A Soundless Sex


With a warming offshore breeze from the interior valleys though, temperatures right at the shore were actually in the eighties as we parked at the nearest beach trailhead. Although we had planned just a day hike, expecting to find another bed and breakfast or inn that night, I carried a backpack with a roomy sleeping bag and enough food and supplies to allow us to stay the night on the beach if we wanted. This time, Jillian was wearing a maroon and white sport bikini under her opened blue shirt — one of my shirts that she had appropriated now — along with her khaki shorts that I could not wait for her to shed. With me in blue swim shorts with a grey tank top and green shirt, we hiked hand-in-hand, barefoot, along that endless beach, our parked car disappearing behind us in the distance.

Fuck on beach now? Jillian signed to me with a smile, briefly borrowing her hand back. That she was signing instead of speaking first told me she was really letting her guard down.

I felt better, relaxing now as I warmly put my left arm around her while we continued walking north. Little further . . . around point, I signed with one hand and a smile, gesturing ahead of us.

Thank you, she then signed to me without elaborating further. It was for everything we were sharing, including her deafness.

I stopped us as we were almost rounding that point, drawing her to me into an embrace, just savoring her and what we had. Things could not be more perfect.

But then, looking further north, I saw a volleyball net with a tent, cooler and chairs nearby. I relaxed my hold on Jillian, my body language now cooling. She first looked up at me with puzzlement, then turning to look where I was.

"Fuck," she now quietly said out loud in irritation to me, as we both saw a man and a woman casually tossing a volleyball back and forth over the net. We had come all this way, even on foot, expecting to be enjoying a warm, sunny afternoon of uninhibited sex on the beach by ourselves, perhaps even in the surf . . . and now all that seemed gone.

I drew her back closer to me again in a consoling hug, sharing her disappointment as we continued to watch the man and woman play with the ball. The woman was tanned, wearing a red and white sport bikini, and had dark, straight hair down her back that was drawn into a ponytail under a sun visor she had on her head. Her male partner was even more tanned, with short, black hair and wearing a dark blue male bikini brief that left little to the imagination, with a lighter blue tank top. Having watched a number of matches in Santa Cruz with Jillian over the summer, I recognized they were wearing league apparel . . . except for the guy's Speedos. These two were fairly serious beach volleyball players.

"Just what we were looking for!" I now heard the woman yell, looking our way as she grabbed and held the ball. "A couple more partners to make this a good, satisfying match! Wanna play?"

"That wasn't quite in our plans for today," I loudly responded back, not entirely hiding my irritation at their presence.

"What they saying?" Jillian asked me aloud, unable to read the woman's lips at this distance, and having felt me yelling towards the couple.

"They want us to play a match with them," I quietly replied, glancing at her as she read my lips.

"Make it worth your while," the other woman continued almost at the same time.

"She says they'd make it worth our while," I automatically conveyed to Jillian now.

"How?" she asked me.

"How?" I conveyed back to the other woman loudly.

"Let's just say one of you is guaranteed to win, the way we play," she hinted, "and you both will really enjoy it."

I repeated that to Jillian as she and I then looked at each other.

"Ahlways wanted to play with leahgue players," my partner decided aloud. "Ahnd working up a sweat beforre sex somewhere else might be fun."

I shrugged, unable to disagree. "Okay," I yelled back to the other couple as we resumed walking towards them, "we're in."

Within a moment, we were standing beside their beach court, complete with a taped boundary line spiked down into the sand. But the couple were each remaining on different sides of the net.

"Which side do you want us to take?" I finally asked, seeing them not moving.

"You split up and pair off with each of us," the woman invited. "That's how we guarantee one of you will win the match. We'll switch off between you two to help keep things even, and interesting. You wanna come to my side first?" she invited me.

I looked silently to Jillian beside me, but she seemed willing to pair off with the bronzed and well-toned man on one side of the net as she stripped down to just her sport bikini, looking like she belonged on the sand court. I saw the other woman eyeing her with some intrigue out of the corner of my eye as J's pro-looking sport bikini was now fully revealed, while I took my green outer shirt off.

Then, once Jillian had gathered her long hair back into a ponytail with a white scrunchie she had brought with her, off she and I each went to different sides. Importantly for her, there was no referee, and no whistle. I had to remind myself that our agreement remained in effect though — I could not bring up or show the fact she was deaf unless J did. But at least being on different sides of the net, I could give her subtle signs and cues if I felt the need to. It actually began feeling like fun to have her as an opponent now however.

"Hi, I'm Sienna," my new female partner then greeted me, extending a hand as I now approached her in what would be our side of the sand court, for the first seven points anyway before both teams switched sides according to the rules of beach volleyball.

"Pleased to meet you," I said shaking her hand, beginning to warm up to her as I got a better look at her athletic breasts and ripped body in that red and white sport bikini of hers. "I'm Randolph, Randolph Parker," I continued, ensuring that Jillian could see what I was saying if she wanted to. "But I prefer Rand instead of the conventional Randy," I continued, "especially once my fiancée, Jillian, over there noted to me early on that 'randy' also means sexually excited."

"Well, are you?" Sienna asked me openly.

"Sometimes," I parried right back with a slight smile.

"You play beach volleyball before?" she followed up.

"Not really," I replied. "But J and I have watched matches in Santa Cruz at times."

"Well, you know then that the first team to reach twenty-one wins the set, so long as there's a two-point lead," she reviewed anyway. "And it's two out of three sets to win the match. If each team wins one of the first two sets, the first to reach fifteen in the third set, again with a two-point lead, wins the match."

"Got it," I assured, knowing that J was even more aware of the rules than I was. "Do we get breaks between sets?"

"Ohh yeah," my teammate assured. "Ready?"

"Yep," I replied.

"You two ready over there?" Sienna then said to her partner and mine.

"Ready!" the man replied, as he took position off to one side behind Jillian, seeming to either have accepted her deafness, or more likely, being completely unaware of it, while J just nodded and readied herself for the first volley.

"I'll serve first," Sienna offered, stepping beyond the red-taped boundary spiked into the sand. She hit the multi-colored ball into the air, and the match was on.

Having never seen her play before, Jillian was able to dig for the ball with surprising deftness and agility, allowing her male partner to spike it back across. I dove for it, but just missed before it hit the sand on our side.

"One-zip, their favor," Sienna noted. "Take something off."

"What?" I queried, looking at her.

"Take something off," she repeated as Jillian watched her speak. "It's part of our warm-up ritual. Makes the game more real. In this heat, you'll be thankful soon. And don't worry, we'll run out of clothes by the time they score four against us. It's kind of fun though to see which team can strip the other faster."

"Okay," I smiled as I took off the grey tank top I was wearing, revealing my lightly haired and reasonably toned chest and torso. I looked across the net, seeing Jillian smiling at me as she braced for play to resume.

This could get interesting.

The very next point though I missed again as even the serve hit the sand near me.

"Take 'em off," Sienna said, looking at my swim shorts, "as you lost that point, too."

Smiling and shaking my head with chagrin, I now shed and tossed aside my shorts, becoming the first nude player on the sand court while everyone else remained clothed . . . to a degree. Losing any shame as the others, along with Jillian, looked at me and my openly dangling ballsac and circumcised cock; I was determined to start stripping my opponents across the net now as well.

The next point was volleyed furiously back and forth, with the other man the last to touch it as the ball went out of bounds. He dutifully stripped off his shirt, revealing his hairless, waxed torso. Seeming to be just a little less than my five-foot, ten height and in his late twenties, his chest pecs were gently defined with tight, dark male nipples, but otherwise he had smooth and subtle muscles beneath deeply tanned skin. His was a body I envied — but just a little, feeling that I didn't look bad myself having recently turned thirty-five. I was certainly satisfying enough to Jillian, judging by our activities in recent days, let alone through the summer.

Play resumed though, and this time I was able to spike the ball over the net, down next to the male's feet, causing him to shed his bikini shorts now as well, revealing his close-shaved manhood, his cockhead being sheathed within an intact foreskin. To the obvious pleasure of our women, both us males were nude.

Now it was the females' turn to start shedding.

The tide once again turned, with me losing the next point. Sienna dutifully shed her sport bikini top anyway, revealing almost perfectly rounded and tear dropped natural breasts in the upper B-cup range, not quite as tanned as the rest of her, but with dark, well-defined areolae and nipples.

I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the game, but Jillian just kept smiling at me, clearly enjoying it all as she herself made the next serve. I dug for it, pitching the ball up as Sienna spiked it back over the net, causing her male companion to dive and just miss it. Without anyone telling her to, Jillian now gladly shed her top, revealing her looser and slightly more hanging breasts with those deep red, oblong areolae and sizable protruding nipples. Even against Sienna's seemingly more athletic and flawless orbs however, I found myself still preferring Jillian and what she had. That was love, and I smiled to myself, relishing it.

We split the next two points, with Jillian and then Sienna shedding their bikini bottoms — Sienna sporting a narrow, close cropped French bikini wax, with her trimmed black pubic fur stopping in a point at her clit. Once again, I found myself preferring the subtle 'V' of Jillian's pubic hairs and her slightly more protruding inner cuntlips. Now, all four of us were nude; but I had forgotten the score as we continued to play.

Before I knew it though . . . "That's twenty-one!" Sienna cheered, raising her right fist in the air. "First set's yours, Rand," she said amazingly enough. "Could you be a gentleman and bring us two water bottles from the cooler over there?" she then gestured with her head while hooking her fingers through the net and resting her nude self against it. As I went over to the cooler, curiously I noticed the other man doing the same thing.

"Didn't catch your name," I simply asked.

"Alorno," he smiled, grabbing a couple bottles for Jillian and himself while I now waited behind him, taking time to admire his toned brown physique and ass up close for the first time. "You're Rand, right?" he added, standing and turning back to me in his full nude, waxed masculine glory.

"That's right," I smiled as I grabbed two bottles myself out of the cooler while he held the lid for me.

"Jillian must really be in love with you," he continued. "She didn't say much, but she couldn't stop looking at you. I had to tap her on the shoulder to even get her to pay attention to me. Odd accent though . . . brain injury?"

"You could say," I hedged, keeping to my agreement with Jillian. "She doesn't like to talk about it."

He just nodded as both of us then returned to our female teammates of the moment, with me handing Sienna a bottle. As I opened and drank from mine, she opened hers, drinking half, but then pouring the rest of it over her head and nude body, making herself utterly wet and irresistible. On the other side of the net, I noticed Jillian was basically doing the same thing, drenching her head and body as well.

"Boy, I could use a good fuck right now," Sienna then sighed, bracing her hands against the net again, right across from Jillian on the other side. "You mind?" she then asked, looking at me as I did a double take, while noticing that J was seeing what Sienna said.

"Umm, I'm engaged," I hesitantly replied, not knowing where to go with this now.

"And Alorno and I are married," Sienna replied, still seeming to catch her breath. "So we're safe for each other. You're clean, right? No S.T.D.'s?"

"Jillian and I are clean, and I've been a regular blood donor," I affirmed, " . . . but I don't know about this."

"If nothing else, it will confirm that you two really want each other," Sienna said, now glancing at Jillian as well. "Come on, my pussy's waiting," she invited, spreading her legs further apart and swiveling her hips a little in my direction.

I looked uncertainly at J, but she was already turning around to look at bronzed Alorno as she remained bent over hanging at the net across from Sienna, beginning to accept his firm stroking of her ass while he positioned his loins at the portal of her womanhood. "You okay with this?" he asked her as Jillian was fortunately looking at him.

She turned back my way, looking down, seeming hesitant. Finally though, my fiancée looked me in the eyes, not betraying an emotion I could read this time. "Ohkayh," she accepted to my real surprise as Alorno further fondled her, preparing her ass and loins for fucking.

Sienna then looked at me again still braced against the net, glancing at her own ass.

Part of me felt strangely torn. I wanted to be fondling Jillian's bent-over body. Even her deaf accent was now attractive to me. But then I looked at Sienna. With reluctance, I accepted Sienna's invitation, dropping my water bottle as I moved myself to the junction of her spread thighs and asscheeks. It soon became a rush however, even stroking them for the first time — forbidden fruit that I never thought I would touch that day. Yet here it was. So I just tuned into this opportunity to fuck another woman now, especially one so physically perfect.

Sweat and bottled water still slickened most every inch of Sienna's deeply tanned skin. Her asscrack and pussy were even wetter, her cuntlips blossoming, almost salivating in anticipation, inviting my invasion of them. I grabbed her left hip firmly with my left hand, using my right to begin brushing my swollen cock up and down her crack, teasing her pussy lips as Sienna sighed deeply in front of me.

On the other side of the net, I saw Alorno brushing his fully erect cock between Jillian's asscheeks as well, before he thrust forward into her, his loins cupping against her ass from behind. With no reason to hold back now, I likewise moved my cock one more time down Sienna's asscrack, this time sinking it in between her soft, wet cuntlips and plunging it into her as she sighed deeply in front of me.

As Sienna moved her hands to lock fingers with Jillian through the netting, I gave in, leaning forward to openly kiss the woman I was now fucking myself into, running my hands appreciatively along her bronzed, sweaty, lean body, cupping and kneading her wonderful, taut breasts as Sienna moved her head and lips to meet mine in a searing kiss that was somehow silently louder and more intense than the amplifiers I had been fucking Jillian around. I brought this woman's body against mine hard as we continued to kiss. It was suddenly the fiercest sex I had ever known. I now wanted to fuck Sienna hard, and make her cum, equally hard — my right fingers probing down her firm abdomen while my left continued to appreciatively knead both her breasts. While then kissing Sienna's shoulder, I glanced in front of us, seeing Jillian completely accept, even welcome, Alorno's fucking of her as she turned her head to kiss his lips deeply while he arched himself over her back, thrusting into her steadily.

That sight of Jillian and Alorno kissing as they fucked did something to me though. I suddenly found myself channeling confused, churning emotions into fucking Sienna all the harder, bringing almost the full weight of my body onto her from behind as I began to savagely drill her cloying cunt with all I was through my inflamed, even angry penis.

Sienna was now arching her back downwards under me as our loins slapped together loudly. I growled as I fucked her all the harder while both women now just hung their upper bodies by their arms, their fingers still locked together through the net, breathing hard as we males primally rutted ourselves into each of them.

My fuckmate then moved herself forward to kiss a downwards-facing Jillian on the cheek, before J turned her head and accepted Sienna's kiss on her mouth. Now dropping their fingers from the net while remaining bent over, taking punishing thrusts from Alorno and I, the two women then embraced, leaning against each other, kissing wantonly, even passionately, sharing feminine sensual pleasures while also enjoying our masculine attentions. The utterly erotic sight, along with my animalistic emotions and the sensations of Sienna's unfamiliar cuntal passage were all too much for me. I just caved in fully to my lust, forcefully surging myself against Sienna's back and asscheeks. My cock began spasming, spurting massive jets of my thick cum into her as her womanly cuntal recesses shuddered around me, milking my cock for all it was worth.

I now heard both women moaning loudly into each other's mouths, as Alorno grunted hard, climaxing into Jillian. If I had any more cum to fire at the moment, I would have exploded into Sienna. As it was, my cock could only shoot powerful but dry and empty convulsions into the woman I was humping now.

"Wow, what a fuck!" Sienna finally admired, breathing hard as our bodies slowed down. She continued to hold Jillian in an embrace, while turning her head to look back at me, resting her head on Jillian's shoulder. "See? Wasn't that a worthwhile fuck-break?"

I didn't have the breath or wits to do anything but nod in agreement.

"Let's go for a quick cool-down in the ocean," Sienna then suggested, "and then it's Round Two . . . with gals versus guys this time, so you both can get a good long look at us playing volleyball to revive your cocks, as we refresh our own desires seeing your bodies as well."

I had to smile now, accepting it all as the four of us stood up and uncoupled from each other, before Sienna and Alorno took off running hand-in-hand, splashing into the surf, finally just falling into it, laughing and then embracing each other. I turned, taking Jillian's hand, looking at her with a gentle smile.

"Let's goh!" she said, and we took off running into the surf together as well. I caught her as we fell into a modest wave, taking her nude body into my arms and kissing her while we briefly submerged beneath the water together.

We floated for a moment, embracing, almost sitting in the waist-deep shallow water as the current surged us back towards shore. "I love you," I said, feeling more so than ever with her now. Sienna had been right about that.

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