A Soundless Sex


Jillian looked at me for a moment as a deep emotion seemed to come over her face as well. "I lovve yough, too," she then openly said, signing her words to me as well in the foamy seawater using both hands. We fell back under the surface, almost lying on the shallow sandy bottom, hugging and kissing each other tightly as the undertow now ebbed past us. Coming up for air again, overjoyed with one another, we finally looked to see Sienna and Alorno standing in the shallows, embracing each other and looking at us.

"Come on, lovebirds," Sienna warmly invited, "let's play the second, and maybe decisive set."

— — — — —

Once again, the match was on. But this time I was paired with Alorno, as Jillian was with Sienna. Both women seemed to openly, even proudly, show off their wet, nude bodies, perhaps to gain a distracting tactical advantage as Sienna once again made the first serve. I kept my eye on the ball though, digging for it and setting it up so Alorno could spike it back, enabling us to successfully score the first point against the gals.

Part of me now enjoyed watching him work his body almost as much as I did seeing the women working theirs. The eternal lure of forbidden fruit, I thought to myself, shaking it off though as play continued. At least it reduced the distracting visual pull of the women's bodies for me however, so I used it.

Serves, volleys, digs, spikes and points continued to rack up as I just watched the ball, along with the nude female bodies across from me, and the nude male body next to me. I was glad someone else was keeping score, because once again I just had no idea what it was.

"Twenty-one!" Sienna breathlessly called as she and Jill just leaned against each other. "Jillian wins the set this time, so we'll have to go to a tie-breaking third one between you two. Alorno, get the bottles, would you? Ol' Rand there is looking just a bit winded, along with Jill and I here."

Alorno dutifully went off to the cooler besides their tent to get the bottles.

"I . . . I suppose I ought to get on that side of the net . . . for a fuck-break with Jillian this time," I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

"Just brace and rest against the net, across from her," Sienna invited. "You're in no shape to fuck right now, and neither is she. Be right back."

"Th-This is takhing everything out of me," Jillian said to me across the net, breathing hard as our fingers interlocked together through its webbing. Both of us just almost hung against the net now, our legs naturally spread.

I noticed Sienna then coming into my view again behind Jillian. "Allow me," Sienna offered as she opened a chilled water bottle, even giving her a couple gulps, before pouring it onto J's head and body, goose fleshing her all over and making her nipples and slender breasts delightfully taut and puckered.

"I'll do it," I started to say to Alorno behind me. But before I could even turn, I felt his cock push right into my hot, sweaty, relaxed ass — sharply. "Oh God!" I cried out as he now forcefully embraced an arm around me, while also pouring a cold bottle of water over my head, forcing me to tense up with chills all over, even making my anus clamp down tightly around his rock-hard invading penis as he then grabbed both my hips and began to thrust it in and out of me.

I was being fucked in the ass for the first time . . . by a man.

"Relax," Sienna said from behind Jillian. "Enjoy another side of sex you might not experience again once you're married, while I give your lady some ass-lovin', too."

"Wait! She's d—" I began to say in panic as Jillian moved to kiss me, cutting me off as she dropped her hands from the netting again, embracing me as her fellow fuckee this time. I kissed her hard, unsure if she was ready for the possibly painful invasion of her anus from the strap-on dildo that I deduced Sienna was now wearing. Beneath my lips, I felt Jillian briefly grimace, the rest of her body shuddering as Sienna presumably violated J's ass with the strap-on. I glanced down my fiancée's back without breaking our kiss, seeing Sienna now with a fortunately fairly thin black dildo strapped to her hips, making it disappear between Jillian's asscheeks. Then adjusting her grip on Jillian's hips with her hands, Sienna began thrusting herself in and out of her female partner as Alorno thrust himself in and out of my ass.

I found myself embracing Jillian's shoulders and kissing her all the harder as we were each being fucked in our backsides, accepting what was being done to us now . . . even welcoming it. I didn't know if Jillian and I would ever do this to one another ourselves, so I decided to tune into being fucked by a man, and into her being humped in the ass by another woman, losing myself in it, as I had been losing myself in our volleyball game.

Even with nothing but air to hump as Jillian and I remained bent over before our fuckmates, embracing each other only with our shoulders, heads and arms; somehow my penis was coming to life on its own, beginning to ache for release as Alorno's cock stroked away inside my tight ass, caressing new erotic spots within me that I had never known were there. As Jillian and I rested our heads on each other's shoulders for a moment, something led me to reach back and stroke Alorno's muscled flank as he continued to steadily piston himself into me. This was perhaps the closest I might ever come to know what Jillian felt when I fucked her. It was all sexual now . . . all human.

While Sienna seemed mostly set on just bringing Jillian to orgasm, I now felt Alorno beginning to quiver behind me, his cock stroking my exquisitely sensitive nether regions even faster and harder. Somehow, my own cock began quivering with his as he arched himself down over me, embracing me from behind and even beginning to passionately kiss my left shoulder as he bore into me. I felt his cock now spasming, spurting his warm, viscous male seed up my rectum, which in turn triggered the spasming of my own hardened penis as it harmlessly jetted out ropes of cum down onto the sand beneath us. I now heard Jillian moan deeply as I felt her body quiver, before she rapidly cried out, "Aaaghh, Aaaghh, Aaaghh, UUUUHHHHHHGGNN!" in her own orgasmic release.

"Gooood girl . . . good girl," I heard Sienna praise behind Jillian as she patted her back. I kissed J again, before moving my head back and conveying to her, "She says you're a good girl," with a smile. Jillian smiled as well, relaxing against my shoulders once more, still bent over under Sienna's sexual attentions.

"Time for another quick dip in the ocean, you two," Sienna then said removing herself from Jillian and casting the strap-on aside, "before we see which of you will win the match . . . and claim the rest of us, however you want."

As we stood up again, I just decided to heck with it this time as I eagerly conveyed to Jillian what Sienna had said out loud using the quicker and clearer shorthand of sign, as Jillian hadn't been looking Sienna's way. J fortunately raised her eyebrows with an interested smile, before silently signing back, I beat you!

No you won't! I signed to her, before moving to embrace and kiss Jillian passionately.

"She's deaf, isn't she," Sienna deduced, looking at the two of us.

She ask, deaf, I signed to Jillian, before wrapping one arm around her again.

"Yess I am," J replied back out loud, while never taking her eyes off me.

I proud, you, I then signed to Jillian with tears in my eyes. So proud!

Now Jillian kissed me hard, with tears in her own eyes as we embraced each other tightly once more.

"Ahem!" Sienna finally said, after waiting patiently for a moment.

"Jillian . . . she's always wanted to hide her deafness before now," I explained to Sienna, while still looking at Jillian and signing my words as I talked. "She's never wanted me to tell anyone part of who she was. Now though, she has welcomed me signing to her, in front of others we've met. It's a breakthrough — one that I've wanted for some time. I am so grateful and proud of her for it . . . and I love her, so much."

Jillian just tearfully leaned against me again, as if I had given her a gift more precious than jewels while she glanced at Sienna and Alorno.

"You could give her the match, in appreciation," Sienna said, "even right now . . . although Alorno and I are kind of hoping you two will play it out, all the way."

"I whant to whin!" Jillian then said to me with determination and a smile on her face. "But I whant yough to fighht me hard, too."

"You got it," I simply sighed, as the four of us turned and dashed for another quick, cooling dip in the ocean.

— — — — —

Soon, we were all back on our private sand court, ready for the final and decisive set. Sienna was once more beside me with Alorno beside Jillian as she made the first serve.

I proceeded to put my all into every dig, block, pass, spike and serve — once again forgetting about who was scoring what. Each point became its own match. I barely looked at Alorno, Sienna, or even Jillian as we played. My sole focus was on that large, multi-colored ball and forcing it onto the sand on the other side of the net.

But despite it all, I was shocked to hear Sienna finally declare, "Fifteen! . . . Jillian wins!" I honestly thought I had put in my best, most winning effort.

Nonetheless, I dutifully crossed under the net to warmly concede victory to the woman I loved more than ever, embracing her sweaty, nude body and kissing her hard.

"Rhand," Jillian said in her own unforgettable way, "I lovve yough morre thann annything . . . But could I try somethinng first?"

She then turned in my arms towards Sienna, obviously desiring her now.

I silently and gladly released J, watching her then walk over as Sienna smiled with receptive anticipation. Jillian and the slightly taller and darker Sienna then slowly embraced one another, looking at one another deeply as they freed each other's hair from their ponytails and Sienna's sun visor. They began to kiss passionately while their hands roamed and explored each other's nude and sweat-slickened bodies, with Sienna's slightly larger and firmer breasts now pressing just above Jillian's smaller and looser orbs.

My fiancée now lowered herself to kiss the physical perfection of Sienna's twin mounds, nursing at each of her lover's feminine nipples, before continuing downward, kissing the woman's taut abdomen as her face then reached the waxed triangle of Sienna's womanhood.

Adjusting her legs slightly farther apart for Jillian, Sienna looked down, appreciatively stroking Jillian's head and long brown hair with both hands before Sienna then threw her head back, her eyes closed in growing carnal bliss, as the shorter woman embraced her arms around Sienna's hips and began exploring and feasting at the woman's sex.

Not wanting to be just an observer of lesbian explorations, pleasant as that was, I turned towards Alorno.

"You," I quietly said, "are mine."

The slightly younger man just silently walked towards me with an accepting smile.

"I've taken women," I calmly continued, "I've taken asses, even taken it in the ass today . . . thanks to you. But," I concluded, "I have yet to take one thing — the way I've never dared."

I now took the slightly shorter and younger Alorno into a fierce embrace, dominantly kissing him on his mouth, hard, as I pressed my body against his toned, sweaty, smooth physique like I never thought I would have.

"Stand," I commanded as my face began savoring the once forbidden territory to me of his subtly pectoraled chest. Animalistically, I kissed and licked his taut, bronzed, sweat-slickened, musky skin, sucking at his right male nipple, before I ran my face down Alorno's flawless male abdomen, savoring every inch of my journey as his hands began intensely embracing my head, urging me onward towards the primal center of his body and being. I ran the tip of my nose through his buzz-cut black pubic hair, my lips kissing the creases of his loins as my tongue then teased his scrotum and balls, even briefly drawing them into my mouth as his long, veined penile shaft brushed across my face and forehead.

Then, before I could think . . . I did it, plunging my mouth onto his engorged and arching cock. I had to know, to experience it — swallowing and deep-throating his rock-hard penis down past the base of my tongue and gullet on my very first stroke, its presence shaking me to my very core. A shudder jolted through me, causing my own already reviving cock to jerk and twitch between my kneeling legs on the sand. My mouth then began working upon his cock, feasting at it with one objective: I wanted to milk him, drain every last drop of Alorno's male cum from him and swallow it. My head began to bob against his loins as I felt Alorno's hands grip the sides of my head more tightly while his hips began to counter thrust against me. My own arms extended around his flexing pelvis, my hands savoring his tensing gluteal asscheeks and the working oblique muscles of his flanks.

Fervently corkscrewing my mouth back and forth hands-free around his slickened, probing penis, Alorno adjusted his legs further apart as he began fucking my face more intensely. I could feel him arching his back, straining as he stood over me amid a consuming eroticism that we both now fully surrendered ourselves to. His body quivering around me, surely he could not hold out much longer. Ceasing the swiveling of my head, I now orally fucked him full on — my face even slapping against his pubis, his spread inner thighs and ballsac as his fleshy but steeled cock pistoned in and out of my mouth faster and harder. This guy was a bull with unbelievable stamina when he chose . . . but I was determined to take my prize from him.

I felt his body taking bigger and more powerful, even brutal, thrusts against my face. Alorno groaned as he strained amid the orgasm I was building within him. Then, there it was — first a quivering, and then a quaking that my arms and face felt rising and surging throughout his male body. His hands gripped my head, his fingers clawing at my hair and scalp as I felt every muscle in his body ripple and pulsate. He threw back his head, crying out to the skies as his cock began spasming and exploding heavy spurts of his warm, thick, salty cum, flooding the back of my mouth as it washed across the base of my tongue and throat as I swallowed each stream of sperm-laden semen as it issued from him.

I took a few more deep sucks and thrusts upon his penis as he convulsed his final shots into me, before I let it fall, spent but still hard out from between my lips. My eyes looked up his body. Alorno was breathing hard, his hands still upon my head. Finally, I saw his face with his look of both amazement and deep gratitude towards me.

But I was not done with him yet.

I then rose up in front of him, embracing his breathless form and taking him into a deep, tonguing kiss laced with his own cum, before I bodily lowered him down onto his back upon the loose sand. Forced his legs apart as I wedged mine between them, I began dominantly fucking my swollen, aching cock right against his manmeat and ballsac. We two males breathed hard through our noses while our open mouths fiercely kissed as we fucked and humped against each other's sweaty bodies. I drilled my cock against his now reviving penis and almost into his ripped, hard abdomen, taking this man for all he was worth as his legs wrapped receptively around mine.

Fucking against this male's taut body and kissing him hard brought me towards a deep, primal, excruciating climax that I could feel swelling within my being. This orgasm then exploded throughout my body, utterly consuming me — my engorged penis violently convulsing as it fired massive eruptions of my thick, milky semen across both our abdomens.

"Cum, you bastard!" I now gutturally roared amid our fevered kissing. "CUM!"

Straining under me, Alorno reached deep within himself to slavishly offer up one more ejaculation from the root of his loins. I pressed my mouth even harder against his, trying to passionately force a second climax out of this man. He groaned as his body shook beneath me, his cock spasming as I felt warm, fresh male seed spurting between our pressed manhoods and flesh.

"Goood boy . . ." I breathlessly said in praise to him, looking into his submissive eyes as I caressed his hair, heady from the rush of sexually taking another male in a way I had never imagined. I kissed him gently but deeply, knowing I might never experience this again with a man, before returning to my commitment towards the woman I loved . . . even more than experiences like this.

We then just lay there together, with me still mounted on him. Alorno's legs now relaxed, remaining hooked around mine, while I spread my legs further apart against his inner thighs. As our breathing slowed, I kissed him sensually once more, before we men both turned our heads to see our women deeply absorbed in their own lesbian lovemaking.

Jillian was frontally lying on top of Sienna upon the sand nearby, like I was on Alorno. They were tribadally fucking each other, pussy mound against pussy mound. Sienna's legs were wrapped around Jillian, the two of them kissing each other earnestly while they embraced and mated as closely as any two women could. Jillian was now intensely arching herself up and down over Sienna, crying out in orgasmic release as Sienna kissed her neck, holding her close, their breasts moving and slipping against one another.

As I continued to rest myself against Alorno's body beneath me on the sand, we saw Jillian rise up off her female companion, helping Sienna up, before Sienna led J over to a large and half-buried log on the beach that had a smooth and flattened top, free of any bark. She proceeded to lay Jillian down on her back on top of that log. Jillian's legs hung down each side, her feet resting on the sand. Sienna then moved to kneel beside her, lovingly servicing and pleasuring Jillian further, drawing each of my fiancée's pliant breasts into her mouth, slowly sucking and gnawing them before allowing them to fall out.

Sienna then rose and turned, moving to straddle her crotch over Jillian's face, facing down my fiancée's prostrate body, while J's arms moved over and around Sienna's hips to embrace them and draw her loins closer. Sienna then blissfully closed her eyes as Jillian began to feast at her womanhood again from underneath. Sienna's hands first caressed her own body and breasts as she sighed deeply, before reaching down to appreciatively stroke Jillian's heaving breasts and flanks splayed out in front of her. Finally, Sienna lowered herself upon Jillian's body; her head dropping down between her female lover's legs to eat and pleasure J's openly offered vulva and clit.

After watching the two women orgasm each other once more in their shared sixty-nine position, both of them moaning and making sharp cries and whimpers as they climaxed, I turned to Alorno beneath me, as we still embraced one another. "Let's join them," I decided.

Alorno smiled as I rose off of him. I stood up as I offered him a helping hand, even helping him brush the sand off his taut ass and back, before we quietly walked over to join our women as they continued making love to one another. I suppose I could have moved behind Sienna and taken her again, but it was Jillian I wanted now.

I stood, straddling the log in front of Jillian's spread legs as Sienna looked up towards me from feasting at my fiancée's sex. Smiling, she then rose up over Jillian's prostrate body as Jillian continued to eat and tongue away at Sienna's cunt and labia spread above her face.

I now scooped up each of J's parted legs into my left and right arms, tenderly caressing them and even kissing her feet. I then ran my mouth up each of her sensitive inner thighs, causing Jillian to quiver and erupt in gooseflesh all over her body as she nonetheless continued her intimate work at Sienna's opened crotch. Having seen Jillian already orally loved and orgasmed by another woman, I simply did what only a man could do for her. I positioned my revived cock at J's opened sex, working it in past her pussylips all by itself as my hands and arms continued to cradle her parted legs. Feeling any additional orgasm to be distant at the moment, I began slowly fucking my fiancée with profound devotion, communicating my feelings for her with each gentle but deep thrust of my penis inside her.

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