tagBDSMA Spanking For Susan

A Spanking For Susan


You have been awaiting my arrival. We are going out to dinner at a quiet restaurant.

Since you rushed home from work you were busy preparing yourself for your master.

You showered and dabbed a little scent at your pulse points. You look at your naked form in the mirror. Will He be pleased at what he sees? Your hand moves between your legs. You know you are excited and you want to play. But you are not allowed to. Not yet.

You choose the black dress, you know He will approve. After all, He bought it for you.

You have no idea how he knew what size to buy, but you are touched He took the trouble to find out.

It's been a lovely meal and now we are on the tube for the journey back to your apartment.

You think back to earlier in the Restaurant, after you had eaten. Taking coffee and a brandy. You are not normally keen but He ordered it for you and it gave you a lovely feeling inside.

The other customers had left but there were two waiters busying themselves with clearing the tables. They were unable to see that your master's hand was just as busy under the skirt. Fingers worked their way under your panties.

A jolt on the train brings you back to the present. But His hand is there again. You look around and see the carriage is empty. You are unsure of your feelings on being exposed to others. You have yet to discuss this but, in any case, there is nobody else here. You know there are two stops before your own. Maybe He will cease those teasing movements when the time comes.

The train comes to a halt...and the doors open. His hand is still there. Nobody enters. By now you have slid down the seat, your dress riding up your thighs. He has easy access to you and your climax is approaching. As is the next stop. You do not know what to do. "Oh my!" You think. "What if somebody should get on?" But you love the feeling and you realise the possibility of discovery excites you further. They are my fingers rubbing your clitoris, pushing inside you…but it is you who pushes yourself onto them, masturbating against my hand. You come, quickly.

I smile to myself…you have just given me an excuse to punish you. I know I need no excuse, since you are mine anyway. You gave yourself to me so I may use you as I see fit. But a punishment is so much nicer if I can put the responsibility back onto you.

You pull your dress back into place and sit up just as the doors open. But you catch that look in your Master's eye. You have displeased him. He gave you no permission to come.

You lower your head in shame. Already you are imagining what will happen back at your apartment.

That's where we are now. You stand before me, hands at your sides. I see you biting against your lower lip.

"You wicked girl" I say to you, "When did I give you permission to come?"

"But Sir" you begin…knowing this is a further mistake. "Your fingers felt so good…" and you lowered your head as you completed the sentence "…inside me."

I place my finger to your lips, hushing you. "It was just another five minutes…that was all you had to wait."

I had told you so many times, a delayed climax…a longed for orgasm…was so intense, if you could only hold it off. But you were, at least, improving. Maybe I was expecting too much too soon. And secretly it pleased me, that I could cause you to lose control.

My fingers alight on your shoulders and I ease the thin straps down. Gravity does the rest as the black dress slips away. You were bra-less as requested and your breasts are full, topped off by pink nipples.

Already they are erect in anticipation. "Look after your dress" I tell you and you bend to retrieve it. I have a splendid view of your bottom, that miniscule thong pulled right between your buttocks. I feel a stirring, as I watch you walk to the bedroom where you will hang your dress. It almost seems a shame that I will have to redden your bottom tonight.

When you return, you find me sitting on the sofa. You know what is expected and you stand to my right.

You lower yourself over my legs. The material is quite rough, grazing over your sensitive nipples until you have achieved the required position. That is with your ass held high.

Your thong does absolutely nothing to cover or protect you, so I allow you to keep it on. For now.

My hand slaps down, taking you by surprise. Your left arm is trapped between our bodies and I have a hold on your right one. Two more in quick succession. Then my hand is lightly rubbing your behind. I slip my hand down the backs of your thighs. I know it stings more there, so I only swat you once on each. Your bottom bounces delightfully, but your left arm becomes dislodged. So you cannot protect yourself, I remove my necktie and tie it around your wrists with your elbows bent. I continue to spank you, three to the right and the same to the left. Your buttocks are turning a nice shade of pink.. I'm caressing you again. You are wriggling. It appears you are attempting to gain further pleasure, pressing into my legs, trying to rub your pussy on my knee..

"Be still Susan" I tell you. But I don't expect you to do so, especially when I tug the strip of your thong tightly, causing it to dig into you. You gasp. I release my grip and spank you quickly. Again, I am rubbing my hand over your cheeks, feeling the heat I have generated. Your breathing has become quicker. It will not be long now.

I raise you, so you know you must now stand. I make you face me and I slip my fingers into the waist of your thong, quickly dragging the flimsy garment down to your knees.

As you lift your leg to step out, I become aware of your aroma. Your pussy is almost bare, just a few stray hairs.

I stand up and I reach for a handful of your hair. Pulling gently back I tilt your head and kiss you passionately. I pull back and watch your face as a hand reaches down between your thighs. My fingers search for entry. They succeed and soon you are riding them as you did on the train.

"Do you want to come now, my pretty slut?" I ask…knowing what the answer will be.

"Yes…Master…please…may I?" you manage.

"Not yet" I respond, removing my fingers

I bend and kiss your breasts. Because your wrists are tied behind you back, you are pushing them outwards, though I am not sure you wouldn't be doing this anyway. Your breasts constantly seek attention..

I suck a nipple into my mouth, doing the same with the other. I press ever so lightly with my teeth., then I bite…just enough to draw a short breath. I know you can take a little pain…the kind that will quickly turn into pleasure.

It is time. I release your wrists and lead you to the back of the sofa where I have you bend over.

I crouch behind you.

"Spread your legs" I tell you. "MORE!" I command.

With my left hand I cup your pussy as I spank over and over again. You are so hot.

How can anyone doubt it's possible to come from a hard spanking alone. You are almost there.

"Please may I come Master" you ask desperately.

"In a moment" I say as I stand up. "Listen"

You hear the sound of my zipper. Another intake of breath.

Then I am up behind you. My cock is so stiff and now it is I who cannot wait. I feel where I need to be and begin to push in. Almost immediately, my cock is pushing into your cunt. You push back, fucking me as I fuck you. You feel the material of my trousers rubbing against your tender skin. A combination of that soreness and my hard cock inside you, takes you right to the edge.

It is now I introduce a finger to your anus. It slips in easily…and you come…your whole body spasms with pleasure and I, too, come, ejaculating uncontrollably inside you.

I lift you up and carry you the short walk to the bedroom and place you gently on the bed. I quickly strip and lay down beside you. We embrace. "You see how good it can be, Susan?" I say

"Yes Master. I love you."

"And tomorrow I am due to inspect you, my sweet slut. See that you have no hair where none should be."

"Yes Master."

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