduated from high school. He attended the University of Texas on a football scholarship.

He is, simple stated, the most impressive in appearance man that most women will ever see. His face puts Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt's faces to shame. His body is that of a classic football half-back. Picture, if you will, the shoulders that appear too wide for the body, a thirty inch waist, a tight ass, and piston legs. The few girls that were lucky enough to be fucked by him were treated to an absolutely perfect cock. No woman would ever forget the moment that eight inches of Tom Jenner was inserted into her. After graduation, he went to work for General Electric, as an engineer at their Albany, New York plant. At age twenty-seven, he was on top of the world.

Tom was driving through White Plains on his way to see the New York Giants play at Yankee stadium, when his car was broadsided by a car driven by a drunk driver, who ran a stop sign. He was in a coma for nine days. When he came out of it, there was something wrong. It was like he was in a trance.

He stared straight ahead. If you sat him up, he would stay that way. If you took his hand, you could pull him to his feet and walk him down the hall. A hospital staff person phoned Alena with the request that he be cared for at the clinic, since there was no need for active treatment.

Alena had Tom placed in room ten, which was in a separate wing with her office, and was large enough for four beds. After the clinic was closed for the day, she went into his room and sat looking at him. A lot of thoughts went through her mind. "My God, this is the most perfect physical specimen that I have ever seen. Look at that face, and body. He is too appealing to be true. Can you imagine having that join you in bed? I wonder what he is like, as a person. Does he laugh, and does he have a sense of humor?"

Alena got up. Taking his hand, she got him to stand. Standing just inches from his face, she examined his face. She ran her hands across his face, neck, and down his shoulders and chest. More to herself, then him, she said, "If you come out of your trance, my friend, I want to be part of your universe."

For the next week, she went to the work of washing him while he sat on his bed. Then, one night, she got the idea of taking him into the shower. Since the other nurse was in the other wing of the building, and never came to this wing, she felt safe in removing her clothes so she could get in the shower with him.

Alena lifted his cock, and balls to wash his crotch. As she ran the wash cloth back and forth, Tom's cock stiffened, and rose to a full hard-on. Alena's mouth opened in awe. "Well now, what do we have here? Damn Man, you were first in line at every one of God's stops.

After Tom was washed, and dried off, she led him to his bed, and had him lie on his back. Naked, with her hands on her hips, Alena got a wicked mischievous grin on her face, as she stared at Tom's ram rod stiff cock. "This is too good for me to let it go to waste," she said, as she straddled his legs.

The end of his cock filled her mouth. Alena saw no reaction on Tom's face, as she ran her tongue over the head of his cock. She laughed out loud, when she put her finger in her wet pussy. "Well, one of us is all hot and bothered," she said to Tom, as she lowered her pussy down onto his cock. "Oh, you feel so good," poured from her lips, as she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and begin to lift herself up and down, as she thrust her hips forward and back. It kept getting better and better until a sweat covered Alena placed her hands by the shoulders of Tom, as her hips made short, swift, hard thrusts to bring on her orgasm. "Aaaahhaaaa, Aaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaa, Aaaahhaaaa."

Still impaled on Tom's rock hard cock, she stopped and gazed into his blank eyes. After a two minute rest, she begin the fucking motion again. Just as her second orgasm made her clamp her cunt onto Tom's cock, she felt his cock spurt cum into her. As she went into the shower to clean herself up, she said to Tom, "I could get addicted to you."

All that Tom was had not escaped the attention, and interest, of the student nurses. That weekend, Alena left Friday night to visit her mother in Albany for the weekend. All three of the student nurses that had seen Tom gathered at the clinic at six PM. Since there were no other patients, they had Tom all to themselves until Monday morning.

Jeannie was the first to undress. Sally, and Tammy were soon naked too. They undressed Tom. Drinking gin and tonic, they sat on his bed and made sexual comments to each other as they ran their hands over his body.

Jeannie was a pretty, small girl, with small breasts. Standing just five feet, one inch, and weighting one hundred and nine pounds, she was half Tom's size. She was a virgin, though she had never divulged that to her fellow students. In fact, she played the roll of the Siren.

Tammy took a wash cloth and rubbed it back and forth behind Tom's balls. They gasped and giggled as his cock became erect. They positioned him on his hands and knees. Jeannie lay on her back under him. As she opened her legs wide, Tammy pulled back on both of Tom's legs causing him to lay on Jeannie. All three girls did not expect Tom to move. Tammy reached between his legs to grip his cock so that she could rub the end up and down Jeannie's wet pussy.

"How does that feel, girl? If he thrust it right now, you would have a full purse," Tammy said as she got off the bed to fill her glass. At that moment Tom's ass shot forward. Jeannie was a virgin no more. Tom begin a fast, hard, fucking motion. "Get him off me."

A somewhat intoxicated Sally inquired, "Do I look like a crane? I can't push our patient off his bed onto the floor. Besides, that looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself."

Tom's thrusts got longer, harder and faster. Jeannie finally screamed out, "Oh, Oh, Oh, I'm cummming, Oh, I'm cumming Oooohhoooooooooo."

Tammy, "About time. Let me have some of that?"

All three girls stopped Tom. Tammy replaced Jeannie under him. After his cock was run up and down her twat, He fucked her. My, my, did that woman scream when she cum, with his ass still a blur of pleasure making machine. Sally had replaced Tammy, and had cum twice when he finally unloaded his cum into her, now well used, cunt.

The three girls sat naked, sipping on their gin and tonics, staring at Tom, who was laying on his side. It was Sally that observed, "That man is some sort of god. Do you realize that he gave Jeannie one orgasm, me two, and you Tammy, two, before he shot his load. I wonder how long we have to wait before he can do it again."

Jeannie fingered her sore pussy. Her life would never be the same again. She now knew exactly what her cunt was for. From then on, when she met a man for the first time, she examined his face, and his crotch.

Sunday night They had just got Tom started on Sally when they were shocked to hear Alena say from the door way, "I see that you are giving our Patient physical therapy." Seeing Sally trying to squirm out from under Tom, she continued, "Oh, don't stop, I want to see how well he does. I'll have a gin and tonic."

As soon as Sally had an orgasm, Alena replaced her under Tom, to the delight of the girls. Soon, her shrieks of pleasure filled the room, as she had orgasm after orgasm. After, he had fucked Tammy, and Jeannie, he finally cum. Alena said, "He is an amazing man, isn't he girls?"

Alena was able to maintain Tom's physical condition by placing him on a tread mill, and having him lift weights. He would do either until you stopped him.

Alena was, after all, the director of a fertility clinic. She had on site a perfect man. "I wonder if her could sire babies?" She had his sperm count analyzed. It did not surprise her that he had an extremely high sperm count.

She phoned Helda Bronson, the wife of Henry Bronson, the director of the show "Cats." Helda had been trying to conceive for two years. She was now talking about adoption. Alena told her about Tom, and what a perfect man her was. "Want to try him?"

Helda's reply was, "I'm not going to tell Henry. He does not like the idea of another cock in me, but tough shit. I will be there Friday, when I will be ovulating."

Friday AM, Helda arrived in her Mercedes, wearing a fourteen thousand dollar mink coat. When she saw Tom, her eyes widened in surprise. Looking at Alena she gasped out, "You said that man was attractive. God, woman, if he fucks like he looks, I may never leave."

"Join the club!"

Helda left that evening at seven PM. She had been fucked by Tom for a total of one hundred and twenty minutes, divided in three secessions. She had twelve orgasms, and he had cum in her three times. A month later, she phoned Alena to report that she was, indeed, pregnant.

The number of women being bred by Tom exploded when the babies sired by him begin to be delivered, and the women received compliments about how beautiful their children were.

Alena did not know it, but several women came to use Tom as the father of their children, even though they knew that they could have children by their husband, but instead preferred Tom.

The Nursing school students had always practiced some form of hazing, as a rite of passage for the freshman girls. What they did now was pick a night when Alema would be away, or at the movies. They would get the "Target" drunk, and bring her to the clinic. After she was tied to his bed, they would bring in Tom. While they got him in position, twenty five chairs would be brought in to be arranged up close to the bed. Once Tom started, they would drink and laugh while enjoying the sight of the girl, often a virgin, getting the fucking of her life, that lasted at least forty minutes, the first time. Some nights, there was a second, or even a third time, that Tom would be placed on the "Target." It was a darn good thing that they had the foresight of slipping birth control pills into the "Target's" food for a week before the fun night.

Tom had been there for almost two years when Alena decided that she wanted him to give her a baby. The second month after she went off the pill she had him fuck her several times during her time of ovulation. When she was six months pregnant, she positioned him, for the first time, to fuck her "doggy style."

As Alena was screaming out the pleasure of her orgasm, "Aaaahhaa, Aaahhhaaa, Oh, Oh, Ooohhoo." Her tightening cunt brought Tom to cum.

He grunted out, "Ah, Ah, Ah,"

Alena froze, wide eyed! She looked back over her shoulder. Tom was still thrusting his cock into her, but his eyes met her's, and there was no vacant stare. Instead, there was an active brain behind those eyes. As the last of his cum shot into her, he rolled off the bed, and stood up. "Where the hell am I? Who are you? You are beautiful. I don't mind fucking you, but from the looks of your tummy it looks like you belong to someone? Jesus, Lady, say something?"

Alena sat on the bed with her eyes wide in wonder. She was torn between her delight at the prospect that he might become a true whole man in her life, and the fear that he might reject her in disgust when he learned how she had treated him, used him.

Alena Darcy was a lot of things, but one of them was not a coward. "Please, please, lets both get dressed, and then I will sit and tell you everything. Please hear me out."

Alena got an insight into the true Tom, when he laughed, and reached over to pick her up as easily as a child picks up a doll. "Lady, you are beautiful. I like it just fine with you and I naked. It will be more interesting listening to your story with you sitting in my lap on the sofa." As she begin to tell him of how he came to be there, Tom gently ran his fingers through her hair, over her neck, and ever so softly across her breasts.

When she got to the part about being so attracted to him, Tom kissed her cheek. When told of her discovery of how to bring on his erection, and her riding him, he stopped her, with a full kiss on the lips. "Raped me, huh?"

"Yes, many, many times."

"How did you keep me in shape?"

"I found that if I put you on a tread mill that you would walk until I took you off. If I gave you hand weights and started you lifting them you would do that until I stopped you."

Tom got a quizzical look on his face when she related how she had let the Nurses be fucked by him. "That did not bother you?"

"I could not guard you twenty-four hours a day. Hell, no woman could be around you without wanting to lay down with you." As she said that she gave Tom a sexy come-hither look, that told him a lot about just how sexy she was.

When she got to the part about using him, at stud, for over a hundred women, he shook his head in disbelief, as he raised both hands to place them behind his head as he closed his eyes, thinking. Suddenly, like he had been slapped, his eyes went wide open. He put his hand on her protruding tummy. "Mine?"

Knowing that this was the moment of reckoning, Alena fearfully answered in a whisper, "Yes."

Tom turned her upper body so that she was squarely facing him. His face was very serious as he looked directly into her eyes. Alena felt as though he could see to the very depths of her soul. Never before had she felt so totally vulnerable. He had all that she was, or would ever be, in the palm of his hand to either take to his heart, or discard like a used paper cup. His eyes squinted. His mouth opened and shut, then opened as his tongue ran over his lips. He took a deep breath. Time passed. Finally he said, "All my life, I have been looking for a girl, a woman, that was attractive, with get up and go, and the imagination and guts to dare to try things with the prospect of victory or defeat in the balance. It took real guts to tell me the truth. You could have bullshited me, and I would have never learned the truth. The only reason you told me the truth is because you love me. Yet by doing so, there was the greatest risk of loosing me."


"Do you want a big or small wedding?"

"A soon one."

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